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Potter Samuel Oyler was my great, great  grandfather

He was the only son of Thomas Pettit Oyler and Elizabeth [Potter] Oyler was born 1821 in Sandhurst, Kent (Although it was declared on the Census that he was born in Godline, Kent.  There does not appear to be such a place in Kent. It was possibly a farm).  He was baptized in the church of St Nicholas 1822 in Sandhurst, Kent.

Potter Samuel Oyler married  Mary Ann Hales (b 1825), 18th Oct 1841at Saint John the Baptist, Shoreditch, London,  Potter and Mary Ann had 9 children:

  • Harriet Oyler 19 Feb 1843. Married James Payne in 1860 (he died in 1867). Harriet then married Joseph Lanbridge in 1875 when she was 32.
  • George Benjamin Oyler  born 24 May 1846 married in 1866 to Ann Matilda Oddy           (b.1847)
  • Elizabeth Oyler 18 May 1848. Married James Kipping in 1869. She died in 1915. Three children:
    • Walter Oyler Kipping (1871-1872)
    • Elizabeth Amelia Kipping (1874),
    • Frederick James Kipping (1876)
    • Albert James Kipping (1877)
  • William Oyler b. 17 Nov 1850. Married Ellen Tilney in 1876. No children. Both Ellen and William died in 1922.
  • Frances Oyler b. 15 Oct 1852. Married George Stevens in 1871. Children:
    • Jessie Stevens (1873),
    • George Potter Stevens (1874),
    • Frederick Stevens (1876),
    • Louise Stevens (1878),
    • John Stevens (1880),
    • Annie Stevens (1881),
    • Joseph Thomas Stevens (1883)
    • William Stevens (1887)
  • Henry Oyler  b. Mar* 1855. 1878 married Helen Elizabeth Fraley. Children:
    • Henry Oyler (1879)
    • Helen Oyler (1880-1880).
            After Helen’s death Henry married Maryann Marie (Booth) widow of Robert Mack, in 1900.
  • Alice Oyler b. Dec* 1856. Married 1874, Thomas Redburn. Children:
    • Alice Redburn (1877),
    • Leonard T Redburn (1881),
    • William H Rdeburn (1884),
    • Ethel Redburn (1887),
    • Archibald C Redburn (1889)
    • Constance Redburn (1893).
                 Thomas died in 1900 and Alice married Benjamin Cross in 1905. She died in 1922.
  • Jessey Oyler b. 1861. Married James Napier Fillans in 1880.
  • Benjamin Oyler b. 1864. Youngest son of Potter Samuel Oyler and Mary Ann Hales married in 1884 to Ann Bennett (b. 1865). Three children:
    • Jessie 1887 Spitalfields,
    • Annie 1888 in Poplar. Married Richard Gray Harley 1915 in West Ham, Essex.
    •  Alfred 1890 in Bow married in 1914 Mary Freeman. Children: 


*   refers to the first month in the quarter of the birth year

1881 Census - at 113 Commercial Street were Mary Ann (widow) and youngest son Benjamin (aged 17).  At 117 Commercial St. were George B. and Anne Oyler with children: Agnes, Annie, Potter and George. And also Kate Oddy (relative of Anne Matilda Oddy Oyler?)

Mary Ann Hales  - my great, great grandmother

Mary Ann was the daughter of Thomas Hales and Elizabeth Dobson (Thomas was the son of William Hales and Mary Hayes. Elizabeth Dobson was born 1801 in Windsor, Berkshire to John Dobson).

Elizabeth Dobson and Thomas hales were were married in London in 1819. Witnesses to the marriage were William Hoare and Elizabeth Sedwick.

Thomas Hales died in 1838, aged 50.

In 1841 the census shows Elizabeth Hales, a widow aged 41 with 5 children: Mary Ann aged 17; Thomas 15, a hairdresser; William 14; Benjamin 9; and Elizabeth 3 all living at Tower Hamlet in Shoreditch. Missing from this record is Thomas George the twin of William. As Thomas George does not appear in any later enumerations so it is presumed he did not survive childhood.

As can be seen from the actual birth dates of these children census information is often inaccurate.

International Genealogical Index records or Ancestry records

  • Mary Ann Hales – Born 10 Oct 1824.  Died in 1868
  •  Thomas George and William James (twins)  - born 13 Sep 1829
  • Benjamin Charles Hales - born 22nd April 1836
  • Elizabeth Frances Hales - born 05 Aug 1838


By 1843 Thomas Hales was deceased and Benjamin (aged 10) and Elizabeth (aged) 4, have been taken into care because their mother Elizabeth was a prisoner in the Millbank Penitentiary. The information confirming the parentage of Benjamin and Elizabeth was provided by Eleanor Hoare (Elizabeth's sister). The children became wards of the Parish of St Leonard's, Shoreditch. Ref:London, England Selected Poor Law Removal and Settlement Records, 1698-1930 (Oct 1841-Jun 1844).

There is no record of Elizabeth Hales in the 1851 census. Mary Ann is married to Potter Samuel Oyler (a porter). They are living at 8 Fashion St in Spitalfields with their 6 eldest children: Harriet, Thomas, George, Elizabeth and William. Mary Ann's brother William, aged 21 is lodging with them and is a porter.

By 1861, Potter Samuel Oyler is a fruit salesman. He and Mary Ann are living in Commercial Street with 8 children: Thomas, George, Elizabeth, William, Francis, Henry, Alice and Jessie. Elizabeth (Dobson) Hales, now 60 is also living with them.

In 1871 Elizabeth (Dobson) Hales is a boarder at 48 High Street, Whitechapel with her daughter Elizabeth (Oyler) Kipping and her husband James Kipping.  

Elizabeth (Dobson) Hales died in 1872

Mary Ann (Hales) Oyler died in 1886

Potter Samuel Oyler died in 1868, his will. Mary Ann (Hales) Oyler died in 1886, her will

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