Hartsville, New York



PRESTON Maria T. of Three Thorps, England Hartsville, NY November 26, 1893 59 Yrs 5 mos 18 days Ordered by Ira PRESTON & wife & Mrs. BRASTED (P.O.) chged to her est and Ira's
GROSS or GROFF? Alphonso A. Otsego County, NY City of Hornell, NY January 6, 1894   Run over by electric cars & killed -- Fun from store ofSTEPHENS * H(HALLET?), Canisteo, NY
LINDSAY Wm Robbins Town of Hartsville W. Academy Street Canisteo, NY November 17, 1894 65 yr 6ms 24 ds Ordered by G.W. FLINT
COOK Edmund Buckland, Franklin County, MA Hartsville, NY August 21, 1882 82 yrs by C.E. COOK
HARRIS John Warwickshire, England Canisteo, NY January 27, 1884 72 yr 11ms 24 ds Fun Taylor Street Res--Bill to WHITEMAN (John?)
PHELPS Hannah Ridgebury, Bennington County, VT Hartsville, NY March 24, 1885 86 yrs 8 ms 7 ds by Walter PHELPS
COMFORT Thomas M. Orange County, NY Canisteo, NY December 26, 1885 82 yr by R.H. & D. U. COMFORT
DRAKE L.W.   8/28/1955   Checked for American Legion
CORBETT G.R. MA December 31, 1830     Co. B 16th NY Heavy Art. Served from 1-4-64 to 11-1-65 Son of Jos & Jane BABCOCK CORBETT-- to Hartsville in 1840
TROWBRIDGE John T.   June 4, 1861 30 y 9 mo 9ds No Service on stone but a flag
  Dewey       War of 1812--No Stone but name/reported in
          An Illegible Stone--Flag Decorated
HINKLEY Rufus   April 17, 1866   Service ??--Stone broken
HITCHCOX Zipparah COOK Groton, CT New London County Hartsville, NY 6-18-1883 66 yrs 10 mos 15 da by Cyrus E. COOK (1-6-67)


CAPLE Frank James Town of Alfred, Allegany County, NY Hartsville, NY June 2, 1893 40 yrs 7 mo 25 days Ordered by wife and chged to Milo HAYES and Estate of CAPLE
WEBB Martha   Hartsville, NY September 23, 1886 83 yrs 11 mo 29 days by Mrs. AMIDON and Mrs. WEBB
BAKER Dwight E. Hartsville, NY Hartsville, NY October 14, 1882 9 yrs 17 days by E.A. BAKER
CLARK John C. Hartsville, NY Hartsville, NY October 17, 1882   by Jamison ACKER Fun HOUSE, Ryerson CLARK
CALL Maude Hartsville, NY Hartsville, NY October 26, 1882 3 yrs by J.W. CALL
BACHELDER Mercy B.   Canisteo, NY November 11, 1882 31 yrs 9 mo by A. SAGE and Edward BACHELDER
CROSS Frances S. (nee; TULLER) Town of Hartsville, NY Call Hill, Hartsville, NY May 30, 1883 30 yrs 7 mo 26 days by Lyman CROSS
COOK Zipporah New London County, CT Hartsville, NY June 18, 1883 66 yrs 10 mo 15 days by Cyrus E. COOK
CROSS Frank L. Call Hill, Hartsville, NY Bennetts Creek at Geo. CARTERS, Canisteo, NY September 20, 1883 A very young child by Lyman CROSS
HENRY James M. Homer, Cortland County, NY Hartsville, NY May 21, 1884 62 yrs 11 mo 23 days by Jos. W. HENRY
GOODNU Polly Steuben County, NY Hartsville, NY July 24, 1884   by Eli WOODRUFF for Clarence FAIRCHILDS
DIMICK Grace May Town of Hartsville, NY Hartsville, NY September 11, 1884 3 mo 15 days by H.A. DIMICK
BENJAMIN Mary E. Burlington, PA Hartsville, NY February 18, 1885 50 yrs 9 mo by LD. RICE
WOODWORTH Roxa Ellen Dansville Town, Steuben County, NY Hartsville, NY February 19, 1885 43 yrs by Henry WOODWORTH & Jas. MADDISON
SAGE Harriett   Town of Canisteo, NY February 27, 1885 70 yrs 4 mo 23 days by Augustus W. SAGE Nee TULLER
JACKSON Frances E.   Canisteo, NY June 25, 1885   by Francis JACKSON
BAKER Elisa A. Andover, Allegany County, NY Hartsville, NY February 26, 1886 49 yrs 4 mo 16 days by Allanson ALMY
JENKINS Hattie   Hartsville, NY February 5, 1893 7 yrs chged to Edson JENKINS and Wm JENKINS and wf.
AMIDON Charles R. Greenwood, NY Hartsville, NY April 2, 1893 50 yrs 6 mo by Charles and Albert AMIDON
NICHOLSON Cyrus N. Town of Hornellsville, NY Canisteo, NY July 5, 1893 3 yr 4 mo  
MCGRAW Dennis Albany County, NY Hartsville, NY December 9, 1893 79 yrs chged to Reley WHITING and Children of Dennis MCGRAW
LORROW John Anderson South Dansville, NY Bennett's Creek Canisteo, NY December 23, 1893 38 yrs 10 mo 5 days chged to Aaron LOROW Sons and E.B. MOORE
HENRY Joseph W. Homer, Cortland County, NY Hartsville, NY January 8 1894 71 yrs 2 mo 15 days by Chas. HENRY
HOAG Lydia   Town of Hartsville, NY August 18, 1894 79 yrs 7 days  
MCGRAW Archie Town of Hartsville, NY Canisteo, NY 2nd Street October 14, 1894 14 yrs 3 mos 25 days by Welsey MGRAW and Wf.
HENRY Charles C. Town of Hartsville, NY Hartsville, NY January 30, 1895 41 yrs 6 mo 26 days by Harvey W. HENRY and Mr. ACKER
WOODWORTh Jennis Hartsville, NY Hartsville, NY November 9, 1895 16 yrs 11 mo 9 days chged to Monroe WOODWORTH
HENRY Mrs. N.C. Groton, Tompkins County, NY Hartsville, NY July 31, 1896 71 yrs 10 days chged to Leroy RIDDELL
WITNEY Geo. Wm.   Town of Hartsville, NY November 20, 1896 28 yrs  

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