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The Malachi Odom Family
Dedicated to Lemuel A. Odom

This website is devoted to telling the story of the Malachi Odom and his descendants. Malachi was a true pioneer of the United States of America. We are not sure of his lineage, but feel he was descended from Irish immigrants who came to the United States prior to the American Revolution. One of his grandsons stated that Malachi's father was Jacob Odom, but we have no direct proof of this.
      Malachi and his sons moved into Georgia, then through Alabama to Mississippi before migrating to the new state of Texas. They left Mississppi in December 1846, and reached Cherokee County, Texas in January 1847 where they settled. They kept reaching and preaching during their movement as several of the clan were preachers. They were predominately Methodists. Lemuel Abbott Odom later said that they were a group of circuit riders spreading the faith wherever they ventured.
      The Malachi Odom family took careful note of God's command to Adam, to go forth and multiply. Most of the family members had numerous children whose descendants populate Cherokee County, Texas and many parts of North Texas and Oklahoma.
      While I am proud of all of my lines, each of which go back to revolutionary America, I am the fondest of the Odom's. They were colorful, well intentioned, intelligent people who tried to do what was right and usually succeeded.
      I have been blessed with meeting many Odom relatives on the Internet, all of whom were willing to share their stories, letters, photos and recollections as well as to point me to other people who could help tell the story. All are wonderful people and I treasure them. Those who contributed to the Odom History are named in the Acknowledgment Page.
      This site contains a number of Odom biographies, photos , excerpts of books, letters, and other historical information.

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Charles H. Smith - November 8, 2001

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