George Oyler & Eliz Rabson


George Oyler, born June 6th 1779 in Hawkhurst, Kent  -  illegitimate son of Elizabeth Oyler

George married Elizabeth Rabson on 19th Jun 1800. They had 6 children:
  • George Oyler, 1803, (No marriage record)
  • Samuel Oyler, 1805, married, Ann White 1831 (sister of Richard White). He and Ann had one daughter, Mary Ann who married John Spencer.  Samuel was the Governor at West Firle Workhouse on the 1851 census.  He lived with his brother Thomas, then with his daughter and family (1871 census) He died in 1883 of Chronic bronchitis, Pulmonary Congestion.
  • Eliza Oyler, 1808, married James Stapley. At least one child: Emily G at home aged 14 in 1861
  • Charlotte Oyler, 1810, married Richard White. Children: Richard (1843), George M.(1845) Emily Oyler (1847) and Sarah (1853)
  • Alfred Oyler, 1812    m. Margaret Buss, 19 Aug 1840. Died 1893. Children: George Alfred (1842), Frank William (1747), Albert Thomas (1849)
  • Thomas Oyler, 1814. (No marriage record, still living with his father in 1851)

Elizabeth died in 1816 and George Oyler married Eleanor (b. 1780-1843).

The 1841 census shows George (aged 60) a farmer, with Eleanor his wife, with two sons Samuel then 35, and Thomas then 25.

After Eleanor’s death in 1843 George married Hannah (Chapman) Oyler, in 1844 in Brighton, Sussex, a widow who was daughter of Samuel Oyler, and niece of George Oyler. She died in 1874 at the age of 78.

George died in 1861 at the age of 82 and is buried with Eleanor at Ticehurst. His first wife Elizabeth’s grave is next to George and Eleanor’s.  George Oyler left a will.


NOTE: Many researchers claim that George was the son of Thomas Oyler and Elizabeth Osborne and that he was born in 1755.  If that were the case, he would have been over 100 years old at the time of his death in 1861. The Tyler Index gives his birth as June 6th 1779 to Elizabeth Oyler, a widow (an illegitimate son).  Thomas Oyler and Elizabeth Osborne did have a son named George in 1755 but he died at the age of 16, in Hawkhurst (Hawkhurst Parish Register - "George Oyler (youth) buried, 9th Dec 1771"

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