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Census 1901 Key to Abbreviations


Surname Index: A - E F - K L - Q R - Z
Column Meaning Notes
Pg Page Number  
Place Place of Residence on the night of the census  
Sch The schedule number of the household  
Rela Relationship to the head of household Appr=Apprentice, BinL=Brother-in-Law, Brdr=Boarder, Brot=Brother, BWif= Brothers Wife, Cous=Cousin, Daug=Daughter, DinL=Daughter-in-Law, Fath=Father, FinL=Father-in-Law, Gdau=Grandaughter, Gfat=Grandfather, GGda=Great Granddaughter, Gson=Grandson, Gvns=Governess, Hkpr=Housekeeper, Jymn= Journeyman, Lodg=Lodger, MinL=Mother-in-Law, Moth=Mother, NChd=Nurse Child, Neph=Nephew, Niec=Niece, Nurs=Nurse, Scho=Scholar, Serv=Servant, SinL=Sister-in-Law, Sist=Sister, Sson=Stepson, Sdau=Stepdaughter, Vstr=Visitor, Wkmn=Workman, WDau=Wifes Daughter, WSon=Wifes Son
Cond Condition Mar = Married, UnM = Unmarried, Wid= Widow(er). Not usually specified for children
Sex The gender of the individual F = Female, M = Male
Occupation Occupation, Trade or Status Spelling has been rationalised. Ag = Agricultural, Daug = Daughter, Dom = Domestic, Gen = General, Lab = Labourer, Serv = Servant

In some places it is difficult to distinguish the original enumerator's entry from later additions during checking or demographic analysis

Employment The employment status of the individual Employer, Worker, Own Account, also shows if working At home
Born The place of birth As enumerated. Chapman codes have been used for the County


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