VIRTUAL TOUR OF YETTER CEMETERY, Hancock Township, Hancock County Illinois


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Crossing the Bar

Sunset and evening star,
And one clear call for me!
And may there be
  no moaning of the bar,
When I put out to sea.
For though from out
    our bourne of Time and Place
The flood may bear me far
I hope to see my Pilot face to face
When I have crossed the bar.

Alfred Tennyson


Barr, Infant 1895

Bennett, Alanson 1808-1922 & Bennett, Cleopatra ca. 1810-1885

Booz, Frank K. 1885-1957 & Booz, Goldie Mae (nee Yetter) 1893-1955
Booz, James L. 1927-1928

Booz, Joel 1925-1991

Denison, William 1833-1889 & Denison, Mary E. (nee Lenix)

Duffie, Anthony W. ca. 1843 - ca. 1863

Duffie, Charles Edward 1879-1966

Duffie, William Clem 1890-1960

Duffie, William 1815-1894
Duffie, Elizabeth M. (nee Dusang) 1818-1890
Duffie, Catharine 1857-1858

Duffie, William H. 1855-1940
Duffie, Sarah E. (nee Weiser) 1854-1927

Fisher, Catharine A. 1840-1858

Harmon, Burke W 1891-1957
Harmon, Vernice Lee (nee Yetter) 1896-1934
Harmon, Franklin Martin 1919-1919

Howd, Olive J. 1865-1866

Kinney, John 1836-1865 & Kinney, Emeline M. (nee Yetter) 1836-1915

Kleckner, Mabel M. 1887-1888

Lenix, Frederick A. 1843-1866

Lenix, Infant Son 1947

Lenix, James Martin 1857-1932
Lenix, Ida M. Newhart (nee Berry) 1877-1930

Lenix, Joseph 1833-1916 & Lenix, Catherine E. (nee Yetter) 1837-1915
Lenix, Bessie C. 1879-1891
Lenix, Mary E. 1856-1872
Lenix, Walter L. ca. 1862-1877

Lenix, Sarah (nee Yetter) 1844-1868

Long, John 1770-1850 & Long, Mary A. ca. 1774-1845

Long, William 1807-1898
Long, Mary (nee Yetter) died ca. 1835
Long, Mary A. 1833-1835
Long, Mary W. (nee Giphart) 1799-1872

McElvain, Mary M. (nee Yetter) 1832-1913

Myers, Alphas Alonzo 1860-1934

Myers, Eliza (nee Olinger) 1838-1903

Thompson, William J. 1866-1953
Thompson, Cora B. (nee Langley) 1872-1915
Thompson, Helen Chloe Crowe (nee Duffie) 1884-1936

Wright, Skelton Harris 1855-1898
Wright, Harriet A. (nee Kinney) 1862-1942
Wright, Jesse Earl 1889-1892

Yetter, Grace 1890-1894

Yetter, Lewis 1803-1874 & Yetter, Elizabeth ca. 1802-1857
Yetter, Emanuel T. 1858-1860

Yetter, Martin 1807-1874 & Yetter, Catharine (nee Noel) 1814-1894
Yetter, John 1850-1852

Yetter, Martin W. 1847-1917
Yetter, Nancy Ann (nee Thompson) 1851-1890
Yetter, Dora Bell

Yetter, William 1833-1914 & Yetter, Mary M. (nee Long) 1836-1895
Yetter, Levi H. 1860-1872
Yetter, Etta L. 1871-1879


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