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The following thumbnails link to full size images which take longer to load, but which will also provide quality images for printing.  While these images are initially photos of those directly related to the webmaster, she looks forward to include images from other related family members.  If any other researchers in the Perkins or Durham family line have historical photos that they would like to add, please contact me.


Martha Jane Durham.jpg (603528 bytes)

Perkins Mitchell Martha.jpg (250846 bytes)

Floyd DeWeitt I.jpg (430010 bytes)

Martha Jane Durham


circa 1900

Mitchell Perkins (1844-1927) and

Martha Jane Durham (1844-1933)

circa 1925

Floyd Perkins (1886-1935)

circa 1905

perflfl.jpg (45848 bytes)

See the unidentified

Bloomfield Photos

Photo album of Elizabeth Perkins (Warner, Mitchell, Warner)


We need help in identification!

Floyd Perkins (1886-1935) and

Floyd Perkins (1924-2002)

circa 1926



Home > Perkins/Durham Research > Photographs


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