This is the beginnings of a project to document some of the small church cemeteries which I am encountering in my research for my roots. Please be aware as you search for connections here that none of these lists are complete or guaranteed to be error free. The reason for this is to date, I have not been able to access church records to cross-reference with and a large number of the stones may have been damaged or severely worn over the years. Some are simply stones with just two initials on them, so without the church records, there is no way to accurately identify them. Some of the dates or spellings on names may be incorrect for stones that were worn to the point of being unreadable by sight. Those stones have been transcribed as accurately as possible by the braille method of touch and interpret......

Hopefully you will find something of interest and there will be more added to this page as trips allow me to document more cemeteries. The transcription on the Oak Hill United Methodist Church is currently only about a third of the way finished due to the fact that after documenting the first two on that trip, I just gave out. I plan to finish it up on my next trip to Morganton.

Morganton, Burke County, North Carolina

Mission AME Church Cemetery located on Piedmont Road.

Oak Hill Methodist Church Cemetery located on Hwy 181.

Quaker Meadows Presbyterian Church Cemetery located on Hwy 181.

More Carolina Cemetery Surveys

While surfing the web, I ran across a wonderful site of surveys of North and South Carolina cemeteries. W. D. Floyd has done an amazing job. I hope you will check out his site for other cemeteries not listed here.

The Cemeteries of Rutherford County and other stuff

Cemeteries in Other States

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