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Points to remember

All Colenso families are included in this as there are a manageable number.

There are more Leemans but I hope to include all families eventually - the first map will only include known relatives as a start.

Both Fosters and Drummonds are far too numerous to cover all and therefore the maps will only show known relatives and their movements.

The maps are of England and Wales and show the counties prior to the changes made in the second half of 1900's.





map showing Colenso migration

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map showing Foster migration

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map showing Drummond migration

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map showing Leeman migration

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Title map showing Colenso emigration


map showing Colenso emigration


Title Colenso seasoned travellers

Those who have made more than one journey

Jonathan Colenso UK Australia

William Henry Colenso UK Australia

Mary Ann Colenso UK Australia

Frederick Samuel Colenso UK Australia

Ridley Latimer Colenso From New Zealand to UK

Frances Mary Colenso From New Zealand to UK

Bryan Nigel Colenso UK New Zealand / Australia

Charles Albert Colenso UK New York USA several times

George Colenso UK New York USA several times

Ralph Stanley Colenso UK New York USA 3 crossings

Thomas Harold Colenso with Helen Ronald and George UK USA

Arthur Herbert Colenso UK USA

William John Colenso and Laura Mary Oliver UK USA

Capt Edgar Colenso UK USA

Rev Harry W Colenso UK USA

Walter Ernest Colenso UK USA New Mexico

Peter John Colenso UK Liberia Africa

John William Colenso UK Natal South Africa several times

John Eric Colenso Natal South Africa UK India

Jeremy Martin Colenso UK South Africa

Richard Alexis Colenso South Africa UK

William Charles Colenso

Captain Richard Henry Colenso

Colonel Richard Alexis Colenso

Lieut Richard Peter Grenville Colenso RN

Brinley Colenso

  Also if you know of any other Colenso families that emigrated do let me know and I will add them.




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