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Graysons of Nottinghamshire

William Grayson Sr. (Nocton, Lincs)

William Grayson Jr. (Nocton and Timberland)

Thomas Porter Grayson Sr. (Martin, Lincs & Westerham, Kent)

Thomas Porter Grayson Jr. (Donnington Lincs & London)







William Grayson (Jr.) was born on 28 Apr 1805 in Nocton, (he was my great, great grandfather) William was the eighth child, 3rd son of William and Ann (Lewis). He married Sarah Barratt in Bucknall on 8th Jan 1828.

William and Sarah Grayson had 11 children:
  • Mary Grayson born, 27 Jul 1828. In 1853 she married 26-May-1853 in Timberland, William Shearman (b.1823) and they had five children:
    • Sarah Shearman born 1854,
    • Mary Ann Shearman born  1856,
    • Alice Shearman born 1859,
    • William Shearman born 1862
    • Joseph Shearman born 1864.
  • Sarah Grayson born 1829 in Walcot Lincs. married William Booth 13-Mar-1860 in Nocton, Lincolnshire. He was born in 1824 in Timberland, Lincolnshire. Sarah and William Booth had 6 children:
    • Martha Booth b. 1861
    • Annie Booth b. 1862
    • William Grayson Booth b. 1864
    • Rosetta Booth b 1866
    • George Booth b. 1869
    • Sarah Booth b. 1871
  • William Grayson born 1832 in Walcot, Lincolnshire, England. Married in Scopwick in 1853 to Elizabeth Silver b. 1833 in London, Middlesex. She was variously known as Anne, Elizabeth and Annie Elizabeth. Her father John Silver was a publican, mother Elizabeth. William was a miller in Ingham. Children:
    • Sarah Jane Grayson (Feb 1857 in Ingham),
    • William Robinson Grayson, 1860 (in N. Kelsey), married Hannah Farrow in 1882 in Glanford Brigg and their first 2 children were baptized in Chicago in 1886 and 1889.
      • Annie Grayson born 1866
      • Francis Grayson born1889
                    They then returned to England and lived in Collingham near Gainsborough. They had two sons
      • Henry R. Grayson who was 9/12 at the time of the 1891 census. A fourth child
      • Leonard Grayson, was born in 1893
    • Mary Susanna Grayson born 1863, married Thomas Green in 1882 and died in 1893.
    • Annie Elizabeth Grayson born 1871,
    • Rebecca Ellen Grayson born 1875  
                all at North or South Kelsey.
        William Grayson died in 1901 (69) and Annie Elizabeth in 1922 (88) both at Northorpe near Gainsborough.

  • Hannah Grayson born 29 Apr 1834
  • Jane Grayson born 14 Jun 1835 in Martin, Lincolnshire; married Charles Theaker 31-Jul-1856 in Timberland, Lincolnshire, England. Had 8 children:
    • William Theaker - born circa 1857 in Brant Broughton, Lincs.
    • Sarah Jane Theaker born about 1858 in Brant Broughton, Lincs.
    • Annie Priscilla Theaker baptized on 5 Jan 1861 in Leadenham, Lincs.
    • Frances Elizabeth Theaker born about May 1863 in Leadenham, Lincs. Baptized on 17 May 1863 in Leadenham, Lincs.
    • Alice Maud Theaker born about Apr 1865 in Navenby, Lincs. Baptized on 23 Apr 1865 in Leadenham, Lincs.
    • Thomas Grayson Theaker born on 17 Feb 1868 and baptized on 8 May 1870 in Navenby, Lincs.
    • Gertrude Theaker born on 23 Mar 1870 in Navenby, Lincs. and baptized 8 May 1870 in Navenby, Lincs.
    • George Theaker born 4 Feb 1872 in Navenby, Lincs. and baptized on 4 Jan 1875 in Navenby, Lincs. 
                Jane (Grayson) Theaker died in 1873 in Naveby, Lincolnshire.
  • Betsy Grayson born 26 Nov 1837 in Timberland. Betsy married 28-Apr-1857 in Timberland to Thomas Bell, a stonemason from Ingham, Lincs. Children:
    • William Bell born 1859,
    • Sarah Jane Bell born 1864,
    • Ada Bell born 1865,
    • Herbert Bell born 1867,
    • Harry Grayson Bell born 1868,
    • Betsy Ann Bell born 1869 and
    • Florence Bell born 1871.
        Following Thomas Bell’s death in 1869, Betsy married James Chart and had two more children:
    • James Chart born 1875
    • Lucy Chart born 1878
Betsy was still alive in 1901 when she was living as the widowed housekeeper of her son-in-law, Walter Leach, the "Representative of a foreign industrial manufacturer" in Manchester. She died in 1910

  • Martha Grayson born 24 Jan 1841 in Timberland married Thomas Spencer 24-Sep-1861 in Timberland, Lincolnshire, England; He was born 1836 in Metheringham, Lincolnshire, England. They had 7 children:
    • Charles Spencer b: 1862 in Metheringham;
    • William Spencer b: 1864 in Metheringham;
    • Thomas Spencer b: 1867 in Bassingham;
    • Sydney Spencer b: 1871 in Lincoln;
    • Frederick Spencer b: 1877 in Lincoln, 
    • James b. 1882
    • Elizabeth b. 1884
        In 1871 Thomas Spencer was a publican in Lincoln High St. In 1881 he is a butcher in Chapman St. Thomas died before 1891 and by 1901
        Martha is living in Lambeth, London as a boarding house keeper (aged 60) and her son Thomas lives next door and is a butcher.
        Charles was a cabinet maker.

  • Charles Grayson born 9th Feb 1843 in Timberland. (Must have died in infancy)
  • Ann Grayson born 08 Sep 1844 (Source – Lincolnshire Archives)
  • Charles Grayson born 6th Sept 1846 in Timberland. Died in 1863

According to the census of 1851 William Grayson (Jr.) owned a farm of 64 acres and hired 2 labourers but had also become the innkeeper of the Red Lion, 81 Main Street at Martin-by-Timberland, in Lincolnshire. In the census William and Sarah are living in Nocton, Lincs. With Mary (22), Sarah (20), Thomas (18), Jane, (15) Betsy (12), Martha (10) Ann (6) and Charles (4).

1861 PO Directory

 William Grayson died on Christmas Eve 1863. The news item in "The Lincoln, Rutland & Stamford Mercury Newspaper of Friday 1st January 1864 states:
Fatal Accident - As Mr. Grayson farmer and publican, of Martin by Timberland, was proceeding homewards from Lincoln market on Christmas eve he was thrown out of his cart when turning the corner at Dunston church and killed on the spot. Mr coroner Hitchins held an inquest the following day, at the Butcher's Arms, Dunston, when it appeared from the evidence that the horse became unmanageable, and during it's gallop the near wheel came into such violent collision with the wall of the church-yard that the cart was upset and the unfortunate man was pitched out a distance of several yards. He fell on his head and died instantaneously. A verdict of accidental death was returned. He was much respected.

Sarah Ann (Barrett) Grayson died in October 1853

The Barretts and the Porters

Sarah Barrett (my great, great, grandmother) was born 29 July1805 in Thimbleby, Lincolnshire, England. and died 1857 in Martin by Timberland. She married William Grayson (Jr.) in 1828 in Bucknall.

Her parents were John and Ann (Porter) Barrett. Ann Porter was born in Bucknall Nov 1786. She married 24 May 1803 in Bucknall. Her father, the birthplace of her father, John Barrett is unknown. There was an Ann Porter born in Bucknall in Nov 1786. She would have been 16 at the time of her marriage to John Barratt, which is young, but acceptable. If this is the right Ann Porter then her parents were Thomas and Elizabeth Porter. They had two other children: Thomas 1784 and Joseph 1785.

This is the probable origin of the name Porter, given to Thomas Porter Grayson the second son, of William and Sarah Grayson, born 1833 in Timberland, Lincs