The Rev. Doctor Frederick Conrad Haller

The Reverend Doctor Frederick Conrad Haller, was a highly educated and cultured gentleman. He was banished for being a Pietist. His deep learning and influence were recognized. He spoke French, Latin, Greek and Hebrew. He devoted his life to the spiritual guidance and consolation of this colony. He ministered to their needs in the time of sickness, and taught their children the elements of education, so far as the circumstances would allow. When he settled upon his own tract of land he set apart a plot of ground twenty-four feet square, on the slope of a high hill near his dwelling, where the morning sun, to this day, kisses the open flowers of spring, before the valley below is fairly awake. At this date (A.D. 1901) a rough board fence, hidden within a dense growth of young timber, encloses the crumbling markers at the graves of Doctor Haller's family. There are two dark slabs of mountain stone skillfully dressed and chiseled with peculiar allegorical emblems and inscriptions. They are said to be the work of Jacob Binder, a stone mason of extremely high temper, but deeply devout character. He alone, of all the colony, thought buttons a sin, and used hooks and eyes to fasten his clothes. Below the emblems referred to is engraved:

 Hier Ruhet Fredk. Conrad Haller, geboren 5 Nov. A.
D. 1753, gestorben 14 Oct. !828 Das gedachness des Gerechten bleibt
im segen Die mit thranen sahn werden mit Freunden ernten. - Psalm
126, ver. 5.

Upon another headstone along side:

Hier Ruhet Gatha Barbra Haller      (Catha Barbara) geb: Sehtect
Dolch       (Schlecht-Dolch) geb: den 24 Juni, 1765, gest: den 26
Juni, 1828. Sie gehen hin und weinen und tragen edeln samen, und
kommen mit Freunden und bringen ihn Garben. - Psalm 126, ver. 6.

On another headstone:

Hier Ruhet Johnathan Haller, Enkel von F. C. Haller, geboren den 7
den April, 1846, gestorben 8 den September 1847.

On another stone is carved:

Jacob Murthem, Died January 4, 1862

On another: Mary (Staiger) Murthem, his wife Died September 5, 1865.

There are several other graves on the plot, but they are only marked by plain pieces of flat mountain stone, mostly set with one sharp angle sticking out of the ground, and without any marks to identify the mortal remains beneath.
The old pioneer homestead now forms part of the highly improved and fertile farm of Mr. D.T. Thomas. The stone foundation of the original Haller dwelling of logs, and the nearby springhouse yet remain, the wood portion having been destroyed by fire some years ago. Many of the old orchard trees planted by Doctor Haller are yet standing on the hill side, annually bearing fruit and furnishing grafts for the delight of future generations.
Doctor Haller's children consisted of two daughters, Emma and Hannah, who died of measles, Julia Ann, who married John Kiess, Sophia, married Michael Biehl, (school teacher). Jonathan went west many years ago. Note: The information above is incomplete. Please follow the link below for further information.
Haller Genealogy