Welcome to the Massey DNA Project

Welcome to the Massey DNA Project

The purpose of this site is to bring together as many male Massey descendants as possible, who share our interest in using scientific means to search out the origin of our ancestors.

This includes ALL variations of the Massey name: Massie,Masse,Massa,Macie. The tests being conducted on the family lines are y-chromosome tests [y-chromosomes are only passed down through the male line which is very helpful in tracing surnames].In other words, your y-chromosome came from your father and his from his father and so on. Buccal swabs from the test kit are taken and sent to FamilyTreeDNA.Individuals with the same genetic code and with similar numbers of repetition of this code at specific marker loci are believed to be related and to descend from a common ancestor.The tests can not tell you who your precise ancestor might be, but they will tell you that your DNA clusters with a group of other individuals and that this cluster of individuals likely descend from a common ancestor at some point in the past.The test results are reported in terms of the cluster your DNA fits with. However, the tests do tell you who you are NOT related to.

The Lab I have chosen is Family Tree DNA in Houston,TX it came highly recommended by other surname Project Group Administrators. For prices for the various y-chromosome DNA tests, please contact me at the e-mail link below.

We started our project on 5 Nov.2003 and have now over 100 participants. I will try my best to get the word out, because the more people are tested, the more chances we have of finding a match with heretofore unknown ancestors.

Here is the form for you to fill out so you can join our project. Then click the 'continue' button and in about one week you will receive your kit. Be sure to fill out the 'release' form and include it when you mail in your DNA samples. This gives me permission to share your results here on our web page with the other Massey DNA researchers. I am Eleonore Crespo, your Group Administrator, by clicking the e-mail link below, you can reach me any time.

Test results

Massey DNA Test results

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