Related Branches

Welcome to the Weaver Family Tree and Related Branches. I
am Donna (Mason) Sharp. I will be maintaining this site.
However, this is an extended family project. We all share a
common ancestor, Peter Weaver, born 1805 in Franklin County,
Tennessee. There are several "cousins" who have spent count-
less hours researching our family. I want to use this website
as a way to showcase all of the hardwork and passion that goes
into genealogy research. Hopefully we will also find other
"lost cousins" and missing family lines.


I would like to say a special thank you to the following
Weaver "cousins" who have helped make this project possible:
Peggy Shaw, Charles Penny, Phillip Weaver, Ron Moore
Kathy Moore, Genny (Zigler) Ferrell, Leni (Weaver) Fernadaz,
Tammy Buckley, Julie (White) Richey, Vaughn Davis, Pat
Weaver, Ethelene (Cantrell) Webb, and Henry McWhorter.


Come on in and browse awhile. We hope you enjoy our
website. If you find a connection, have a correction or
information to share, please contact me.



The Fourth Annual Peter and Sarah Jane Surratt Weaver
Reunion to Be Held July 27, 28 and 29, in Steele, Missouri

To the descendants of the blacksmith, Peter Weaver, of Wayne County,
Tennessee, and his wife, Sarah Jane Surratt Weaver: Greetings!

We will again meet at the Sam Hamra Community Center in

Steele, Missouri, for the fourth time on Saturday, July 28, 2007,

and invite ALL descendants to attend. Bring your old pictures

and your known family tree and we will share our old pictures

and known family tree with you. Lunch will be served at noon,

and a program will be conducted all day Saturday. For more

information, contact one of the following:

Ron Moore (Tennessee)

Philip Weaver (Georgia) 

Dennis Weaver (Mississippi) 

Charles Penny (Arkansas) 

Donna Sharp (Arkansas)


This site is currently under construction.   There are lots

of broken links to pages.  I have removed the outdated pages. 

I hope to have it all back up and running soon.  I have

finally finished all of my updates to the Weaver family

files.  These are current as of March 26, 2007.  Please

visit one of the other family websites to check out family

information.  If you should find any mistakes or have any

corrections, please let me know.  I need to get these to Charles

Penny no later than the end of May.   If you need more information

for the WeaverFamily, please see the links in the Table of Contents. 

They will take you to the other Weaver websites. 

"The Descendants of Peter Weaver" 

website is password protected.

Please contact me for more information.

Thank you!!!

The Family Tree

There's a tree that grows within my house,

a tree with many lives;

It holds within its great branches

a tale that makes it thrive.

Among it's leaves are many faces

of those from whom I came;

It's bark is the strength of family

it's roots became my name.

This tree is very precious

it has lived untold years;

It will live on in life and memory

and bring both joy and tears.

My family tree is a treasure

that I will pass on to mine;

They'll nurture it and make it grow

until the end of time

BY: Cheryl Jones

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