Harris Ancestors




There is scant reliable information available on the Harris family of Radford (near Plymouth), Devon. The most reliable information on the forbearers of Francis Harris are found in Vivian’s Visitations of Cornwall…..1530 and documents in the National Archives and Cornwall Records Office.  There were other references to the family of Harris of Radford in various personal blogs and websites which I cannot authenticate. 

What is known is that:

  • Francis Harris (1475–1509) of Radford, was the son of John Harris (4th) of Radford (1450-1485)  who died when his son Francis was only 10 year’s old. I do not know who his mother was.  Francis married (before 1504) to Phillipa Grenville (1489-1524).  When Francis Harris died, his widow Phillipa, married Humphry Arundell of Lanherne, younger brother of Sir John Arundell (1474–1545) who was Phillipa's brother-in-law. Sir John Arundell was married to Katherine Grenville (sister of Phillipa).

The parents of John Harris (4th) were:

  • Sir John Harris (3rd) of Radford and Katherine Hansford (1430-1489) (daughter of William and Joan Hansford). Much confusion arises because John Harris (3rd) and Katherine named their son John. When John re-married (presumably after Katherine’s death), he named his son from his second marriage, John also. That John, half-brother to my ancestor John Harris, married Isabel Stone.

The father of John Harris 3rd of Radford was:

  • John Harris 2nd (~1412-1430). I do not know who he married. 

His father was:

  • John Harris 1st of Radford (also spelled Harreys). He married Alice le Abbe (widow of John de Soutdowne). Prior to that marriage Alice was married firstly to Humphrey Beauchamp.


GRENVILLE ANCESTORS (alternative spelling - GRANVILLE)

Philiapa Grenville married Francis Harris

Parents of Philipa Grenville:

  • Sir Thomas Grenville (b. 1455) and Isabell Gilbert (b.1455), daughter of  Otho Gilbert & Elizabeth Hill

Parents of Sir Thomas Grenville:
  • Sir Thomas Grenville, by his second wife, Elizabeth Gorges, daughter of Theobald Gorges.

I did find references to other references to the family of Harris of Radford in various personal blogs and websites. i.e.

John Harris 2nd marrying Sibylla de Mohun and John Harreys (father of John Harris 1st) marrying Joan Vyvian, daughter of Constance Peverel.

However, I have no genetic links to de Mohun, Peverel or Vyvian. Whereas I do have genetic links to Harris, Hansford and Abbe

There were also claims of earlier Harris ancestors which I have not been able to authenticate, these are:

Father of John Harreys being Richard de Heriz and his parents being William de Heriz, (d. <1242) and Maud Basset.

Parents of William de Heriz being Ivo de Heriz II and Hawise Briwere; his parents being Robert de Heriz II (d<1198), and Agnes Alcher.

Parents of Robert de Heriz II being Ivo de Heriz I and Emma de Bilborough and his parents being Robert de Harcourt and Rohesia Peverel

I have no genetic links to Alcher Briwere, Bilborough or Herez . Therefore I conclude that these are not my ancestors