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Kelly Directory 1891

Kelly's Directory of Shropshire

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LYDBURY NORTH is a village and parish, 2½ miles south-west from Plowden station on the Bishop’s Castle railway, 4 south-east from Bishop’s Castle and 21 south-by-west from Shrewsbury, situated on the road from Bishop’s Castle to Ludlow. The parish includes the townships of ACTON, BROCTON, CHOULTON, EATON, EYTON, and PLOWDEN, TOTTERTON and LOWER DOWN, in the Southern division of the county, Bishop’s Castle division of Purslow hundred, Clun union, Bishop’s Castle county court district, petty sessional division of Clun and Purslow, rural deanery of Clun, arch deaconry of Ludlow and diocese of Hereford. The church of St. Michael is an edifice of stone in the Norman and Early English styles, with modern additions, and consists of chancel, nave, north and south chapels, south porch and a massive embattled western tower containing a clock and 6 bells, 3 of which, dated 1660, were recast in 1870, when 3 more were added; the chancel retains a piscina and aumbry, and on either side the communion table is a stone bracket supporting a rudely gilt candlestick of wood; the 15th century rood screen of carved oak also remains, and over it are the ten commandments finely written and dated 1615; but the chancel stalls, also of oak, are modern; the pews in general appear to be of Jacobean date; the chancel doorway of red sandstone is a fine example of Norman work and is enriched with dog-tooth ornament; on the north side of the chancel is the Plowden chapel, which contains a stone altar of the pre-Reformation period, and many floor stones inscribed to the Plowden, Dormer and Stonor families; the Walcot chapel on the south side, is a structure of modern date and has a chamber over it, formerly used as a schoolroom; the chapel has several pews attached to the Walcot estate, in which yet remain various prayer books stamped with the name of Robert, baron Clive, of Plassey K.B. the celebrated governor-general of India, who once held this manor, and died here November 22, 1774; there are also memorials to the Walcot family, to the Baroness de Ferrières, who died at Totterton in 1845, and the families of Ambler and Wright; the font is Norman; there is a memorial window to the wife of George Harley Jenkins, of Bishop’s Castle. The register dates from the year 1563. The living

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is a vicarage, with the chapelry of Norbury annexed, average tithe rent-charge £539, joint net yearly value £289, including 47 acres glebe, with residence, in the gift of the Earl of Powis, and held since 1886 by the Rev. Augustus Field M.A. of Clare College, Cambridge. The Catholic chapel, dedicated to St. Walburga, about three-quarters of a mile from Plowden Hall, was erected in 1868, and has a residence for the priest attached; the Rev. William J Kelly is in charge of the mission. Here is also a Primitive Methodist chapel built in 1872. The charities are of the yearly value of £36 10s. arising from land left in 1787 by the Walcot family. Bury Ditches, situated on Tangley Hill, about 2 miles from the village and occupying an area of about 16 acres, are supposed to indicate a British encampment; the lines of encampment, which are very clearly marked, consist of three nearly circular earthworks, much obscured however by the dense overgrowth of trees and underwood. There is a free library of 400 volumes, established in the year 1856 by the late Countess of Powis for the benefit of those residing in the parish and neighbourhood. Walcot Park is the occasional residence of Earl of Powis; the mansion is a building of brick surrounded by a park of 1,000 acres; it contains a fine collection of paintings and Indian curiosities collected by the great Lord Clive, whose son, 2nd Lord Clive, was created Earl of Powis. Plowden Hall, the seat of William Francis Plowden easq. D.L., J.P. is an ancient half-timbered building of the Elizabethan and Jacobean periods, and has been the seat of the Plowden family since the 11th century; the mansion contains a large collection of family portraits by Vandyke, Sir Peter Lely and other eminent painters; the library includes some rare books, and there are also some fine examples of ancient tapestry, ecclesiastical vestments, and other articles, including a chalice veil once belonging it is said to St. Thomas of Canterbury; the domestic chapel has some rare engravings of the “Beatitudes;” in the house are two “hiding places,” used during the Civil war. Totterton Hall is a fine modern residence of brick, and is the seat of William Henry Whitaker esq. J.P. The Earl of Powis and William Francis Plowden esq. D.L., J.P. who are lords of the manor, William Henry Whitaker esq. J.P. and the Rev. William Bishton Garnett Botfield B.A. of Decker Hill, Shifnal, are chief landowners. The soil is various; the subsoil consists of gravel, rock, clay and peat. The chief crops are wheat, oats and barley. The area is 7,628 acres; rateable value, £8,594; the population in 1881 was 974.
DINMORE, formerly extra-parochial, was amalgamated with this parish, March 25, 1884.
ACTON, about 3 miles west-by-south, BROCKTON, 1½ west and LOWER DOWN, 1 mile south-west from the parish church, are townships.
Parish Clerk, Robert Henry Newill esq.
POST & M. O. O., S. B. & Annuity & Insurance Office (Railway Sub-Office. Letters should have R.S.O. Shropshire added). – Henry Tovey, sub-postmaster. Letters arrive by mail cart 5.20 a.m.; dispatched at 7.25 p.m. The nearest telegraph office is Bishop’s Castle
School (boys, girls & infants), built in 1845, for 170 children; average attendance, 128; & supported in part by an endowment of £16 yearly; Charles James Mabbatt, master; Miss Jemima Lowe, mistress; Miss S, P. Lewis, infant’s mistress
Catholic School (mixed), erected in 1874, for 68 children; average attendance, 40; & supported in part by W. F. Plowden esq. D.L., J.P.; Miss Elizabeth Hoeck, mistress
CHOULTON township is 2 miles north-east from the parish church.
EATON is about 3 miles north-east from the parish church, with a station on the Bishop’s Castle railway.
EYTON AND PLOWDEN township is about 2 miles north-east from the parish church; at Plowden is a station on the Bishop’s Castle railway. LETTER BOX, Plowden station, cleared 5.15 p.m.
TOTTERTON township is 1½ miles north from the church.
HILL END, 6 miles east from Bishop’s Castle, formerly extra-parochial, is now amalgamated with this parish, but is said to have contained neither houses nor inhabitants when the census of 1881 was taken. The area is 338 acres.
OLD CHURCH MOOR, 6 miles east from Bishop’s Castle, formerly extra-parochial, is now amalgamated with this parish, consisting of 75 acres, but is said to have contained neither houses nor inhabitants when the census was taken in 1881.
Plowden Railway Station, Edward Phillips, station master
Lydbury North.
Powis Earl of J.P. Walcot park; & 45 Berkeley square w
Bailey Edwin, The Gardens
Bond George
Field Rev. Augustus M.A. [vicar]
Newill Robert Henry
Bason Thomas, New inn
Countess of Powis’s Lending Library (Charles Mabbatt, librarian)
Davies Thos. Powell, farmer, The Folly
Davies Joseph, farmer, Friezeland
Edwards Steven, stone mason
Hotchkiss Chas. farmer, Prior’s Holt frm
James William, mason
Jones Francis, tailor
Lawrence Edward, blacksmith
Lee Adam, farm bailiff to the Earl of Powis, Walcot dairy
Leech John, farmer, Brockton cottage
Legge George, gamekeeper to the Earl of Powis
Meddins John Richard, farmer, Red ho
Newill Robert Henry, land agent
Norncott Richard, farmer
Onions John, farm bailiff to Charles Hotchkiss esq. Church moor
Phillips Samuel, farmer
Richards John, shopkeeper
Richardson Arthur J. accountant, & registrar of births & deaths, Lydbury sub-district, Lower gardens
Sensecall Hugh, gardener to the Earl of Powis, Walcot
Speake Thos. farmr. Church Moor farm
Tovey Samuel H. deputy registrar of births & deaths
Whittall Edward, master woodranger to Earl of Powis
Wood Edward, farmer, Lynch gate
Wood Richard, wheelwright
Wright Arthur, assistant overseer, shopkeeper & farmer
Chelmick Edward, farmer
Robinson Richard, farmer & blacksmith
Robinson Elizabeth (Mrs.), farmer
Hamar John, farmer & miller (water)
Lewis John, blacksmith
Meddins John, farmer
Rogers John, wheelwright
Swain David, grazier
Woosnam Charles, farmer
Brereton James, farmer
Marston Samuel, farmer
Whitall David, blacksmith
Fletcher John, farmer, Bow house
Jones Herbert, farmer
Brereton Thomas, farmer
Evans John, farmer
Everall Edward, farmer
Matthews Richard, grazier
Hill End.
Broom Edward, farmer
Edwards Charles, farmer
Kelly Rev. Wm. J. [Catholic], Presbytery
Plowden Wm. Fras. D.L., J.P. Plowden Hall
Luscott John, carpenter
Marston Samuel, grazier
Tubb William Edmund, miller (water), Plowden mill
Lower Down.
Bright George Gough, farmer
Corfield William, farmer
Whitaker Wm. Hy. J.P. Totterton hall
Jerman David, farmer

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