will T Bernard Castletown

Thomas Bernard of Castletown, Offaly (Son of Joseph and Mary)

Abstracts from the will and Codicil of Thomas Bernard (Jun.) of Castletown, June 1799:


In the Name of God Amen I Thos. Bernard of Castletown in the King's County Esqr. being in sound and perfect mind and memory ……I desire not be Intered for Forty Eight hours after my Decease and then in my former Wives grave in the Church yard of Kinnitty.

Whereas on my Intermarriage with my present Wife Margaret [Biddulph]in case she should survive me of Fifty pounds a year out of the Lands of Clonyanagh in the King's County….I leave and bequeath to my said Wife her choice of my Coach or Post Chaise with Harness for one pair of horses and her Three Choice of my Carriage Horses  I also leave my said Wife all the Plate in my house that has her family Crest or the Initial letters of any of her Family's name on it, I also leave to my said Wife Fifty pounds to buy mourning with all her wearing Apparal Parapharnalia and ornaments of person I also leave unto my said Wife Five Hundred pounds for the purpose of paying her Fathers Debts as I promised I would on her joining me to see the Joynture she had by her late Husband in the County Limerick. 

…. if she shall make any Claim or demand of any sum of money being due to her under said Annuity reserved in her marriage settlement with me of one Hundred pounds a year for Pin money, that then she forfeights all the above bequests and I do hereby make them Null and Void and Do hereby leave and bequeath my said Carriage horses Harness Plate and the above Two sums of Fifty and Five Hundred pounds bequeathed to my said Wife under the above restrictions to my only son Thomas Bernard my Executor hereafter named for his own Use for Ever. 

I leave and bequeath Unto my Eldest daughter Mary, Lady Waller Wife to Sir Robt. Waller of Lisbrien in the County Tipperary Bart. Fifty pounds to buy a mourning ring I having given her a portion of Seven Thousand Five Hundred pounds at the time of her marriage which sum and said portion. …..

I leave and Bequeath unto my second Daughter Barbara Seven Thousand pounds ster[ling] to be paid her on the day of her marriage with a man in possession or by absolute Settlement in remainder after the death of one life of One Thousand pounds a year by Freehold Interest for Ever, and that she shall be Entitled to one Annuity or Joynture by a settlement Entered into on that marriage of at least Five Hundred pounds a year during her life.  …..

And in case my said daughter Barbara shall die unmarried I do hereby Leave and bequeath the above seven thousand pounds bequeathed to her to be equally divided between my said son Thos. Bernard and the younger children of my daughter Mary Waller in case she shall have any  by her present or any after taken Husband but that if she has but one or an only child that that one only child should not be entitled to any part of it and my Will is that then and in that Case the whole of the said Seven Thousand pounds shall go And I do hereby bequeath the same to my Son Thos. Bernard and his Heirs for Ever, and As to the Rest Residue and Remainder of my Real Freehold Leasehold or Personal property of what kind or Nature

….I appoint my said Son Thomas Bernard my Sole and only Executor of this my last Will and Testament hereby revoking all former or other Will or Wills by me made Spoken or Declared In Witness Wherof I the said Thos. Bernard have hereunto put my hand and Seal this 17th day of June 1799 Nine In the presence of Three Subscribing Witnesses who in the presence of me and in the presence of Each other have hereunto subscribed their names as Witnesses

Willm Mitchell, James Davis, Danl Manifold. I have revoked this will by a Will dated 24 May 1806. TB 

Codicil: I add as a codicil to this my will that if my daughter Barbara should marry John Poe of Salsborough in the county of Tipperary that she forefeits the within bequests of seven thousand five hundred and fifty pounds which sum of seven thousand five hundred and fifty pounds I have bequeathed to my son the within named Thomas Bernard for his own use for ever and I leave my Daughter Barbara the sum of one shilling as her portion on account of her disobedience which is to be in full lieu and barr of any sum of money she may claim out of my assets or personal fortune.

Witnessed by: Willm Mitchell, James Davis, Danl Manifold.  Undated

 NOTE: Barbara Bernard did marry John Poe, so presumambly she was left only a shilling!

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