Ancestry of William Franc Boese
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Ancestry of William Franc Boese
Ahnentafel Ancestral List [Father of any given individual is that individual's number times two, mother is number times two plus 1, father of #4 is #8, mother is #9.]  #1, William Franc Boese is grandfather of Maureen Bryson.

1. William Franc BOESE, b. 19 April 1899, Wells County, North Dakota, died 13 October 1959, Spokane, Spokane, Washington.
Married 1) Grace May LOGSDON, 1927, Spokane, Spokane, Washington
Married 2) Dora

2. August Herman BOESE, b. 21 Feb 1869 Odessa, Russia, died 4 Feb 1944, Lodi, San Joaquin, California. Emigrated 21 Jun 1886 in ship Polaria from Hamburg to New York. See timeline.
Married 1) 20 Aug 1892 to Auguste Broschat.
Married 2) 3 May 1929 to Albertine K. Streibel.
3. Auguste BROSCHAT, b. 11 May 1873, Koenigsberg, East Prussia, Germany, died 14 Apr 1928, Lodi, San Joaquin, California.

4. Julius BOESE, b. 1826, Landsberg or Koenigsburg, East Prussia, died Jul 1903, Germantown, Wells, North Dakota. Emigrated with second wife, Pauline on ship Polaria in 1886. Also with son August Herman, and probably Pauline's brother, Carl Poelke and his wife Ida. See timeline. See Photo
Married 1) Catherine KREUGER
Married 2) Pauline POELKE
5. Catherine KREUGER, born about 1835 of Koenigsburg, East Prussia, died 1874
6. Carl Friedrich Wilhelm BROSCHAT, b. 13 May 1848, Moritten, Labiau, East Prussia, died 13 Nov 1925, Cathay, Wells, North Dakota. Emigrated on ship Bohemia from Hamburg to New York [31 Mar 1892] to Baltimore, then to Sykeston, North Dakota. He traveled with his brother Carl Broschat and Carl's wife, Frederike DEMKE. See timeline.
Married 1) Friederike Amalie STABBERT
Married 2) 13 Nov 1885, East Prussia, Maria SCHWERMER
Married 3) 22 Dec 1915, Cathay, Wells, North Dakota, Elizabeth RUFF (LEITNER)
7. Friederike Amalie STABBERT, b. 13 May 1845 Kallweninken, Labiau, East Prussia, died 30 May 1885.

12. Friedrich Ludwig Wilhelm BROSCHAT, b. 27 Jul 1811 Gross Droosten, Gross Legitten, Labiau, East Prussia, christened 4 Aug 1811. See timeline.
13. Carolina Dorothea NIEMANN or NEUMANN born 11 Jul 1816 Pronitten, Gross Legitten, Labiau, East Prussia, christened 14 Jul 1816.
14. Wilhelm STABBERT, b. 12 Jun 1810 of Kallweninken, Labiau, East Prussia (dog trainer), died 22 Mar 1863.
15. Henriette KIESELBACH, b. 8 Dec 1813 of Kallweninken, Labiau, East Prussia, died 7 Mar 1891.

24. Gottfried Jacob BROSZADT
25. Regina PAULI(EN)
26. Joh. Friedrich or Gottfried NIEMANN or NEUMANN See timeline
27. Charlotte Sophia STAGOWITZ(IN)
28. ??Martin STABBERT

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