Distribution of Gayers in Cornwall




North Coast Group

•    Francis Gayer was born about 1550, his son Roger Gayer about 1570
•    Phillip Gayer of Lesnewth. Would have been born about 1555, he married in 1578 to Wilmote Robye
•    Phillip and Samuell Gayer of St Minver probably born about 1580/85 (Could be sons of Phillip of Lesnewth or of Francis, Minster)

•    Roger Gayer of Minster, sons were born about 1610-1625: Martin, William, John, Samuell & Benjamin.
•    Phillip and Samuell Gayer of St. Minver had sons Ralph and Phillip Gayer in 1615 and 1618 
•    Benjamin Gayer of Lanteglos by Camelford died 1697.  Probably born between1620-40. Descendents were William and Samuell.

No firm conclusion can be drawn. However, it is possible that Francis and Phillip were brothers. Lesnewth and Minster/Forrabury are close together.

North Coast Group - Communities
  • Phillip Gayer of Lesnewth marrried Wilmote Robye, Sept 1578. [Source Cornwall OPC] Lanteglos by Camelford (near Tintagel)
  • Catherine Gayer died  November 1688
  • Benjamin Gayer died March 1697
  • Thomas Gayer died Jan. 1805
  • Anna Maria died 1824

       In the church at Camelford there is the following inscription:

“On an altar tomb circumscribed:
Here lyeth the body of Catherine Gayer. She was bvried the 17 day of November in the
year of our Lord God 1688.

Against the head:
Nere this place lyeth the body of Beniamen Gayer Gent which was bvried the 31 day of
March Anno Domi 1697.

Against, the foot:
Contiguous this tomb are deposited the remains of Thomas Gayer who departed this life the
17th day of January 1805 in the 25th year of his age.

Beneath this tomb are deposited the remains of Anna Maria Gayer, who departed this life
the 10th day Feb. 1824 in the 13 year of her age.”

Source: The Parochial and Family History of the Deanery of Trigg Minor, in the County of Cornwall

    Benjamin Gayer of Lanteglos by Camelford paid a Hearth Tax in 1664 on 5 fireplaces (a sign of wealth). 

The relationship between Benjamin and the other Gayers in the North Coast communities is not known but there was a connection. National Archives has a document which mentions Samuel Gayer of Stratton and Benjamin Gayer of Camelford.

National Archives CONFIRMATION:1673
(i) Benjamin Gayer of Camelford, gent and William his son
(ii) Samuel Gayer of Stratton, gent
Poundparke etc in Camelford [in Lanteglos by Camelford].

Benjamin and Catherine of Lanteglos by Camelford had at least one son William. The next recorded births in Lanteglos by Camelford are in the early 1700s to William, Samuel and Benjamin (probably sons of William).

There was a birth of Susanna to Samuel Gayer in Lanteglos by Camelford in 1709 (mother Susanna). A William Gayer, of Lanteglos by Camelford married Ann and had William, Mary and Samuel between 1727 and 1734 [Source: Cornwall OPC]

St Minver
  • Ralph Gayer b. 16 Jul 1615.  Death 14 Nov 1615  Father Philip Gayer
  • Phillipp Gayer b. 01 May 1618 Father Samuell Gayer
  • Male Gayers in St Minver: Phillip and Samuell probably born about 1580/85


  • Samuell Gayer of Launceston married to Grace Roe of Whitstone in 1689. No connection to other members of the Gayer family has been found although the names of their children are very similar to the names of the Gayer children in Week St. Mary and Whitstone:
    • Samuell Gayer 1689, 
    • Honnor Gayer 1691,  
    • Mary Gayer 1693,  
    • William Gayer 1695,  
    • Johan Gayer 1699.

Gayers listed in the Muster Roll of 1569:

  • Degory Gayre    Whitstone        
  •  Marten Gayre   Laneste or Laneast (Between Launceston and Lanteglos by Camelford)
  • William Geayre   Minster


"The Cornwall Muster Roll 1569" edited by H L Douch published by T L Stoate 1984


Land’s End Group

Gayers in Paul

  • John Gayre (he was probably born about 1612/16 married about 1636) Children:
    • Honor Gayre b. 23 Jul 1637 d 29 Aug 1637; 
    • Alexander Gayre19 Sep 1638
    • Alopaimen (Abraham?) Gaire 19 Sep 1638;                        
    • John Gayre 28 May 1648
  •  William Gayre (probably born about 1640, married about 1662), Children:
    • Charythy Gayer  (Charity?) 05 Dec 1663
  •  Arthur Gayre (he was probably born about 1635, married about 1658), Children:
    • Jane Gayre 08 Jan 1659
  •  Abraham Gear (Gayer) He was probably born about1670, married about 1692), Children:
    • Paul Gear 20 Jan 1693;                    
    • Isaac Gear 28 Jan 1693

Gayers in Phillack

  • John Gayre, married about 1560, born about 1535/40, son:
    • Bennett Gayre 24 Jan 1562.

Gayers in Breage

  • Johis (John) Gayre:
    • Johannes Gayre (male) 19 Nov 1609; Alexander Gaire 01 Jan 1616
  •  Johannis Gaire:
    • Johannes Gaire 09 Sep 1611


St Keverne Group

St Keverne
  • Thomas (born about 1555/60) and Constance Gayre (married about 1580), Children:       
    • John Gayre 11 Jan 1581;        
    • Margeret Gayre 1583;
    • Elizabeth Gayre  16 Dec 1587;                        
    • Nycolas Gayre 30 Jul 1597

Liskeard and Launceston

  • Reginald Gayer: Children:
    • John Gayer
    • Johanna Gayer

        Children of John Gayer:

      • Otis Gayer,
      • Stephen Gayer
      • Reginald Gayer

Next generation: John, Henry and William Gayer

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