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Mark's Mission Comics

One day at lunch:
It's called cow brains.
Elder? What are "thethoth"?
Sister! The food is good.
What do you call it?
       Don't worry about it!

This is a good time of day to take the bus. It's almost never full.
Here we are.
What did you say about the time?
Oh good!  I hate hanging out the door.

A scene that's a little TOO common at 9:30 in the morning during a typical mission.

The Rain!!

Elder, thanks for helping me to not buy that bottle of Coca-Cola. It's a kinda old habit, that's all.
Don't worry. Look.
(All the little bottles say "Cervesa" - Beer!)

(At the supermarket one time was a nun who had 15 or 20 bottles of beer in her cart! It must be an old habit!!)

All drawings and ideas copyright Mark L. Bryson, 2001.