Descendants of Thomas and Jane

Descendants of Thomas and Jane (Dixon)Kaple

Thomas KAPLE born 1715 in Ireland immegrated to the United States in 1722 where in North Stonington, CT  on March 25, 1747 he married Jane DIXON who was born in Armaugh County, Ireland in 1719.  She immegrated to the United States in 1723.  Thomas and Jane KAPLE migrated west to Decatur, NY where they spent the remainder of their lives.  Thomas KAPLE died in Decatur, NY August 24, 1801 at the age of 86 years.  Jane DIXON KAPLE died in Decatur, NY March 29, 1821 at the age of 102 years.  They are both buried in the Decatur Cemetery, Decatur, New York.

Died, in Decatur, on the 29th ult (ult for ultimo means the month before), Mrs. Jane Kaple, relict (widow) of Mr. Thomas Kaple, in the 102d year of her age. This truly venerable old lady was born on the 4th of May, 1719, O.S. in the County of Arnaugh (near Belfast), Ireland. In 1723, she, together with the rest of her father's family, emigrated to this country, and landed at Boston. she subsequently removed to Voluntouwn, in the State of Connecticut. In 1735 she experienced a change of heart, and for almost 86 years she continued a lively example of the blessed influence of our holy religion. In 1748, she was married to her late husband, with whom she lived 58 years, and by whom she had 13 children, all of whom she survived except three. Mrs. Kaple was singularly industrious and diligent in business, and unusually expert and nice in the manufacture of Linen Thread. A single instance will be given. While she resided in the vicinity of old Governor Trumbell, of Connecticut, the Governor had procured some Flax of extraordinary quality, which he requested Mrs. Kaple to spin, adding that he wished it spun as fine as possible. She accordingly spun four and a half runs, cleaned it and presented it to the Governor before doubling, when it was found to weigh one once and one fifth. She retained her bodily powers to a very late period of her life, and her habitual industry never forsook her so long as she was able to work. Within 8 to 10 years she has made a cambric (fine thin white linen fabric) shirt with thread of her own spinning but a short time previos. At 99, she fabricated a considerable number of needle books, composed of leaves of cloth curiously united with net work wrought with the needle. Since she entered upon the second century of her life, she has wrought a great deal, but in coarser style. In December last she attended the wedding of her grand-daughter, and appeared in high spirits and in the enjoyment of good health, which she continued to possess until the middle of March last, when she was taken ill and continued to decline until the 29th, when she departed with the most comfortable retrospect of a well spend life, and with the ecstatic hope of entering upon an eternity of blessedness. On the day following, her funeral was attended by a numerous train of relatives and friends, and among others by her descendants down to the fifth generation. (Typed copy of Obituary by William Whatley, copied by Mary Harrington 1997, Originating in Cooperstown, NY Newspaper 1821)

Children of Thomas and Jane DIXON KAPLE were:

1.  Infant KAPLE born about 1748 (Stonington, CT)

2. John KAPLE born November 12, 1750 (Stonington, CT) died September 28, 1838 (Decatur, NY) at he age of 87 years.

  Married Sarah RICHARDSON 1772.  She was born June 10, 1753 and died 1816 at an estimated age of 62 years.

3.  Infant KAPLE born about 1752

4. Thomas KAPLE  born February 9, 1752

5.  Ebenezer KAPLE born January 9, 1756

6.  Infant KAPLE  born about 1758

7.  Mary KAPLE born November 21, 1759

8.  Molly KAPLE born July 30, 1760

9.  Abigail KAPLE born July 30, 1761

10.  Anne KAPLE born September 13, 1762

11.  Nancy KAPLE born August 11, 1764

12.  Sally KAPLE born October 17, 1767