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Samuell Gayer was probably born about 1620 in Stratton and was buried 1676, also in Stratton.  Samuell was married in 1642 to Grace Downe, daughter of Susan Downe of Stratton (Grace died in 1689)

1642 Assignment marriage settlement:
(1) Susan Downe of Stratton, widow
(2) Samuel Gayer of Stratton, mercer

Dwelling house or tenement with appurtenances in which Walter Rose formerly dwelt, since in the possession of Philippa Rose, deceased, and a little garden or orchard adjoining on the east side, in the manor of Stratton Sanctuarye; and a garden or orchard, and meadow adjoining called Wyneyeat's Garden and Meadow; 1 acres, leased by Thomas Tayler of Biddeford, gent., to Thomas Downe of Stratton, clerk, deceased and (1) his wife, 25 July 1621, for 99 years or the lives of Thomas, Anthony and Mark Downe, sons of Thomas Downe.

Term: residue of the said term.
Consideration: an intended marriage between (2) and Grace Downe, daughter of (1) [1]


Children of Samuell and Grace:

  • Hannah Gayer, Married 1672 Samuell Allen.
  • Susannah Gayer Born before 1646, married Thomas Phillips1665. (Susan/Susannah mentioned in the will of Roger Gayer -1646)
  • Grace Gayer married Walter Quarme, Clerk the Vally Rock, (or the Rock in the Valley), and later Rector of Falmouth from 1678 to 1720.

Samuell Gayer was a mercer (dealer of textiles) and appeared to be a wealthy man.   In 1664 a Samuel Gayer of Stratton paid a Hearth Tax on 7 fireplaces. There were two additional Hearth Tax records for a Samuell Gayer in 1664, one in Poundstock (near Stratton) and one in Launcells (also near Stratton). It is not known if these were the same or different people.

Two properties mentioned in the will of Roger Gayer are also mentioned in the marriage settlement for Susannah, daughter of Samuell Gayer i.e. Balsdon and Thorne:

1665 Devon Record Office Z16/1/26/3 20 January 1665 16 Charles II North Petherwin, Devon: Poughill: Warbstow: Whitstone all Cornwall Marriage settlement:

(1) John Phillipps of Poughill, Cornwall, gent., Margery his wife, and Thomas Phillipps, son and heir apparent of the said John

(2) Samuel Gayer of Stratton, gent., and Edmund Phillipps of Stoke Climsland, gent.

Farm and tenement called North Whitley with appurtenances, now in possession of John Phillipps; messuage and tenement called Mear in Poughill in which John Phillipps dwells, and another messuage and tenement in Mear in the possession of William Cleverdon; messuage or tenement called Westdown Rew in Whitston, now in the possession of John Phillipps; a tenement with appurtenances called Balsdon alias Baylisdowne in Whitston in the tenure of William Pethick; a tenement with appurtenances called Thorn in Whitston in the possessions of John Nicolle and George Grute; tenement called Nethacot with appurtenances in the tenure of one Horrell and John Sleeman; tenement in or called Fanston alias Fantiston with appurtenances in Warbstow in the possession of Joan May and two tenements called Fanston alias Fantiston with appurtenances in Warbstow in the possession of John Harefott and William Patchcott

Consideration: an intended marriage between Thomas Phillipps and Susanna Gayer, daughter of Samuel Gayer and 500, marriage portion of Samuel Gayer. Conveyed to (2) in trust for the marriage and to provide a jointure for Susanna Gayer           

Conveyance 4 May 1668
1 Francis Whiddon of Totnes, clerk, his wife Barbara, Mary and Agnes Downe of Exeter, spinsters
2 Samuell Gayer of Stratton, Cornwall, gent
4 stitches of meadow, as above (4 acres) for 60 [1]


According to MacLean, in  The Parochial and Family History of the Parishes of Forrabury and Minster. Samuell Gayer was buried on the 13th September 1676 in Stratton and his will proved on the 9th Oct that year. His wife Grace was buried in Stratton on the 23 Aug 1689.