Family of Marcus Boyd -- Boyd Addison Wilson Whited Phipps Plaster Dye Williams Fletcher and related families
Family of Marcus Boyd
   Welcome to my family genealogy research project. It contains roughly 1000 pages of information pertaining to my ancestors and their descendants, the Boyd, Addison, Whited, Dye, Casey, Hess, Wilson, Williams, Clapp, Phipps, Helton, Hogston, Mutter, Gillespie, Crockett, Peery, Bowling, Dennis, Elswick, Fletcher, Johnson, Meador, Belcher, Bowen, Parsons, Howard, Hash, Ball, Combs, Hawks, Luck, Taylor, Vance, Patterson, Maddux, Byrd, Plaster, Patrick, Dixon, Osborne, Richardson, Hale, Dunford, Pickle, Mink, and many other related families. Most of these families are in and from Russell, Tazewell, Smyth, Buchanan, Grayson and Washington Counties in Southwest Virginia, particularly the Raven, Richlands and Swords Creek communities of Tazewell and Russell Counties.

Early autumn view atop Horton Ridge in Russell Co., VA

My son, Cameron, in a corn field for the first time.

    This is ongoing research into my ancestry that wouldn't be quite as complete without the countless contributions of others. For those contributions I am truly grateful. It is because of such unselfish sharing of information that I wanted to post my research online for others who may find it useful. Feel free to utilize it for any non-commercial use. Please sign the guestbook or email me if you've found this site to be of help to you or if you have information you would like to add. If you're interested in a printed version of any line on my tree (which would include dates, etc.) please email me and give as much detail as possible as to what line you need.

   This information should be used merely as a starting point in research...not a definitive source for your information. Check out anything and everything to the best of your ability. That is the only way to KNOW you've got the right data in your tree.  There is no guarantee whatsoever that any information contained on the pages of this site is 100 percent accurate.   Please note that all information about living individuals (except name, of course) has been omitted.  This includes birthdates, dates of marriages, divorce information and notes on such individuals.  Also note that living individuals who were not married but had children together will appear as "spouses" because of the omission of marriage/non marriage data.

    I have included images of a few select documents, including marriage licenses and Virginia Confederate pension lists for Russell, Smyth and Tazewell Counties, obtained at local courthouses and libraries. I will be posting more as time becomes available.  Also, there are several research links of interest below including various genealogical databases.  I have included links to localities where I have many known cousins and ancestors. 

    Don't know where to start? Click here to look for the particular surname(s) you're researching.

I want to dedicate this web site to the memory of those who have passed on.  Thank you for everything you gave to your family and friends while on this earth.  It is because of you and your legacy that we are who we are today.


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This information is provided free of charge to individuals for non-profit and non-commercial use. The author will neither be held liable nor responsible for inaccurate or incomplete data within this web site. Use this information as a starting point or guide in your research -- not as a viable source.  Sensitive personal information about the living individuals in this database has been removed in order to protect their identities from theft.  Copyright 2003 - 2010 Marcus A. Boyd. All rights reserved.


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