R W to father 1870

John Gayer of Dublin and children

RW to Father 1870a

RW to father 1870b

Elm Villa,

South Bank, Notting Hill, W

17th. Jany. 1870.

My Dear Father,

Yours of Saturday last, and I am sorry to see by it that there is no improvement in Livy. I think that it would be well if you saw Mrs. Orr and made arrangements with her. I cannot get away ’till Saturday and could be in Portadown on Monday & take her to the [?] place. If I can get away sooner, I will but at any rate you could make the arrangement this week. Could you not send Mother to Belfast for a week or so, out of the way, this would at least relieve her of the constant worry of this affair, which at her time of life she cannot bear.

You and Charlotte could manage even better without Mother under the circumstances.

I will let you know the exact day I can come farther on, it is very unfortunate that business I cannot put off keeps me here for a day or two, or I would go across at once.

Love to Mother and Charlotte.

Your affect Son

WR Masaroon

      Letter donated and transcribed by Alex Cameron

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