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George Frederick Maddock (my grandfather)

In 1888, at the age of 14 George Frederick Maddock had become an apprentice seaman. By the age of 19 (1893) he had enough experience to earn a certificate as a 2nd Mate. He gave his address as 3 Berkeley St., Douglas, Isle of Man.

He did not appear in the 1891 census as he was probably at sea but by 1901 George F Maddock is a mariner’s mate living in a boarding house at 1445 St. Bride St. in Liverpool. The photograph below from his Merchant Marine Record

GF from marine record

1903 George Frederick Maddock aged 28 (7 Margaret Rd, Walton, Liverpool) married Ellen Price aged 23, on 30 Jan 1903 at  the Welsh Congregational Chapel, Park Rd. Toxteth Park, Liverpool. At that time, Ellen was working as a cook at 26 Grove Park, Toxteth, Liverpool

G.F. Maddock made a career at sea from the age of 14.  From 1904 when his first  child was born until 1916,  George Frederick Maddock  was  a  2nd mate on various vessels belonging to the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board.  My mother told us that her father had a Mersey Pilot's License . I believe he stayed in Liverpool  rather than going overseas during this period, in order to be near his family. 

Information on his Merchant Marine card indicates he had a tattoo on his left arm “friendship”.  I was fortunate to find a fairly complete record of G.F.Maddock's Merchant Marine Service on

GF in uniform

  My grandfather, G.F.Maddock

1904     Ella Maddock born to George F. and Ellen Maddock.

1905    Margery (Peggy) Maddock born to George F. and Ellen Maddock. Margery died, aged 3, Nov 16th 1909, of diphtheria a year after her mother.

1907    Lily Maddock born to George F. and Ellen Maddock in September, died at 8 mths, in April 1908.

1908    In Nov  Ellen (Price) Maddock also died of diphtheria

1911      Liverpool Street Directory G.F. Maddock is listed as a ship's officer, living at 13 Pym Street, Walton. In the 1911 census George (a widower, aged 37) has living with him with his brother-in-law Hughie Hughes (a carpenter aged 25) and sister-in-law Margaret Hughes (aged 23). Margaret was presumably looking after Ella aged 6.

1913    G.F. Maddock (aged 39) married Margaret (Mary) Jane Hughes (25) of 107 Selwyn St Kirkdale, half-sister of Ellen Price, at Great Mersey St Chapel, Kirkdale, Liverpool.

1914     Apr 6th Hugh Arthur Maddock was born to Margaret (Hughes) and George F. Maddock.

1918     Margaret (Hughes) Maddock died,  probably from the Spanish ‘flu.   After the death of Margaret Maddock, G.F Maddock was left with a 14 year old daughter and a four year old son.  His Uncle Edward (Maddock) and Aunt Bessie (Kelly) moved into his home at 60 Chepstow St. and Bessie became the housekeeper.  Edward was 57, Bessie was 33,  and George F. Maddock was 44.  

In  September 1921 a daughter (Noreen) was born to Bessie (Kelly) Maddock.  Although Edward Maddock was named as the father on the birth certificate it was widely accepted (by family members) that G.F. Maddock was the father of this child. The photograph below is believed to be Bessie Kelly.


1921     There is a record of G.F. Maddock, “Chief Officer” on the S.S. Ebol bound for New York from Sierra Leone, Africa.  The detail on the record described him as English, male, aged 44, 5’6”, 160 lbs.  This may seem small by today’s standards but, in looking at the height of the other crew members he was about average height and weight. Tallest man was 5’10”.

1921    G.F. Maddock becomes Chief Officer of the Mardinian (II) O.N. 140644, 2,429 g.t, built 1919 by S. P Austin & Son, Sunderland for Ellerman Lines, Ltd. Liverpool. ID # was 29448 issued 1919

1925     The Liverpool Street Directory, has G.F. Maddock at 60 Chepstow Street, Walton. His occupation was master mariner.

1938     In the 1938 Directory G.F.Maddock was still listed, as master mariner. This would have been compiled during 1937.   In March 1938 G.F. Maddock (aged 63) died of cardiac failure in Walton, Liverpool