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No one's death comes to pass without making some impression,
and those close to the deceased inherit part of the liberated soul
and become richer in their humanness.

Hermann Broch


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Allen, William Harrison 1888-1893

Barrett, Frederick W. 1828-1917
Barrett, Harriet 1831-1901

Baxter, Hannah ca. 1802-1891

Beckwith, Eddie Manville 1863-1942

Beckwith, Jesse Huntley 1858-1923

Beckwith, Lorenzo Dow ca. 1818-1893
Beckwith, Adelia (nee Lee) ca. 1828-1894

Beckwith, Norman E. 1826-1912
Beckwith, Marinda S. (nee Hadley) 1829-1898
Beckwith, Lucinda L. 1861-1882
Beckwith, Willis Norman 1856-1891

Beebe, Henry Clay 1844-1921
Beebe, Martha (nee Taylor) 1851-1933

Bloyd, Benjamin 1827-1885
Bloyd, Emeline (nee Hobart) 1837-1868
Bloyd, Mary White (nee Austin) 1836-1875

Bloyd, Monroe D. died 1856

Callihan, Jacob 1820-1906
Callihan, Mary (nee Keith) 1823-1888

Callihan, Margaret Allen (nee Brownlee) 1836-1918

Coney, Palemon Clark 1822-1872

Currey, James 1814-1901
Currey, Elizabeth A. (nee Beckwith) 1824-1898
Currey, James (Alba) 1878-1890

Dale, Andrew Jackson 1818-1902
Dale, Nancy N. (nee Davis) 1822-1870

Dale, William 1853-1937

Duff, Infant died Nov. 17, 1881

Duff, Joshua G. 1820-1897
Duff, Martha Louisa (nee Cartwright) 1815-1880

Duff, William 1786-1837
Duff, Mary 1792-1868

Edgcomb, Morgan ca. 1846-1920
Edgcomb, Nancy A. (nee Shipman) 1859-1941

Emmings, William Courtney 1870-1954
Emmings, Alice E. (nee Simmons) 1875-1918

Fabun, Harriet (nee Hobart) 1828-1907

Fordham, Angeline (nee McElvain) 1835-1879
Fordham, Cora A.
Fordham, Olive O.
Fordham, Dolly B. 1860-1861

Fordham, Maria (nee Clark) 1797-1889

Glass, Robert M. 1834-1907
Glass, Marian I. (nee Barrett) 1852-1946
Glass, Olen 1885

Harding, Lewis 1863-1900

Hasten, Andrew Jackson 1839-1904
Hasten, Lydia J. (nee Dunham) 1849-1913
Hasten, George 1871-1891
Hasten, Morris 1878-1932

Hillers, Fred 1904-2004
Hillers, Olive A. (nee Yetter) 1909-2001

Hobart, Anna 1840-1858

Hobart, Arthur L. 1913-1944

Hobart, Frank W. 1876-1949

Hobart, Jonas 1803-1874
Hobart, Polly Maria (nee Farr) 1809-1907
Hobart, Caroline 1833-1917

Hobart - Children of Norman and Ura Holliday Hobart
Hobart, John S. ca. 1846-1866
Hobart, Rachel ca. 1849-1856
Hobart, Sarah 1852-1856
Hobart, George W. 1855-1855
Hobart, Antainette 1859-1863

Hobart, Orin L. 1882-1956
Hobart, Effie M. (nee Allen) 1891-1967
Hobart, Laveta Ruth 1919-1933
Hobart, Lyle Franklin 1924

Hobart, Pardon 1849-1939
Hobart, Mary Florence (nee McCumber) 1853-1899

Houtchens, Audrey Lee 1902-1902

Ing, Julia 1827-1854
Ing, John 1850-1852

Laybourn, Daniel C. 1866-1892
Laybourn, Emily 1891-1891

Long, John William 1859-1930
Long, Lucena S. (nee Beckwith) 1861-1931
Long, Mary L. 1885-1886
Long, Zora F. 1897-1898

McCumber, Mary Ann (nee Ewing) 1819-1874

McElvain, Sarah (nee Bell) 1795-1888

Miller, Alice J. (nee Taylor) 1850-1874

Mosley, Earl K. 1884-1965
Mosley, Lillie Dorcas (nee Long) 1887-1964

Mosley, Hala 1910

Nelson, Benjamin F. 1853-1935
Nelson, Emily (nee Lincoln) ca. 1857-1942

Nelson, Robert Wesley 1879-1948

Oliver Infant 1892

Pearce, Louceta (nee Shirey) 1859-1939

Perkins, Ute   not loaded

Reynolds, Francis 1863-1937
Reynolds, Mary Olive 1859-1928

Reynolds, Mrs. Lena G. 1894-1955

Robinson, Cathimer C. 1836-1884

Robinson, Henry 1872-1947

Robinson, Infant Daughter 1903

Robinson, John A. 1861-1934
Robinson, Lillian (nee Weiser) 1863-1936

Robinson, Lloyd 1808-1896
Robinson, Millicent (nee Beckwith) 1814-1893

Robinson, Malinda (nee Callihan) 1844-1929

Robinson, Marion 1834-1909
Robinson, Martha Jane (nee Mosley) 1836-1934
Robinson, Eva M. 1857-1865
Robinson, James I. 1863-1865
Robinson Infants died in 1867

Robinson, Marion O. 1873-1939

Robinson, Newton I. 1875-1954   not loaded

Robinson, Roudy Grant 1865-1953

Salisbury, Alvin ca. 1837-1880

Salisbury, Ernest, 1876-1879
Salisbury, Joseph Arthur, 1873-1879

Sherwood, David T. 1891-1893

Sturr, Thomas J. ca. 1833-1891
Sturr, Louisa (nee Taylor) 1831-1890

Taylor, Jesse W. 1812-1893
Taylor, Mary Ann 1819-1891
Taylor, John W. 1845-1852
Taylor, Lucy Caroline 1847-1848
Taylor, Eunice I. 1855-1876

Thompson, Celia S. (nee Hobart) 1843-1870
Thompson Infant 1870

Thompson, Harvey 1838-1918
Thompson, Ida E. (nee Berry) 1855-1918

Thompson, Harvey Lyle 1917-1920

Thompson, John 1795-1872
Thompson, Elizabeth (nee Langley) 1807-1861

Umphrey, Samuel 1861-1891

Weakley, Lillie Almeda (nee Beckwith) 1852-1933

Welch, John P. 1821-1893
Welch, Elizabeth Butler (nee Ward) 1823-1893

Whalen, Lucy Duke (nee Salisbury) 1834-1892

Woolley, Fitzgerald 1786-1861
Woolley, Sarah (nee Barnett) 1788-1876

Wright, John 1853-1930
Wright, Millicent Capitola (nee Robinson) 1860-1923
Wright, Merlin R.

Wright, Leafie Myrtle (nee Thompson) 1894-1925

Wright, Patrick E. 1869-1942

Yetter, James O. 1885-1959
Yetter, Mary (nee Reynolds)


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