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BERNARD - The Bernards appear to have been in Co Carlow from at least the beginning of the 1600s.

BUNBURY - Benjamin Bunbury (1642-1707), arrived in Co Carlow from England in 1669.  He married Mary (Bernard) Sheppard, widow of Charles Bernard and had five sons - Joseph, of Johnstown; Benjamin, of Killerrig; Thomas of Clogna; William, of Lisnevagh and Moyle, all in County Carlow; and Matthew, of Killfeacle, Co. Tipperary; and Diana who married Thomas Barnes.

John Humfrey landed in Ireland 15 May, 1655 and settled at Donard, co. Wicklow. His will  dated 1 December 1665 (1), proved Dublin diocese 4 February 1668. According to his will he had seven children: John, Gorman, Mary, William, Edward, Henry and Thomas.
"He leaves to his wife Thomas[zina] in his house henhouse and old garden and her lands in Queens Co. and Dunard and ' all my household goods and ye mare commons, my wifes mar with her two followers and ye gray nagg which was under ye black maire, her saddle nagg and six of my choise cowes and my cittle bull and two of my choise two year old heffiers and two yearling and 10, to be discounted not of her first years annuity and the tuition of her young son Thomas beseeching her to keep him at school until he be fifteen years old or professed. To Margaret Humfrey, widow, late wife of my brother Gorman Humphry, deceased, the house backside where she now dwelleth and the grazing of sixteen head of cattle upon the commons of Dunard. To John Humphry my son and heir the lease of Dunard, son Gorman Humphry for his 'chides porcon' 194 and I stand bound with John Lyson for payment of 450 to said Gorman'. Names Mary, his daughter, wife of John Jackson, gent and also William, Edward, Henry and Thomas, his sons. Appoints John Humphry, his son and heir, as executor. Witnesses John, Edward and Thomas Humphry (proved by Sir John Humphry and Edward Humphry)."

Also, according to family records (2) Henry, the 5th son of John and Thomazina "Henry Humfrey (born 1648, died 1709), who went to Ireland as a child in the year 1655". It is therefore assumed that the other children were also born in England.

The Humfrey family was based primarily in Co. Wicklow. The 6th son, Edward Humfrey (1647-1686) married Mary Sheppard of Killerick, Co. Carlow and his branch of the Humfrey family lived there with his five sons: William, Thomas, Benjamin, Mathew and John.

The first reference to the Sheppards of Killerick is the marriage, about 1664, of Mary Sheppard, daughter of Phillip Sheppard to Charles Bernard.  The second reference is to Mathew Sheppard of Killerick whose daughter Deborah married about 1676 to Edward Humfrey.  Mathew Sheppard is named in the 1659 census of Ireland (3). His children were Hugh, Jonathan and Deborah Sheppard. Mathew Sheppard died in 1664 in Killerick. The relationship between Phillip Sheppard and Mathew Sheppard is not known.

According to John Ryan (4) "..the ancestor of this family came to Ireland in a military capacity; probably in the redoubtable army of Oliver Cromwell [1649-1650]. In the inrolment of certificates (in the chief rememberancer's office) of landed property, granted to soldiers, etc. in the reign of Charles II, we find the names "Captain Thomas Shepard, William Shepard, John Shepard and Robert Shepard". These Christian names have been all in use with the county of Carlow family"......"Names of the Shepard family frequently occur as churchwardens, etc. in the registry book of Tullow Parish".

"There are well-constructed tombs of the families of Bunbury, Whelan, Shepard, Brewster and Gethings. etc. in the [Tullow]churchyard". Tullow is about 6km from Killerick/Killerig in Co. Carlow

The Sheppards who came to Carlow with Cromwell may not be the same family as the Sheppards of Kilerick as the names Thomas, William, John and Robert are not found in the family of Sheppard from Killerick. Also the Chancery Court has records for others with the name Sheppard in the 1630s. However , there is no indication that these Sheppards are from Co carlow


Charles Bernard of Carlow (5) married Mary Sheppard (daughter of Philip Sheppard)
Franks Bernard married 1717, Susanna Bunbury (6)
Jemma  Bernard married 1746 Edward Humfrey (7)  
Mary Bernard, widow of Thomas Bennet married Mathew Humfrey in 1782 (8)  Memorial 
Benjamin Bunbury married Mary Sheppard (daughter of Philip Sheppard, widow of Charles Bernard of Carlow) (5)

Thomas Humfrey married Mary Sheppard before 1680  Exchequer Court records
Thomas Humphrey, linen draper married 24 Apr 1786 Ellinor Sheppard. St. Mary, Dublin. He was the son of Howard Humfrey. She was the widow of John Humfrey, brother of Thomas Humfrey. (9
Edward Humfrey married Deborah Sheppard in 1708 (10)

Deborah Sheppard (daughter of Mathew Sheppard of Killerick) married Edward Humfrey in 1708 (10)
Deborah (Sheppard) Humfrey (daughter of Mathew Sheppard and widow of Edward Humfrey) married Thomas Bernard in 1708 (10)
Mary Sheppard married Thomas Humfrey before 1680  Exchequer Court records

There are Court documents that show that the Bernard, Bunbury, Humfrey and Sheppard families were named in the same cases.

Record from the Ireland, Exchequer Court of Equity Bill Books, 1674-1850. 17th May 1680

Lists the plaintiffs as Thomas Humfrey and Mary Humfrey also Sheppard, his wife. The defendants are Benjamin Bunbury and Mary his wife, Ralph Sheppard, Hugh, Deborah, Jonathan Sheppard, Elizabeth Sheppard, Judith Sheppard.

Exch ct

Record from the Ireland, Court of Chancery Records, 1633-1851 Bill Books 1696-1709. 27th Nov 1708.
Lists the plaintiffs as: Joseph, Thomas, William, Mathew and Benjamin Bunbury, Thomas Barnes and his wife Diana [Bunbury].
Defendants: Mary Bunbury, Thomas Bernard and his wife [no name], Elizabeth Lucas, John Keige, John Humfreys, Mathew Humfreys, Jonathan Sheppard and Elizabeth Hawkesworth.

Ch Ct 1708 p1
Ch Ct 1708 p2

Record from the Ireland, Court of Chancery Records, 1633-1851 Bill Books 1696-1709. 21st July 1715. Shows the plaintiffs as: John Keige and Judith his wife. The defendants are: Jonathan Sheppard, Thomas Fox, John Wilkinson, Mathew Humfreys, Benjamin, William John and Thomas Humfreys, Thomas Barnett and Deborah his wife, John Lucas and Elizabeth his wife, Thomas Martin, William Frank, Elizabeth Hawksworth (Sen, widow), Elizabeth Hawksworth (Jun), Frances Hawksworth, Jane Fox, Mary Bunbury (Jun) Mathew Sheppard, Robert Banker, John Keige, Edmond Jones and Rebecca his wife, Susannah Jones, Joseph, Thomas and Mathew Bernard and Diana Bunbury.
Respondents are: Jonathan Wilkinson, Thomas Warren, Mathew Humfrey and Thomas Bernard

Ch Ct

Exchequer Court of Equity Bill Books. "This collection includes records from the Bill Books of Exchequer in Ireland relating to individuals involved in court proceedings between the years 1674-1850. The Exchequer Court of Equity was at the very centre of Ireland's legal system and from the mid-17th century held jurisdiction over financial disputes such as titles of land, debts and wills."

Court of Chancery Records. "Records from the Court of Chancery in Ireland relating to individuals involved in court proceedings between the years 1633-1851. As one of the four older 'Superior' courts in Ireland, the Courts of Chancery were at the very centre of Ireland's legal system. Surviving records consist mainly of bill books with some other records including an Index to Pleadings and records of Pleadings themselves."

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