Gretton and Duddington Wills
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The Peculiar Court of Gretton and Duddington Wills and Administrations, 1657-1832
The first part of this page is a list of all testators of all documents from the microfilm of these records held at the Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah, Film #200,101.  Use some liberal thinking when searching for a name, as there are many spelling variations in these documents.  The numbers are the order in which they appear on the microfilm.
The second part of the page is the extracts of these wills.  I have not taken the time to link the listed name/number with the associated extract, but should be easy to find with a page search.  If you have any questions, please contact me. E-mail me.  I may have missed an occasional typo, please let me know if you find an obvious one.  

Abbreviations used:  wd - will dated;  wp - will proved;  admon - Administration granted; inv - Inventory

1 - Anne Sprye, Collyweston, widow, wd 12 Nov 1657
2 - Sarah Fayrechild, now wife of Jesper Fairechild, of Gretton, wd 26 Sep 1678
3 - John Agas, Gretton,
4 - Symon Tayleby, Gretton, wd 11 Aug 1676, wp 24 Apr 1677
5 - Ann Newborn, Greaton, widow, wd 2 Oct 1677, wp 22 Oct 1677
6 - Thomas Hutchings, Gretton, wd 28 Aug ... wd 10 Oct 1676
7 - William Laxton, Gretton, wd 5 Mar 16__, wp 5 May 1671
8 - Richard Barrow, Gretton, wd 23 Jun 1647, wp 28 Jun 1669
9 - Thomas Clinch, Gretton, wd 1 Apr 1667, wp 16 Apr 1667
10 - Ellen Pressgrave, Gretton, wd 2 Sep 1661
11 - John Leveratt, wd 7 Mar 1671, wp 10 Jun 1671
12 - Edward Barwell, Gretton, wd 18 Jan 1782, wp 28 Sep 1796
13 - Henry Barwell, Gretton, wd 4 Jul 1824, wp 23 Jun 1825
14 - Henry Barwell, Gretton, wd 23 Aug 1806, wp 18 Feb 1807
15 - William Baxter, Gretton, wd 4 Dec 1744, wp 17 Sep 1747
16 - William Baynes, Gretton, wd 17 Aug 1754, wp 7 Nov 1755
17 - John Boon, Gretton, wd 4 Feb 1779, wp 27 Jun 1781
18 - Mary Boon, Gretton, wd 30 May 1827, wp 1 Dec 1827
19 - Thomas Boon, Gretton, wd 17 Mar 1772, wp 17 Oct 1773
20 - William Boon, the elder, Gretton, wd 26 Feb 1783, wp 19 Mar 1800
21 - William Boon, Gretton, wd 18 Dec 1826, wp 28 Dec 1827
22 - Mary Boon or Laxton, Gretton, wd 20 Mar 1734/5, wp 1735/6
23 - Thomas Boone, the elder, Gretton, wd 1 Nov 1757, wp 6 Jun 1764
24 - Thomas Boyes, Duddington, wd 7 Feb 1733, wp 11 Sep 1734
25 - William Brown, Gretton, wd 9 Mar 1783, wp 23 Jun 1784
26 - William Bullivant, Gretton, wd 28 Aug 1742, wp 15 Nov 1742
27 - Robert Burden, Gretton, wd 24 Mar 1732/3, wp 25 Oct 1733
28 - Mary Burton, Gretton, wd 16 Feb 1705/6, wp 1708
29 - William Butler, Gretton, wd 15 Mar 1794, wp 9 Mar 1795
30 - John Butterworth, Gretton, wd 31 Dec 1740, wp 15 Nov 1742
31 - Robert Butterworth, Gretton, wd 12 Jun 1734, wp 7 May 1739
32 - Richard Collyer, Gretton, wd 16 Mar 1728, wp 22 Jul 1731
33 - Richard Corby, Gretton, wd 25 Jul 1732, wp 25 Oct 1733
34 - John Cowper or Cooper, Gretton, wd Jun 1790, wp 7 Jan 1802
35 - William Craxford, Gretton, wd 13 Jan 1803, wp 12 Jan 1804
36 - Christopher Dexter, Gretton, wd 22 Sep 1726, codicil 24 Apr 1727, wp 27 May 1727
37 - John Dexter, Gretton, wd 4 Mar 1742, wp 29 Oct 1743
38 - Edward Douse, Gretton, wd 24 May 1729, wp 1731
39 - John Drake, Gretton, wd 21 Sep 1741, wp 12 Nov 1751
40 - Robert Dunmore, Gretton, wd 24 Apr 1727, wp 6 Jan 1732
41 - Christian Elliott, Gretton, widow, wd 2 Jul 1739, wp 15 Nov 1742
42 - John Elliott, Gretton, wd 28 Sep 1745, wp 5 Sep 1746
43 - Edward Fisher, Gretton, wd 12 Aug 1725, wp 1732
44 - William Freeman, Gretton, wd 4 Aug 1722, wp 1731
45 - John Goode, Gretton, wd 1 May 1827, wp 6 Nov 1828
46 - Mary Goodliffe, Gretton, widow, wd 2 Jun 1730, wp 1732
47 - John Gray, Gretton, wd 8 may 1791, wp 13 Apr 1792
48 - William Gray, Gretton, wd 17 Jan 1770, wp 3 Oct 1773
49 - William Gray, Gretton, wd 10 Mar 1727/8, wp 20 Apr 1728
50 - Charles Hammerton, Sr., Gretton, wd 20 Aug 1751, wp 3 Jul 1753
51 - Henry Knowles, Gretton, wd 12 Jan 1789, wp 2 Oct 1791
52 - Anne Laxton, Gretton, widow, wd 20 Apr 1684, wp 1684
53 - Edmond or Edward Laxton, Greggon, wd 5 Mar 1775, wp 12 Aug 1777
54 - Hannah Laxton, Gretton, widow, wd 25 Apr 1803, wp 6 May 1806
55 - Henry Laxton, Gretton, wd 17 Nov 1741, wp 3 Jul 1753
56 - Mary Laxton, Gretton, widow, wd 26 Oct 1795, wp 27 Aug 1798
57 - William Laxton, Gretton, wd 3 Oct 1776, wp 4 Jun 1778
58 - William Laxton, Gretton, wd 29 May 1823, wp 30 Jan 1824
59 - John Lenton, Gretton, wd 28 Oct 1779, wp 27 Jun 1781
60 - Mary Lenton, Gretton, widow, wd 5 Jul 1799, wp 20 Dec 1799
61 - Jane Lenton, Gretton, spinster, wd 16 Jun 1820, wp 3 Apr 1821
62 - Robert Lenton, elder, Gretton, wd 6 Jul 1770, wp 20 Jul 1774
63 - Robert Lenton, Gretton, wd 28 Feb 1795, wp 1796
64 - Thomas Lenton, Gretton, wd 14 Apr 1770, wp 11 Jul 1770
65 - Edward Marshall, Gretton, wd 15 Mar 1763, wp 7 Jun 1764
66 - Thomas Meadows, Gretton, wd 7 Feb 1749, wp 8 Apr 1756
67 - Edward Newham, Gretton, wd 19 Apr 1800, wp 13 Nov 1802
68 - Mary Patrick, Gretton, widow, wd 18 May 1822, wp 28 Mar 1829
69 - William Peach, Gretton, wd 3 Oct 1781, wp 20 Aug 1788
70 - William Preston, Gretton, wd 11 Jun 1806, wp 30 Aug 1806
71 - William Pridmore, Gretton, wd 5 Oct 1757, wp 9 Jul 1767
72 - Richard Pruden, Gretton, wd 10 Jul 1769, wp 11 Jul 1770
73 - John Richmond, Gretton, wd 15 Jul 1735, wp 1735
74 - Samuel Richmond, Gretton, wd 16 Nov 1732, wp 5 Feb 1734
75 - William Rowell, elder, Gretton, wd 11 Sep 1760, wp 19 Oct 1763
76 - James Rowlatt, younger, Gretton, wd 11 Feb 1796, wp 23 Jun 1796
77 - John Rowlatt, Gretton, wd 6 Oct 1804, wp 4 Feb 1805
78 - Elizabeth Satchell, Gretton, widow, wd 8 Apr 1793, wp 12 Aug 1793
79 - Joanna Satchell, Gretton, spinster, wd 17 May 1733, wp 17 Sep 1747
80 - Richard Satchell, Gretton, wd 19 Oct 1737, wp 7 May 1739
81 - Richard Satchell, Gretton, wd 17 May 1733, wp 13 Feb 1741
82 - Richard Satchell, Gretton, wd 3 May 1802, wp 29 Dec 1802
83 - Thomas Satchell, Gretton, wd 17 Nov 1778, wp 27 Jun 1781
84 - Thomas Satchell, elder, Gretton, wd 8 May 1786, wp 26 Oct 1787
85 - Thomas Satchell, Gretton, wd 10 Apr 1797, wp 3 Jul 1797
86 - William Satchell, Gretton, wd 11 Feb 1817, wp 2 Jun 1820
87 - William Sculthorp, Gretton, wd 29 Jun 1740, wp 15 Nov 1742
88 - John Sewell, Gretton, wd 30 Aug 1783, wp 7 Dec 1783
89 - Henry Sisson, Gretton, wd 26 Mar 1755, wp 7 May 1755
90 - David Spencer, Gretton, wd 13 Nov 1822, wp 9 Dec 1826
91 - Henry Spencer, Gretton, wd 9 Jan 1762, wp 6 Jun 1764
92 - John Spencer, Sr, Gretton, wd 28 Oct 1780, wp 1787
93 - Thomas Spencer, Gretton, wd 24 Dec 1784, wp 23 Jun 1785
94 - William Spencer, elder, Gretton, wd 13 Sep 1792, wp 19 Nov 1798
95 - Susanna Spendlove, Gretton, widow, wd 17 Mar 1800, wp 28 Mar 1800
96 - Thomas Stanger, Gretton, wd 21 Nov 1782, wp 27 Aug 1783
97 - John Tee, Gretton, wd 18 Jan 1823, wp 30 Jan 1824
98 - Laurence Vine, Gretton, wd 28 May 1690, wp 13 Oct 1691
99 - Mary Vine, elder, Gretton, widow, wd 4 Apr 1760, wp 1767
100 - Frances Wade, Gretton, wd 7 Dec 1801, wp 2 Jan 1802
101 - Robert Wade, Gretton, wd 5 Apr 1743, wp 16 Apr 1744
102 - Thomas Warner, Gretton, wd 12 Jul 1797, wp 14 Sep 1797
103 - John Watkinson, Gretton, wd 6 May 1773, wp 1773
104 - George Wyles, Duddington, wd 10 Mar 1828, wp 20 Oct 1828
105 - John Wyles, elder, Duddington, wd 6 Jan 1731, inv 15 Jan 1731
106 - William Baynes or Baines, Gretton, inv 18 Dec 1754
107 - Thomas Barwell, Gretton, admon 17 Sep 1747
108 - Mary Boon, Gretton, admon 6 Apr 1809
109 - Thomas Borton, Gretton, admon 30 May 1778
110 - John Bryan, Gretton, admon 24 Oct 1779
111 - John Brutnall, inv 10 Mar 1728
112 - Elizabeth Cately, Gretton, admon 23 Mar 1811
113 - Thomas Dixey, Gretton, admon 9 Dec 1742
113A - John Dexter, Gretton, inv 26 Sep 1743
114 - Lawrence Drake, Gretton, admon 12 Apr 1734
115 - Ann Drake, Gretton, widow, admon 15 Nov 1742
116 - Sarah Goldstone, Gretton, admon 19 Oct 1821
117 - Francis Gray, Gretton, admon 15 Nov 1742
118 - Robert Laxton, Gretton, admon 7 May 1739
119 - John Lenton, Gretton, admon 20 Aug 1788
120 - William Lenton, Gretton, admon  23 Jun 1785
121 - Thomas Meadows, Gretton, inv 19 Dec 1755
122 - Richard Rands, Gretton, inv 2 Apr 1731
123 - Samuel Richman, Gretton, admon 1 Aug 1777
124 - William Richman, Gretton, admon 19 Jul 1715
125 - Charles Rowell, Gretton, admon 22 Jul 1731
126 - Richard Satchell, Gretton, inv 7 May 1739
127 - William Satchell, Gretton, admon 23 Jun 1785
128 - Amey Vine, Gretton, widow, admon 15 Nov 1742
129 - William Vines, Gretton, admon 23 Jul 1731
130 - Elizabeth Warner, Gretton, spinster, admon 18 Jul 1828
131 - Alice Yates, Duddington, inv ___
132 - Thomas Prior, Duddington, verbal will 3 Mar 1666
133 - James Wright, Duddington, wd 7 Mar 1673, wp 7 May 1674
134 - William Brian, Duddington, wp 13 Nov 1673
135 - Robert Kirbey, Duddington, wd 4 Jun 1674
136 - William Clark, Duddington, wd 27 Mar 1677, wp 11 Oct 1677
137 - Christopher Saunderson, Witham on the Hill, Lincolnshire,  ____
138 - William Morris, Duddington, wd 14 Sep 1669, wp 15 Apr 1670
139 - Robert Young, Duddington, wd 20 Dec 1739, wp 2 Jul 1740
140 - Sarah Wyles, Duddington, widow, wd 8 Jan 1741, wp 15 Nov 1742
141 - Richard Wood, Duddington, wd 12 Feb 1769, wp 18 Feb 1769
142 - Lucy Shirtliffe, Duddington, widow, wd 7 Dec 1761, wp 14 Jun 1764
143 - William Shurtliffe, Duddington, wd 26 Aug 1742, wp 15 Nov 1742
144 - William Payne, Duddington, wd 15 Jun 1779, wp 26 Mar 1783
145 - William Jackson, Duddington, wd 7 Apr 1767, wp 20 Jul 1795
146 - Eustace Hibbens, Duddington, wd 10 Dec 1767, wp 12 Aug 1777
147 - Robert Henson, Duddington, wd 21 Aug 1748, wp 3 Jul 1753
148 - Robert Godfrey, Duddington, wd 11 May 1742, wp 15 Nov 1742
149 - Robert Godfrey, Duddington, wd 14 Feb 1752/3, 2p 3 Jul 1753
150 - William Freeman, Duddington, wd 29 Nov 1763, wp5 Jun 1764
151 - Thomas Ednutt, Duddington, wd 24 Jan 1754, wp 20 Jul 1756
152 - John Dyson, Duddington, wd 27 Dec 1828, wp 27 Feb 1830
153 - William Cunnington, Duddington, wd 27 Oct 1807, wp 18 Nov 1825
154 - Samuel Cunnington, Duddington, wd 19 Jan 1778, wp 23 Jun 1785
155 - Ann Cunnington, Duddington, wd 10 Jan 1792, wp 28 Mar 1794
156 - Jonas Clark, Duddington, wd 1 Jun 1747, wp 17 Sep 1747
157 - Robert Curtis, Duddington, wd 11 Dec 1761, wp 9 Mar 1762
158 - Robert Cave, Duddington, wd 5 May 1775, wp 12 Aug 1777
159 - Thomas Bonner, Duddington, wd 18 Oct 1806, wp 21 Jul 1807
160 - Thomas Behoe or Bowyer, Duddington, wd 4 Apr 1760, wp 7 Jun 1764
161 - Thomas Beaver, Duddington, wd 30 May 1754, wp 30 Jul 1756
162 - James Wyles, Duddington, admon 28 Aug 1810
163/4 - John Wyles, younger, Duddington, admon 11 Jul 1770
165 - Thomas Wotton, Duddington, admon 21 Jun 1783
166 - John Wood, Duddington, admon 15 Jun 1775
167 - John Stokes, Duddington, admon 2 0Jul 1774
168 - Daniel Soden, Duddington, admon 5 Dec 1808
169 - John Rowell, Duddington, admon 23 Jun 1785
170 - Mary Lees, Duddington, widow, admon 26 Jan 1802
171 - Robert Hibbens, Duddington, admon 22 Feb 1809
172 - Weldon or William Gaudern, Duddington, admon 10 Aug 1795
173 - Joseph Bradshaw, Duddington, admon 2 May 1811

The Peculiar Court of Gretton & Duddington Wills and Administrations 1657-1832. FHL film #200,101.

Wills proved at Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Lincoln for “exempt jurisdiction” of Gretton.

Items are numbered, but some documents do not have numbers. There are a few wills at the beginning of the film, then they are basically in the following order alphabetically: Gretton Wills, Gretton Admons, Duddington Wills, and Duddington Admons.All testators and witnesses signed their names unless otherwise noted by “/x/.”Given names and surnames are standardized in the index.

 Anne Spyre of Collyweston, widowe.
 Dau Joane, household items.
Dau Dorothy, household goods
Dau Isabell, household goods.
Son Wm., cloth for a coate
Son John, cloath for a coate and a paire of stockings
son Edward a ewe and a lambe at ye next lambing
Rebecka Hall a lang hog & John Tomlyn a lambe
Cozen Susan Ha ll a yard and a halfe of gray cloath.
Son William executor.
wd 12 Nov 1657
No witneses

  Sarah Fayrechild, the now wife of Jesper Fairechild of Gretton.
Dau Elizabeth Neale wife of John Neale of Seaton, blacksmith, household items
Grandchild Henry Drake “halfe the lynnin in the said joyned chest,” other goods
Elizabeth Neale and Henry Drake executors.
/x/ [”S”]  wd 26 Sep 1678
Wit: Hen. Fisher, Elizabeth Fisher /x/, Anne Pesler ? /x/, Step. Wres ?
John Agas, of Gretton
Bro Alexzander Agas
Bro Drake foure children
Bro Edward Agas
Neph Robert Drake
Barther [sic] Gilbert ?? [possibly a different surname]
 Robert Laxton to be executor
Wit: John Allen, Arthur Satchell, Margaret Well ? /x/, Grace Caster /x/

Symon Tayleby, of Gretton, laborer
son William Taleby one little house or tenemt now in tenure of Simon Wiggings with a cowe pasture in the meadow. Description of other land downe to Thomas Presgrave’s hedge. Free passage of ingresse and egresse through the messuage yard wherein I live for carts & carriages.
Youngest dau Frances Taleby 3 pounds when age 21, to be paid by son William out of the aforementioned tenant.
Son Symon Taleby 5 pounds to be paid by son Thomas out of messuage house wherein I live After decease of wife, Frances Taleby
daus Luce  Snoppes ?, Margarett and Elizabeth Taleby 3 pounds each to be paid by son Thomas after death of wife, Frances.
Wife Frances all my goods and chattels, cattel, household goods. She to be sole executor.
/x/ [large “S”]Wd 11 Aug 1676 wp 24 Apr 1677
Wit: Will Peach, William Randall, Edw Dowse

Ann Newborn of Greaton, widdow
sister Elizabeth Drew my oldest cow and my little yearling hefer, bed and furniture.
Alice Cueowd five shillings, sis Susanna Robinson my youngest cow, bed, furniture.
All pewter to be divided between two sisters, 2 stone weight of cheese & all my brass to be equally divided.
Husbands brothers 4 children 20 shillings each.
Brother John [ Chambers] my house, my sow and pigs and a little hog and my had and pease in ye barn.
Bro John Chambers & Brother Oliver Drew joint executors.
/x/  wd 2 Oct 1677 wp 22 Oct 1677
Witnesses: Jo: Freer, Elizabeth Freer /x/ [”E”], Mary Turner /x/ [lll]

Thomas Hutchings, of Gretton, labourer
son William, house, paying to his sister my dau Christian 5 pounds at such time as he shall come to enioye the same.
If William dies, house to son Thomas.
Son Thomas 12 pence
Dau Mary 12 pence
3 grandchildren, Mary Hollmes & Ann Holmes, Alse Hutchings, 12 pence each.
Wife Sarah, sole executor,
/x/, wd 28 Aug 28th year of reign of King Charles II, wp 10 Oct 1676
Wit: Wm. Whitwell, Willi am Freeman, Tho. Moncks

William Laxton, of Gretton
wife Ann Laxton   3 halfe acres of land in severall fields of Greatton, after her to son Robert.
Wife Ann dwelling house, one roade of arrable [land] in the west feild [sic] and other lands.
Son William Laxton 40 pounds, 20 pounds to be paid at the age of 21 and the other 20 pounds a yeare and halfe after.
Son Edward Laxton 40 pounds, same stipulation as for William
son Robert all freehould land, house, barnes, stables, etc.
Wife and eldest son, Robert executors
/x/ [”W”], wd 5 Mar 167_   wp 5 May 1671
Wit: John Allen, Robert Laxton, William Drake

Richard Barrow, of Gretton, miller
To poore of the Towne of Gretton 10 shillings, to be distributed unto such of them as have most neede by my executor and overseers at my funerall
eldest son Rober t Barrow 13 pounds, also 7 pounds which he lately borrowed of mee, with the one halfe of my mooveable goodes at  Stoke Albany now in the possession of Richard Barrow my youngest son, excepting such as I dispose of following
 Isabell, dau of Richard Barrow, “bedstead whereon I use to ly,” and other goods
Rest of Pewter and brasse to dau Anne Wade
Richard my youngest son 20 shillings within 6 months after my decease.
 Stephen the son of Richard Barrow my grandchild, 5 pounds when he is 14.

Isabell my grandchild and sister to Stephen, 5 pounds at age 14.
Richard Barrow my grandchild 5 pounds when 14
 George Barrow of Ratliffe upon Trent, Nottingham, my brother, 40 shillings to be paid within 6 months.
Alice Wade, dau of John Wade, my son in law, sum of 5 pounds at age 14.
Sister Mary Drake of Willbarston, 24 shillings and one brass pott of the value of 16 shillings
Sister-in-law Eliz: Fleminge of Uppingham, widdow, 10 shillings
 Susanna, dau of Eliz Fleminge 10 shillings.
 Lydia and Katherine the other daughters of Eliz Fleminge 5 shillings each
Richard Waters, 5 shillings to buy a payre of gloves
Thomas Harrison of Gretton 5 shillings.
Isabel Lincolne 6 shillings 8 pence
All rest to my son-in-law John Wade of Gretton, executor
Thomas Peach and Richard Waters to be overseers
/x/ [“R” with long straight side at top], wd 23 Jun 1647 wp 28 Jun 1669.
Wit: John Warde, Tho Peach, William Drake

Thomas Clinch, Gretton, taylor
loving brother George Clinch [ten pounds - very light and hard to read]
nephew Thomas Clinch, son of the said George same 10 pounds
brother-in-law Ismaell Carre, two roodes of ... in the upper Meadow of Gretton, during his life and then to his son, Robert Carre.
Sister Elizabeth Carre, wife of Ismaell, bedstead, flockebed, other household goods,
niece Elizabeth Carre, dau of Ismaell, 20 pounds.
Nephew Robert Clinch one acre of dole meadow and three roddes of arable land in Gretton, late purchased of Richard Croxford and Joseph . . . and Nathaniel Gray.
To Robert Clinch, John Clinch, Henry Clinch, Thomas Clinch, Elizabeth Clinch, Lettice Clinch, and Sarah Clinch, the children of the said Robert Clinch 20 pounds when each attains the age of 21 or on date of marriage.
Edmond Staresmore my nephew, son of my brother in law Edmond Staresmore 5 pounds.
Niece, Frances Fairebanke, widow 40 shillings.
Kinswoman Elizabeth Speight, dau of Beniamin [sic] Speight 40 shillings.
Forgive Robert Clinch my nephews 50 shillings which he oweth me.
Godchild Thomas Martin 50 shillings, which his father Thomas Martin, my kinsman oweth me.
William Drake the elder 20 shillings.
To the poore of Gretton 40 shillings at my funerall.
Mr. Thomas Arnolis [?] minister, t... shillings to preach my funerall sermon.  
Fully and freely forgive and release my loving friend Laurence Blaxley one old bond of 10 pounds for the payment of 5 pounds.
Anyone hindering the processing of the will or putting in a caveat or tries to stop it legally, shall not have anything.
All rest of goods to sister Elizabeth Carre, wife of Ismaell Carre.
Executors, brother in law Edmond Staresmore and very loving friend Robert Laxton, living near the Weshwell??
wd 1 Apr 1667?  Wp 16 Apr 1667
Witnesses: John Aven? John Laxton /x/ [vertical line with 3 horizontal lines], ? Baker

Ellen Pressgrave, Gretton, widow
dau Mary Pressgrave 10 pounds to be paid by son Henery at end of seven years after my decease. Also some household goods.
Dau Elizabeth Pressgrave 10 pounds to be paid by son Henry 7 years after decease, plus household goods.
Dau Ann Pressgrave 10 pounds to be paid by Henry 7 years after decease, plus household goods.
[Each of the household goods bequests was a very detailed lists of linen, pans, etc. to be divided between the three daughters.]
Rest of goods to only son Henery Pressgrave, also executor.
/x/ wd 2 Sep 1661
Witnesses: William Laxton, William Freeman, Winnifred Slade [transcript, not original will]

John Leveratt     of ?Hin [or Fin] ..., [possibly Fineslade ?] Shepheard   [right edge of will torn or burned off]
Mr. . . .    Kirkham, Mr. Charles Walter and John Kirkham, children of    Walter [Kirkham?] Esq. 20 shillings each.
Betterice T?... six pounds
Elizabeth    Goodin my neece 5 pounds.
Francis    Russell 40 shillings.
Daniell    Bixin and Richard    Knight 10 shillings each. John He?... five shillings.
    Nathaniel,    William,    John, and Thomas    Leveratt of    Bullwick 40 shillings each.
Ann    Bullivant of    Corby, my sister, 40 shillings.
The two children of ?...    Hawstead     of    Kingscliffe which shee had by John Hawstead her late husband, 2 pounds to be distributed betweene them.
___-in-law Symon    Goodin his children 40 shillings to distributed amongst them.
Robert, Ann, and Margaret ... 20 shillings a peece.
    Everard Goodin,    Richard and    William Goodin the like sum of 20 shillings each.
Willm    Cooke my servant 20 shillings.
M... My Wife’s goddaughter, 10 shillings.
Ann    Sutton the elder and Ann Sutton the younger 5 shillings each.
Francis ... Esq. A 20 shilling peece of gold.
Executor Robert    Spire
/x/ wd 7 Mar 1671 wp 10 Jun 1671 [sic]
Witnesses: John    Chopgood ?, Henry    Smith,    Richard Smith /x/, ...    Knight

Edward Barwell of Gretton, labourer
three sisters-in-law,    Jane Barwell widow of my late brother    John Barwell,    Sarah Barwell, widow of my late brother    William Barwell, and    Elizabeth Barwell, the widow of my late brother    Thomas Barwell, 5 pounds each to be paid six months after decease.
Nephews,    John Barwell,    William Barwell,    Edward Barwell, and    Mathew Barwell and my nieces    Jane Barwell,    Ann Barwell,    Elizabeth Barwell,    Mary Barwell, the sons and daughters of my late brother John Barwell 5 pounds each.
Nephews    Henry Barwell and    Thomas Barwell, and neices    Sarah Barwell,    Elizabeth Barwell,    Mary Barwell, and    Ann Barwell, sons and daughters of my brother    David Barwell 5 pounds each.
Nephews    John Barwell,    William Barwell, sons of my late brother William Barwell 5 pounds each.
Niece        Sarah Melborne dau of my said brother William Barwell 5 pounds.
Nephews    Edward Barwell,    Thomas Barwell and niece    Ann    Hill sons and dau of my late brother Thomas Barwell, 5 pounds each.
Great nephews John    Jolley and    Thomas Jolley, sons of my late niece        Elizabeth Jolley who was one of the daughters of my late brother Thomas, 2 pounds 10 shillings each.
Brother David Barwell 50 pounds.
Rest and residue to brother Henry Barwell. Also executor.
wd 18 Jan 1782. Wp 28 Sep 1796. Personal property £300
Witnesses: Jona:    Branston, Catharine    Thorp, Elizabeth    Gamble /x/

Henry Barwell, of Gretton, yeoman.
Wife,    Ann Barwell all real and personal estate.
Ann also executrix.
/x/ wd 4 Jul 1824. Wp 23 Jun 1825.  Property under £300
Witnesses: Chas.    Hall, Hen.    Boone, John    Rowlatt

Henry Barwell, Gretton, labourer
nephew Henry Barwell of Gretton, yeoman all money and securities.  Also Executor
Five pounds to each of my nephews and nieces.
/x/  wd, 23 Aug 1806, wp 18 Feb 1807, property under £200
Witnesses: Robt Graham, John Tee

William Baxter, of Gretton, yeoman
eldest son John Baxter one shilling, also all that any close of pasture lying at the bottome of Harnill? On condition he provide William’s wife, Margaret, six pounds per year during her lifetime. If he will not, land to wife Margaret and after her decease to son John Baxter.
To John Baxter closes of pasture near adjoining to Gretton on condition that he pay to daughter Alice Baxter 110 pounds at age 23.
If she die money to daughter Frances Baxter.
Son William Baxter messuage and tenement or dwelling house now in tenure of James Baxter. And eleven and a half acres of arable land and 5 roods of dole and pasture meadow and a little close of pasture near Henvill? Cobb, late in the tenure of John Humphrey. Also one acre of dole meadow lying in the yard furlong in the neither meadow of Gretton. [several other parcels of land were described.]
Land belonging to Thomas Laxton and Robert Laxton mentioned. Land bought of Charles Hammerton.
All these lands to William on condition he pay wife Margaret 6 pounds per year.
Same instructions to William to pay 110 pounds to dau Frances.
Bequests of animals and property to sons William and John.
Rest of goods to wife Margaret.
Son William under age 23.
Father Willey shall be maintained out of estate until his death.
Wd 4 Dec 1744, Wp 17 Sep 1747
Witnesses: James Baxter, Elizabeth Adcock, Ed. Fisher

William Baynes, the elder, Gretton, masoner
Kinsman William Baynes son of my brother Robert Baynes 1 shillings
loving wife Mary Baynes, messuage, tenement, or dwelling house where I now live
part of land in occupation of Edward Marshall
land to William Baynes after death of wife Mary.
After his decease to his son William Baynes.
The said William Baynes [the first?] to pay 10 pounds to his brother Robert Baynes, within six months after estate shall become his.
Brother Edward Baynes after wife’s decease house where Robert Baldwin now lives. , also land that was formerly Richard Colyers.
After Edward’s decease to his son, Robert Baynes. Robert to pay 10 pounds to his sister Mary Baynes within six months after estate becomes his.
Kinsman John Bradshaw one of 3 half acres of land in the Slough on the east side.
Rest of goods to wife Mary, executor
wd 17 Aug 1754, wp 7 Nov 1755
Witnesses: Edmund Laxton, William Laxton Senior, Edd. Fisher.

John Boon of Gretton, Farmer
daughter Elizabeth, wife of William Satchell all freehold and copyhold messuages, cottages, closes, lands, tenements, and hereditaments in Gretton. Subject to payment of 12 pounds a year to wife Elizabeth Boon and daughter Mary Boon during their natural lives.
Land rented from George Finch Hatton, Esquire,
Wife and daughter given use of two rooms and furniture for them. Son-in-law to provide 40 hundred of good Pitt coal for them.
 Mary, wife of Robert Burbage sum of 6 guineas.
Rest to wife and daughter Mary.
Son in law William Satchell sole executor.
/x/, wd 4 Feb 1779, wp 27 June 1781
Witnesses: Danl Brown, Robt Laxton, Dennis Taylor

 Mary Boon, Gretton
Mother Mary, wife of William Sanders, laborer, sole executrix.
All goods to mother Mary.
wd 30 May 1827. Wp 1 Dec 1827.  Less than £100.
Witnesses: Rd. Twopenny of Casterton Parva, Rutland, Clerk, Charlotte Twopenny

 Thomas Boon, Gretton, farmer
eldest brother William Boon 10 pounds.
Sister Mary, wife of Robert Burbedge 10 pounds.
Sister  Sarah, wife of Daniell Brown 10 pounds.
Niece Elizabeth Boon dau of brother John Boon 50 pounds when she is 21.
Brother John Boon all real estate.
Rest of goods and personal property to brother John Boon, executor.
/x/, wd 17 Mar 1772, wp 17 Oct 1773.
Witnesses: Robt Laxton, Willm Rowell, Edd. Fisher

William Boon, the elder, Gretton, gentleman
dau Ann  Cowdell, cabinet in best room in the house and the leather screen in the other house
wife Elizabeth all household “stuff” she may chuse to have.
Houses to son William Boon after decease of wife Elizabeth.
Rest to son William, executor,
wd 26 Feb 1784, wp, 19 Mar 1800, under £100
Witnesses: Robt Boon, Jona: Bramston, Richd Tempest

William Boon, Gretton, gentleman
wife Mary Boon all real and personal estate.
After her decease to Rebecca now residing with me, furniture, plate, linen, and 200 pounds.
Nephews Christopher and  Robert William Boon Herbert [sic] the 500 pounds each at respective ages of 24 years with interest at rate of 4 pounds per hundred per annum.
Nieces Elizabeth Herbert and Sarah the wife of William Looms of Bozworth, Leicester, 300 pounds each, grazier.
Nephew Richard Herbert, brother of the said George Cowxall Herbert all real and personal estate. He also to take care of his mother, Ann Herbert,
Nephew Richard Herbert and William Satchell of Gretton, Butcher, joint executors
Annuity of 15 pounds a year to George Cowxall Herbert late of Sibertoft, Leicester.
Wd 18 Dec 1826, 28 Dec 1827, under £1000
Witnesses: Chas Hall, Joseph Pretty, Eliza Freeman

Mary Boone otherwise Laxton, Gretton
Sons  John Boon otherwise Laxton and Tho. Boon otherwise Laxton a bed, bedsted and bedding and paires of sheets each, and other household items.
Two daughters, Eliz. Boon otherwise Laxton and  Sarah Boon otherwise Laxton all the rest of household goods.
Dau Sarah Boon 10 pounds.
Rest to my six children equally to b divided.
Son William  Boone otherwise Laxton the coallgrate, he to be executor.
/s/ “Mary Boone”, wd 20 Mar 1734/5, wp 1735/6. Inventory dated 21 Apr 1735 by Robt Boon and Tho. Boon tot al of £84-18-6.
Witnesses: Tho Wade, William Drake, Edward Castor /x/

Thomas Boone, the elder, Gretton
Nephew Robert Boone the eldest son of my late brother Robert Boone one shilling.
Nephew William Boone the youngest son of my said brother Robert Boone one shilling.
Nephew Thomas Boone, youngest son of my brother John Boone, deceased, land in Gretton.
Thomas Boone is to pay 20 pounds to his older brother William Boone, 100 pounds to his brother John Boone and 10 pounds to my goddaughter Alice Bradshaw.
Nephew Robert Boone all the male beasts, also the sheep of all kinds.
Rest of goods to two nephews John Boone and Thomas Boone to be equally divided. They also to be executors.
wd 1 Nov 1757, wp 6 Jun 1764
Witnesses: Tho. Bradshaw, Thomas Caster /x/, Edd. Fisher

Thomas Boyes, Duddington
wife Elizabeth Boyes 10 pounds.
Dau Elizabeth Boyes 20 pounds.
Dau Mary Wyles 1 shilling.
Granson [sic] John Wyles 5 shillings
Granson Thomas Wyles 1 shilling.
Granddaughter Mary Wyles 1 shilling.
Rest to son Thomas Boyes, also executor
/x/, wd 7 Feb 1733, Wp 11 Sep 1734
Witnesses: Dorothy King, Thomas Hoggard, Thomas Bouer

William Brown, Gretton, breechesmaker
wife Elizabeth Brown lands in Gretton
After her death to son William Brown, also other land in Gretton
William to pay annuity of 10 pounds to wife Elizabeth Brown.
Wife to have all household goods, books, etc.
Son Charles Brown 80 pounds.
Son Richard Brown 60 pounds.
Daughters Anne Brown and Mary Brown 105 pounds each.
Dau Elizabteh Brown 110 pounds
son William Brown executor
wd 9 Mar 1784, wp 23 Jun 1785, estate under £300
Witnesses:  Simon Brown, Daniel Burledge, Dennis Taylor

William Bullivant, Gretton, Bucher
gdau Faith Scullthorpe dwelling in Gretton
son-in-law Humphery Scullthorpe, father of the said Faith Scullthorpe shall dwell there for three years without paying rent.
Gdau Faith all household goods
Gson Humpfery Scullthorpe the younger one wheather lamb.
All rest to gdau Faith, but she is to pay 20 shillings each to her brothers and sisters: John Scullthorpe, Thomas Scullthorpe, Elizabeth Scullthorpe, Ann Scullthorpe, Margaret Scullthorpe, Mary Scullthorpe, Isabella Scullthorpe, Matthew Scullthorpe, and Humphry Sculthorpe.
Gdau Faith executrix
/s/ “Will Bullevant” very shaky hand, wd 28 Aug 1742, wp 15 Nov 1742.
Witnesses: Tho Boon, Richard Law /x/, Robt Laxton

Robert Burden, Gretton, yeoman
dau Mary Burden all copyhold wherein I now dwell in east end of Gretton
To heirs of son William Burden if he left any, 1 shilling
Rest to dau Mary Burden, also executrix
/x/, wd 24 Mar 1732/3, wp 25 Oct 1733, Inventory 2 Apr 1733 by Edw Fisher and Matt Draycott, total £16-13-0
Witnesses: Edw Fisher, Edmund Whitwell, John Goodliffe

Mary Burton, Gretton, widow
“being indifferently well in health”
dau Luce Burditt 1 shilling
two grandchildren William Burditt and Elizabeth Burditt five shillings each.
Gdau Elizabeth Burton my clock, 2 least brass panns, and other household goods.
Gdau Frances Burton biggest brass pann, two pewter dishes and other household goods.
Gdau Sarah Burton biggest brass pann but one, chaffing dish, and other household goods.
Gson-in-law William Starbuck bed, and other bedding and household goods.
Rest to three grandchildren, Elizabeth, Sarah, and Frances Burton to be equally divided.
Friend Edward Dowse executor and guardian of three grandchildren until they reach 21 or get married.
/x/  wd 16 Feb 1705, wp 1708
Witnesses: Thom[a]s Laxton, Sarah Laxton

William Butler, Gretton. Dissenting minister
[no preface about soul to Almighty God, etc]
tenement in Gretton to wife Susannah
After her decease between children, William, Obadiah, Jabez, Jane, Rhodah the wife of Thomas Cooper of Gretton, cordwainer, and Hepzibah; share and share alike to hold as tenants in common.
Clock to dau Jane after wife’s death, and Jane to pay 13 shillings 4 pence to each of her brothers and sisters living at his wife’s death.
To all children 10 pounds each.
James Bell of Uppingham, Rutland, surgeon, guardian of son Jabez until he reaches 21.
All rest to wife, also executrix.
/s/ wd 15 Mar 1794, wp 9 Mar 1795, estate under £100.
Witnesses: ??, Thomas Palmer, William Pridmore

John Butterworth, Gretton, yeoman
son Robert Butterworth 10 pounds [five crossed out]
son William Butterworth 20 pounds when he comes out of his aprentiship [sic]
youngest son Martin Butterworth 20 pounds, one part of it to put him out to prentice and to find him clothing . . . and a mare that was given him by his unkle Martin Butterworth.
Dau Elizabeth Satchell 10 pounds.
Rest of goods betwixt loving Wife Edith Butterworth and son John Butterworth, provided they can agree to go on together.
If wife marry or go away from him, the John to have personal estate, except half the household goods which I give to wife Edith.
Edith and John joint executors.
/x/, wd 31 Dec 1740, wp 15 Nov 1742, Inventory dated 10 Jan 1740/1 by Robert Laxton, Will: Butterworth, and Tho: Wade, valued at £246-5-6
Witneses: Will. Butterworth, Ed Baynes, Robt Laxton

Robert Butterworth, Gretton, husbandman
eldest son William Butterworth 1 shilling
youngest son Martin Butterworth 1 shilling.
Likewise my dau  Elizabeth, wife of Robert Laxton, 1 shilling
dau Bridgett wife of Henery Sisson one shilling
Second son John Butterworth all the crop now growing on land belonging to Honbl Lord Hatton. John to pay all rents, etc.  
Rest of estate to son John Butterworth. He to be executor.
/x/ [fancy script “R”], wd 12 Jun 1734, wp 7 May 1739, Inventory dated 29 Oct 1737, by Tho: Wade and W. Fisher, valued £23-8-6.
Witneses: Rob. Boon, E. Fisher, William Boon

Richard Collyer, Gretton, shepard
eldest dau Hanah Collyer a little red hefer.
All rest to my three daus, Hanah Collyer, Mary Collyer and Ann Collyer, to be equally divided.
Hanah to be sole executor [sic]
/x/, wd 16 Mar 1728, wp 22 Jul 1731, Inventory by John Chapman and William Colyer valued at £50-5-0
Witnesses: Robt Laxton, Will Butterworth, John Baker

Richard Corby, Gretton, Mason
kinswoman Mary Arnsby of Welldon 1 shilling
lands in Gretton now in possession of myself and Margery Hinman, to wife Hanah Corby, and all household goods.
Hanah to be sole executor
/x/, wd 25 Jul 1732, wp 25 Oct 1733, inventory [not included] £9-17-?
Witnesses John Winsall /x/, William Cave /x/, Robt Laxton

John Cowper [or Cooper], Gretton, cordwainer [top of will says “I John Cowper”]
son Thomas Cowper land in Gretton
youngest son Nathaniel Cowper other land
Eldest son John Cooper [sic] 20 pounds
dau Mary Cooper [sic] 10 pounds, and some household goods
 Thomas and Nathaniel Cooper [sic] rest of moveables good and chattels, they also to be executors
/s/ “John Coopr” wd, ? Jun 1790, wp 7 Jan 1802, estate under £20 [note about probate spells surname Cooper]
Witnesses: Wm Brown, Do? Cardinall, John Fletcher

William Craxford, Gretton, yeoman
three sons, John, William, and Nathaniel 4 pounds each
two daughters  Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Stredder, and Mary Craxford 5 pounds each.
Rest to wife Martha and son James Craxford.
Dau Mary to live with my wife so long as she chuses [sic]
Wife Martha and son James executors
/x/, wd 13 Jan 1803,   Wp 12 Jan 1804, estate under £60
Witnesses Robt Graham, W. Boon, Wm. Laxton

Christopher Dexter, Gretton
“Forasmuch as it is appointed for all men once to Dye”.
Some land previously surrendered, some in possession of self and Matthew Slawston, butcher.
Nephew Christopher s/o of my brother Thomas Dexter of Middleton.
Wife, Elizabeth, household goods
three brothers, Thomas, Robert, and William and my sister Mary, wife of Rich. Burton.
Nephew Robert, son of my brother Robert Dexter of Harborough 10 pounds
niece Jane, d/o brother Robert Dexter 5 pounds.
Niece Jane, wife of Edward Haircock of Middleton 5 pounds.
Nephews William and Christopher, sons of brother William Dexter of Wilbarston, 5 pounds each.
Nieces Jane and Mary, daus of bro William 5 pounds each
nephews John, William, Samuel, and Thomas sons of Richard Burton of Gretton 5 pounds each.
Nieces Mary and Jane daus of said Richard Burton 5 pounds each.
Those under 21 to receive legacies when age 21.
Rest of estate to brothers Robert and William Dexter,
One third part to brother Richard Burton and sister  Mary.
Brother Robert Dexter and nephew Christopher, s/o Brother Thomas, executor.
Two thirds of rest of estate to brother Richard Burton and my sister his wife, and brother William Drake shall not be paid during there [sic] lives. They to receive interest only yearly. On their deaths money to be divided among their surviving children.
Signed, wd 22 Sep 1726;
Witnesses: Dan. Eaton, John Hinks, Richard Hill
Legacies to Richard Burton and his wife and brother William Dexter shall be paid their shares one year after my decease.
To wife 40 shillings more than is given in the will and “as much good hard firewood as the Place over Matthew Slawstons Bullock hovell will hold.”
/x/, dated 24 Apr 1727, wp 27 May 1727
Witnesses: Dan. Eaton, John Lummis, John Hinks, Robt Peach
[Note that he signed the will but only put a mark on the codicil.]

John Dexter, Gretton,
sister, Eduzin? 1 guinea
Cousin Richard Burtton 40 shillings
Cousin Mary, dau of my brother William Dexter 1 shillings
kinsman Thomas Burtton, youngest son of aforesaid Richard Burtton, two messuages in Gretton, also 5 acres and a half in meadows. In Gretton
Kinsman John Burtton, 20 shillings
John Burtton, son of the aforesd John Burtton 20 shillings.
Rest to kinsman Thomas Burtton, executor
/x/, wd 4 Mar 1742, wp 29 Oct 1743,
Witnesses: Henry Sisson, Francis Edgson, Edd Fisher

Edward Douse, Gretton, yeoman
sister Katherine Douse “if she be alive & come & demand it” 5 pounds
“I have bin told that when my Brother Charles Douse died He left a Daughter behind but I never heard her name neither do I know whether she be alive or not, but if she be alive & comes & demands it I give her five shillings”
All rest to loving wife Mary Dowse, sole executor
signed in shaky handwriting, wd 24 May 1729, wp 1731, inventory [beautiful script] by John Cooper and Robt Laxton, 6 Aug 1729, [includes books valued at £12] estate total value £145-3-8
Witnesses: John Cooper, John Boon, Elizabeth Cooper

John Drake, Gretton, Inholder
youngest sister Ann Drake money due to me from Charles Kirkham, Esq, now in the hands of Mr. Curtice attorney at Law in Stamford
Rest to two sisters Mary Drake and Ann Drake, they joint executrixes.
wd 21 Sep 1751, wp 12 Nov 1751
Witnesses: William Drake, Danl Brown, Edd Fisher

Robert Dunmore, Gretton, miller
wife Bridgett furniture in chamber of lodge, and other household goods
loving and Celabed? friends Edward Dunmore of Norton Widell?, Leics, miller, and Isaac Wilby of Church Langton, Leics,
Friends to pay wife 10 pounds per annum for maintenance of daughters Elizabeth, Mary, and my sons, ??, Robert & Thomas and the child my sd wife now gods will. Until children are 21.
Edward Dunmore and Isaac Wilby executors
wd 24 Apr 1727, wp 6 Jan 1732
Witnesses: John Bond, Humphry Dorman /x/, Tho. Pidlington

Christian Elliott of Gretton, widow
son John Elliott 1 shilling
son Thomas Elliott 1 shilling
dau Elizabeth wife of Henery Peake 1 shillings
dau Christian Elliott all rest and residue of moneys, etc.
Dgau Sarah d/o son Thomas Elliott 10 pounds at daughter Christian’s death
Dau Christian executrix
/x/, wd 2 Jul 1739, wp 15 Nov 1742 by George Hubbard, husband of named Christian Elliott otherwise Hubbard, Christian having died before executing the will. Estate less than £20.
Witneses: Will. Pridman, John Rowell, Edwd Fisher

John Elliott, Gretton
Eldest son John Elliott 1 shilling
wife Ann cottage where I now live in Gretton, after her decease to eldest son John on condition that he pay to other four children, Thomas, Henry, Mary, and Ann, 5 pounds each.
Rest of goods to wife Ann, executrix
/x/ [”E”], wd 28 Sep 1745, wp 5 Sep 1746, estate under £20
witnesses: Robert Laxton, Will Butterworth, Edd Fisher

Edward Fisher, Gretton, yeoman
Son William Fisher one shilling and cottage tenement in Gretton now in occupation of son William Fisher.  William to pay to two daughters [of Edward Fisher] Jane and Elizabeth 20 pounds each.
Two daughters 10 pounds each.
Rest of goods to younger son Edward Fisher, executor
wd 12 Aug 1725, wp 1732, inventory dated 20 Oct 1729, by Tho. Pollard and Robert Burden, valued at £173-14-0 (mostly in animals and grain)
Witnesses: Alice Pollard /x/, Edw Dowse, W. Horton, Vic[a]r of Gretton

William Freeman, Gretton, Mercer [cloth merchant]
House in Gretton to wife Perseda, also household goods itemized.
Son-in-law David Black or his wife Perseda Black 20 pounds to be paid by my son William to be paid within 12 months after decease of my wife Perseda.
Son-in-law Robert Jones or his wife  Elizabeth 20 pounds.
Youngest daughter Anne Freeman 40 pounds
youngest Dau Anne my clock, three least tables, and other itemized household goods.
Son William Freeman, all my dwelling house where I now dwell in Gretton, and close, gardens, orchards, etc., executor
wd 4 Aug 1722 wp 1731, inventory dated 2 Apr 1729 by Edwd Dowse and Jno Cooper valued at £66-2-4 [included £30 of goods in the shop]
Witnesses: Edw Dowse, John Cooper, Elizabeth Boyar /x/

John Goode, Gretton, shopkeeper
Wife Mary all goods
After her decease to children, “share and share alike”
Mary executrix
/x/, wd 1 May 1827, wp 6 Nov 1828, estate valued under £10,
Witnesses: Wm Barrow ?, Jonathan Spendton ?, Stephen Cooke

Mary Goodliffe, Gretton, widdow
“being diseased and infirme in body but of a sound mind”
Sons John Goodlife, Robert Goodlife, and William Sharpe my son-in law all household goods.
The same three joint executors.
/x/ [cursive “M”], wd 2 Jun 1730, wp 1732, inventory dated 27 Jun 1730 by Edw Fisher and Jno Cooper valued at £14-5-0.
Witnesses: Samuel Nores, Baptist Butteris, George Dalby

John Gray, Gretton, miller
All goods among brothers and sisters, to wit, William Gray, Nathaniel Gray, Gabriel Gray, and sisters, Elizabeth Gray, Mary the wife of William Mase of Brigstock.
10 pounds to be paid to Mary Mase out of her share, the rest to be put out at interest for her life and then to be shared amongst her children,  Frances the wife of William Wade of Lowick, and my Sister Ann Gray.
Edward Southam, ironmonger of Uppingham, Rutland, executor
wd 8 May 1791, wp 13 Apr 1792, estate under £600
Witnesses: Charles Brown, Wm Boon

William Gray [Mr.], Gretton, yeoman
loving wife Frances copyhold at west end of the town of Gretton, about 1 acre now in my occupation, also close and pasture lately purchased of Thomas Rands in Gretton, about 1 acre, another acre lately purchased of William Drake, several other pieces about an acre and a half, lately purchased of Thomas Knowles, also acre and a half a rood of dole meadow in Upper Meadow of Gretton, and all messuage in Gretton now in my occupation., plus other lands, some late the estate of Henry Laxton, deceased.
After wife’s decease all estate in Gretton to niece Frances Gray, dau of late brother Gabriel Gray.
Wife Frances executrix.
wd 17 Jan 1770, wp 3 Oct 1773
Witnesses: Richard Hackett, John Hunton, Dennis Taylor

William Gray, Gretton, blacksmith
Rev. Mr. William Horton of Gretton, 2 messuages now in occupation of my sister Ruth Tompkins and my brother Francis Gray Sr.
Other land in occupation of Brother Nathaniell Gray.
Lands to be held in trust only and chargeable with my debts and legacies.
Sister Ruth Tompkins of Gretton, 10 pounds.
Bro. Nathaniell Gray 10 pounds
Bro Francis Gray 10 pounds
Sis Mary Bishop of Gretton 10 pounds
Bro John Gray of Cliffe Regis 10 pounds.
Niece Truth Gray 5 pounds and my heifer
friend, sd Mr. William Horton of Gretton 10 pounds for his care and trouble
Edward Neale of Weston Underwood, Bucks, Gent. 5 pounds
rest of estate to Brothers and sisters to be divided among them [sister here listed as Truth Tompkins, listed again below as Ruth]
Rev. Mr. William Horton of Gretton, executor
/x/, wd 10 Mar 1727/8, wp 20 Apr 1728 [in Latin]
Witnesses; Richd Rowlat, Edmund Whitwell, John Freeman

Charles Hammerton, Sr., Gretton, mason
son Charles Hammerton 20 shillings
dau Mary, wife of Richard  Wheately 20 shillings
dau Elizabeth Hammerton messuage in Gretton with close near adjoyning
payment of what is due to Mr. William Stenger.
Rest to dau Elizabeth, executrix
/x/ [“H”], wd 20 Aug 1751, wp 3 Jul 1753
Witnesses: John Baker, Eliz Fisher, Edw Fisher
Henry Knowles, Gretton
nephews, Thomas Knowles, Robert Knowles both of Deane one shilling “if the same shall be demanded”
all rest of estate to wife Mary Knowles, executrix
/x/, wd 12 Jan 1789, wp 2 Oct 1791, estate valued under £100
Witnesses: William Boon, Mary Boon, Rebecca Webb

Anne Laxton, Gretton, widd[ow]
Son Robert Laxton one shilling
son William Laxton one shilling and one great brass porridgepott
grandchild Anne Laxton dau of son Robert one little brass porridgpott
grandchild Mary Laxton second dau of so Robert one sheet with a seaming in itt
grandson William son of son Robert 5 shillings
rest to youngest son Edward Laxton, executor
/x/, wd 20 Apr 1684, wp 1684
Witnesses: James Bourne, Mary Laxton /x/, Edw Dowse

Edmond [Edward on outside of will]  Laxton, Gretton, farmer
loving wife 10 pounds a year to be paid by my son and executors, and sufficient household goods
All rest to only son William Laxton
Brother Robert Laxton and my wife’s brother, Samewell Walter, joint executors., to each of them five pounds.
/x/, wd 5 Mar 1775, wp 12 Aug 1777
Witnesses: Robt Laxton, Thos Burton, Susana Steans or Heans /x/

 Hannah Laxton, Gretton, widow
Reverend Robert Graham, Clerk, and William Boon, son of William Boon, late of Gretton, gentlemen, 400 pounds, upon trust that they. Interest to be paid annually to
son Thomas Laxton and daughter Mary, wife of William York of Brigstock, grazier.
After decease of Thomas and Mary, money to be dispersed to:
grandchildren, Ann, Lucy, John, Elizabeth, and Susannah Laxton, when age 21.
John Binder of Gretton 5 pounds.
Grandson Robert Laxton all the plate for his own use.
All household goods to be divided among grandchildren
To each of the trustees 5 guineas
All rest to trustees for benefit of grandchildren.
Robert Graham and William Boon executors
wd 25 Apr 1803, wp 6 May 1806, estate under £600
Witnesses: R. Boon, W. Boon

Henry Laxton, Gretton, blacksmith
brother, Thomas Laxton, one shilling
his two children Thomas and Martha each of them one shilling
Kinsman William Laxton the eldest son of my brother Robert Laxton, one shillings
Kinsman Thomas Laxton youngest son of my brother Robert Laxton 4 pounds.
Bro Robert Laxton’s three daughters, Ann, Elizabeth, and Mary 20 shillings each.
Two tenements now in tenure or occupation of me and Gervas Binder, and other lands, to Sarah, my loving wife
After her decease to Kinswoman Frances Harryson.
Kinsman Robert Harryson and Kinswoman Mary Harryson 20 shillings each.
Rest to Kinswoman Frances Harryson, executrix
“Henary Laxton”, wd 17 Nov 1741, wp 3 Jul 1753 [proved by Frances Gray, formerly Harrison, wife of Wm.  Gray]
Witnesses: John Cooper, Will. Butterworth, Edwd Fisher

Mary Laxton, Gretton, widow
neph William Curtis all real estates, freehold and copyhold
five children of Thomas and Sarah Stenger; William, Mary, Sarah, Matthew, and Ann 10 pounds each.
William Curtis executor.
wd 26 Oct 1795, wp 27 Aug 1798, estate under £60
Witnesses: Sarah Boon, John Day, Jane Satchell

William Laxton, Gretton, weaver
Wife, Mary, all freehold and copyhold in the Town Fields
Wife Mary all household goods, executrix
wd 3 Oct 1776, wp 4 Jun 1778, estate under £20 [“value of the personally is under 20£ but together with the real estate above 40£”]
Witnesses: Robt Boon, Ann Allen, Mary Boon

William Laxton, Gretton, farmer
wife Catherine Laxton all household furniture, and household goods, and four parcels of land
after her decease to son William Laxton
dau Catherine Laxton land called Rushley Close
wife Catherine, messuage or dwelling house now in occupation of John Saunders.
After her decease to dau Catherine.
Son William tenement where I now dwell, devised by will of my father Edmond Laxton.
Son William when he reaches 24
wife Catherine executrix
“Wm Laxton”, wd 29 May 1823, wp 30 Jan 1824, testator died 12 Nov 1823, estate valued under £600
Witnesses: Nattall ?,  Robert Lenton, John Morrell

John Lenton, Gretton, farmer
eldest son John Lenton of Gretton 50 pounds, 10 pounds a year for five years. As my son John now rents of me 10 pounds a year in lands, my Son William Lenton shall let him continue the said lands for five years in lieu of the above legacy of 50 pounds.
Dau Elizabeth Pruden now wife of Richard Pruden, 50 pounds and one cow. Son William Lenton, house I live in which I rent of Mr. Haton [sic], and all farming stock, etc.
Son William Lenton executor
wd 28 Oct 1779, wp 27 June 1781, estate under £300
Witnesses: John Marriott, Wm Boon, Robert Lenton

Mary Lenton, of the Slate-ful? Lodge, Gretton, widdow
two daus Elizabeth Peach and Hannah Pywell 10 pounds each.
All household goods to son William and two daughters.
All rest to son William, executor
/x/, wd 5 Jul 1799, wp 20 Dec 1799, estate under £40
Witneses: Elizabeth Satchell, George Perkins /x/, John Ridell

Jane Lenton, Gretton, spinster
neph Robert Lenton Ward messuage, cottage or tenement with barns, stables, etc. in Gretton and other land in occupation of Robert Lenton Ward.
Neph Bryon Edward Ward and niece Rebecca Muggleton 300 pounds which is now out at interest. To be divided equally between them
sister  Rebecca, wife of Bryon Ward of Caldecott, Rutland, grazier, all household goods, furniture, etc.
Robert Lenton Ward and Bryon Edward Ward executors
/x/, wd 16 Jun 1820, wp 3 Apr 1821, estate under £450
Witnesses: John Taylor, James Taylor, John Hopkins

Robert Lenton, the elder, Gretton, Baker
eldest son Robert Lenton 20 pounds now in the hands of William Rowell
son Robert, land, and charge to pay legacies
son William Lenton 35 pounds.
Son Thomas his three children, Robert, Thomas, and Elizabeth to each 7 pounds when they are 21 years old.
Dau Mary, wife of Thomas Satchell, the house where I now dwell, with all household goods
son Robert executor
/x/, wd 6 Jul 1770, wp 20 Jul 1774
Witnesses: Robt Boon, Willm Boon, Edd Fisher

 Robert Lenton, Gretton, Baker
wife Jane, messuage where I now live
after her decease to grandson Robert Lenton Ward
Wife other messuage now in occ of William Langley and Matthew Wolley.
After her decease to dau Jane Lenton.
Wife other land in occ of William Smith
after her decease to granddau Jane Peach
Wife other land, close and pasture, five acres purchased from Richard Law and Robert Cave, being copyhold of the manor of Gretton,
after her decease to dau Jane Lenton.
Rest of copyhold land, about 25 acres, to wife, Jane
after her decease to son-in-law Bryan Ward of Caldecott, Rutland, farmer and grazier, and my dau  Rebecca his wife.
After their decease to children of dau Rebecca, wife of Bryan Ward, both male and female in equal proportions.
Land called Cherry Scolme in Caldecott to wife Jane
after her decease to Bryan Ward and Rebecca his wife and after their decease to grandson Robert Lenton Ward.
Dau Mary  Brown, wife of William Brown of Liddington Park Lodge 100 pounds.
Dau Rebecca Ward 100 pounds.
Dau Jane Lenton 300 pounds.
Grandau Jane Peach 100 pounds when she is 22.
Grandau Mary Peach 50 pounds when 22
gdau Ann Brown 20 pounds. Gson William Brown 20 pounds, these legacies when they are 21.
All rest to wife Jane, executrix
Friend William Boon son of William Boon of Gretton and Bryan Ward will assist my wife in
execution of my will.
wd 28 Feb 1795, wp 1796, estate under £1000
Witnesses: Bentley Warren, attorney at law Uppingham, Thomas Chapman, Chas Churchill

Thomas Lenton, Gretton, Baker
eldest son Robert Lenton one shilling
wife Elizabeth all land where I now dwell. If she remarries, land to eldest son Robert, when he is 21.
Robert charged with payment of 10 pounds each to son Thomas, and dau Elizabeth
little house now occ by John Smith to Robert Lenton
son Thomas 40 pounds. dau Elizabeth 40 pounds when they are 21.
Kinsman William Rowell of Gretton to be trustee and guardian of children
All rest to wife Elizabeth, executix
/x/, wd 14 Apr 1770, wp 11 Jul 1770
Witnesses: Wm Boon, William Laxton, Edd Fisher

Edward Marshall, Gretton, woodman
bro John Marshall 5 pounds
sister Agnes Marshall 5 ounds
nephew Edward Marshall 5 pounds
niece Mary Marshall 5 pounds
kinswoman Mary Clark 5 ounds when age 21 and not before
all rest to nephew Robert Marshall, executor
/x/ [“H”?], wd 15 Mar 1763, wp 7 Jun 1764, inventory dated 25 Mar 1763, by Robt Boon and Edd Fisher, value £18-2-6
Witnesses: John Bryan, Wib ? Warick ?, Edd Fisher

Thomas Meadows, Gretton, yeoman
wife Elizabeth all two acres of copyhold land lately purchsed of John Belton
after her decease to nephew Thomas Meadows.
All rest to wife, executrix
wd 7 Feb 1749, wp 8 Apr 1756
Witnesses: Elizabeth Fisher, Thomas Satchell, Edd Fisher

Edward Newham, Gretton, wheelwright
sons Edward, Thomas, and Samuel Newham one shilling each, and dau Mary wife of William Woodward one shilling.
All copyhold to son John Newham.
Stock in trade, household goods, furniture, personal property to son John Newham upon condition that wife Mary shall have use of house and goods as long as she lives and continues as my widow.
Son John exeutor
wd 19 Apr 1800, wp 13 Nov 1802, estate not over £40
Witnesses: Robt Graham, Wm Brown, Charles Brown

Mary Patrick, Gretton, widow
Mary Thompson, wife of Richard Thompson of No. 101 Piccadilly London and dau of William  Arnsby late of Weldon, woolstapler, deceased 100 pounds.
 Thomas, Charles, James, William, and Edward Rowlett Finedon and Elizabeth Woodcock, sons and dau of John Finedon of Brigstock, farmer, deceased, 20 pounds each.
Wyborough Woodcock of Desborough 5 pounds.
Elizabeth Mould of Finedon 5 pounds.
William Woodcock of Desborough 5 pounds.
William Wood son of William Wood of Hasborough, Leicester 5 pounds
Thomas Woodcock of Turlangton, Leicester 5 pounds.
Samuel Cooper of Geddington 5 pounds
all legacied to be paid twelve months after my decease.
Thomas Laxton of Gretton, farmer, all ready monies and all rest of goods, executor
wd 18 May 1822, wp 28 Mar 1829, estate under £450, testator died 10 Dec 1827
Witnesses: W. Boon, M. Sismey

William Peach, Wood Lodge, Gretton, Keeper
brother John Pywell 20 pounds.
Sister Mary Brion 20 pounds
housekeeper Mary Peach 5 pounds.
Nephew Christopher Peach 20 pounds.
Neece Ann Brion 5 pounds.
Neph John Pywell my little bay mare     
All rest of lands and goods to neph Thomas Peach, executor
wd 3 Oct 1781, wp 20 Aug 1788, estate under £600
Witnesses: Thomas White, Joseph Salkeld, John Forster /x/

William Preston, Gretton, victualler
all freehold to wife Mary Preston, executrix
“Willm Preston”, wd 11 Jun 1806, wp 30 Aug 1806, estate under £100
Witnesses: Bentley Warren, Chas Churchile, Thos Wooding

William Pridmore, Gretton, woolsmith and weaver
oldest son Robert Pridmore 1 shilling
wife Mary all freehold in Gretton, executrix
/x/ [says “mark of William Pridmore,” but “signed” “Will Pmor” in a very shaky hand] wd 5 Oct 1757, wp [19 Apr 1764, note of Mary appearing, crossed out], 9 Jul 1767
Witnesses: John Rowell, Elizabeth Rowell, Edd Fisher

Richard Pruden, Gretton, farmer
eldest son Richard Pruden 1 shilling
other two sons, Joseph and William each one shilling
dau Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Lenton, one shilling
all rest to wife Elizabeth, executrix
wd 10 Jul 1769, wp 11 Jul 1770
Witnesses: Tho Boon, Thos Burton, Edd Fisher

John Richmond, Gretton
wife Susanna messuage house wherein I now dwell in Gretton and two acres of arable land, adjoining land of Daniel Eaton and Robert Laxton
If she dies or marries then half to son John Richmond and half to eldest son Samuel Richmond
Rest to wife Susanna.
wd 15 Jul 1735, wp 1735, inventory taken 26 Jul 1735 by Jno Cooper and Edd Fisher, value £18-8-4
Witnesses: Rich Satchell [signed in very shaky script], Robart Banis ?, Edwd Fisher

Samuel[l] Richmond, Gretton, laborer
wife Bridget two messuages being copyhold in Gretton, one in my occupation and one in occupation of Samuell Shelhorn, also three acres of coppyhold arable land
son John Richmond one shilling
All rest to wife, Bridget, executrix
/x/, wd 16 Nov 1732, wp 5 Feb 1734, inventory taken by Tho. Wade and Robt Laxton, value £18-7-6
Witnesses: Neh: Tookey, Ambros Hill, Lewis Berridge /x/

William Rowell, the elder, Gretton, farmer
son William Rowell all house lands, etc upon condition that he pay wife Mary 20 pounds a year every year during her life.
If he will not, then land where I now dwell and land purchased of Thomas Goodliffe and land purchased of William Wade of Uppingham, to wife
After her decease then to son William Rowell.
/x/, wd 11 Sep 1760, wp 19 Oct 1763
Witnesses: Robt Boon, William Cradshaw ? [Bradshaw ?], Edd Fisher

James Rowlatt, the younger, Gretton, butcher
wife Sarah and John Rowlatt otherwise John Boon all copyhold, and freehold land
John Rowlatt otherwise John Boon not yet 21.
Wife Sarah to maintain and bring up John Rowlatt otherwise John Boon until 21, executor
wd 11 Feb 1796, wp 23 Jun 1796, value under £100
Witnesses: Bentley Warren, W. Boon, Charles Brown

John Rowlatt, Gretton, labourer
messuage where now live to wife Ann Rowlatt
dau Ann Pain 5 pounds.
Rest to wife Ann, executrix
/x/, wd, 6 Oct 1804, wp 4 Feb 1805, value under £20
Witnesses: W. Boon, N. Cooper, G. Gray

Elizabeth Satchell, Gretton, widow
son John Satchell who now lives with me all ready money, household goods,
gson Thomas Spencer 20 pounds, 10 pounds three years after decease, 10 pounds five years after
gchildren Elizabeth Baumford, David Spencer, Ann Spencer, William Spencer, and John Spencer 5 pounds each. To be paid four years after decease.
Son John Satchell executor
/x/, wd 8 Apr 1793, wp 12 Aug 1793 [John Satchell declared property did not amount to £300, immediately after he recollected that to be the Inventory of his late Fathers effects, a third part only of which was his mothers. On 18 Aug 1793 he showed inventory of his father’s effects and an account of the testatrix’s effects certify’d under the hands of Msrs. Boon and Spencer of Gretton, not to amount to the sum of 100 pounds.]
Witnesses: Wm. Boon, Jno Fletcher

Joanna Satchell, Gretton, spinster
cottage in Gretton in occupation of William Spencer and Henry Spencer to cousin John Watkinson and Mary his wife
after their decease to Mary Watkinson, eldest dau of said John Watkinson
cousin Arthur Watkinson 5 pounds
cousin Edmund Wise one guinea
cousin Joanna Lattimer wife of Francis Lattimer 10 shillings
 Anne Barker Wife of Thomas Barker 5 shillings
 Frances Barker Wife of John Barker 10 shillings
Anne Watkinson and Elizabeth Watkinson daus of John Watkinson 20 pounds each at age 21.
 Mary Watkinson, dau of John Watkinson, my green bed and bedstead in the parlour chamber with the curtins and beddings belonging to the said bed and a trunk in the same chamber with all the linnen and other things in the same trunk.
Anne Watkinson my bed and bedstead in the kitchin Chamber with the curtins and bedding that belongs to the same my great brewing kettle, a chest of drawers one coffer and three pewter dishes,
Elizabeth Watkinson my bed and bedstead in the hall chamber with the curtins and bedding belonging to the same bed and one box in the same chamber with the linnen and other things in the same box.
Cousin Mary Watkinson, wife of John Watkinson, my large Chest and all that is in it, five pewter dishes, a press a cupboard, broad Brass pann, little table and two small coffers.
Rest to John Watkinson, sole executor
/x/, wd 17 May 1733, wp 17 Sep 1747
Witnesses: Richard Satchell, John Lenton, Thomas Meadows

Richard Satchell, Gretton, yeonman
“being wick and weake in body but of sound perfect and dispossing mind and memory”
eldest son Thomas Satchell, six acres of arable land, two acres and a half a rood of dole meadow, one close of pasture, several other parcels of land designated; one next to John Baker’s close and barn, one adjoining land of Lord of the Manner [sic]. Land by William Pridmore, and Robert Laxton, William Petterell Gent., Gefery Johnson.
Land given to son Thomas on condition that he pay my two daughters, Elizabeth Satchell and Hannah the wife of Henry  Taylor, full and just sum of 27 pounds 10 shillings; 10 pounds one year after decease and 17 pounds 10 shillings within two years after decease. If he does not pay them, they get some of the parcels of land.
Son Samuel Satchell messuage & house lately pruchased of John Williamson and some other parcels of land, one abutting against Thomas Goodliffes land, also William Gray, William Baxter, John Haskett, Walter Freeman, Edwd Bullyvant.
Land given to Samuel on condition that he pay my two daughters, Elizabeth Satchell and Hannah Taylor, 10 pounds; 50 shillings to Elizabeth within two years of decease, 7 pounds 10 shillings to Hannah within two years. If he does not pay, they get part of land.
Son William Satchell land, some adjoining land of Edward Alger, William Broctor ?, Robert Laxton, Lord of the Manner, William Laxton, Robert Boon, Gefery Johnson.
Dau Mary, wife of John  Watkinson 5 shillings
Son Richard Satchell [also buried 23 Oct 1737] parcels of land; land near Thomas Goodliffe, John Haskett, William Bullevant, William Prine, William Baynes, Richard Lambert, and Robert Laxton.
If he die without issue lands to be divided between son William and two daughters, Elizabeth and Hannah .
Son Richard the cottage where John Castor lives after my wife’s decease, and other lands. If he die, then cottage and lands to son William and daughters, Elizabeth and Hannah.
Wife Hannah Satchell land by wood, and “two cows to take them where she will out of my stock.” She to have all household goods to use or distribute as she sees fit.
All my horses and “meeres both old and young” to sons Samuel and William. Each of them also to have a wagon, “Samuel to take the first, and William to take the next.”
To Samuel and William each “one cart and likewise all my gears and harnish belonging to my team to part them equally between them.”
Son William Satchell two cows, dau Hannah Taylor one cow.
All rest to son Thomas  Satchell, executor.
“Rich. Satchell”, wd 19 Oct 1737, wp 7 May 1739 [buried 23 Oct 1737]
Witnesses: Will Baynes, John Butterworth, E. Fisher.

Richard Satchell, Gretton, yeoman
Cousin, John Watkinson, of Gretton, husbandman, all messuages, cottages, closes, lands, tenements, and herditaments, of Gretton.
 Arthur Watkinson 10 pounds, Edmund Wise 10 pounds, Joanna wife of Francis  Lattimer 5 pounds.
Anne wife of Thomas  Barker 5 pound, Frances wife of John Barker 5 pounds, Richard Satchell and Samuel Satchell sons of my cousin Richd Satchell one guinea each.
Richard Barker son of John Barker one guinea
Richard Satchell labourer half a guinea.
To the poor of Gretton 20 shillings to be distributed at my funeral.
All residue to John Watkinson, executor
“Richard Satchell”, wd 17 May 1733, wp 13 Feb 1741
Witnesses: Richard Satchell “iand” [second?], John Lenton, Thomas Meadows

Richard Satchell, Gretton, farmer
Friend William Boon of Gretton, farmer, all goods, chattels, cattle, stock, crop, and all personal estate.
William Boon to sell everything and divide monies equally between my wife and two children. He shall place out of interest upon good security the two shares of my two children Sarah and Mary Satchell and apply the interest thereof to the support and maineenance of my said two children until they are married or attain their respective ages of twenty one years, when they shall receive the principal.
William Boon executor.
/x/, wd 3 May 1802,  wp 29 Dec 1802, estate less than £300
Witnesses: Robt Graham, Ann Tee

Thomas Satchell, Gretton, farmer
Wife, Ann Satchell, messauge and cottage in Gretton
After her decease to son Thomas Satchell
Son William Satchell parcels of land, adjacent William Boon, Robert Boon, the Lord’s Land, William Rowell, Daniel Eaton. Four acres. On condition of payment of yearly sum of 40 shillings to wife during her life.
Dau Ann, wife of William Rowell, five acres of land,adjacent Robert Boon, Richard Haskett, William Boon, the Lord’s land, William Lenton, subject to payment of 50 shillings a year to wife during her life.
Rest to son Thomas, subject to payment of five pounds ten shillings annually to wife during her lifetime.
Wife Ann all household goods and furniture.
Rest to son Thomas, he to pay his brother Richard Satchell 10 puonds within 12 months of decease.
Son Thomas executor.
Wd 17 Nov 1778, wp 27 June 1781, value under £300
Witnesses: Sam Wells ?, Samuel Stchel [sic], Dennis Taylor
All my horses and “meeres both old and young” to sons Samuel and William. Each of them also to have a wagon, “Samuel to take the first, and William to take the next.”
To Samuel and William each “one cart and likewise all my gears and harnish belonging to my team to part them equally between them.”
Son William Satchell two cows, dau Hannah Taylor one cow.
All rest to son Thomas  Satchell, executor.
“Rich. Satchell”, wd 19 Oct 1737, wp 7 May 1739 [buried 23 Oct 1737]
Witnesses: Will Baynes, John Butterworth, E. Fisher.

Thomas Satchell, the elder, Gretton, farmer
son Thomas all freehold and copyhold in Gretton.
Good friends William Boon, gentleman (son of Robert Boon of Gretton, gentleman) and William Boon gentleman (son of William Boon of Gretton gentleman) all my goods, chattells, crops of corn grain and hay, implements in husbandry, horses, mares, ffoals, cows, calves, sheep, and hogs, moveables and immoveables, quick and dead stock ready money and securities for money and all other personal estate (all my household goods and furniture only excepted) upon trust that they shall sell and dispose of personal estate for best price and invest it, the interest to maintain my children, namely Elizabeth, Mary, Ann, Thomas, Sarah, and Hannah Satchell until they attain age of 24. [No commas in original, Mary and Ann could be Mary Ann.]
Dau Elizabeth to have legacy of 60 pounds at age 24.
Daus Mary, Ann, Sarah, and Hannah to have legacy of 50 pounds.
Wife Mary Satchell one annuity or yearly sum of 10 pounds during her life and all household goods
Brothers Richard Satchell and William Satchell to have lands I rent from them.
William Boon and William Boon executors and trusteees of will and guardians of all my children until they reach age 24.
wd 8 May 1786, wp 26 Oct 1787, value under £600
Witnesses: Robt Laxton, Wm Rowell, Dennis Taylor

Thomas Satchell, Gretton, yeoman
Wife Mary, all parcels of land
After her decease to only daughter Elizabeth Satchell
Rest to wife Mary, executrix
“Thos Satchell” shaky, wd 10 Apr 1797, wp 3 Jul 1797, value under £20.
Witnesses: Robt Graham, Peter Goldstone, Abrham [sic] Gray

William Satchell, Gretton, farmer and grazier
son William Satchell, messuage and homestead adjoinging same, which I purchased of Daniel Eaton in my said son’s occupation, and copyhold purchased of my nephew Thomas Satchell.Also 3 and a half acres that came to me through my father’s will, lying in different fields in Gretton, all copyhold, now in my own occupation. Also acre and a half of freehold land purchsed of nephew Thomas Satchell.
Son William to pay to son Robert 40 pounds and to my daughter Rebecca 10 pounds.
Son William all book debts that are due to me, he having formerly carried on the business of a butcher.
Son Richard 5 pounds.
Son John 300 pounds.
Son Robert further sum of 400 pounds
Dau Elizabeth 1 pound
Dau Ann ten pounds and to my daughter Mary 10 pounds.
Dau Rebecca a bed and the bedding complete she to have the first choice.
Rest of property to son Thomas, subject to annual payment of 40 shillings charged upon part of estate which I purchased of the late Edward Palmer Esq to apprentice the children of the poor of Gretton
Remain of personal property to son Thomas, executor
wd 11 Feb 1817, wp 2 Jun 1820, value under £1500
Witnesses: William Forster, Rector of Ayston, William Bryan, farmar [sic], Gretton, William Setchell, malster, Gretton [signatures on this will may not be original signatures.]

William Sculthorp, Gretton, labourer
nephew William Sculthorp, eldest son of my brother Thomas Sculthorp one shilling
Wife Isabella Sculthorp all messuage house in Gretton in occupation of me.
After her decease to kinswoman Elizabeth Popeley dau of Francis Popeley of Laxton on condition that she shall pay unto my sister Bridget  Barfield of Laxton 40 shillings.
Five pounds to gdau Isabella Quince dau of John Quince of Gretton.
Wife Isabella other lands, executrix
/x/, wd 29 Jun 1740, wp 15 Nov 1742
Witnesses: Robt Boon, William Boon, Edwd Fisher.

John Sewell, of Gretton Mill, Gretton, miller
mother, Elizabeth Sewell, widow, annuity of 5 pounds a year
wife Mary lands in Gretton, lands in Belton, Rutland
brother Robert Sewell 40 pounds.
Sisters Ann Sewell, Catherine Sewell, Mary Sewell, and Martha Sewell 10 pounds each.
Note from brother William Sewell and cousin Thomas Sewell of Oakham for 25 pounds, debt given to brother William Sewell.
Rest to wife Mary, executrix
wd 30 Aug 1783, wp 7 Dec 1783, value under £500
Witnesses: J. Bramston, Robt Boon, Robt Laxton

Henry Sisson, Gretton, grocer
oldest brother Thomas Sisson, 10 ounds.
Brother-in-law Martin Butterworth 20 shillings a year
Kinsman Thomas Satchell son of William Satchell lands in Gretton.
Sister Sarah now living at Long Clawston, Leicester, 5 pounds.
Kinswoman Elizabeth Satchell wife of William Satchell 5 pounds
Kinsman Thomas Satchel, son of Elizabeth Satchell that little bed wherein he lyeth with all the bedding and furniture thereunto belonging.
Brothers William Sisson and Joseph Sisson house I now dwell in and half acre of meadow I lately purchased of my brother in law Martin Butterworth.
Rest to two brothers, William and Joseph Sisson, they to be executors
26 Mar 1755, wp 7 May 1755
Witnesses: Edward Newham, William Boon, Edd Fisher

David Spencer, Gretton, carpenter
wife Mary all freehold and copyhold, and all personal and household goods, she to be executrix
/s/, wd 13 Nov 1822, wp 9 Dec 1826, value under £100
Witnesses: Bentley Warren, John Taylor, Elizabeth Bascot or Bafcot ?

Henry Spencer, Gretton, farmer
son William Spencer, late of Gretton, deceased, to his three children one son and two daughters, to each of them 2 shillings and 6 pence.
Son Henry Spencer 20 pounds out of my personal estate toward bring of him up until he reaches age 21.
Rest to son Henry Spencer and dau Elizabeth Spencer
Brother-in-law Thomas Satchell and John Holland guardian in trust for my son Henry
/x/, wd 9 Jan 1762, wp 6 Jun 1764
Witneses: John Butterworth, Truth Biggler or Biggles /x/, Edd Fisher

John Spencer, Sr., Gretton, carpenter
son William Spencer after my death and after death of wife Elizabeth all lands where I now life
To William Spencer other parcels of land
William to pay to my daughter, Alis Spencer 30 pounds, and pay grandson David Spencer 1 pound 1 shilling.
Dau Alse household goods, exepting [sic] the clock and clock case and a bedstead and bedding theron.
Son William executor
wd 28 Oct 1780, wp 1787, under £100
Witnesses: Danl Brown, Andrew Palmer, Elizabeth Cave

Thomas Spencer, Gretton, carpenter
wife Elizabeth all household goods, debts, moveable effects
wife Elizabeth messuage or tenement in Gretton
if she marries, to messuage to be equally divided amonth children living at that time.
Wife’s brother William Satchell and my own brother William Spencer executors
/x/, wd 24 Dec 1784, wp 23 Jun 1785, under £20
Witnesses: James Craps, Andrew Palmer, Thomas Satchell

William Spencer, the elder, Gretton,
eldest son William one shilling.
Son Thomas Spencer one shilling
son John Spencer one shillings
remainder to wife Elizabeth Spencer, executrix
“Will: Spencer”, wd 13 Sep 1792, wp 19 Nov 1798, under £100
Witnesses: John Marriott, George Marriott

Susanna Spendlove, Gretton, widow
nephew Robert Pell one oval table
newphew John Pell large coffer
niece Elizabeth Ireson a bed, a corner cupboard a tea table my best stays, dark coloured gown, green quilt, two pair of sheets and 3 guineas
niece Mary Pell flowered gown, a table with a drawer in it.
Brother Robert Baldwin small brass pan and to his son Robert Baldwin half a dozen chairs and to his son John Baldwin a square table and to his dau MaryBaldwin a bedstead and pair of sheets
Mary Tomlin, niece of my late husband a large pan and to his niece Elizabeth Harboor a large coffer
Rest to sister Elizabeth Pell on condition that she pay my brother Robert Baldwin half the sum of money left after payment of debts, funeral expenses, etc.  
Sister Elizabeth Pell executrix.
/x/, wd 17 Mar 1800, wp 28 Mar 1800, under £40
Witnesses: Robt Graham, Martha Craxford

Thomas Stanger, Gretton, trad[e]sman
youngest dau Ann Stanger all housal [sic] goods, all fire wood, feeding hoge in the stie
Daughters Mary Fearn, Sarah Pool, Ann Stanger, and two daughters in law should divide linen amongst them
Close to sons-in-law William Fearn of Spratton and John Pool of Long Lidington, Rutland.
Eldest dau Mary Fearn of Spratten 5 pounds
dau Sarah Pool of Long Lidington 5 pounds.
Youngest dau Ann Stanger 5 pounds.
[Crossed out, eldest son William Stanger to pay to his brother Mathew Stanger 5 pounds.]
Rest of goods to two sons, William and Mathew Stanger to part between themselves, they two to be executors.
wd 21 Nov 1782, wp 27 Aug 1783, under £100
Witnesses: John Cardinall, Thomas Thorp, William Pridmore

John Tee, Gretton, farmer
wife Ann 3 acres of land in open fields of Grettton lately purchased by me.
At her decease to eldest son John.
Rest of goods to wife for benefit of herself and my children, Ann, Thomas, Elizabeth, Alice, Sarah, and Maria until the youngest of them shall attain age 21. If wife dies before youngest child reaches 21, then money to be held in trust by son John.
If wife dies before youngest child reaches 21, her part to go to son Thomas.
Wife, Ann, executrix
/x/, wd 18 Jan 1823, wp 30 Jan 1824, under £450
Witnesses: Wm. Boon, Wm. Satchell, Stephen Cooke

Laurence Vine, Gretton, yeoman
mother Edith Vine widow, use of my personal estate goods and chatells during her life.
Brother William Vine 30 pounds
uncle Michael Laxton and aunt Alice his sister ten shillings each
uncle Robert Laxton 20 shillings
kinsman Jane Peach 20 shillings
Rest to brother John Vine, executor
/x/, wd 28 May 1690, wp 13 Oct 1691
Witnesses: Tho. Jackson, William Laxton, Tho. Pell, John Humphrey /x/ [will transcribed, not original]

Mary Vine, the elder, Gretton, widow
son William Vine one shilling
son Edward Vine and dau Elizabeth Vine one shilling each
40 pounds to be put into and placed at interest for dau Mary Vine
Churchwardens and overseers of the poor of Gretton and succeeding churchwardens and overseers to take care of the interest towards the maintenance of dau Mary Vine for a during the term of her natural life.
After her decease then 40 pounds to son William.
Dau Mary the fether bed and furniture thereunto.
Also to dau Mary brass pott and two little brass pans and other household items.
Dau Elizabeth fetherbed and bedstead in the little chamber and other household items.
Son William another bedstead
son Edward his two daughters each ofthem one pewter dish to be of the middle six
All rest to son Edward Vine and dau Elizabeth to be equally parted betweeen them.
Churchwardens and overseers to be executors.
/x/, wd 4 Apr 1760, wp 1767, 22 Apr 1769, letters of Admin with this will annexed were granted unto Wm. Vine, a legatee within named. Admon by William Vine of Gretton, labourer, and John Doe, bond for £80. Signed by William Vine.
Witnesses: Eliz Fisher, Ann Carter /x/, E Fisher

 Frances Wade, Gretton, widow
two brothers, Gabriel Gray of Gretton and William Harper of Lowick all copyhold to be sold at best price. Also all household goods to be sold.
Monies to go to education and maintenance of children,  Elizabeth and William Wade.
Any money remaining when they are 21 to be divided between them.
two brothers, Gabriel Gray and William Harper, executors
Son William a silver watch that was his father’s
/x/, wd 7 Dec 1801, wp 2 Jan 1802, under £40
Witnesses: Robt Graham, Wm Satchell, Rob Lenton

 Robert Wade, Gretton, yeoman
wife Anamariah Wade, all worldly substance, she taking care of my children until they are able to take care of themselves.
Wife and brother, Thomas Ougden executors.
“Robt Wade,” very shaky , wd 5 Apr 1743, wp 16 Apr 1744, under £20
Witnesses: Tho. Wade, Ester Clark /x/, Robt Laxton

 Thomas Warner, Gretton, yeoman
wife Ruth Warner copyhold in Gretton and one acre of meadow and one acre of arable land in Nether Field of Gretton, as long as she remains my widow.
After her death, or if she ceases to be my widow, to son Thomas Warner copyhold messuage, on condition of payment of 20 pounds to my dau Elizabeth Warner and 10 pounds to my son John Warner.
One acre of arable land to son William Warner
Acre of meadow to son John Warner
Rest to wife Ruth, executrix
/s/, 12 Jul 1797, wp 14 Sep 1797, under £20
Witnesses: Robt Graham, Ed Tansley, Eliz. Cunnington

 John Watkinson, Gretton, farmer
dau Mary, wife of   John Rowlatt of Brigstock, gentleman, all freehold and copyhold in Gretton, and all freehold and copyhold there or elsewhere in County of Northampton (little messuage at top of yard in Gretton in tenure of John Grant only excepted)
After her decease to grandson John Rowlatt, subject to payment of following sums.
To dau  Elizabeth Goodyer 100 oiunds
to dau  Hannah wife of Robert Laxton 100 pounds
to grandson John Goodyer 100 pounds
Little messuage before mentioned to grandson John Goodyer.
Dau Mary Rowlatt all household goods, sole executrix
/x/, wd 6 May 1773, wp 1773
Witnesses: William Oliver, Edward Tansley, Edward Tansley

 George Wyles, Duddington, yeoman
daughters, Frances Wyles and Susannah Wyles all household goods.
Son John Wyles messuage in Duddington, also land in forest in the Lordship of Duddington
son William messuage in Duddington in occupation of James Wyles.
Son James Wyles all rest of messuages and tenements lands, to pay debts and following legacies;
to son  Thomas Wyles 10 puonds
son Francis Wyles 10 pounds
son Robert Wyles 10 pounds
son James Wyles executor
wd 10 Mar 1828, wp 20 Oct 1828, under £100, testator died 4 May 1828
Witnesses: T. ? N. Jackson,  Mary Dyson, John Dyson

 John Wyles, the elder, Duddington
dau  Susana Henson, wife of   Robert Henson
dau Sarah Clarke wife of Jonah Clarke 5 shillings each to be paid by son John Wyles
son John Wyles all copyhold houses, lands, etc., in Duddington
after decease of wife Sarah.
Son John “two shopboards which fixed fast in my two working romes and the great chest that was my fathers and the stone trough at the well and my common prayer booke.”
Son James Wyles 20 pounds, wife Sarah to have use of said 20 pounds during her lifetime as long as she is my widow.
Rest of goods to wife Sarah and son James Wyles, executors
wd 6 Jan 1731, inventory taken 15 Jan 1731, £24-2-6 by William Algar and Jno Sharman
Witnesses:   Thomas Manton?, Sarah Manton /x/, William Brown

 William Baynes (or Baines), Gretton, mason
Inventory taken 18 Dec 1754 by  John Boon and Edd. Fisher, £89-9-0.

 Thomas Barwell, Gretton
Admon dated 17 Sep 1747, bond £200
by wife  Sarah Barwell, /x/, Gretton, and John Lein ?[signed Lenton] of Gretton, yeoman, and  Robert Laxton of Gretton, glazier
Witness: Will Gurnall

 Mary Boon, Gretton
Admon 6 Apr 1809, bond £200, estate under £300
by William Boon, Gretton, gentlemen, and William Boon, Gretton, grazier, and William Arnesby, Gretton, shopkeeper.
One of the William Boons son of Mary Boon.
Witness: Robert Graham

 Thomas Borton, Gretton, shoemaker
Admon 30 May 1778, bond £100, value £18-19
by Elisabeth Borton, /x/, Grettton, widow of Thomas, and John Caster of Gretton, shoemaker
Witnesses:  Fra. Wotton, Amey Swift

 John Bryan, Gretton, farmer
Admon 24 Oct 1779, bond £600
by  Mary Bryan, Gretton, widow of John; Thomas Bryan of Stoke Dry, Rutland, farmer
Witnesses:  Thomas Stafford, Fra. Wotton

Inventory of John Brutnall, Gretton, labourer
taken 10 Mar 1728 by  Robt Laxton, and John Baker, value £18-1-4
 Elizabeth Cately, Gretton
Admon 23 Mar 1811, bond £200, estate under £300
by   Thomas Cately /x/ of Gretton, labourer, and William Satchell, farmer, and Charles Brown, glover both of Gretton
Thomas Cately, husband of Elizabeth Cately, she died 13 May 1808
Witness: Robert Graham

 Thomas Dixey, Gretton, carpenter
Admon 9 Dec 1742, bond £100
by   Frances Dixey /x/ of Gretton, widow of Thomas, Watson Cave of Liddington, Rutland, joyner, and Nathaniel Cooper of Gretton
Witnesses:  Hennry [sic] Laxton and Joseph Harrison

 John Dexter, Gretton
Inventory taken 26 Sep 1743 by  Robt Boon and Edd. Fisher
Value £8-9-2
In Richard Bratton’s house, dishes, spade, and other goods belonging to late John Dexter. Barley in Richard Bratton’s barne. Due from Charles Adcocok to late John Dexter 6 shillings.

 Lawrence Drake, Gretton
Admon 12 Apr 1734, bond £79-10
by William Letts of Harringworth and Robt Allet of Bullwick, and   Francis Burditt of Deen
Witnesses:  W. Horton, Robt Laxton

 Ann Drake, Gretton, widow
Admon, 15 Nov 1742, bond £200
by John Drake of Fineslade, servant, son of Anne Drake; Thomas Boon of Gretton, yeoman, and Robert Laxton of Gretton glasier.
Witness: Will. Garnall
Inventory taken 5 Jan 1741 by Robert Laxton and Tho. Boon, value £62-13-4

 Sarah Goldstone, Gretton
Admon 19 Oct 1821, bond £170, estate under £100
by Peter Goldstone, husband of Sarah, farmer; William Thompson of Stamford, Lincoln, gentleman, and Peter Goldstone the elder of Gretton, carpenter.
Witness: Rd. Atlay

 Francis Gray, Gretton
Admon 15 Nov 1742, bond £200
by Anne Gray, Gretton, widow of Francis;  Richard Browne, Gretton, glover, and George Hubbard, Gretton, labourer
[three seals but no signatures on bond]
Inventory taken 23 Jul 1742, of Francis Gray, the elder, of Gretton, by  John Baker, John Jay, and Robt Laxton, value £45-12-6

 Robert Laxton, Gretton, yeoman
Admon 7 May 1739, bond £300
by  Elizabeth Laxton, Gretton, widow of Robert; John Billidge /x/ of Gretton, yeoman, and Robert Laxton, Gretton, glasier & plumber
Witness: Will Gurnall
Inventory taken 21 Oct 1737 “in ye Woodlane” by  Tho. Wade and Tho. Boon value £113-2-0

 John Lenton, Gretton
Admon 20 Aug 1788, bond £150, value under £100
by Ann Lenton of Gretton, widow of John; William Lenton of Gretton farmer, and John Doe
Witness: John Fardell, Not. Pub.

 William Lenton, Gretton,
Admon 23 Jun 1785, bond £200, value under £100
by Mary Lenton /x/ of Gretton, widow of William; William Lenton of Gretton, farmer, and John Doe
Witness: John Fardell, Not. Pub.

 Thomas Meadows, Gretton
Inventory taken 19 Dec 1755 value £28-0-0
by  Thomas Satchell and Edd. Fisher

 Richard Rands, Gretton, weaver
Inventory taken 2 Apr 1731, value £17-9-6
by  Henery Laxton and Will. Lenton

 Samuel Richman, Gretton
Admon 1 Aug 1777, bond £38
by  Bridget Richman /x/, widow of Samuel; William Brown of Gretton, tanner, and John Doe
Witness: John Fardell, Not. Pub.

 William Richman, Gretton, taylour
Admon 19 Jul 1715
by Mary (Latin Maria) Richmond /x/, Gretton, widow of William; John (Latin Johe.) Sudburough /x/, Weldon
Witness: Willm Goode
Inventory taken 18 Jul 1715, value £19-6-6 by  Edward Laxstone and Will. Slawson

 Charles Rowell, Gretton, slater
Admon 22 Jul 1731
by William Rowell /x/, son of Charles Rowell; Robert Lenton /x/
Witness:  Robt. Laxton, Thomas Godeton ?
Inventory taken 10 Jul 1731, by   Henery Laxton and Robt Laxton, value £33-15-2

 Richard Satchell, Gretton
Inventory taken 7 May 1739 by Tho. Wade, Robert Laxton, Edd. Fisher, value £268-12-6

 William Satchell, Gretton
Admon 23 Jun 1785, bond £250, value under £300
by Elizabeth Satchell /x/, Gretton, widow of William; John Satchell, Gretton, farmer; Thomas Satchell, Gretton, schoolmaster
Witness: Robert Graham

 Amey Vine, Gretton, widow
Admon 15 Nov 1742, bond £100
by  Edith Butterworth /x/, widow, dau of Amey Vine; John Butterworth, Gretton, yeoman; Robert Laxton, Gretton, glasier
Witness: Will. Gurnall
Inventory taken 18 Feb 1740 by Robert Laxton, Will. Butterworth, and Tho. Wade, value £34-5-6

 William Vines, Gretton, yeoman
Admon 23 Jul 1731
by Mary Vine [sic] /x/, widow of William; also signed by Richard Law /x/
Witnesses:  Robt Laxton, Thomas Cranston
Inventory of William Vines, Gretton, yeoman taken 7 Jan 1728 by Robt Laxton als Boon, Gent. And William Bullevant, value £83-10-0

 Elizabeth Warner, Gretton, spinster
Admon 18 Jul 1828, bond £200, estate under £100, she died 1 Jun 1828
by  Thomas Warner and John Warner, both of Gretton, brothers of Elizabeth, cordwainers; John Gray of Gretton, miller; Peter Goldstone, Gretton, carpenter
Witnesse s:    John Williams Kings Cliff servant; H. H. Bonney of ye same place, clerk

Alice Yates, Duddington, “in her languishing condition when she was in p[er]fect memory”
Verbal will leaving goods to sister    Elizabeth, wife of Francis Taylor
Witnesses:  Joane Ball /x/ and Katherin Tharlby /x/
Inventory by Robt Wyles and Willm Morris, value £13-9-2, including money owing from Edward  Tharlby and money owing from Guell ? Deacon

 Thomas Prior, Duddington
Verbal will, about the 3 Mar 1666
 Ellenor W. Pryor, /x/, “the relict” [widow] of Thomas Prior
eldest son  Thomas Prior should pay to his three daughters 20 pounds each
to his son James 20 pounds to be paid out of his free gould
to be paid to two eldest daughters 10 pounds each at day of their marriage and the other ten pounds two years after their marriage.
James Prior to have 20 pounds when 23 years
Youngest daughter to have 20 pounds at age 21
Goods in kitchen chamber to be divided between three daughters.
Witnesses   : Robt Wyles, Thomas Prior, Thomas Prior the son

James Wright, Duddington, tanner
Verbal will, 7 Mar 1673, wp 7 May 1674
wife Dorothy one house in occupation of Edward Thurlby in Duddington for her life
After her decease to son James Wright
Remainder to wife Dorothy, to bring up sons Edward Wright, during his minority.
Witnesses:  John Clarke, Henry Smith “& others”

  William Brian, Finshead Lodge, Duddington
Verbal will, wp 13 Nov 1673
“a little before his death did by word of mouth make this his last will & testamt.”
wife  Anne “fouer ews & four lambs”
Francis Russell one ew & one lamb
to brother Tho. Brian all rest of his sheepe
sister Grace Colston one cow & a cob of hay & made her executrix
Witnesses: Robert Bowyer of Liddington and Robt Newbone of  Dry Stoke [no signatures]

Robert Kir bey, Duddington, laborer
 John Kirbey my eldest sone freehold closse of 5 acres and 1 rood
son Robert Kirbey all meadow, 5 doles in one meadow and 2 doles in the neither medow
All rest to Mary Kirbey my wife
/x/, wd 4 Jun 1674
Witnesses: Edward Pepper, Wm. Davie

 William Clark, Duddington
wife Elizabeth tenement where I now live
eldest son Robert Clarke [sic] 20 shillings
second son John Clarke 5 pounds
eldest daughter  Mary Bellbenkes ?, 4 pounds
second daughter  Elizabeth Taylor 5 pounds.
Youngest dau Lidia Clarke 8 pounds
youngest son Joseph Clarke copyhold land in Duddington
rest to wife, executrix
/x/, wd 27 Mar 1677, wp 11 Oct 1677
Witness: Robt Wyles

 Christopher Saunderson, Witham on the Hill, Lincolnshire
note to him from Geo. Savile about Mr. Saunderson revoking a will by John Spire
John Spire 8-6-0, Dorothy Spire 6-13-4,  Isbell Spire 6-16-4.
[much of document light and hard to read]
“Anne Spire wife Wm S pire of Duttingham late the will in custody She confesses a will made but saith its lost.”
“I John Spire, son of  Bonefice Spire, unto Marshall Will Witten ?, upon my oath that my . . .  Father made a will and my hand is ...”

 William Morris, Duddington
daughter Ann 30 pounds when age 21
daughter Margarett 30 pounds when 21
rest to beloved wife, executrix [could not pick out wife’s name in Latin probate note]
/x/, wd 14 Sep 1669, wp 15 Apr 1670
Witnesses:  Robert Wyles, John Smith

 Robert Young, Duddington, Hemp Dresser
wife, Frances Young all copyhold in Duddington, and all personal estate for maintenance of herself and my children, she to be executrix
wd 20 Dec 1739, wp 2 Jul 1740
Witnesses:  Tho Jackson, Thomas Beaver

 Sarah Wyles, Duddington. Widow
daughter    Susanna Henson, wife of Robert Henson
daughter  Sarah Clark wife of  Jonah Clark one shilling each to be paid by son James Wyles
son John Wyles one shilling to be paid by son James
all rest to son James Wyles, executor
/x/, wd 8 Jan 1741, wp 15 Nov 1742, under £20
Witnesses: Robert Bann   ster, Robert Hilbons ?, Susanna Bannster /x/

 Richard Wood, Duddington, farmer
son   Thomas Wood and my two daughters, Rebecca Wood and Mary Wood 50 pounds each one year after my decease
Daughter Sarah Wood 50 pounds when she is 21.
Son Richard Wood 100 pounds when age 21
Cottage and land in Aldwinkle All Saints and Aldwinkle St. Peters in occupation of Joseph Brudenall and   John Wade to wife Mary Wood son Henry Wood.
After their decease to son John Wood
Rest to wife Mary and son John. Executors
wd 12 Feb 1768, wp 18 Feb 1769
Witnesses:   William Wootton, John Cave, Thomas Hall /x/

 Lucy Shirtliffe, Duddington, widow
all copyhold purchased by late husband of  William Algar Esq to son William
son John Shirtliffe copyhold purchased of widow Hubberd
son John Shirtliffe one shilling
son William all household goods, executor
/x/, wd 7 Dec 1761, wp 14 Jun 1764
Witnesses:   Edward Hill, Robert Curtis, Samuel Freeman

 William Shurtliffe, Duddington
wife Lucy all copyhold houses and land
sons William and John 20 pounds each when 21
rest to wife, executrix
/x/ “Will Shftlff”, wd 26 Aug 1742, wp 15 Nov 1742
Witnesses:    Tho Jackson, Thomas Beaver, John Hippy /x/

 William Payne, Duddington, yeoman
“I am intitled to the sum of one hundred pounds left me by the will of the late Mrs. Reeves to be paid to me after the death of Henry Payne of Church Langton in the county of Leicester” said 100 puonds and all estate to wife Mary and son William
surplus after payment of debts to wife Mary and sons Thomas and William
Wife to have all householod goods
wife Mary and son William joint executors
/x/, wd 15 Jun 1779, wp 26 Mar 1783
Witnesses:  Hugh Jackson, Joseph Bradshaw

 William Jackson, Duddington, Gentleman
brother Hugh Jackson of Duddington freehold at Ryhale, Rutland, also copyhold in Duddington
three sisters,    Mary, Elizabeth, and Susannah 10 pounds each
brother    Hugh executor
wd 7 Apr 1767, wp 20 Jul 1795
Witnesses: Tho Jackson, Robert Cave, Christan [sic]  Dison

 Eustace Hibbens, Duddington, cordwainer
cottage and lands in tenure of John Watkin and also land in Duddington, to son Eustace Hibbens
daughter Elizabeth Hibbens 10 pounds “for her care of me during my illness”
grandson  Robert Hibbens son of my late son John Hibbens one shilling.
Son Eustace Hibbens household goods, executor
“Eustaces Hibbens”, wd 10 Dec 1767, wp 12 Aug 1777
Witnesses:   Tho. Jackson, Richd Chappell, Eliz Jackson

 Robert Henson, Duddington, slater?
Son Rob[e]rt Henson freehold houses, lands, and tenements subject to payment of one shiling to daughter Susannah
dau Anne 10 pounds when age 21
son John Henson one shilling
wife Susanna and son Robert executors
/x/, wd 21 Aug 1748, wp 3 Jul 1753
Witnesses: Will Sharman,  Edwd Hippy, John Sharman

 Robert Godfrey, Duddington, blacksmith
son    William Godfrey and dau Mary wife of William Wortley, one shilling each
all goods and estate to wife Mary and son Robert
son Robert to instruct son Valentine in trade of blacksmith
wife and son Robert to maintain son Valentine until he learns blacksmith trade and after that I recommend him to the assistance of wife and son Robert
wife and son Robert executors
/x/, 11 May 1742,wp 15 Nov 1742
Witnesses:  Tho Jackson, Tho. Hall /x/

 Robert Godfrey, Duddington, Blacksmith
to beloved mother a yearly annuity of 6 pounds during her life
furniture she needs to mother
brother William Godfrey 80 pounds to be paid 3 years after my decease
sister  Mary Wortleys “children being four twenty pounds” each as they attain age of 21
Interest at 4 pounds per hundred per year to sister Mary Wortley until children reach 21 for their maintenance.
   John and Robert Wortley, two of my sister Wortleys children, 6 pounds each to put them out to apprentice
All rest to brother Valentine Godfrey, executor
wd 14 Feb 1752/3, wp 3 Jul 1753
Witnesses:  Tho Jackson, Alha ? Carrington

 William Freeman, Duddington, baker
son Samuel Freeman all freehold and copyhold in Duddington, also land in Middleton now in occupation of John Northord ?
Son Francis Freeman
son Robert Freeman 5 pounds and forgive him the sum of 20 pounds which he is indebted to me
dau Lydia Freeman 30 pounds
dau   Anne wife of Thomas Py   ke 10 pounds
dau Elizabeth wife of John Barton 20 pounds.
Son William Freeman indebted for principal of 100 pounds besides an arrears of interest, bond dated 24 Mar 1741. William will on the death of his aunt, Elizabeth Gamble, be entitied to land in Middleton. Son William to pay 20 pounds to dau Anne, wife of Thomas Pyke, if she should become a widow. If he does not get land, does not need to pay Anne. Debt is forgiven.
Dau Lydia all furniture and household goods
Rest to son Samuel, executor
wd 8 Nov 1759,
Witnesses:   Geo Denshire, Sarah Denshire, Jas. Fardell
Land in Middleton given to son Samuel, now to go to son Francis
son Francis 30 pounds.
Son  Robert further sum of 15 pounds
dau Elizabeth wife of   John Barton further sum of 10 pounds.
[signature shakier than one in 1759], codicil dated 29 Nov 1763 wp 5 Jun 1764
Witnesses:   John Watkin, Thos Clark, William Shirtleff

 Thomas Ednutt, Duddington, farmer
 Aunt Elizabeth Ednutt 5 pounds.
Rest of estate to wife Anne, executrix
wd 24 Jan 1754, wp 20 Jul 1756
Witnesses:  Tho Jackson, Edwd Hill

 John Dyson, Duddington, innholder
Admon 27 Feb 1830, bond £760   [John Dyson died 29 Dec 1828] under £450
by   Jane Dyson, Duddington, spinster; Mary Dyson, Duddington, Spinster, daughters of John Dyson, and Richard Dyson of  All Saints Stamford, victualler and George Dyson or Duddington, victualler
Witnesses: Robt Bonney, clerk of Kings Cliffe
will annexed:
wife  Mary Dyson household goods.
After her decease to daughters Jane and Mary “to provide for themselves and for their brother and sisters who remain single and that this house never be disturbed by husband or wife being b[r]ought to their home.”
wd 27 Dec 1828, wp 27 Feb 1830 [by Jane and Mary Dyson, eldest and second daughters]
Witnesses:  Andrew Islip, Charlotte Bowman

 William Cunnington, Duddington, yeoman
wife Ann copyhold and freehold lands in Duddington
son and daughter   Richard and Mary Ann Stevens 5 pounds each.
Brother in law William Smith 2 ginueas for a ring.
All rest to wife Ann, executrix
wd 27 Oct 1807, wp 18 Nov 1825, under £200
Witnesses:   James Dyson, Andrew Islip, Robert Pepperday

 Samuel Cunnington, Duddington, innholder
wife Ann Cunnington freehold estate in  Barnoak and Southorpe in Northampton, and copyhold in Duddington.
Wife, all personal goods, executrix
“Sam: Cunnington”, wd 18 Jan 1778, wp 23 Jun 1785, under £100
Witnesses:   W. Reddall, Mary Hibbens, Hugh Jackson

Ann Cunnington, Duddington, widow
son Samuel Cunnington to dau    Sarah wife of William Pruden and dau Ann wife of  Thomas Swann one shilling each
son William all copyhold in Duddington. Charged with payment of 10 pounds to son Humphrey Cunnington and 10 pounds to dau   Mary, wife of Robert Gamble.
Dau Elizabeth Cunnington all household furniture, plate, linnen, china, except the brewing utensils, copper and barrels in the cellar
These and rest of estate to son William Cunnington, executor
wd 10 Jan 1792, wp 28 Mar 1794, under £20
Witnesses:   Thos Laxton, Henry Darnell, Thomas Jackson

  Jonas Clark, Duddington, weaver
land with orchard after death of wife Sarah to son Jonas Clarke
wife Sarah all household goods
After her decease to my three sons, or such of them as shall then be living.
Wife Sarah sole executrix
wd 1 Jun 1747, wp 17 Sep 1747, under £20
Witnesses:  Edwd Hill, Benj Meres

 Robert Curtis, Duddington
nephews   John and Robert Whyman one shilling each.
Nephew Richard Partridge one shilling
three neeces [sic]   Elizth Vie, Mary Jenner, and Anne Sanders one shilling each
all household goods and personal estate to wife  Anne Curtis and nephew William Partridge, executors
/x/, wd 11 Dec 1761, wp 9 Mar 1762
Witnesses:  Edward Hill, Edwd Beaver

 Robert Cave, Duddington, yeoman
wife all household goods during her life
after her decease to dau  Sarah, wife of William Bayley
Wife intitled to land, and after her decease to dau Sarah
/x/, wd 5 May 1775, wp 12 Aug 1777
Witnesses:   Hugh Jackson, Wm Partridge, Richard Wood

 Thomas Bonner, Duddington, weaver
wife Hannah Bonner all copyhold in Duddington, executrix
wd 18 Oct 1806, wp 21 Jul 1807, under £10
Witnesses:   Hugh Jackson, Frances Gander, Joseph Bradshaw

  Thomas Behoe or Bowyer [on outside of will], Duddington, Rope maker
“I Thomas Behoe of Duddington”
eldest son Thomas Behoe land in Duddington, purchased of Jonathan Cotton.
Son John Behoe land in Duddington, subject to payment of 100 pounds to my wife.
Dau Ann Behoe 100 pounds when she is 21.
Son John executor
/x/, wd 4 Apr 1760, wp 7 Jun 1764
Witnesses:   Tho Jackson, John Wyles, Eustaces Hibbens

 Thomas Beaver, Duddington, yeoman
wife 40 pounds
dau  Ann Ednut ?, and son and daughter   Waite one shilling each.
All rest to son Edward Beaver, executor
“Tho: Beaver”, wd 30 May 1754, wp 20 Jul 1756
Witnesses:  John Dyson, Henry Chappell

 James Wyles, Duddington,
Admon 28 Aug 1810, bond £100, under £50
by  George Wyles, brother of James, of Duddington, carrier; James Wyles, Duddington, joiner, and John Wyles, Duddington, carrier.
 Witness: Robert Graham

 John Wyles, the younger, Duddington
Admon 11 Jul 1770, bond £300
by William Moyse [”y” at end crossed out in this and two other instances of this surname], Duddington, cordwainer; Thomas Laxton, Duddington, baker; William Elliot, Uffingham, Lincoln, joyner
condition that  Mary Moyse, formerly Wyles, relict of John, wife of bond William Moyse
Witness: John Bradley
Inventory of John Wyles, including £75 of male and malt mills, £5 hops, £40 sheep and hogs, £5 beer and casks, total £175.

 Thomas Wotton, Duddington, tanner
Admon 21 Jun 1783, bond £600
by  Henry Wotton, Ketton, Rutland, farmer; and Clayton Wotton, Ketton, fellmonger [no relationships given]
Witness:  Rt. Boyall, Fra: Wotton
letter attached dated 25 Jul 1783, Ketton, from Fra: Wotton, states that “Henry Wotton is the eldest surviving brother of Thomas, there being neither Father nor Mother living.”

 John Wood, Duddington
Admon 15 Jun 1775, bond £100
by  Frances Wood, Duddington, widow of John; William Moysey, Duddington, innholder; Richard Wood, Duddington, yeoman
Witness: Hugh Jackson

 John Stokes, Duddington
Admon 20 Jul 1774, bond £280
by   Eleanor Stokes /x/, Duddington, widow of John; Samuel Stokes, Duddington, butcher; James Stokes, Duddington, farmer
Witness: John Fardell N.P.

 Daniel Soden, Duddington [died 7 Sep 1808]
Admon 5 Dec 1808, bond £206, under £1500
by   Mary Soden, mother of Daniel, Duddington; Thomas Bromhead, Duddington, farmer, William Laxton, Gretton, farmer
Witness: Robt Graham

 John Rowell, Duddington, weaver
Admon 23 Jun 1785, bond £50, under £100
by  William Hand, Duddington, baker; and John Doe & Richard Roe
   Elizabeth Hand, wife of William Hand, and dau of John Rowell.
Witness: John Fardell
 Mary Lees, Duddington, widow
Admon 26 Jan 1802, bond £650, under £600
by James Bradshaw, Duddington, yeoman; Valentine Godfrey [“Val. Godfrey”], Tixover, Rutland, yeoman; Joseph Bradshaw, Duddington, butcher.
  Mary Bradshaw, wife of James, daughter of Mary Lees
Witness: Robt Graham

 Robert Hibbens, Duddington   [died 10 Sep 1808]
Admon 22 Feb 1809, bond £160, under £100
by  John Hibbens, nephew of Robert, Duddington, mason; Thomas Bromhead, Duddington, farmer
Witness: Robt Graham

 Weldon or William Gaudern, Duddington, cotton manufacturer    [William on outside of admon, Weldon in text]
Admon 10 Aug 1795, bond £150, under £100
by William Jackson, Stamford, Lincoln, mercer; and Hugh Jackson, Stamford, gentleman
William Jackson is creditor and administrator of estate Weldon Gaudern, late of Duddington, batchelor, decd., Stephen Gaudern the lawful father of the decd having renounced the administration of the goods.
Witness: Fra: Wotton
Renouncement by Stephen Gaudern, of Morehay Lodge, grazier, father of Weldon Gaudern dated 7 Aug 1795.
Witnesses:  Richard Gaudern, Ann Hawkins

 Joseph Bradshaw, Duddington   [died 15 Mar 1811]
Admon 2 May 1811, bond £400, under £200
by   James Bradshaw, Duddington, tanner, son of Joseph Bradshaw; Thomas Bromhead, Duddington, farmer; Valentine Godfrey, Duddington, miller.
Witness: Robt Graham

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