My name is MARGARET ANN DILLEY. I was born on March 29th 1935 in London. I started life as a JORDAN. My Mother and I moved to Exeter when the war started, to get away from the nightly bombing raids. My Father was out of the picture by then and it is his family tree I am researching. My daughter started this and has done the hard work at the beginning.
My Fathers name was STAFFORD BERNARD JORDAN born 28/12/1896 in Exeter, Devon. He had a liaison with a woman and produced two children, a girl he named Ann and a boy, name unknown. They must be out somewhere.
Stafford's Father was named BERNARD JORDAN born in Sussex in 1868. BERNARD'S Father was EDMUND SMERDON JORDAN,
he married a lady called JANE COX in Bideford.  If any of this sounds familiar please mail me. ( The name JORDAN has several spellings down the years.)
A Poem
Anns Black Torrington Jordans
Friday, May 2, 2014

My half brothers and sister found me. It appears I have four of them  Nick,Ann,Mike and Brian.  

              Watch This Space

Including some  relevent poems.