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Arthur Hamilton Maddock and Eliza (Birtles) Maddock

Arthur Hamilton Maddock (aged 19) eloped from the Isle of Man to St Helens, Lancs in April 1873 with Eliza Ann Johnson Birtles (Aged 17 1/2). They were married in St. Helen’s, Lancashire on Oct 29th 1873. They are my great grandparents

AHM+EB Marr Cert


Arthur and Eliza Maddock had three children:

Arthur Hamilton Maddock

1886 - After Eliza Maddock returned to the Isle of Man, Arthur was married bigamously, to Rachel Jane Sagg in LiverpoolAt the time of the marriage Arthur was 32 and Rachel was 19, both bride and groom lived at the same address, 27 Soho St.  Arthur H. Maddock’s occupation was listed as Medical Assistant.

On the marriage certificate Arthur states his father's name was James Henry Maddock and that he was deceased, neither of which was true.  Perhaps this was done to conceal his identity as this marriage was bigamous.
AHM+RS Marr Cert

  • 1887 - Arthur and Rachel had a son, Arthur Hamilton Maddock (Jr.). 
        1911, - Arthur H Maddock (Jn.), aged 24, is a clerk with the Salt Union Co.  He is living in Everton, Liverpool with his grandmother (Eliza Jane Sagg aged 76); his mother’s sister (Lily French 26) and her children (Lillian and Arthur French). His mother Rachel had died in 1892.
        1914  - Arthur H Maddock (Jun) married Mabel Huddelston in W. Derby, Lancashire.
                  1916 -  Arthur H Maddock (Jun) enlisted in the army while living at Truro Rd. Liverpool.
        1919 -  Arthur and Mabel had a child Joan E. Maddock who died as an infant.
        1921 -  A son, Arthur J Maddock, was born.
        1948  - Arthur J Maddock married Marjorie Jones in Liverpool.
        1957 -  Arthur H. Maddock (Jr.) died aged 70 in the Isle of Man.

Arthur Hamilton Maddock (Jr.)
  • 1892, some time before the 24th July, Arthur Hamilton Maddock (Sr.) and Rachel have a second son, Edward. No record of his birth have been found.  On the marriage certificate of  Edward Maddock in 1918 he states his father is Arthur Hamilton Maddock and that he had been a doctor. Although Arthur was a medical student and then a medical assistant he never qualified as a doctor.
    • 1901 Census Edward Maddock (Maddox), aged 9, is living at the District Industrial School in South Everton where he is listed as a "paper bag maker".
    • When he was about 13 he went from the orphanage/industrial school to work in the mines in Yorkshire.  In the 19011 census he is living in Mirfield, West Yorkshire, aged 19 his occupation is listed as "Hurrier underground" (A Hurrier is a youth employed to haul coal, often a girl as young as 5 year's old); Birthplace - Liverpool.
    • He married Mary Hannah Croft in 1918. They had three children: George Arthur, Barbara and Dorothy.
    • He died, aged 72 in Darton

Edw M
Edward Maddock.    
 I am grateful to Janet Leatham, granddaughter of Edward
Maddock, for the photos Edward and Arthur (Jr.)

JE Maddock Marr Cert

1892 - Rachel (Sagg) Maddock died on the 27th of July 1892 of phthisis (TB) aged 24.  The informant was Annie Lee, Rachel's sister
. Arthur was described as a  herbalist's assistant. Rachel's brother, George Hodgson Sagg, also died in July 1892 aged 21. Rachel died the same year her son Edward was born. Rachel was buried in The West Derby Cemetry on July 30th.

Death RJS

    Following Rachel's death in 1892 Arthur was left with an infant son (Edward) and an eight year old son (Arthur).

1895 -   Arthur Hamilton (Sr.) is listed as a Drug Dispenser, living at 64, Radcliffe Street, Liverpool.  In July 1895 Arthur Hamilton Maddock died due to excessive drinking and an inquest was held 16th July 1895. He was buried in West Derby Cemetery on July 17th 1895. His occupation is listed as Apothecary; his address as 3 St Jude's Place N, West Derby (that address cannot be located today but there is a St Jue's Church in West Derby so it possible that the street was adjacent to the church).


Death AHM

Eliza Ann Johnson (Birtles) Maddock

In September 1878 Eliza and her two sons returned to the Isle of Man where Eliza later gave birth to her daughter Emily.  In the 1881 census she is living with her mother Mary (Johnson) Birtles at 36 Fort St. and her 3 children: George (7), Harry (4) and Emily (2). She describes herself as a widow although her husband was still living in Liverpool.

In Nov 1878 Arthur returned to the Isle of Man and threatened his wife, so she took out a peace bond against him.

violent 1

violent 2

violent 3

By 1891 the Eliza Maddock's family appears to have scattered. 

Emily is a 12 year old student at Casterton School, Westmoreland. She is listed in the 1911 census visiting relatives (named Harrison). Emily was mentioned in a court proceeding in 1916 when she swore to have witnessed a will (Mona's Herald). She died in 1920, in the Isle of Man, aged 39, in the Poor House (a.k.a. Lunatic Asylum). She was buried on the 23rd July 1920.

Harry, at 14 year's of age is recorded as an assistant to a butcher Mr. Kelly in the 1891 census. There were two other butchers at the same premises (64 Duke St. Douglas) and five assistants to the butchers, one of whom was Harry. Although the census records Harry as being born in Douglas (he was born in Liverpool but christened in Douglas), he is most probably Eliza and Arthur's son. 

George Maddock would have been 17 years old in 1891, but was already an apprentice seaman so was probably at sea.

Eliza Ann Maddock cannot be found in England or in the Isle of Man using 1891 census information (she would have been 35 years old).

I searched both Isle of Man and the English censuses for 1901 and 1911 looking for Eliza Maddock but found no-one of that name.  However, I found an Elizabeth Gawne in Douglas, Isle of Man, who was born in Bendigo, Australia in 1856 (which is when and where Eliza was born). She married Thomas Gawne in 1891/92 at the age of 36. Thomas Gawne had been a master mariner and in the 1901 census is "retired ". In his obituary of 1917 it mentions that Thomas Gawne had retired early due to ill health before the age of 40. 

As it is highly unlikely that there was another female living in the Isle of Man who was born in 1856 in Bendigo I can only assume that Eliza Ann decided to call herself Elizabeth. Perhaps this was to mask her true identity as she was still legally married to Arthur H. Maddock, who did not die until 1895.  Regretably I can find no record of the marriage for Eliza/Elizabeth and Thomas Gawne either in England or the Isle of Man.

Thomas Gawne died in 1917. His obituary was recorded in the Manx Notebook.  There is a death record for Elizabeth Gawne in 1923 (aged 70), but I cannot confirm that this is my great grandmother.


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