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Hello, welcome to my genealogy home page.  I hope you find your visit to my site both interesting and productive.  My interest in my roots goes back to the time when I was a very small child, probably about three or four years of age.  It was at this time that my father pointed to a picture on the wall in my grandmother's house and told me that this was Grandmother Layman, my great grandmother.  Something about that seemed to spark a deep interest in me, because it was after that incident that I started to ask questions of family members such as, "who was your mother, or who was your grandmother," and I always remembered the answers.  Now, I just wish I had asked more questions.  I can't guarantee everything here to be 100% correct, but I've tried the best I can, and I find it very interesting.

Bennett Family Report William Bryan Layman Family Information
Bradford Family Report Cate Family Report McCool Family Report
Robert Young Bradford John Cate, Sr. Stanley Family Report
Bryan Family Report Dodd Family Report Starnes Family Report
Bryan Family Information Estes Family Report About Me
Morgan Bryan Keener Family Report
Peter Bryan Layman  Family Report

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