Laszlo Etter

László Etter and his family

     In this year we will celebrate the 400th anniversary of the birth of the first known ETTER (Martin) (1602-1667) of our branch. I am the 11th generation after him.
     Hungary is a small country (93000 quadrat km) in the middle of Europe.  It has 10 million inhabitant, we are calling ourself: magyar. Roughly the half of the country is flat, the other half is hilly.  The highest mount is 1013 m high. We have no sea but largest lake in Europe is in Hungary, about 75 km long and 1,5-5 km large.  The magyars are originated from the eastern part of Asia, occupied the land 1100 years ago.
     Now, the population is mixt - you can imagine - every people crossed Hungary from east to west and vice versa.  After the II World War, the Russian troups occupied Hungary and brought in the so called socialist system.  From 1990 they left, Hungary is free again.  It is a nice country with all the existing troubles and the ETTERs living here, became true magyars longtime ago.


László's family at Christmas 2001

László and his wife, Kati in the middle, three sons, Balázs, András and Márk, two daughter-in-law
Zita and Éva and the grand-childe Tímea, Anna, Barnabás and the little Domonkos


Margie B. Etter
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