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Graysons of Nottinghamshire

William Grayson Sr. (Nocton, Lincs)

William Grayson Jr. (Nocton and Timberland)

Thomas Porter Grayson Sr. (Martin, Lincs & Westerham, Kent)

Thomas Porter Grayson Jr. (Donnington Lincs & London)







William Grayson (my great, great, great grandfather) married Ann Lewis of Kirkstead in 1790. In the Parish register it is recorded that William was “of this parish”. That means he must have established residence in Kirkstead prior to his marriage so he may have been there for a year or so.

William was a farmer’s son and the Lewises were farmers. After William’s marriage he and his brother-in-law Robert Lewis worked adjacent farms in Nocton, 12 miles from Kirkstead.

Ann Lewis, was born 1770, in Kirkstead, daughter of Robert and Mary (Skelton) Lewis.   William and Ann had twelve children between 1791 and 1817:

  • Charles Grayson. Born 1791 in Nocton. Died 1868 in Horsington, Lincolnshire.
  • Mary Grayson. 23 May 1793 Infant death
  • Elizabeth Grayson. 02 Aug 1794. Infant death
  • Sarah 25 Dec 1796. Infant death
  • Ann Grayson.  Born 1800 in Nocton died in Billinghay. Married 14-May, 1821 in Metheringham to John Dickinson born 06-Nov. 1798 in Billinghay, Lincs. Died Jan-1878. Children all born in Billinghay:
    • Ann Dickinson1823;
    • Edward Dickinson 1826
    • Grayson Dickinson 1828
  •  Maria Grayson born 30 Oct 1803 in Nocton. Married John Wharry of Horncastle on 13-May-1826 in Nocton,
  • Rebecca Grayson born 05 Dec. 1807-1839
  • James Grayson born 14, May,1811. Died aged 7 years in 1818
  • David Grayson, born Oct. 1817. Infant death

William Grayson died 27th Nov 1839 and Ann (Lewis) Grayson on 3rd Feb 1840 aged 63, both are buried in All Saints Churchyard, Nocton, Lincolnshire County. Cause of William’s death “ debility with gravel” (Kidney stones). His brother-in-law Robert Lewis was in attendance at his death. On William’s gravestone he is said to have lived to the age of 75. The churchyard is well maintained. Broken headstones have been removed from their original position and leaned against the E. wall. The churchyard is still in use.

Main Clauses in William Grayson’s will – 1839
  • Implements, crops and household goods to son John.
  • Daughter Rebecca to continue to live with John, but if this ever becomes impossible, to be given one shilling per week in order to live in a similar fashion. Rebecca is subject to frequent fits.
  • Son Charles 10
  • Son William, of Martin by Timberland 10
  • Daughter Ann, wife of John Dickinson of Billinghay, 5
  • Son George of Scopwick 5
  • John Wharry, son-in-law of Horncastle 5
  • Terms of will to be administered by Robert Lewis and Thomas Buxton on behalf of Ann, my wife.