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Betty Day, [email protected]
Just checking out your guestbook. I appreciate your help with genealogy, you are a very sharing person
Terry Lynn Armstrong, [email protected]
Valley View, TX
Love your homepage!!! I am daughter of Terry and Jane
Terry Lynn Armstrong, [email protected]
Margie, When do we meet for lunch again. Just got hooked in yesterday and do we have a lot to learn! Terry and Jane
Staci, [email protected]
Looks great mom good job
Joann Ham, [email protected]
Hi, Margie. I liked your web page. It is interesting to read and look at. I think you might have me hooked. Keep up the good work. I enjoyed the pictures
Christopher Michael Etter, [email protected]
Just saying hello to another ETTER
Gerald Vance Sutton, [email protected]
Louisa Jane Etter Curtner- Is my Great Grandmother, her daughter, Grace Curtner Beam is my Grandmother, Her daughter, LaFaye Beam Sutton is my Mother. I was of the impression his name was Nathanial RICE Etter. I'm sure you are aware of Anniville Cemetery. Where Nathanial, Louisa, and other family members are at rest
Elizabeth Laird, [email protected]
Margie, how great to finally see a picture of my very own Genie-Angel! You're as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside. Thank you SO much for all you have done for me. Elizabeth
Dr. R. Lewis Etter, [email protected]
Longview, Texas
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Roy Eugene Gibson, [email protected]
Harlan, Kentucky
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Robert J Welenc, [email protected]
Dear Margie, My wife is related to the Margaret Jane Etter,  through her marriage to Harve A. Taylor, that you show as a child of the first family that you show on your home page.  I have been searching around the web for this information off and on for over a year. The information that you have provided give me another two generations on that side of the family. Thanks. Bob Welenc
Ray McIntyre, [email protected]
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Beth Hancock Cross, [email protected]
Vancouver, Washington, 1998-11-29
Just checking out your UTT info when I ran across a message from Dotty. She and I share the same 2x great-grandmother, America UTT. Hope we can exchange lineages
Nancy (Utt) Waite, [email protected]
Didn't know this was your page. I was on it yesterday and my keyboard would not let me get off the Utt page. Margie has been a great help to me. She answered an email I had sent out to about 30 Utt's. Had tremendous results from that mailing. Looking for connections to John Wesley Utt aka John Utt/1796-1849, especially thru Daniel Wesley Utt. Having some problem getting the children of Daniel, other than my own grandfather (Almine Wesley Utt) and one brother (Alvin Alton Utt
Ray McIntyre, [email protected]
Actually it is my wife with an Etter surname - Vivian Etter. she is a descendent of Bendicht Etter - born 1554; have found no ties to your Etter, but know there must be one. will continue to look. any email would be appreciated
James F. Stephens, [email protected]
Laurinburg, NC
Nice job
Ann Trembly [email protected]
Lower Salem, OH
My father is Lyle Vincent Etter, son of Lyle Hamilton, son of William Henry (1857-1917). Washington Co., OH
Linda Etter [email protected]
Simi Valley, CA
My husband, John Emmett Etter, had a grandfather, Charles Sumpner Etter, born in Illinois in 1876 and married Bessie Andrews. John's father, Robert Edwin Etter, was born in Hollywood, CA in 1913. Would be interested in hearing from other Etters out there
BILLY ROY STOCKINGER, [email protected]
Comanche, Texas, 1998-08-23
So far this is a good looking thing. Thanks for inviting me.Billy Roy
Eduard P. Etter, [email protected]
Basel, Switzerland, 1998-08-18
Well done! I checked out but I thing it's "just" same name and not the familiy
[email protected]
Arizona, 1998-08-13
I am looking for my great-great grandmother, Her last name (supposedly) was Utt, her first name is America. I would greatly appreciate any information that you may have come across regarding this name. Thank you Dotty
Alma Estepp(Ott), [email protected]
Logan County, West Virginia
I live in Cardington, Ohio at this time. I am married to Dana Estepp so you can see I am a distant relative. Dana's Grandmother was Hazel Etter
Paulette Wooten
Walters,Oklahoma, 1998-07-25
Where the picture of me at
Jon Etter, [email protected]
Emporia, Kansas, 1998-07-14
Curious that your guestbook has not been signed by other Etters. Just begining to get into Geneology and wanted to see what others have done. Do not know if I am releted to you or not. Know nothing beyond my Grandfather. No general family records and no one else knows family history other than my Grandfather came from Flint Michigan. Don't even know if he was born there or not. His name is Samual Etter. Died 1965, Buried in Nowata, Ok
Carol Estep Maynard, [email protected]
Roy and Carol born Pike County, KY, raised Mingo County,WV/live Boyd County, KY,1998-04-29  
Pure excitement to see the names Etter/UTT.........My Mothers family!!!!!!
Glenda Etress Blackerby, [email protected]
Childersburg,Al., 1997-12-27
I'm researching ETTER,ETTERS,ETRIS,ETRES,ETRESS,ATERS,ADERS,ETERS, Looking for a Henry Etters born abt 1740 died abt1819 in York county, Sc. buried in Grover,Nc. married MARY CATHARINE KETTERING where and when unknown! Need information about this man's family.
Linda Nixon [email protected]
Des Moines, IA, 1997-11-10
Looking good so far. I'll come back and check it out later and good luck. Hope you make lots of connections. Linda
Sharon Crawford [email protected]
Guthrie, Oklahoma, 1997-11-10 03:43:00
Hi Aunt Margie Well, looks like the start of a great page.