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Oh the "webs we weave" --  are nothing compared to those our ancestors left !

Genealogy. I was previously accredited in English research. I haven't done as much research in the past couple of years, but the results of much past research is on the Genealogy Pages.

Coggeshall Wills. I have completed abstracts of wills from the Archdeaconry of Colchester for people living in Coggeshall, Essex, England, from 1782-1857. Also included is an index of wills for Coggeshall residents from 1688 to 1858. While this is a rather limited geographical area, I hope this will be of use to others.

South Dakota State Hospital Fire.  A building at the State Hospital (for the Insane) in Yankton, South Dakota, burned to the ground on February 12, 1899, killing 17 patients.

Christmas letter

Our Family   Check this page first for our most recent family picture then link to other pages.

Layne and Maureen
Russell, Sherrie, David, Mary, Emily, and Brandon
Jenner, Sandee, Charlie, Josh, and Jake
Mark and Becky         See also his Mission Comics
Glenn and Lili
The Smith Family  
The Bryson Family   

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