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George Benjamin Oyler Married Ann Matilda Oddy in 1866. She was the daughter of Aborn Baker Oddy and Emma Carpaskell.  George and Ann Oyler had 11 children:

  • Agnes Oyler born 1866. Agnes married in 1894 William Henry Grayson, brother of Thomas Porter Grayson who married Agnes’s cousin Alice Oyler. She died in 1942. They had two sons:
    • Jack Kenneth Grayson
    • Eric Tom Grayson
  • Annie Oyler 1867 married Aubrey Bestall in 1892. Two children:
    • Phyllis Bestall
    • Kathleen Bestall.
                    Annie died in 1946

  • Potter George Oyler 1869, married in 1891 Phoebe Seager (b 1867). He died in 1942. Children:
    • Marguerite Agnes Oyler 1892,
    • Jenny Oyler 1894 (died 1894),
    • Thomas Potter Oyler 1895,
    • William1897 married Hylma White (1) . One son AubreyOyler.  William then married (2) Married Jessie Martha Sutton. One daughter Julia Edith Oyler 
    • Potter Oyler b. 1899 (died 1901),
    •  Alfred Oyler 1904,
    • Gwendoline Oyler 1908.

1901census Potter George, now married to Phoebe, was living and working in Spitalfields. They had, by then, four children: Marguerite 9, Thomas P. 5, William 3, and Potter 1


  • George Oyler 1871 married Minnie Walpole in 1896. He died in 1943.  Three sons:
    •  Owen George Oyler 1896. He had three daughters: Jean and twins Audrey and Brenda Oyler
    •  Thomas William Oyler 1898 in Edmonton, Middlesex.
    •   George Oyler 1905

 1901 census George was married with two children: Owen 4 and Thomas He was also living in Cheshunt, near his parents.


  • Alfred Oyler 1875. He died at the age of 25
  • Robert Aborn Oyler 1877. Married in 1900 Emily Mary Collins. Two children:
    • Molly Oyler
    • George Robert Oyler
  • Ernest Oyler 1879 married Catherine Oddy Barton in 1904 and had two children: He died in 1968
    • Kathleen Oyler
    • Nora Joan Oyler.
  • Edwin Oyler 1880 married Edith Maud Finch in 1907. Two children:
    • Frank Oyler
    • Leslie Oyler
  •  Herbert Oyler 1882

On Aug 2nd 1903, at age 21 Herbert Oyler (single) left Southampton bound for New York.  Manifest Line Number: 0010  First Name: Herbert Last Name: Oyler Ethnicity: England, English Last Place of Residence: London Date of Arrival: Aug 02, 1903 Age at Arrival:  21y    Gender:  M    Marital Status:  S   Ship of Travel: New York Port of Departure: Southampton

From there Herbert went to the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia to ship apples to Spitalfields market.  He made numerous journeys across the Atlantic.  He married Alice Louise Sutton at Trinity Church in Tottenham, England in 1905. She was the daughter of William Sutton (meat salesman). Witnesses: George B Oyler, Annie Bestall (sister to Herbert, and William Grayson, cousin). Herbert and Alice eventually moved permanently to Nova Scotia where their children were born. 

Alice and Herbert had three children:

    • Potter Aborn Oyler born 1904.  Potter died of a brain aneurysm at age 21 when he was a student at Dalhousie University.
    • Herbert Donald Oyler born March 8th 1907, married Dorothy Harris 22nd June 1932 in Wolfville, NS. One witness was Potter Oyler, Herbert Donald’s brother. Herbert and Dorothy had two children:
      • John Harris Oyler (probably born about 1950)
      • Marilyn Oyler married Albro (Bebo) McKean.
    • Gwendolyn Dorothy Oyler 1910, who died aged 10 of encephalitis in 1920. 

1911 Census – Kentville, King’s Co. NS.:

        Oyler Alice                  29                   

        Oyler Herbert             29

        Oyler Donald             4         

        Oyler Potter                7/12      

Alice divorced Herbert Oyler. She died aged 73 in 1954.  He later married Margaret Louise Johnson. Both Herbert's wives are listed on the  Oyler grave marker in Oak Grove Cemetery, Kentville

HO marker

  • Arthur Oyler 1887. Married 1913 to Winifred Semark. Three children:
    • Bridget Oyler,
    • Jeffrey Oyler
    • Pauline Oyler

  • Kathleen Oyler, born 1889 married Cyril T. Ingersoll, Son of Horton Ingersoll and Caroline Grayson. Nephew of Alice Oyler and Thomas Porter Grayson. No known children


In 1881 George B. and Annie (Ann Matilda) Oyler had moved to Commercial Street, Spitalfields, Middle (London) with Amelia Oddy, Annie’s  sister (aged 20)  and George and Annie’s 8 oldest children. The last three were born after 1881

By 1891 George Oyler (age 44) and Annie (age 43) had moved the family to Fairley Farm, Flamstead End, Cheshunt, Herts. At home were:
Agnes 24, Annie 23, Potter George 22, George 20, Alfred 16, Robert 14, Ernest 11, Edwin 10, Herbert 9, Arthur 4 and Kathleen 2. A visitor at the farm, on census day, was William H Grayson 26, future husband of Agnes.

By 1901 only the youngest children were at home: Ernest (22) a farmer, Arthur (14) and Kathleen (12).  Herbert, aged 19, at the time of the census was in St Ives, Cornwall. His occupation was listed as potato merchant.

Ann Matilda (Oddy) Oyler died in 1905.  George Benjamin Oyler married again in 1908 to Hannah Elizabeth Beans. She had been the nurse to Ann Matilda Oyler.  Hannah and George had twins in 1912:

  • Enid Oyler married in 1943 George F Sheard. She died in 1993
  • Madeline Oyler, 1936 married Donald Sheppard. After his death in 1957 she married William Beveridge in 1967.



George Benjamin Oyler

George Benjamin Oyler died in 1921 at the age of 75. Hannah died in 1930

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