Matte Families of North America

Matte Families of North America

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Jeannine Matte Stergios

Great-granddaughter of Pierre Matte and Seraphine East

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"There should be, in every life, a place ...where you could come and visit your past, and the past of your people, and know whatever happened outside, here timelessness lives."

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 Charles Matte and Barbe Harache

 Nicolas Matte (1636-1704) and Madeleine Auvray (1649-1734)

 The Four Matte Sons - Alexis, Laurent, Nicolas and Leonard

 The Seven Matte Daughters

 Mattes in North America

 The Matte Voyageurs

 DNA Testing Results

 Matte Family Tree

 Pictures of Matte families - Coming soon!!

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