John Gayer of Dublin and children

Mathew Henderson (born about 1715) in Co Down married Susanna Gardiner about 1737. They were my 6th great grandparents

Susanna Gardiner is believed to be the daughter of Oliver Gardiner, 1692 - 1734 Vicar of Dropmore, Co. Down, in 1713.

There is a probate notice for Oliver Gardiner in 1735 in Loughbrickland, Co Down. Oliver Gardiner is a defendant in several Chancery and Exchequer Court records. He is mentioned in an Exchequer Court record with Mathew and Susanna Henderson in 1734. If Oliver Gardiner was related to Susanna Gardiner then the Hendersons and Gardiners were already acquainted prior to the marriage of Mathew and Susanna; In another Exchequer Court record in 1734 the record mentions Oliver's wife, Elizabeth.

Another Oliver Gardiner  was Rector of Tullylish, Co. Down in 1692 so that was possibly Oliver's father. He was born in County Antrim. Attended T.C.D., M.A. 1685. He left one shilling each to his brother Henry Gardiner, of Newry, his sister Katherine Maculla, of Dublin, and his sister Mary Milling, of Ardee. All the rest to his dear wife. He was also a Vicar of Seapatrick. This is most likely the father of Oliver Gardiner (Jun) and grandfather of Susanna Gardiner

Mathew Henderson was a maltster in Newry, Co. Down until about 1753 when he moved to Dublin and became a merchant. Mathew died in 1767 - His will was dated 27th July 1765 and registered  29th Feb 1768 (1). An administrator of his will was Henrietta Gayer Hamilton (#7) .  In his will he mentions his wife Susanna, his son John, John's wife Olivia, his nephew Mathew Henderson "now in America, son of my brother William", "my niece Elizabeth Henderson daughter of my brother James".

In the Registry of Deeds there is a Memorial of a Deed in 1740 a lease by Mathew Henderson  of Newry, Co Down to James Jordan witnessed by James Henderson (2) and another similar lease in 1740 also witnessed by James Henderson (3)  A lease in 1749 (still in Newry) names Susanna Gardiner wife and John Henderson son (4)

By 1753 Mathew had moved to Dublin. In an assignment on a lease for 3 lives dated 1746  from Thomas Jones to Mathew Henderson, one "life" is   John Cooke Henderson. This is the first mention of a middle name for John Henderson. It is not known if this is Mathew's son John or another John Henderson. (5)

1762 Assignment on the back of a deed 14/9/1758 by James Henderson of Dublin Gent grandnephew of Thomas McConchy late of Ballybrawley, Armagh, gent, deceased. Mathew Henderson had a right of title to the deed and assigned it to John Brown.  James Henderson was Mathew's father. Witnessed by John Henderson (6

Susanna (Gardiner) Henderson died in 1776 in Dublin. The death is recorded in the All Ireland, Indexes to Wills, Probate Administration, Marriage Bonds and Licences, 1591-1866. She was a widow.

Mathew and Susanna had one son John Henderson born about 1738 in Co. Down.

John Henderson married Olivia [last name unknown] about 1761. They had two daughters: Olivia Henderson (1762) and Elizabeth Henderson (1764). There is a church record of the burial of a John Henderson in Dublin in 1778. I cannot confirm that this is John Henderson, husband of Olivia, however his known to have died about 1777/78.   As there is no mention of Olivia Henderson, wife of John, in the Chancery Court cases (see below) it is possible that she died before 1771. However, in the Dublin Church records there is a burial of a Mrs. Henderson (no first name given) in May 1775. I cannot confirm that this is Olivia, wife of John Henderson. 

There is mention of a will for John Henderson in a deed (#7) where, John Henderson appointed Temperance Fitzgerald, George Cartand and William Cooke as his executors. Temperance Fitzgerald became the guardian of the two children. Temperance Fitzgerald was the sister of Robert Fitzgerald who was an executor of John Henderson's will and a trustee in the marriage agreement between Olivia Henderson and John Gayer.

No will for John Henderson has been found.

Chancery Court Records
There are three records from the Chancery Court all dated in the 1770s which name various members of the Henderson family.
The basis of these cases can be found in a deed (#7) which refers to a Mortgage from 1766 between Meredith Workman and his wife Mary and Mathew Henderson, for land at Ballboes. In 1768 those premises became vested in Kennedy Henderson. About 13th Jun 1777 “John Henderson and Olivia and Elizabeth Henderson, then minors, by said John, their father and next friend” filed a bill in Chancery Ct against Meredith Workman and Kennedy Henderson to foreclose on the mortgage. “After several proceedings in said cause John Henderson died leaving Olivia and Elizabeth, his only children.”.


The first record dated 30th September 1771  describes the plaintiffs as John Henderson, Gentleman and Mathew Henderson, Merchant. The defendants being Meredith Workman and his wife Mary as well as Kennedy, Susanna, Olivia and Elizabeth Henderson. Susanna Henderson was the grandmother of Olivia and Elizabeth.

Ch Ct sep30

The second record dated Jun 30th 1777list as the plaintiffs: Olivia and Elizabeth Henderson (infants) by James Henderson gent, their next best friend. ("Next best friend" usual meant their next of kin). James Henderson was the brother of John Henderson.  Defendants: John Henderson, Thomas Read and James.... (the rest of the line is at the bottom of the page and is cut off).

Ch Ct 1 Jul

The third record dated 1st July 1777 describes the plaintiffs as John Henderson, Olivia and Elizabeth Henderson by said John their next friend ("Next  friend" usual meant their next of kin). Defendants were Meredith Workman, Kennedy Henderson, Thomas Read and James Lang.

Ch Ct 30 Jun

The Children of John and Elizabeth Henderson
  • Olivia Henderson married John Gayer in 1783. John and Olivia Gayer had one son and eight daughters: A son (1784, is not believed to have survived infancy. Name not known); Olivia (1788), Elizabeth (about 1789) Henrietta Harriet (1789),  Maria (1790), Charlotte (1791) Agnes (1793), Anna (prior to 1797) and Catherine (prior to 1797)

  • Elizabeth Henderson married William Sall a major in the 47th Regiment of Foot in 1801

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