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Information was found online, descendants, census.  Please do not take this as "written in stone",
only a tool for esearching.  If you have found any mistakes, please let me know.

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Claude H. Daniel's Line

Olga V. Tilley's Line

Albert C. Ferguson's Line

Mildred Thomas' Line

Tyson G. Maness
& Agnes Marsh

George Tilley
& Lucy Langford

Albert C. Ferguson
& Mildred M. Thomas

Francis M. Thomas, Jr
and Annis L. Harris

William C. Daniel
& Leona U. Maness

William B. Tilley
& Mary A. Berry

Joseph L. Ferguson
& Nina G. Ballenger

Francis M. Thomas, Sr's family

Walter W. Daniel
& Nancy E. Jones

Joel S. Tilley
& Anna E. Payne

William H. Ballinger
& Talula F. Jenkins

James T. Thomas
& Mary McGriff

William Daniel
& Martha Wiggins

Joseph W. Tilley
& Clara M. Kirkpatrick

James A. Ballinger
& Eunice M. Woodfin

Daniel J. Thomas
and Demaris A. Green

Amos Maness
& Margaret Caudle

James H. Kirkpatrick
& Mary S. Himes

Joseph H. Ferguson
& Elizabeth M. Flood

Thomas B. Humphreys
and Sarah Ward

Christopher P. Jones
& Milberry B. Patterson

Jacob Himes
& Sarah L. Mose

Abraham C. Ferguson
& Elizabeth L. Holloday

James K. P. Whitley
& Marguerite M. Whitley

Elkanah F. Jones
& Rebecca A. Rhodes



Pattie Z. Harris
& Carrol C.C. Whitley

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