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Introduction to the Bernard Family of  Carlow, Laois and Offaly, Ireland

Charles Bernard of Carlow  born circa 1638 - died 1668 (Children: Thomas John and Philip)

Thomas Bernard and Deborah Franks (Children: Charles, Franks, Elizabeth, Joseph and Anne)

Philip Bernard (1668-1721)

Charles Bernard of Laois (Queen’s Co). (Eldest son of Thomas and Deborah)

Franks Bernard of Carlow (Second son of Thomas and Deborah)

Joseph Bernard of Carlow (youngest son of Thomas and Deborah)

Thomas Bernard of Castletown, Offaly (Son of Joseph and Mary)

John Bernard of Carlow (Son of Joseph and Mary)

William Bernard of Carlow (Son of Joseph and Mary)

Thomas Bernard of Carlow (Son of William and Mary)

Arthur O’Brien Bernard of Carlow and the Isle of Man (son of Thomas and Anne)

Bernards of Tullow, Aghade, Newstowne and Rathrush, Co Carlow

Thomas Bernard 1756-1807 was the eldest son of William and Mary Bernard. He married Anne O’Brien of Garryhill in 1790 (1) . Anne O’Brien was the daughter of Arthur and Mary (Perkins) O’Brien and was descended from the O'Briens of Garryhill and the Perkins of Ballintrane. She was also related to the Dillons of Garryhill, all in Co Carlow. 

Arthur O’Brien had one older brother John Perkins O’Brien. (See Deed of Marriage Settlement and other legal documents relating to the Bernards).

Deed of marriage settlement dated 1st May 1790 between William Bernard of Carlow in the County of Carlow Esquire and Thomas Bernard Esquire his eldest son of the first part, Mary O’Brien widow of Arthur O’Brien late of Garryhill in said County Esquire deceased and Anne O’Brien spinster eldest daughter of the said Arthur O’Brien 2nd part, James Garrett of Janeville and John Perkins O’Brien elder brother of the said Arthur O’Brien both in the said county Esquire, third part. Reciting marriage would be shortly solemnized between Thomas Bernard and Anne O’Brien and the intention of parties the freehold lands for the considerations in said deed Thomas and William Bernard granted, bargained, sold, released to James Garrett and John Perkins O’Brien (inter alia) the said lands of Cranavorman  otherwise Cranavoran otherwise Cranavonan County 241 acres, 2 rods,  5 perches situate in the Barony of Idrone (spelled Idone) and County of Carlow to secure a jointure or provision for the said Anne O’Brien in case of her surviving her said intended husband. 

Signed and sealed - Thomas Bernard Advisor of the late William Bernard, Thomas Bernard, Mary O’Brien, Anne Bernard

Thomas and Anne’s children were:

  • Rose (Rosetta) Bernard, Dec 29th 1793, was married in 1813 to Charles Hamilton, a captain in the Dublin Militia.  She died December 1821.  In Gardiner's Place, Dublin, “Mrs Hamilton, wife of Charles Hamilton, Esquire, and daughter to the late Thomas Bernard, Esquire, of Gayville, Carlow. The deceased was a most excellent woman; she was brought up, we may say, under our own eyes, by her kinsman and guardian, John Bennet, Esquire, of Viewmount, Carlow - having lost both parents at a very tender age.  She has now in her 27th year, left a disconsolate husband and three infant children to deplore their irreparable loss”[Pat Purcell Papers. Carlow Morning Post. December 1821]
  • Mary Bernard 11 Jun 1795
  • Susanna Bernard 9th Sept 1796
  • Anne Bernard 1st April 1797 - married Paris Anderson of Tipperary,  on the 22nd July 1820, in Dublin. (2) Children: Mary (born 1821), Paris (born 1823), a son (b. 1829).  Mary died in 1830.
  • Thomas Bernard 23rd Jun 1798

Thomas Bernard died in 1807, aged 49. He is buried in Lorum Old Church Cemetry, Carlow. Entry in Parish register -

        “ Died suddenly on his return from Dublin at Castledormot (Co. Kildare), Thomas Bernard, Esq. of Strawhall, and was buried 14th July 1807, Clonmulsk aged 51 years”.

William Bernard b. 1791, married Maria Gayer in 1812. She died in 1817 aged 27. There is no record of children. There is no record of William re-marrying that I have been able to find. However, by the  early 1800s he has moved to Lexlip in Co. Kildare. It is possible that he re-married and moved to his wife's residence.

Marriage of ‘William Bernard of Gayville (now Beechville) born 1791 v [vivat? Living 1817]. 1817 = Maria daughter of John Gayer of Dublin deputy clerk of the Parliament d. 1817 Aet [aetas - age] 27’ the marriage year was recorded as 1812.  Irish Genealogical Manuscripts # 575

There is reference to William and his brother Arthur in documents in the National Archives of Ireland. 

“29 Oct. 1813. Renewal of a lease for 20. years to William Bernard, Gayvill and Arthur Bernard, Carlow town of Ballinabooly, Co. Carlow. Rent 8/= stg per acre p.a. Consideration 20 stg.”

Marriage Settlement:

Deed of settlement dated 26th August 1815 between William Bernard of Gayville, county Carlow, Esq of the 1st part,
Maria Bernard otherwise Gayer his wife of the 2nd part and Arthur O’Brien Bernard Esq and Charles Browne Gent,
both of Carlow of the 3rd part…. ‘William Bernard did grant release and charge to Arthur O’Brien Bernard and
Charles Browne the town and lands of Gayville otherwise Straw Hall the town and lands of Poorstown, Cranavornan,
Tomard and also the several houses and lands in and near the town of Carlow known by the name of the Quarry Plot
which are on the Dublin Road otherwise called Dublin Street beginning at Chapel Lane in the town of Carlow aforesaid. 
Also the town and lands of Leiasnee[?] situate in the Queen’s County to hold to the said Arthur O’Brien Bernard and
Charles Browne and their heirs forever to the use of the said William Bernard and his assigns for life and after the death
of the said William Bernard and the use and purpose that the said Maria in case she should survive him and her assigns
should yearly during her life receive and take out of said lands and premises an annuity of 100. .. payable half yearly
every 25th March and 29 September. . .’

                    Witnessed by Moore McMahon of Carlow, attorney and Laurence Martin, his clerk.

                      Source: Grantor’s Index 1815

Maria was one of six Gayer sisters, children of John Gayer of Dublin and Antrim: Olivia, Henrietta, Elizabeth, Maria, Charlotte and Anna Frances Gayer. William and Maria cared for Maria’s younger sister Charlotte when their grandmother Henrietta Gayer died. 

 There is reference in a deed of annuity bearing date “27th May 1816 between William of Gayville in the County of Carlow Esquire one part, and Charlotte Gayer of Gayville aforesaid spinster of the other part.”  Charlotte was the younger sister of Maria and Elizabeth Gayer

 Further, there is a record of William Bernard, Gayville, Carlow as a voter, 12 Oct 1832.

An Alphabetical List of persons who have Registered Votes pursuant to the Act of the 2nd and 3rd of William IV., chap. 88, to the lst day of February, 1838. Co. Carlow

There are several deeds referencing Thomas Bernard and his son William in the Burton Papers.

Arthur O’Brien Bernard b. 1792

Maria Bernard b. 1800

(In the Parish Register the name is Mary). In all later legal documents her name is Maria.  She married Edward Stackpoole Odell in 1828 at Ballingary, Co. Antrim. He was the son of Colonel William Odell, MP and Aphra Crone. 

On the 2d inst, by the Rev Thomas GIBBINGS, at Ballyanny, Edward ODELL, son of Colonel William ODELL, late Member of Parliament for this county, to Maria, daughter of the late Thomas BERNARD, of Strawhill, in the county Carlow, Esq..  1828 9 19

Limerick Evening Post and Clare Sentinel

Maria and Edward had five children:
  • Aphra Odell 1830 – 
  • Frances Constantia Odell 1831 – 
  • Anna Maria Odell 1833 – 1913
  • Thomas Bernard Odell 1835 – 1916
  • Stackpoole Edward Odell 1840 – 1917
    Maria (Bernard) Odell died  in 1876

There is another connection between the Bernards and Gayers through Maria.  Rev. Philip Gayer married Agnes Echlin. Their son William Watts Gayer married Catherine Jones. Their daughter, Mary Gayer, married Capt Bruce Roberts. Their daughter, Agnes Roberts, married Rev. Thomas Gibbings in 1812.  Maria Bernard and Edward Odell were married by Rev. Thomas Gibbings (1788-1861), of Gibbings Grove, Co Cork, Ire.    

Also interesting that a Catherine Odell is the mother of Rev. T. Gibbings and his father was Rev. Richard Gibbings b. 15.02.1746, m. (2) c. 1785.


I have found no information about the other Bernard children of Thomas and Anne: Mary, Susanna, and Thomas.

Registry of Deeds: Vol #, Page #, Memorial #
(1)   Memorial   443/174/285665    Image#
(2)   Memorial   754/252/512587     Image#
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