Roberts Family Cemetery - copyright Carol Reedy
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This tiny burial area is located in the northeast quarter of Section 35 of Fountain Green Township.


From a Cemetery Index at the Hancock County Historical Society, pages 949 and 950, the following is reported to be the layout of burials.  The contributor was Iona Lawton.  The text is taken directly from Mrs. Lawton's list.

21 23
14 22
17  9
18 10  6  3  2
19 11  7  4  1
13  8  5
20 24

  1. Mary Ann Roberts, wife of Joseph (Jozedic)
Died 1864.
  2. infant son of Joseph Roberts
  3. Jane Roberts, daughter of John and Naomi Roberts
  4. Naomi Lay Roberts, great grandmother of Iona
  5. John Roberts, great grandfather of Iona Lawton
  6. Mary Williams, wife of W. R. Roberts
(probably Wm. M. Kelvely Roberts)
  7. Lucity Roberts, 8 years old
  8. Lorenzo Dow Roberts, son of W. K. Roberts
  9. Elbridge Roberts
10. Sally M. Cox Roberts (Iona Lawton's grandmother)
11. infant son of Sally Cox Roberts and James E. Roberts
12. Jesse Wm. Dye, son of Nancy Roberts Dye
13. James E. Roberts, (Iona's grandfather)
14. Bertie Roberts, son of John Roberts
15. Jesse Roberts, son of Jas. E. and Nancy (2nd wife)
16. infant of P. Martin
17. Louisa Knight, 13 years old
18. infant of Winston Dans
19. infant of Clarence Reynolds
20. infant of J. Montgomery Roberts
21. infant of Cevers
22. Bethena Roberts Logsdon
23. Nancy Roberts Dye
24. Nancy Roberts (second wife of James E. Roberts)


John Roberts and Naomi Lay
and their descendants


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