Thomas Bernard of Carlow (Son of William and Mary)

Edmond Dillon of Carlow married Elizabeth ? and died in 1744.  A Mrs Dillon died in 1743 in Carlow (no confirmation that this was Elizabeth). They had 5 children:
  • Thomas Dillon married ? St. John, probably about 1732. Thomas Dillon's wife was the daughter of Pawlett St John.. Thomas Dillon died in 1757, buried on 26th Nov. Ina deed made in 1742 between Thomas Taylor, a brewer of the City of Dublin and Thomas Dillon for 3 lives named as " ....Edmond Dillon my eldest son, Mathew Dillon my third son and  Francis Dillon my fourth son...". (1) Later, in the same memorial reference is made to a transfer of property in 1759 to "....James Dillon then his eldest son and heir...".  This leads me to believe that his eldest son Edmond died after 1742 and before 1759. There is a burial in Carlow of an Edmond Dillon in 1754. If the 2nd son James married in 1759 I have estimated that he was probably born about1735-1739.  As there was a son older than James I again have estimated that he was probably born between 1733-1737.  That given, their father and mother were probably married about 1732.
    • Edmond Dillon. Born about 1733- died about 1754
    • James Dillon (born about 1735) married Mary Bernard in 1759. She was believed to be the daughter of Thomas Bernard of Castletown, Offaly. (2). James died before 1778
    • Mathew Dillon married Hellen Cook in 1758. Died 1784
    • Francis Dillon (born about 1732) married Catherine O'Brien 2nd daughter of Brien O'Brien of Garryhill about 1756. Francis died intestate on 13th Nov. 1780 when he fell from his horse when out hunting. Catherine (O'Brien) Dillon was granted a Bishop's lease of Old Leighlin on 30 Jan. 1802. She died aged 82 on 23 March 1804 (will dated 16 Feb. 1802, proved 16 June 1804) and was buried in a vault in Carlow Church on 25th March. Francis and Catherine Dillon had four sons:
      • Edmond Dillon, baptised 20th Jan 1757
      • William born and died in 1759
      • James Dillon, baptised 30th Nov 1760. He died unmarried
      • Francis Dillon born about 1762 was a J.P . He married in 1795 to Catherine O'Brien, second daughter of Arthur O'Brien of Garryhill, Co. Carlow. There were no children from this marriage. She died on 6 April 1763 (will dated 10 Jan. 1763), and was buried in Dunleckny churchyard.
    • St. John Dillon (born about 1740) married 20/10/1763 Mrs Hannah (Henchy) Vandeleur, a widow. Died before 1777. After the his death Hannah married Captain Michael O'Brien in 1777. 
  • John Dillon married Henrietta Edgeworth in 1720 (5). He died in 1748. Will 1793 (3). Children:
    • Edgeworth Dillon  of Knockbrack, Co. Carlow Born about 1721 (did not marry). Died in 1759
    • Edmond Dillon of Dublin (did not marry). Born about 1723. Died about 1773
    • Catherine Dillon Born about 1725. Married John Moore
    • Loftus Dillon of Dublin (did not marry). Born about 1726. Died in 1753
    • Henry Dillon of Dublin married Margaret Leonard. Born about 1728. He died in 1783
  • Nathaniel Dillon of Portmore, Co. Carlow unmarried.  Died about 1732
  • William Dillon of Huntinglove, Co. Kilkenny. Died about 1752
  • Anne Dillon married 30th June 1737 to Edward Brereton of Carlow (4).  Edward  died in 1764 and Anne died in 1783. Children:
    • Edward 1738
    • Mary, 1741
    • Isaac 1742
    • Sarah 1743

Registry of Deeds: Vol #, Page #, Memorial #
(1)   Memorial   199/528/133214   Image#
(2)   Memorial  199/528/133214    Image#
(3)   Memorial   161/535/109841   Image#
(4)   Memorial 87/429/62460         Image # 249
(5)    Memorial 27/331/17192       Image # 177

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