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German Genealogy
This is the reserach done mostly in 2000 on my natural grandfather's genealogy. These were families from East Prussia. The Boese and Poelke families lived in Russia for a short time before emigrating to the United States in 1886 to Wells County, North Dakota. The Broschat families came directly from East Prussia to North Dakota. I am most grateteful to Bob Broschat, Morris Broschat, Emery Broschat, Erich Boese, Wesley and Esther Boese, Marilee Relf, Ursula Stabbert, and Rev. Orville Meth for all their contributions to my knowledge of these families. To my brother, Wayne Boese, my love for sharing his family with me. In March 2002 I was contacted by more cousins, Christina Cancilla, Allen Bain, and Dana McManaman, all descendants of Ludwig Krebs and Martha Boese.

The information on these families is also included in the main Genealogy pages. But I have also included basic descendancy lists from this page as well. See links above for individual family information. Click on one of the links above for more information.

The most important new find was the four sisters of Carolina Dorothea Niemann. The christening entries spell the surname both Niemann and Neumann, and their father's name is listed as Joh. Friedrich, Joh. Gottfried, and Friedrich Niemann or Neumann. Their mother is listed as Sophia Charlotte or Charlotte Sophia Stagowitzin. The "in" suffix is the German designation for a female, so the surname is actually Stagowitz, or also spelled Stachowitz. The sisters are:
Carolina Wilhelmina Niemann b. 17 Sep 1809 Pronitten, Gross Legitten, Labiau, E. Prussia
Sophia Charlotta Neumann b. 29 Dec 1813 Pronitten
Wilhelmine Emilie Amalia Neumann b. 29 Dec 1813 [twin sisters], Pronitten
Lovisa Charlotta Neumann, b. 5 Dec 1818, Pronitten

I did some searches in the Gross Legitten church records. I searched the christenings from 1775-1828 and marriages from 1780-1822. There were no marriages for either Friedrich Neumann or Niemann and Sophia Charlotte Stagowitz or Gottfried Jacob Broszadt and Regna Paulien or Pauli. I was more than a little disappointed in not finding the marriage records and in not finding any siblings for Friedrich Ludwig Broszadt or Broschat. There are a lot of Neumanns and Niemanns in the records, a few Broschats with many varied spellings, and a few Stagowitz or Stachowitz entries.

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