Maroon Mailing list and chat

Maroon Mailing list and chat



New to our site, family members and researchers may join our e-mail mailing lists and join us in our chat rooms.

Maroon Genforum
Genealogy postings from all over on various Maroon families. A good place to meet other researchers and post queries.

Maroon-L e-mail list
This mailing list is for the discussion of family research. For discussion and interaction among descendants and researchers of the Maroon family name. Many of the researchers on this list are descended from the Maroons of North Carolina in the 1700s. Jacob, Peter, and John are the names of some of the earliest American patriarchs. Please feel free to join in!

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Weekly Maroon chat
We now have our own chat room where the family and friends meet once a week to discuss family events, research, ideas, and just plain visit. For now, it is scheduled for Sunday evenings at 5:00 PM Pacific, since most of the family members who participate live on the west coast. When we get some folks from the eastern time zone, we will change it to a more convenient time for them. You don't need any special software to chat. All you need is a fairly recent version of either Netscape or Internet Explorer. To chat, just go to

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