Dorothea Smyth was the daughter of James Smyth and Juliana Carew who married in 1742.

Juliana Carew was the daughter of Peter Carew (wife unknown) and the granddaughter of Robert Carew and Anne Lynn.

Robert Carew was believed to be the son of Robert Carew and Anne Hyde although his parentage is unconfirmed.  According to record MS 187 in the Genealogical Office, Dublin Robert Carew and Anne (Hyde) Carew had six sons: Robert, Lawrence, William, Peter, Richard and Henry.

    • Robert Carew (b. before 1640 - d. 1708) settled in Ballyboro, Co. Wexford, Ireland about 1668 when he married  Anne Lynn (b 1647 - dau of Andrew Lynn of Ballynamona, Co. Wexford, acquiring lands there through his marriage.  He was a JP in 1676. He was a "Free Burgess"  of New Ross, Co Wexford from 1687 to 1690, High Sheriff of Co. Wexford in 1686 and of Co.Waterford in 1703.    Children: Julianna, Robert, Peter, Andrew, Lynn, Cristabel, Mary, Anna, Alicia and Elizabeth.
      • Robert Carew, eldest son (1680-1721). Attended Trinity College Dublin 1697/8. He was MP for Dunvargan. He Married Elizabeth Shapland in 1710. Children:
        • Robert Carew (Jun), born about 1711. MP for Waterford 1739. Robert died in 1740 without issue.
        • Shapland Carew 1716 - 1781, married Dorothy Dobson. He was Recorder of Waterford and a clerk in both Houses of Parliament, representing the city from 1748 to 1776
          • Son Robert Shapland Carew 1752-1829. Married Anne Piggott of Dysart, Co Louth in 1773
          • Mary Carew, married William Morris Reade in 1785
        • Thomas Carew  1718-1757 He was MP for Dunvargan in 1742, He married Elizabeth Rickarda (or Richards) May. Children:
          • Elizabeth Carew m. Richard Chartres.
          • Robert Thomas Carew 1747-1834 m. 1771 Frances Boyse.
          • James May Carew b. 1749
          • John Carew (twin) b. 1750
          • Peter (twin) b. 1750
          • Letitia Carew b. 1751
          • Ponsonby May Carew b. 1752
          • John Mutlow Carew b. 1753
          • Letitia Carew, b. about 1758. Married Rev John Kennedy.
        • Ellen Carew born about 1719-1720 m. after1738 to Christmas Paul of Carlow. (1)
After Robert's death Elizabeth (Shapland) Carew married John Mutlow in 1729. (2). No children from this marriage. She died after 1767.

            • Julianna Carew, (speculative) born about 1720 she married James Smyth in Cork in 1742.


In some historical documents Julianna is called Joan or Joanna. Juliana's marriage was mentioned in an edition of Debrett's Complete Peerage of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland edited by William Courthope, (although Debrett's mistakenly identified her as another Juliana Carew from the Wexford branch of the family). In Burke's Landed Gentry Juliana is identified as the daughter of Robert Carew and Elizabeth Shapland of Waterford. In others she is often mistakenly identified as Julianna Carew born 1676, daughter of Robert Carew and Anne Lynn; or Julianna Carew born 1668, daughter of Peter Carew and Joanne Lawrence. As Juliana married in 1742 she is unlikely to have been born in the 1668 or 1676.

Although I cannot find any confirmation that Julianna was the daughter of Peter Carew of Cork I can confirm that she was not the daughter of Robert and Elizabeth (Shapland) Carew who married in 1710.  This couple had Robert (born about 1711 who died without issue); Shapland Carew who was born in 1716 and married Dorothy Dobson; Thomas Carew born in 1718 married Elizabeth May; and Ellen Carew born about 1719 who married Christmas Paul after 1739. I did not find any records showing that they had more than four children. After an extensive search of the deeds in the Registry of Deeds I can find no record that Juliana was a daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Shapland. There was a detailed and generous marriage settlement for Ellen Carew citing an inheritance left to her by her father (Ref: ROD 93/541/66829). I believe that a similar agreement would be available for Juliana if she had also been their daughter. Although there are many clues scattered throughout historical documents that lead one to believe that she was their daughter. I have searched the registry of Deeds and can find no evidence of her belonging to this branch of the Carew family.

So who was Juliana's father? I can only speculate as I can find no records to confirm my speculation. It is my belief that she could be the older daughter of Peter Carew who was the son 4th son of Robert Carew and Anne Lynn. Peter was born about 1681 in Co. Waterford. One of his sister was also named Juliana. He had a daughter Martha who married Rev Rickard Burgh in 1744. In Martha's marriage settlement she is described as the younger daughter of Peter Carew. (Ref: ROD 118/145/80321). Martha's marriage is also recorded in the same Index to the Marriage License Bonds of the Diocese of Cork and Ross, Ireland 1623-1759 as that of Juliana Carew and Thomas Smyth of Limerick whose parents were Bishop Thomas Smyth and Dorothea Burgh.  There is another pre-marriage settlement in 1750 for Thomas Burgh, eldest son of Rickard Burgh (Sen) of Limerick, to Mary Burgh, eldest daughter of Thomas Burgh of Dublin. Party to this marriage settlement is Rev Henry Smyth (older brother of James Smyth who married Julianna Carew). These marriage settlements confirm my belief that there was a strong connection between the Carews of Cork and the Burghs and Smyths of Limerick. These may be coincidences but I believe there are more clues to connect Juliana Carew to Peter Carew than there are to Robert Carew.

          • Martha, born about 1712, married Rev Rickard Burgh in Cork in 1744. (3). described as the younger daughter of Peter Carew.
In the Cork City and County Archives there is a documenet listing the Freemen of the City of Cork. Although there is no entry for Peter Carew there is a "Peter Carey, esq. 1763". Carey often seen as an alternative spelling of Carew.
                                Children of Lynn and Rebecca Carew:
          • Robert Carew born about 1714 - of the City of Waterford married Jane Anderson in 1733 and had 3 sons and 3 daughters.  There is also a record of a Robert Carew of the City of Waterford marrying Charlotte Concaret in 1742. Parties to the deed were Henry Duftau and Christmas Paul.  The Concaret name is French. It is possible that Charlotte was either French or a Hugenot domiciled in Ireland. I have assumed that this was a second marriage for Robert because the memorial mentions that Robert inherited lands (Woodenstone in Co Tipperary) from John Pyke. (4)
          • Elizabeth Carew
          • Peter Carew
          • Hannah Carew
          • Thomas Carew

      • Cristabel Carew born about 1676, married  William Freeman of Castle Corr, Cork about 1700. Children:
          • William Freeman
          • Mary Freeman married William Gabbett of Limerick in 1721
          • Cristabel Freeman married Joseph Collins
          • Catherine Freeman married William Philpot

      • Juliana Carew born about 1678 married 1st John Armstrong of Farney Bridge, Tipperary in 1695 (he died in 1707) and married 2nd Thomas Way of Kill (who died before 1726) (5).  NOTE: Burke claims she was first married to Adam Ottway but there is no record of  that marriage in the deeds whereas there is a record in the ROD of  Juliana Way, otherwise Armstrong, otherwise Carew). Children of John and Juliana Armstrong:
          • Robert Armstrong
          • John Armstrong. Married Anne Blount in 1741
          • William Armstrong 1688-1767. Married Mary Heaton in 1731
          • James William Armstrong b. about 1706. Married Sarah Nicholson

      • Mary Carew born about 1684, died 1751, married Thomas Armstrong of Moyaliffe, Tipperary (he died 1741). Children: 
          • William Armstrong. 1704-1768
          • Andrew Armstrong. 1706-1740
          • John Armstrong, Rev. 1708-1781
          • Robert Carew Armstrong, Rev. 1709-1790
          • Peter Armstrong Born 1711, died in infancy
          • Charles 1713-1731
          • George Armstrong 1716-1739
          • Alice Armstrong. Born about 1701 . Married James Ellard 1719
          • Anne Armstrong born about 1703 died 1731
          • Juliana Armstrong died in infancy
          • Margaret Armstrong married 1738 James Dexter, died in 1788
          • Elizabeth Armsstrong married Rev John Smyth
          • Mary Armstrong married Rev Rickard Lloyd
          • Unknown daughter Armstrong - married John Bettridge of Forest, Tipperary

      • Anna Carew (3rd daughter) born about 1687 married in May 1704  Mortagh Donovan of Ballymore, Wexford. (He was previously married to Lucy Archer in 1696). He died in 1712  "He married, secondly (settlements being dated 23rd May, 1704), Anna, third daughter of Robert Carew, Esq., of Castletown, in the county "Waterford, by whom (whose will was proved in Dublin in 1713) he had issue two sons, Robert being one of them, and three daughters; one of them, Catherine, married the Rev. S. Hayden, Rector of Ferns, who was killed at Enniscorthy in the Rebellion of 1798. Colonel Donovan died intestate in 1712" [Ref: Annals of the Kingdom of Ireland, Volume 6. By Michael O'Clery, Cucogry O'Clery, Ferfeasa O'Mulconry, Cucogry O'Duigenan, Conary O'Clery]
          • Robert Donovan (1708)
          • + son,
          • Catherine Donovan married Rev S Hayden
          • + 3 other daughters

      • Alice Carew (4th daughter) married John Creed of Uregare, Limerick (he died before 1737);
          • John Creed

      • Elizabeth Carew married Sydenham Snow of Waterford [ also said to be of Snow Hill, Kilkenny]
          • Sydenham Snow
          • Elizabeth probably born about 1724. (there is a marriage of Elizabeth Snow, daughter of Sydneham Snow, to Thomas West in 1744. I believe this maybe the daughter of Elizabeth (Carew).

      • Lawrence Carew (about 1634-1719) [NOT Lawrence Carew of Cadiz 1684-1766]
      • Peter Carew (about 1635-1676), listed in the 1659 census, married about 1660 to Joanne Lawrence (who m2. David Roche of Killineedy). Ballynamona, co. Waterford. Children:          
        • Robert Carew (b. abt. 1662)
        • Mary Carew (b.abt 1664)
        • Margaret Carew (b. abt 1666)
        • Juliana Carew (b. about 1676/died 1737 aged 61) married Rickard Donovan of Wexford who died in 1701 (He was previously married to Bridget Kierans with whom he had 5 sons and 3 daughters - one son being Mortagh Donovan who married  Anna Carew)
      • William Carew (b. about 1636)
      • Richard Carew  (b. about 1637)
      • Henry Carew (b. about 1639)
    Parentage of Robert Carew of Ballynamona

    For information on Robert Carew and Anne Hyde refer to the discussion at  Erwin Edmunds Lefebvre Families

    The Carews settled in Ballyboro, Wexford.  The history of Ballyboro is described here"In a civil survey of 1654/56, Ballyboro was detailed as the inheritance of James Butler who owned the whole Parish of Killegney in 1641. The lands of Chapple were owned by William Doran, an Irish Papist, residing of Chapple. He owned the townlands of Clonroche, Ballymaclessy, Rathgrough, Chapple and Tomfarney. Both families were deposed after the Cromwellian wars and sent to Connacht together with thirty other families.

    The townland of Clonroche was known since 1598 as Clone Roche, 1606 Cloneroiste, 1654 Clonrock, Clonroch. It was thought for some time that the name refers to Roches Meadow but a better translation comes from a mixture of Irish and French meaning “Rocky Pasture” which best describes the nature of the shingle soil. Cromwells Troops accepted the surrender of Enniscorthy Castle on 29th Sept 1649. The landlords of the time were deposed and their lands granted to Andrew Ram on the 8th July 1668 and Ballyboro was granted to William Leigh on the 13th Aug 1668.

    Robert Carew, a Welsh man, was granted lands in Waterford on the 9th Feb 1668. Carew purchased the lands of Ballyboro from William Leigh on the 7th Feb 1669 and purchased Clonroche and Ballymaclessy from Andrew Ram on the 5th July 1670. This Robert Carew died in 1673. His descendent, Shapland Carew pursued a legal and political career in Dublin.  He married Doherty [Dorothey] Dobson and returned to take over the estate of Ballyboro. In 1770, a mansion house was built on the opposite side of the Forestalstown River and the townland was renamed Castleboro. He died in 1780."

    In another account on the Clonroche website it is claimed that "Robert Carew was of Welsh extraction and was granted considerable lands in Waterford on the 9th February 1668. On the 7th February 1669 Carew purchased the lands of Ballyboro from William Leigh and on the 5th July 1670 he purchased Clonroche and Ballymackessey from Andrew Ram. This Robert Carew died in 1673. His son Robert Carew married Ann Lynn from Ballinamona near Waterford city. He died in 1708" 

    The village of Clonroche was located on the large estate owned by the Carew family of nearby Ballyboro (later renamed Castleboro) [Ref: Wikipedia]

    Andrew Lynn of Ballynamona:
    Andrew Lynn Settled at Ballinamona, Co Waterford, Ireland after 1664. He was granted lands in Waterford  in 1666 when the lands were confiscated from Papists.
    He disinherited his son Robert and bequeathed his estates to his daughter Anne who married Robert Carew [Ref: General Armoury of England, Scotland and Wales..... B. Burke]

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