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Slater Directory 1868

Slater's Royal National Commercial Directory and Topography of the Counties of Gloucester, Hereford, Monmouth, Shropshire and North and South Wales, and of the City of Chester

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BISHOP’S CASTLE is a borough corporate, market town, and parish, having separate jurisdiction, locally in the hundred of Purslow, 161 W, from London, 20 S.W. by S. from Shrewsbury, and 8½ S.E. from Montgomery (North Wales). It is situated partly on the summit, but chiefly on the steep declivity of a hill, in the midst of a fertile country, abounding with pleasing views. The town, which is irregularly built, and the habitations, for the most part, detached, derives its name from a castle, that stood here, belonging to the Bishop of Hereford – but of which the site (now a bowling green belonging to the Castle Inn), and some small portions of the walls, only can be traced. The government of the town, by charter granted in the 15th year of Elizabeth, and confirmed and extended by James I. is vested in a bailiff, recorder, and fifteen capital burgesses, assisted by a town clerk, a serjeant-at-mace and subordinate officers: the bailiff, late bailiff and recorder, are justices of the peace. The corporation hold a court of sessions quarterly; and Bishop’s Castle is included in the twenty-seventh circuit of county court towns, under the acts passed for the recovery of debts not exceeding £50. The town hall, a plain brick edifice, erected by subscription of the burgesses in 1750, has a prison on the basement for criminals, and above it one for debtors. The elective franchise was conferred in the 26th of Elizabeth, from which time it sent two members to parliament, till the Reform Bill of 1832 deprived it of that privilege, but made it a polling station at the election of representatives for South Shropshire.
The parish church of Saint John the Baptist is a very handsome building, erected (with the exception of the tower) in 1863. The living is a vicarage in the gift of the Earl Powis. There are places of worship for Independents, Primitive and Wesleyan Methodists, and there is a good national school. There are some handsome seats within a few miles of Bishop’s Castle – Wallcott, the property of the Earl Powis, is about four miles distant; Linley Hall, the seat of Thomas Frederick More, Esq., is about the same distance, and

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nearer the town is Oakeley, belonging to the family of that name. The market is held on Friday, and the fairs on 2nd Monday in January, Friday before February 13th, March 26th and 27th; the first Friday after May day (for hiring servants), the second Monday in June, July 5th, September 9th, and November 13th. By the government returns for 1851 the borough and parish contained 1,961 inhabitants, and by those for 1861, 2,083.
CHIRBURY is a very extensive parish, comprising the townships of Brompton, Stockton, Timberth, Walcott, Wilmington, Winsbury, Wotherton, Dudston, Hockleton, Marrington, Marton, Middleton, Priest Weston and Rorrington. It is 18½ miles S.W. from Shrewsbury, 3 miles from Montgomery, and 6½ from Welshpool. The village of Chirbury is very pleasantly situated in a valley. The inhabitants are chiefly engaged in agricultural pursuits. The church dedicated to St. Michael, is an old stone building. The living is a vicarage in the gift of the corporation of Shrewsbury. Population in 1861, 1,538.
EDGTON is a parish with small village, 5 miles south east by east from Bishop’s Castle and 4 from Craven Arms’ railway station. The church is an ancient stone building, and is dedicated to St. Michael; the living is a perpetual curacy. population 186.
HOPESAY is a parish, township and village, the parish containing the townships of Aston, Broome, and Little Brampton, 7½ miles south east by east from Bishop’s Castle, and 4 from Craven Arms’ railway station. The church of St. Mary is an old stone building; the living is a rectory. Population, 676.
LYDBURY NORTH is a village and extensive parish, the latter containing the townships of Acton, Brocton, Choulton, Eaton, Eyton and Plowden, Totterton and Dinmore, 4 miles east from Bishop’s Castle, and 8 from Craven Arms’ Station. The church, dedicated to St. Michael, is a very ancient stone building. The
living is a vicarage, with the chapel of Norbury annexed. Population, 1,025.
LYDHAM is a small parish, with the township of Aston, 2 miles north east from Bishop’s Castle, and 8 from Marsh Brook railway station. The church of Holy Trinity is an old stone building; the living is a rectory. Population, 205.
MAINSTONE is a wide and scattered parish, partly in Salop and partly in Montgomeryshire, and contains the townships of Castlewright, Edenhope, Knuck, and Reilth; it is 4½ miles south east from Bishop’s Castle, and 11 from Craven Arms’ Station. The church is dedicated to St. John the Baptist; the living is a rectory. Population, 365.
MINDTOWN is a small parish on the western side of the Longmynd hills, 5 miles north east from Bishop’s Castle. The church of St. John is a neat small building; the living is a rectory. Population, 48.
MORE is a parish containing the following townships, More, Mores Wood and Linley; it is 3 miles north east from Bishop’s Castle. The church dedicated to St. Peter is an ancient stone building, lately rebuilt. The living is a rectory. Population, 227.
NORBURY is a parish with the townships of Asterton, Whitcott, and Hardwick, about 5 miles north-east of Bishop’s Castle. The church of All Saints is an ancient stone building; the living is a perpetual curacy. Population in 1861, 412.
SHELVE is a parish and township 9 miles W.N.W. of Church Stretton, and 7 from Bishop’s Castle. The church, dedicated to All Saints, is a neat stone building; the living is a vicarage. Population, 78.
SIBDON-CARWOOD is a small parish 8 miles south-east from Bishop’s Castle, 2 from Craven Arms’ Station, and 10 north by west from Ludlow. The church is dedicated to St. Michael. The living is a perpetual curacy. Population, 69.

POST OFFICE, BISHOP’S CASTLE, Elizabeth Mewill, Post Mistress.- Letters from all parts arrive (via Shrewsbury) at ten minutes past six morning, and are despatched at seven evening.
Money Order Office and Savings Bank.

Post Office, CHIRBURY, William Gough, Post Master.- Letters arrive from all parts (via Shrewsbury) at half-past five morning, and are despatched every afternoon.
Nearest Money Order Office is at MONTGOMERY.

Post Officee, ASTON-ON-CLUN, William Pugh, Post Master.- Letters from all parts arrive (via Shrewsbury) at half-past five morning, and are despatched at eight evening.
Money Orders paid and granted here, and Savings Bank.

Post Office, LYDBURY NORTH, Ricard Norncott, Post Master.- Letters from all parts arrive (via Shrewsbury) at thirty-five minutes past seven morning, and are despatched at quarter-past seven evening.

Post Office, WENTNOR, Edward Jones, Post Master.- Letters from all parts arrive (via Bishop’s Castle) at nine morning, and are despatched at four afternoon.

Letters for Aston, Asterton, Edenhope, Edgton, Linley, Lydham, Mainstone, Medlicot, Mindtown, More, Norbury, Reilth and Whitcott, should be addressed Near BISHOP’S CASTLE.

Letters for Acton, Brocton, Brompton, Choulton, Dudston, Eyton, Marrington, Marton, Middleton, Priest Weston, Plowden, Rhiston, Rorrington, Sibdon Carwood, Stockton, Totterton and Timbreth, should be addressed Near SHREWSBURY.

Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
Adams Rev, Philip B. M.A. Hopesay
Allen Rev. P. S. M. A. Prospect House
Ambler Thomas, Esq. Hardwick, Norbury
Baxter James, Esq. the Castle, Sibdon Carwood
Beddoes Mr. John, Greenfields
Beddoes Mr. William, Aston, Hopesay
Bright Mr. Samuel, the Gardens, Lydbury North
Colgan Rev. Richd. Plowden Hall
Danford Lewis, Esq. Aston, Hopesay
Davies Miss Elizabeth, Castle st
Edmonds Wm. Esq Pentre, Lydham
Forbes Cosmo Gordon Esq. Marrington Hall, Chirbury
Griffiths Thomas, Esq. Castle st
Griffiths Thomas Jones, Esq. near the Church
Gwilliam Rev. Wm. Bishop’s Castle
Hammond the Misses Martha and Sarah, Welsh st
Humphreys Edward, Esq. Walcott, Chirbury
Jenkins Mr. George H. Church st
Jones Mrs. ---, Prospect place
Lewis Mrs. ---, Prospect place
Male Rev. Arthur Somery, M.A. More
Medlicott J. S. Esq. Church st
Montford George, Esq. Pentre Heyling, Brompton
More Robert Jasper, Esq. M.P. Linley Hall
More Rev. Thomas Frederick, Linley Hall
Newill Henry, Esq. Castle place
Oakeley Rev. Arthur, Oakeley House, Lydham
Oakeley Captain henry, Lydham
Owen Mrs. ---, Broadway Hall
Owen Rev. Richard, Lanneick
Pardoe Captain, ---, Totterton Hall
Plowden Wm. Esq. Plowden Hall
Powis the Honble. Earl, Walcott
Rowlands Rev, William Morgan, Vicarage
Sandford Rev. Folliett, M.A. Hopesay
Sayce Miss Elizabeth, Church st
Stott Rev. E. N. M.A. Middleton
West Mr. George, the Elms
Academies and Schools
Brodie John, L.L.D. (day and boarding), Bishop’s Castle
Chirbury – Robt. Roberts, master
Lydbury North – Henry Tovey, Master; Jane Morgan, mistress
Mores – Mary Pugh, mistress
Griffiths Misses (ladies), Welsh st
Aston – Mary Lipton, mistress
Bishop’s Castle – Henry Coward, master; Sarah Powell, mistress
Mainstone – Geo. Evans, master
Middleton – Thos. Smout, master
Shelve – John Higgins, master
Wentnor – Geo. Hudson, master
Norton Mary (ladies), Church st
Newbery Frederick (commission), Castle place
Newill Joseph (to the Earl of Powis), Librey
Toy Robert (mining), Marton

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Griffiths Thomas, Castle st
Pardoe & Newill, Castle place
Bakers & Flour Dealers
Acton Richard, Church st
Breese George, Church st
Lloyd Edward (& confectioner), Church st
Williams Thomas (& confectioner), Market place
NORTH & SOUTH WALES BRANCH BANK, Church st – (draws on head office, Liverpool, and the London and Westminster Bank) – J. P. Medlicott, manager; R. F. Fanning, accountant
Bird John, Union St
Bridgwater William, Chirbury
Broxton John, Norbury
Davies Thomas, Stockton, Chirbury
Dodd John, Aston
Evans Edward, Brompton, Chirbury
Gardener Samuel, Marton
Gough Thos. Priest Weston, Chirbury
Jones George, Norbury
Jones John, Wentnor
Lawley John, Broome, Hopesay
Lawrence John, Lydbury North
Lewis John, Brockton
Lewis Richard, Back lane
Morris George, Mainstone
Roberts Samuel, Marton
Robinson Joseph, Acton, Lydbury North
Robinson William, sen. Union st
Robinson William, jun. Union st
Rogers Edward, Lydham
Whettall John, Rorrington, Chirbury
Whitall David, Choulton, Lydbury North
Booksellers and Stationers
Chester Thos. (printer), Market pl
Plairfair Margaret, Market place
Boot and Shoe Makers
Bowen Wm. Rorrington, Chirbury
Broxton William, Norbury
Cook George, Market place
Cotterell Richard, Chirbury
Davies John, Church st
Davies Richard, Reilth
Davies William, Church st
Evans Thomas, Edgton
Freshney William, Church st
Jones Edward, Wentnor
Jones John, Lydbury North
Lloyd Thomas, Church st
Minton Andrew, Church st
Minton John, Church st
Powell Thomas, Mainstone
Reynolds Henry, Wentnor
Robinson William, Church st
Sayce John, Church st
Thomas John, Welsh st
Webb George, Aston
Wilcox Richard, Marton
Wintle Joseph, Church st
Wood Nathaniel, Lydbury North
Chelmick William, Welsh st
Edwards John, Church st
Evans Thomas, Wentnor
Home Samuel, Church st
Norton John, Salop st
Smith John, Church st
Williams Arthur, Chirbury
China, Glass, &c. Dealers
Hughes ---, Church st
Walker Thomas, Church st
Bills M.C. Salop st
Davies Edward, Market place
Aldwyn Robert, Priest Weston
Amis Saml. Eyton, Lydbury North
Barr Thomas, Brompton
Beaman Thomas, Shelve
Beaumond John, Wentnor
Beaumond Robert, Wentnor
Beaumond Thomas, Norbury
Beaumond Thos. Clapper, Norbury
Bedal William, Hopesay
Beddoes John, Greenfields, Bishop’s Castle
Beddoes John, Mainstone
Beddoes John, Knuck, Mainstone
Beddoes Richard, Moathill, Bishop’s Castle
Benbow ---, Woodhouse, Bishop’s Castle
Bennett Mary Ann, Rorrington
Bird Mary, Edgton
Blaney David, Rhiston
Blaney Richard, Brompton
Bowen George, Whitcot Stile
Bowen John, Bankshead
Bowen Thomas, Norbury
Bowen William, Norbury
Brereton Edward, Edgton
Brereton John, Harderley, Edgton
Brereton John, Plowden
Bright George, Broome, Hopesay
Bright Richard, Colebatch
Bunner John, Marton
Burgess Charles, More
Cartwright James, Hopesay
Chelmick Elizbth. Wotherton, Chirbury
Chester Wm. Dubthwen, Mainstone
Chester William, Mainstone
Childe John, Edgton
Collins W. C. Lydham
Cook William, More
Cooper Thomas, Sibdon Carwood
Corbett Thomas, Hopesay
Corfield John, Rorrington
Corfield William, Sibdon Carwood
Davies ---, Lydbury North
Davies Edward, Edenhope
Davies Edward, Lydbury North
Davies Edward, Timberth
Davies Edward, Brompton
Davies Edward, Timberth
Davies John, Brompton
Davies Robert, Wentnor
Davies Samuel, Lydbury North
Davies William, Lydham
Davies William, Sibdon Carwood
Davies Wm. The Lea, Bishop’s Castle
Davies William, Priest Weston
Davies William, Wentnor
Dewin Edward, Norbury
Dewin John, Norbury
Edwards Daniel, Norbury
Edwards John, Marton
Edwards John, Wentnor
Edwards Wm. Whitcot, Norbury
Embrey Richard, Chirbury
Evans Jane, Wotherton
Evans John, Rorrington
Evans Susan, Wentnor
Evans William, Aston
Evans William, Hopesay
Evans William, Wentnor
Everal John, Norbury
Farmer Ann, Colebatch, Bishop’s Castle
Farmer Jane, Lower Down
Farmer John, Lower Down
Farmer Thomas, Winsbury
Farmer William, Edgton
Faulkner Thomas, Asterton
Francis John, Middleton
Gardner Humphrey, Dudston
Green John, Woodbatch, Bishop’s Castle
Gittins James, Middleton
Gittins Robert, Marrington
Gittnis Thomas, Marrington
Griffiths Samuel, Lydbury North
Groves Samuel, Rhiston
Groves William, Dudston
Gwilliam William, Wentnor
Gwilt Richard, Lydbury North
Gwilt William, Eyton
Hall Richard, Lydham
Hamer Thomas sen. Lower Down
Hammonds Charles, Shakescroft
Harris Jeremiah, Mindtown
Harris Richard, Middleton
Harris William, New House, Bishop’s Castle
Haynes Jessie, Rorrington
Herschell Mrs, ---, Blundell’s Hall, Bishop’s Castle
Hodges William, Lower Down
Holmes Mary, More
Home Edward, Whitcott
Home Edward, Asterton
Home Richard, Norbury
Home Roger, Norbury
Hotchkiss Charles, Lydbury North
Hotchkiss Edward, Middleton
Hotchkiss Edward, Wentnor
Hotchkiss John, Wentnor
Hotchkiss Thomas, Chirbury
Howard Richd. Colebatch, Bishop’s Castle
Howard Richard, Conery, Bishop’s Castle
Hughes Richard, Hockleton
Hughes Thomas, Wentnor
Jacks Edward, Aston, Hopesay
Jacks William, Aston, Hopesay
James Richard, the Field, Bishop’s Castle
James Robert, More
James Thomas, Rhiston
James William, Priest Weston
Jamieson George, Wentnor
Jones ---, Biblands, Bishop’s Castle
Jones ---, Rhiston
Jones Abraham, Brompton
Jones Benjamin, Mainstone
Jones Edward, Lydbury North
Jones John, Marrington
Jones Joseph, Norbury
Jones Mary, Edenhope
Jones Matthew E. Winsbury
Jones Richard, Wentnor
Jones Robert, Priest Weston
Jones William, Mainstone
Jones William, Marrington
Jones William, More
Jones William, Mores-Wood
Kilbert Richard, Aston Lydham
Kilvert ---, Upper Broughton, Bishop’s Castle
Kirkham George, Wentnor
Langford William, Chirbury
Leech ---, Colebatch
Lewis John, Edgton
Lewis Richard, Marton
Lewis Richard, Rhiston
Lewis Richard, Wotherton
Llewellin Edward, Reilth
Loesher John, Norbury
Lucas William, Edgton
Luther Charles, Acton
Maddox Isaac, Oldbury
Mapp Thomas, Edgton
Marchbank David, Priest Weston
Marston William, Wentnor
Matthews ---, Wotham House, Colebatch
Medlicott Sarah, Wentnor
Mellings John, Chirbury
Mellings John, More
Mellins Robert, Middleton
Morris Charles, Aston, Lydham
Morris George, Norbury
Morris John, Woodbatch
Morris Thomas, More
Morris Thomas, Wentnor
Morris William, Whitcott
Mountford Edward, Brockton
Mountford Thomas, Priest Weston

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Munslow William, Wentnor
Norton Richard, Woodbatch
Owen Edward & James, Reilth
Owen John, Edgton
Owen Thomas, Reilth
Owen William, Lydbury North
Parkes ---, Edgton
Phillips William, Lydbury North
Phillips ---, Lower Oakley farm, Bishop’s Castle
Pinches Thomas, Asterton
Pool Thomas, Aston, Hopesay
Potter John, Wentnor
Powell Edward, Dudston
Powell John, Wentnor
Powell Mary, Marrington
Powell Thomas, Wentnor
Preece John, Marrington
Preece mary, Marton
Preece Richard, Priest Weston
Preece Robert, Middleton
Preece Samuel, Priest Weston
Preece Vincent, Middleton
Price ---, Acton, Lydbury North
Price ---, Mainstone
Price Charles, Aston, Lydham
Price Samuel, Stockton
Price William, Edgton
Pryce William, Chirbury
Pugh Elisiah, More
Pugh Richard, More
Pugh Richard, More
Richards Thomas, Brompton
Roberts John, Little Broughton
Robinson Mary Ann, Hockleton
Robinson Richard, Hopesay
Rowe Samuel, Smithblocks
Rowlands Thomas, Marrington
Rowson William, Wentnor
Robbatham William, Wilmington
Sankey Richard, Reilth
Shuker John, Chirbury
Shuker John, Totterton
Shuker Philip, Mindtown
Smith Philip, Dudston
Southern Wm. H. Lydbury North
Stanley Alfred, Wentnor
Starr John, Lydham
Thomas John, Edenhope
Tomlins John, Brockton
Turner James, Wentnor
Venables Thomas, Reilth
Ward ---, Mindtown
Watkin Job, Eaton
Watkins John, Choulton
Watts Thomas, Chirbury
Watts Thomas, Eyton
Weyman John, Little Brampton
Whittall Mrs. --- Rorrington
Whittingham Richard, Timberth
Wild Richard, Wentnor
Wilkes John, Shelve
Williams John, Lydham
Williams Thomas, Priest Weston
Wood Edward, Lydbury North
Wood Thomas, Edgton
Woodhouse Thomas, Hopesay
Worsman Charles, Aston, Lydham
Zebb William, Stockton
Fire, &c. Office Agents
LANCASHIRE, H. Greenhouse, Church st
LIVERPOOL, & LONDON, & GLOBE, M. C. Bills, Salop st
NATIONAL PROVIDENT (life), Thos. Griffiths, Castle st
ROYAL, Frdck. Newbery, Castle pl
SALOP, William Harris, Church st
SHROPSHIRE & NORTH WALES (fire), Edward Davies, Market pl
SUN (fire), Thos. Griffiths, Castle st
UNITED BROTHERS (sick & life), Thomas Chester, Market place
WESTERN (life), Henry Starr Newill, Castle place
Grocers & Tea Dealers
(See also Shopkeepers, &c.)
Bailey Edwin, Market place
Downes Charles, Union st
Harris Charles, Church st
Harris John, Market place
Legge Edward, Market place
Norton Robert, Church st
Oakley John, Market place
Rogers John, Chirbury
Inns & Public Houses
Black Lion, David Taylor, Welsh st
Blue Bell, Thomas Richards, Brompton, Chirbury
Boar’s Head, Mary Childe, Church st
Bull ---, Edgton
Bull, William Robinson, Bull st
Castle (commercial & posting), James Newbery, Castle place
Cross, Elizabeth Sneade, Chirbury
Crown & Anchor, William Harris, Church st
Harp, Hwrd. Greenhouse, Church st
Kangaroo, Richard Penny, Aston
King’s Head, Thos. Pugh, Church st
New Inn, Henry Birchall, Lydbury N
New Inn, Richard Corbett, Hopesay
Plough, William Davies, Market pl
Railway, Charles Harris, Church st
Red Lion, Herbert Home, Church st
Red Lion, Richard Pugh, Norbury
Red Lion, Robert Davies, Priest Weston, Chirbury
Six Bells, Richard James, Church st
Sun, Richard Morgan, Marton, Chirbury
Three Tuns (commercial & posting), Charles Dolby, Salop st
White Horse, Thomas Bluck, Market place
Retailers of Beer
Beavan Robert, Marton, Chirbury
Beddoes William, Brockton
Cook John, Norbury
Downes Richard, Union st
Evans Thomas, Church st
Gittins Simon, Marton, Chirbury
Morris Thomas, Wentnor
Owen William, Edgton
Pugh Edward, Church st
Pugh Thos. Priest Weston, Chirbury
Robinson Thomas, Brockton
Sayce James, Castle green
Whittall Edward, Wentnor
Holl George (& tinplate worker), Church st
Norton Robert, Market place
Phillips John, Market place
Joiners & Carpenters
Beaumond Thomas, Norbury
Davies Jno. (wheelwright), Church st
Jones John, Wentnor
Jones William, Aston
Pritchard James, Church st
Pugh Edward Nicholas, Church st
Pugh Thomas, Church st
Pugh Wm. (cabinet maker), Bull st
Sayce Thomas, More
Tipton John, Aston
Williams John, Lydbury North
Land Agents
Gosford William, Choulton, Lydbury North
Griffiths Thomas Jones, near the Church
Newill Joseph, sen., Librey
Newill Joseph, jun., Librey
Linen Drapers
Bailey Edward, Market place
Harris John, Market place
Legge Edward, Market place
Greenhouse Howard, Church st
Morris John, Church st
Norton Mary, Church st
Beaumond Thomas, Norbury
Blakemore Ferdinand, Lydham
Embrey Thomas P. Chirbury
Gough John, Marrington
Hamer Mary, Brockton
Hatfield William, Aston
Hotchkiss John, Wentnor
Medlicott John, Wentnor
Merrell Alfred, Aston Mill, Aston
Morris John, Stockton, Chirbury
Watkin ---, Plwden Mill
Milliners & Dress Makers
Bore Lizzie, Church st
Dodd Elizabeth, Welsh st
Gwilliam Emma, Bishop’s Castle
Harris Mary Ann, Market place
Sankey Annie, Welsh st
Wilding Harriet (& smallwares), Market place
Bird Thomas, Union st
Griffiths E, Colebatch
Hammond Peter, Union st
Painters, Plumbers & Glaziers
Bowen B. Church st
Lucas William, Bull st
Nicholas John, Church st
Pugh Maurice, Market place
Waldron James, Aston
Edwards David, Church st
Griffiths James, Church st
Lewis Richard, Church st
Bills M. C. Salop st
Newill Elizabeth, Market place
Norton Robert, Market place
Philips John, Market place
Shopkeepers and Dealers in Sundries
Bailey Thomas, Church st
Beaumond John, Norbury
Bembow Thomas, Priest Weston
Bowen John, Welsh st
Cadwallader James, Church st
Corfield William, Aston, Hopesay
Dax Sophia, Chirbury
Evans Thomas, Edgton
Farmer Thomas, Norbury
Home Hannah, Church st
Jones Thomas, Welsh st
Jones William, Rorrington
Lucas William, Edgton
Minton Andrew, Church st
Morris Mary, Hopesay
Noncroft Richard, Lydbury North
Oliver John, Marton
Pressdee Jeremiah, Hopesay
Richards Thomas, Priest Weston
Rowson John, Wentnor
Walker Thomas, Church st
Whitefoot Charles, Hopesay
Whittall Edward, Wentnor
Stone Masons
Collins John, Castle green
Collins William, Castle green
Cook John, Norbury
Cook Thomas, Wentnor
Home George, near the Railway station
Home William, Church st
Lockley Richard, Castle green
Nicholas Edward, Church st
Nicholas John, senior, Church st
Nicholas John, jun. Church st
Nicholas Samuel, Castle green
Spencer Thomas, Hopesay

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Brooke Henry, Church st
Lane John W. M.D. Welsh st
Lemon Henry M. M.D. Church st
Taylor George Thomas R. Priest Weston, Chirbury
Beddoes Joseph, near the Station
Bright Edward, castle green
Cadwallader John, Hopesay
Goodall Richard, Wentnor
Palmer Francis, Church st
Palmer John, near the Gasworks
Powell William, Chirbury
Pugh Richard, Bull st
Pugh William (& draper), Salop st
Thomas John, Union st
Thomas Joseph, Priest Weston, Chirbury
Thomas Richard, Welsh st
Watch & Clock Makers
Jepson Forrester, Church st
McNiece John, Church st
Matthews John, Market place
Matthews Richard R, Church st
Abley Evan, Lindley More
Beaumoud John, Norbury
Davies John, Church st
Deakins Thomas, Aston, Hopesay
Edwards William, Marton
Goodhall John, Wentnor
Groves James, Hopesay
Hammond William, Cabin
Hood Edward, Chirbury
James Reece, Hopesay
Marston Richard, Brockton
Morris George, Mainstone
Morris John, Lydbury North
Price William, Little Brampton Hopesay
Wood Richard, Lydbury North
Dolby Charles, fellmonger and wooldealer, Three Tuns Inn, Salop st
Edwards William, brick & tile maker, Brompton, Chirbury
Gough Thos. builder, Church st
Griffiths Lewis, accountant, Church st
Hall Emma, fancy repository, Church st
Hughes Thos. poulterer, Chirbury
McMinn David, hop merchant and tea dealer, Castle st
Morris John, ale and porter dealer, Church st
Norton Mary, tanner, Church st
Norton Mary, currier and leather seller, Church st
Oliver John, omnibus proprietor and assistant overseer, Marton, Chirbury
Richards Wm. chair maker and turner, near gas works
Thomas Mary Ann, straw bonnet maker, Welsh st
Vickers John, cooper, Church st
Walker Thomas, earthenware dealer, Church st
Williams John, hair dresser, Salop st
Places of Worship,
ALL SAINTS’, Norbury – Rev. John B. Bright, B.A. perpetual curate
ALL SAINTS’, Shelve – Rev. T. F. More, M.A. minister
HOLY TRINITY, Lydham – Rev. Arthur Oakley, M.A. rector
ST. JOHN’S Mindtown – Rev. Robert Edward Warren, incumbent
ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST’S, Bishop’s Castle – Rev. W. M. Rowland, vicar
ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST’S, Mainstone – Rev. P. S. Allen, M.A. rector
ST. MARY’S Hopesay – Rev. Philip Adams, M.A. rector
ST. MICHAEL’S Chirbury – Rev. E. N. Stott, M.A. minister
ST. MICHAEL’S Edgton – Rev. Folliot Sandford, M.A. perpetual curate
ST. MICHAEL’S Lydbury North – Rev. John B. Bright, vicar
ST. MICHAEL’S Sibdon Carwood – Rev. Wm. E. Lumb, M.A. perpetual curate
ST. MICHAEL’s Wentnor – Rev. Thos. Humphreys, M.A. rector
ST. PETER’S More – Rev. Arthur S. Male, M.A. rector
METHODIST (Wesleyan) CHAPEL, Bishop’s Castle
ROMAN CATHOLIC CHAPEL, Plowden Hall – Rev. Richard Colgan, priest
Union Workhouse.
Governor – John Waidson
Matron – Mary Waidson
Schoolmaster – Thomas Birkmire
Chaplain – ------
Surgeon – Henry Brooke
Clerk to the Board of Guardians – Frederick Pardoe
Relieving Officer – Benjamin Rhoden
Superintendent – Fredk. Pardoe, Esq.
Registrars – John Bowen, Welsh st and Benj. Bridgwater, Chirbury
Judge – J. W. Smith, Esq.
High Bailiff – Thomas Griffiths, Esq.
Registrar – Fredk. Pardoe, Esq.
Treasurer – George Grazebrook, Esq.
Inland Revenue Office
Castle Hotel.
Wm. Lavender, supervisor; John Smith, officer
Gas Works – Thomas Lewis, manager
Police Station – James Lear, sergeant
Stamp Office, Market place – Elizabeth Newill, sub-distributor
Town Clerk’s Office, Town Hall – John Norton, clerk
John Craston, general manager; Wm. Wilding, secretary
Station – Bishop’s Castle – E. E. Owen, collector

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