Price Family of Amlwch, Anglesey, Wales



OWEN THOMAS of Amwlch Port


My mother, Ella Maddock, was the daughter of George Frederick Maddock and Ellen Price. I have traced the Price family roots back to the 1700s in Wales.

William and Ellin Price were my great x4 grandparents

The earliest ancestors I could confirm are William Price born about 1755. He would have married aged about 20-25 so I looked for marriages about 1775. I found a marriage for a William Pierce (Price?) to Ellen Jones of Llanaelhaearn in 1775. Ellin was baptised in 1756 the daughter of John Jones and Mary Roberts of Llanaelhaearn [also spelled Llanaelhaiaran, or Llanhairn], a parish, with a small village, in Pwllheli district, Carnarvon. John Jones and Margaret Roberts were married in 1755 in Bodfean in Carnarvonshire.

Variations of the last name Price in the baptismal and marriage registers include Pyers, Pierce, Prees, Peers, Phrys, Prys, Pryse & Priss.

I found baptismal records for four children of William and Ellin Price (no last name given for Ellin) starting in 1790 in the baptismal records for the St Aelhaearn church in Llanaelhaearn, Caernarvonshire. There were most probably other children between 1775 and 1790 but I have not found them in the existing Parish Registers:
  • Owen Price - Sept. 1790
  • John Price - April 1796
  • Rice Price - born Jan 1798, my great, great, great grandfather. Baptized 28th Jan 1798 (Ref: St Aelhaearn : Parish Register)
  • Mary Price - Feb 1801




Rice Price and Jane Roberts were my great
x3 grandparents

Rice Price, 
– my 3rd great grandfather was born 28 Jan 1798 in Llanaelhaearn, Caernarvonshire, Wales. He married Jane Roberts of Llanbeblig [now part of Caernarfon], Caernarvonshire on 15th of July 1828 in Llanbeblig.
Marr Rice to Jane

Jane Roberts was baptised in Llanbedrog, Caernarvonshire in March 1799. She was the daughter of Robert Roberts  (b. abt. 1766) and Phoebe Griffith (b.1769)

Rice and Jane Price had five children:

  • William Price - Born 29th Aug, baptized 6th Sept 1829.  He married Elizabeth Jones in 1860.
  • Phoebe Price - Born 1st Nov 1831, baptized 10th Nov 1831 in Pen Dref church, Caernarfon.  Married William Thomas in 1860.
  • John Price - Born 29 Dec1832, baptized 13 Jan 1833. No record of a marriage or death have been found. He was named in the 1851 census so was still alive then.
  • Robert Price - Born 10th Mar, baptized 22nd Mar 1835 in Llanbeblig, Caernarvonshire. He was my great, great grandfather
  • Jane Price - Born April 1841 (according to census records)
In 1841 Rice and Jane are living in Llanbeblig with their 5 children. Rice's occupation is described as a "nailor" (someone who made iron nails by hand or in a mould). Interestingly his neighbours on either side are a David Roberts aged 40 a carpenter(and his wife Phoebe), and Henry Roberts aged 30 a joiner.

By 1851 the Price family is still at the same address but the neigbours are different. Rice is still described as a "Nailor". Sons William and John are tailors, Robert is a sailmaker while Phoebe and Jane are still at school (the ages of some of the children in this census are incorrect as Phoebe would have been 20 in 1851)

Rice Price died in the second quarter of 1857 leaving Jane a widow.

In the 1861 census Jane is 63 years old, a laundress, living in Llanbeblig with her youngest daughter Jane (aged 17) a servant.

In 1871, Jane (Sen) is a Lodging House Keeper at 61 Skinner St., Llanbeblig and Jane (Jun) is still living and working with her.

In 1881 Jane (Jun) is now the Lodging House Keeper (her mother having probably died). With Jane is Jane Price aged 4 years, her daughter (presumably illegitimate).

Although Rice seems like an unusual name (it was probably pronounced Rees) I found many Rices in Welsh records and even several Rice Prices (not necessarily related), going back to the early 1600s. On the marriage certificate for his son Robert in 1850 Rice Price is described as a mariner which differs from the census information.


Robert Price and Ann Thomas were my great
x2 grandparents

Robert Price, Llanbeblig, Caernarvonshire- was my great, great grandfather. Robert Price was the son of Rice and Jane Price. He was born in 1826 in Llanbeblig, Caernarvonshire, he died in 1880. He married Ann Thomas in Llandrygarn 10th May 1850 (Robert and Ann are my great, great grandparents).

Rob (Sn) to Anne Thomas
Neither bride nor groom was literate, both signing the certificate with an X

Ann Thomas baptized 18 Feb 1827 in St Tyrgarn church, Llandrygarn. Anne (Thomas) Price died in 1900.  (Photograph kindly donated by Melanie Cameron, a descendant of Richard Price and Miriam Jones). She was the daughter of Richard Thomas and Elizabeth Jones who were married in November 1822 in St Trygarn Church in Llandrygarn.

Anne Thomas

Robert and Ann Price had at least 10 children  
Robert and Anne were living in Llanrtisant [which was in Bryngwran, a sub-district of Anglesey which included The parishes of Bodwrog, Llandrygarn  and Llantrisant]
  • Margaret Price - 1851 in Llantrisant
  • Robert Price - 1852. was born in Llandrygarn, not far from Llantrisant in Anglesey
  • Richard Price - 1853 in Llantrisant
  • John Price - 1855 in Llantrisant
  • William Price - 1857 in Bodwrog
  • Owen price - 1859 in Bodwrog
  • Hugh Price - 1861 in Bodwrog
  • Mary Price - 1863 in Bodwrog
  • Jane Price - 1866 in Bodwrog
  • Ann Price - 1868-1873 in Bodwrog
  • Thomas Price 1870 in Bodwrog
Robert Price (Sen) died in 1900. Robert was a mariner (although Llandrygarn is not on the coast) but it is about 11 miles south of Amlwch.

Robert and Ann's eldest son, second child, Robert Price (Jun) was born, 28th Jan 1852 in Llandrygan, Anglesey. He was my great grandfather

Birth Rob Jn

Transcription of the Birth Certificate:
Where and when born
Occupation of Father
Date registered
26th Jan 1852 in
"Penybank" Llandrygarn.
Robert Boy Ann Price, formerly Thomas Labourer  "X" the mark of Ann Price, mother 11th Feb 1852 John Evans

   (Penybank was the name of a farm in Llandrygarn)

LLan to Am


Robert Price and Ellen Thomas were my great grandparents

Robert Price (Jr.) married Ellen Thomas March 1874 in Capel Elias in Llangefni. At the time of his marriage Robert was a master mariner. They lived in Amwlch Port, Anglesey where their children were born.

Robt (Jn) to Ellen Thomas

Ellen Thomas
, my great, great grandmother, was born in 1856 to Owen Thomas (a master mariner) and Margaret Williams who were married on the 27th of June 1855, in St Michael's, Llanfihangel, Ysgeifiog, Anglesey. Owen Thomas was lost at sea in Feb. 1856. The record show he was aboard the Commodore Perry out of Liverpool that was headed to the Indian Ocean.
UK, Registers of Births, Marriages and Deaths at Sea, 1844-1890

Ellen was an only child. By the time she was 5 her mother, Margaret (a widow aged 36) was the publican of the Victoria Tavern, Chapel St, Amwlch  (Source 1861 census).

By 1871 the widow Margaret (Williams) Thomas aged 46 had married John Edwards. They did not have any children.  John Edwards died in 1883 and Margaret died in 1899

Robert Price and Ellen (Thomas) Price had two children:
  • Owen Price born 26th March 1877 in Amwlch, Anglesey
Birth Owen Price
  •  Ellen Price, my grandmother. Born 18th Dec 1879 in Amlwch, Anglesey
Birth Ellen P

Robert Price (Jr), my great grandfather, was the captain of the Nant Glyn a wooden schooner built by William Thomas at Amlwch in 1877.  He must have been a bit of a sportsman as he and another captain from Amwlch Port decided to race each other from Sunderland to Poole, in their sailing ships.  The other ship was called Charlotte Mor, and the captain’s name was Roberts. They must have met with stormy weather, and in those days a sailing ship had little chance of surviving in violent and treacherous seas. Robert's ship was lost with all hands in October 1881 leaving Ellen Price (Sr.) a widow at the age of 27.

Deaths at sea
RP drowning
                                                UK, Registers of Births, Marriages and Deaths at Sea, 1844-1890

In 1881 Ellen (nee Thomas) Price, was a school teacher and she her daughter Ellen and son Owen living at 15 Llaneilian Rd Amwlch Port. It is probable that Robert was at sea at the time of the 1881 census as she is described as married, rather than widowed.  (Source 1881 census)

Photo of Ellen Price (Sen) on the far left, with her pupils. It is not known if her daughter Ellen (Jun) is amongst the group.

Ellen teacher

After Ellen Price was widowed she married Hugh Hughes, a master mariner on Feb 24th 1885 at Capel Evans, Llanerahymedd, Anglesey. They lived at 2 Turkey Shore, Amlwch. Ellen managed a public house and Owen Price, her son, lived with them. Ellen and Hugh Hughes had two children:
  • Hugh (known as Hughie) Hughes b. 1886
  • Margaret Hughes b. 1888.

By 1901 Ellen (nee Thomas) Price/Hughes, aged 45 still lived at 15 Llaneilian Rd. Owen had already left the home by the age of 14 and had become a sailor (like his father and grandfather). He later emigrated to Australia and became the Harbour Master of Melbourne Harbour. He married there and had three daughters.

Also, by 1901 Ellen was again a widow. At the time of the census she had three boarders in the home, all bricklayers. Hughie was 15 and Margaret 13.


Ellen Price - my grandmother

Ellen Price was born on 18th Dec 1879 in Amlwch, Anglesey. In 1881 Ellen her brother Owen and their mother lived at 15 Llaneilian Rd in Amwlch Port. At the time of the 1891 census Ellen Price was living with her grandmother, Ann (Thomas) Price, at 21 Llaneilian Rd.

By 1901 Ellen Price had left Wales and was working as a cook in Grove Park, Toxteth, Liverpool. She married George Fredrick Maddock in 1903. G. F. Maddock and Ellen (Price) Maddock had three daughters:
  • Ella Maddock born in 1904,
  • Margery (Peggy) born in 1906  (died 1909 aged 3, of diptheria)
  • Lily born in 1907 (died in 1808 aged 7 months of diptheria),
Ellen (Price) Maddock died in 1908 (aged 29) of diptheria.

In 1911, Ellen (Price) Maddock’s half-sister, Margaret Hughes who was 23 and her brother Hughie Hughes (a ship’s carpenter, aged 25) came to live with G.F. Maddock, who was a “Ship’s officer in the Merchant Service”. Margaret married George Fredrick Maddock in 1913, in West Derby, Lancashire, at the age of 25. Hugh Maddock, their only child, was born in 1914. Margaret (Hughes) Maddock died in 1918, during the Spanish 'flu epidemic.

The children, Ella and Hugh, were then cared for by G.F. Maddock's aunt Bessie (wife of  Edward Bailey Bernard Stackpool Odell Maddock)

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