Coggeshall Wills
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Abstracts of Wills in the Archdeaconry of Colchester
for all persons listed as being from Coggeshall, Essex 1782-1857
Pictures of Coggeshall taken 30 September 2006.

This project of abstracting all the wills for anyone from Coggeshall from 1782 to 1857 was done while looking for Ann (Hannah) Webb. In the 1851 Census she is reported to have been born in Coggeshall in about 1786. An extended search in Coggeshall and a radius search of nearby parishes has not yielded a christening for her. She was married in Colchester in 1808 to Joshua Sylvester, a soldier in the 59th Regiment of Foot. They had one child at Weeley. Subsequent children were born in Sheffield and London. She died in Sheffield in 1859. (See genealogy page.)
       The purpose of this project was to identify people with the surname of Webb. Names of persons were abstracted, with their relationship to the testator. However, details of land bequests were not abstracted. The abstracts are a comprehensive index of all persons named in the wills; testators, legatees, witnesses, tenants, etc. There is a separate index after the names index for other towns named in the wills. While this project has yet to assist in the identification of Ann Webb, although a couple of clues are still being pursued, it is my hope that this effort may be beneficial to someone else looking for family members in Coggeshall.
       After the abstracted wills is an alphabetical list of all entries for wills not included in the abstracts and the admons from 1688 to 1859 where the testator was listed from Coggeshall. The admons have not been abstracted. It should be noted that Little Coggeshall was also included in the Peculiar of Bocking, but a comprehensive search of these wills has not been made.
      After accessing the abstracts, use your browser's search option to look for the surname or town you are looking for. Be sure to use several variations or a wildcard search, as spellings are not always consistent. Best wishes in your family history searches. Please let me know if this information has been helpful for you.

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Common Abbreviations used:
bro - brother
C - Coggeshall
dec - deceased
dau - daughter
GC - Great Coggeshall
gdau - granddaughter
gson - grandson
LC - Little Coggeshall
mos - months
ne - nephew or niece
nr - near
occ - [in the] occupation of, occupied by (relating to a tenant of a property)
sis - sister
wd - will dated
wp - will proved

Book published Nov 1998, ISBN 0-9664088-4-5, copyright, Maureen S. Bryson. All rights reserved.
Book is deposited at the Salt Lake Family History Library and the Essex County Record Offices.