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Butterworth & Related Families Wills Abstracts
If you are looking for a specific surname do a Search (Ctrl F) but be mindful of spelling variations. A total of over 220 wills have been read and abstracted. For a total list, without links, see Northamptonshire and Huntingdonshire Wills . The wills (about 53) on this page are those which have a definite link to our Butterworth and extended family pedigree lines. They are on the page in chronological order. A complete abstract has been made of all Gretton and Duddington wills. I will do a search of this database for anyone requesting it. E-mail me.

Alphabetical List

Edith Butterworth, 1743, on death of John Butterworth, with inventory.
John Folkes [Fowkes], 1758

Edward Henson, 1760 [uncle of Rebecca Fowkes]
John Hunt, 1637
Arthur Rowell, 1719 [father-in-law of John Larman Jr.]
Henry Spencer, 1762 [last husband of Hannah Satchell Taylor Butterworth Spencer]

 Will of Robert Goodliffe, 1521 [There is no proof yet that this Robert is connected to the Gretton Goodliffe families. This extract from will sent by Peter Rolfe. Very old writing and names may not be spelled correctly.]   
I Robt. Goodliff of Warkton [Northants] pre[i]st, to be buried in Warkton. He made several bequests to various churches in Northamptonshire, including, Warkton, Deene, Kettering, Cranford, Gretton, and others. Several priests named: Thomas Webster of Grafton, William Slacke of Aston, Thomas the hermit? of Haradon, John Pernect[?] and 12 pence to any priest at his burying. He leaves quite a few animals (cows, sheep, pigs) to various people as well as amounts of malt and barley, bedding, and clothing. He leaves legacies for his brother (?) William, William's children, Elizabeth, Johan[na], Alice, and Robert. Also to John Goodliffe and Edward Elcoead and William Beryge. Johan Vyatt, Agnes Vyatt, William Vyatt, John Viatt. Also names John Wyllmson vicar of Weekly (or Westly). Witnesses were John Willmson, George Clitherow, Edmnd Ad..., Robert Watford, William Viatt, and "many moo[re]."

Will of William Butterworth, 1591 [There is no proof yet that this William Butterworth is our ancestor, we are working on evidence to tie him to our pedigree.]
In the name of god Amen, I William Butterworth of Rockingham in the countie of Northampton yeoman being sicke in body but of perfect remembrance (thankes be to god) do this present first day of ffebruary in the fower and thirtith yere of the raigne of our soveraigne Ladie Quene Elizabeth a thousand fyve hundred nynetie one. Constitute ordeyne and make this my present Testament conteyninge therein my last will in manner and forme folowing Revoking all former Willes heretofore made by me viz: ffirst I commend my soule unto the Almighty god my maker and only Savyoure and Redemer: And my bodye to the earth from whence it came tobe buried in the churche or churche yarde of Rockingham aforesaid. Item I give for the Repaire of the church of Rockingham aforesaid ten shillinges. Item I give and bequeathe to my fower children viz:William, Dorothie, Margery and Anne Butterworth the Somme of fyve poundes a peece to be paied unto them and every of them within one yere after my death which money I will shalbe putt fourthe to some of theire friendes according to the discretion of the Impravisors of this my last weill to be ymployed to theire best profitt they takinge sufficient suritie for the repayment of the said money which I will to be well and trulie paid unto every of my said children as they and every of them shall accomplish the age of twentie and one yeres or at the severall days of theire mariage which shall first happen. And yf it fortune any of my saied children to departe this present life before they shall accomplishe the age of one and twentie yeres or tyme of theire mariage, Then I will that the parte of hym or her so departing this life with the profitt of the said parte shalbe devided equallie amongest the rest of my saied children surviving according to the discretion of my saied Impravisors. The rest of all my goodes cattells and chattells, unbequesthed my ffuneralle being performed and my debtes paied I freelie give unto Katherine [Waldram] my Wief, whome I ordeyne and make sole Executrix of this my last will and testament. Humbly requiring the Right Worshippfull  Mr. Edward Watson Esquire and my lovinge brother Mr. Thomas Waldram to ____ ____ the paynes to be supra ^my Supravisors of this my said testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto subscribed my marke. Item I give to every of my godchildren fower pence. The marke of William Butterworth. Witnesses to this will: Thomas Waldram, George Lyon, Richard Harrington: per me Thomam fflood.
Proved 9 February 1592/3, widow Katherine appeared.

Will of John Phillippe, 31 Oct 1605
Phillippe, John, Little Weldon, laborer.  I John Phillipp [no "e"] of Little Weldon, laborer,  to be buried in churchyarde of Weldon. To "the pishe churche of Weldon thre [sic] shillings foure pence." To the mother church of Peterborough 4 pence. To the Children of Arther Sechell "twenty shillings amongst them  and to evrye one of them a sheepe."  [This surname originally not clear, as there is some bleedthrough of the ink. But the first letter match the capital S in Saviour earlier in the will and is definitely Sechell.]. To the children of Richard Wells twenty shillings and to other of them a sheepe. To  Margerye Wells a brindled cowe. To Agnes Diccons dau of Richard Diccons twenty shillings and a sheepe. To Mary Phillippe a redd cowe, a sheepe, and a brasse pott. To evrye one of my godchildren 4 pence. To every poore widowe in the towne 4 pence. All the rest of my goodes, chattells, whatsoever unbequeathed I give to my sonne Gyles Phillipp. whome I make my full executor. /x/  William Cheekley and James Cooke supervisors.  Wd 31 Oct 1605 wp 17 Jan 1605/6.

Will of Griffin Smith, 15 Aug 1606  
Smith, Griffin, of Easton [on the Hill] by Stamford, Northton, Clerke [listed in parish register as Rector]. Well beloved brethren, Willm Smith of Colliweston, Robt Smith of Furne, and nephew Willm Smithe of the same towne. Guardian of son William Smythe, now in his meere infancie. To be in custody of brother William Smith of Colliweston. John Traidwell and Wm Hewettt. To churches in Colliweston, Ketton, and Easton. To Thomas Thomas Thorpe of Cleffe and his wife Wiborowe 20 shillings. Eldest brother Willm Smith . Griffin, eldest son of the sd Willm Smithe, one dishe. Robt Smith my brother six pounds. 13 shillings four pence to buy ring for his wife. Sister Barker 10 shillings, brother Hunt 10 shillings. Father and mother Hunt ten shillings a peece. John Persons 2 bonds of Richard Tremells and Henrie Tremmells. Nephew William Lovedaie of Dover 10 shillings. If son dies, then 90 pounds more to John Persons. Eldest brother Willm Smith and his children remainder of goods. Wd 15 Aug 1606 wp 12 Apr 1607. Wit: Hapke? Hemlocke, Willm Knowles, Edward Walker.

Will of William Smith, 1 Nov 1607  
William Smith of Collyweston. To Church of Collyweston three shillings foure pence; poore of Collyweston three sihlings foure pence; poore of Kings Cliffe five shillings eight pence; to Wm. Smith my brother Griffine's son a silver cup; Constance Smith my eldest dau £26-13-4. Elizabeth second dau £26-13-4. To Margaret my third dau £26-13-4. Alice Smith youngest dau £26-13-04. William Smith my second son foure bullocks fit for draught, one maire and a shod maire of the best sort to be delivered the day of his marriage. To John Smith my third son holdings in Spaldinge, mother to receive rents until he is 21. Robert Smith my fourth son £18 to be paid at 21 years. Thomas Smith my fifth son £18 at age 21. Marke Smith youngest sonne, £24 and ___ at age 21. Wife Margaret. To all godchildren 12 pence. Every household servant 12 pence. Supervisors, my trustie and welbeloved brethren Robt Smith and John Hunt Wm Cayworth and John Cayworth. To every one of them 20 shillings. Wife and eldest son Griffin Smith executors.      Wd 1 Nov 1607 wp 10 Dec 1607

Will of Joane Blackwell, 10 Dec 1609
Joane Blackwell, widow, Clapton.  Son Nicholas Blackwell my eldest son 12 pence. Robert Blackwell second son Edwarde Blackwell third son. To Willm Blackwell 12 pence. Elizabeth Smith my dau 12 pence. Second dau Cretion [Christian] Dawson 12 pence. Dau Margery Smith 12 pence. Agnes Wollison dau 12 pence. To John Blackwell s/o Nicholas Blackwell 3 bushells of barley. To Nicholas Blackwell his other five children five shillings. Dau Elizabeth Smith her five children 5 shillings. Margery her three children . Dau Agnes her two children 2 shillings. John Blackwell son of John Blackwell great pan. Agnes Wollison her two daughters two lambs. Nicholas Blackwell his two daughters two lambs. John Dawson 12 pence, Elizabeth Dawson 12 pence. Agnes Lynfeilt Agnes Canon? For Shelton Elizabeth Bo?? Ellin Hicholas Elizth Prisly, the widow Rinter: and the woodwife Cyme to each of those 4 pence. Kathern Smale of Pine? 12 pence. Son John Blackwell executor. Wd 10 Dec 1609, wp 17 Jan 1609/10. Wit: Nich. Blackwell, Richard Wollison.  [Burial record 18 Dec 1609 lists her as "Mother Blackwell." She had nine living children at the time of her death and no infant burials found in christening records (first three children born before register began).]

Will of Lebbeus Humphrey, 25 Feb 1613/4 [abstract]
Lebbeus Humphrey of Wilbarston, laborer. To son Simon "nowe prentice in London" fortie shillings. Son Robert 40 shillings and land. Daughter Agnes various household goods. Daughter Brigit 40 shillings. Children James, Elizabeth, Lebbeus 40 shillings each when they are age 21 or at their marriage. Wife Agnes.
Will proved (Cottingham) 14 Mar 1613/4. Witnesses William Astell, vicar, Richard Parker the elder

Will of Zachary Hunt, 29 Dec 1615 [abstract]
Zachary Hunt of Collyweston, clarke, to be buried in chancell of Collyweston. To church of Collyweston for repaire 13 shillings 4 pence. To poore 13 shillings 4 pence. To Nathaniel Hunt and to Bartholomew Hunt my youngest son 20 poundes betwixt them. Each of my four sones, Abraham, Joseph, Nathaniell, and Bartholomew 10 shillings a piece to buy them a ringe to remember me, likewise to Joseph’s wife and Nathaniels’ wife. To Zachary Cliffe and Theodosia Cliffe my grandchilren. John Parsons and Willm Smyth my grandchildren. John Parsons my grandchild  when 21. Bond to Robert Smyth of Bourne. John Parson . . .? trouble against the said Robert Smyth, Willm Smyth of Bourne, or Margaret Smyth of Collyweston for any of the goods of Robert Parsons, father of the said John Parsons or for a legacy bequeathed to the said Parsons by his father in law [stepfather] Griffin Smyth. [John Parsons age 6 at time of that will.] Wife Elizabeth Hunt. Dau Mary Hunt, Nathaniel’s wife shall have a cowe, six ewes and lambes. Wd 19 Dec 1615, wp 20 Apr 1616. Wit:

Will of John Blackwell, 2 Nov 1616
John Blackwell of Clapton. Son John Blackwell 40 pounds, dau Elizabeth 40 pounds. Son Robt Blackwell 40 pounds. Sons when age 20, dau when age 14. Mr. Edward Dudley of Clapton executor. /x/ Wd 2 Nov 1616 wp 28 Nov 1616. Wit: Edward Dudley, Thomas Gray, Nicholas Blackwell, Rich Wollison.  To Nicholas Blackwell 10 pounds. To Ed. Blackwell 4 pounds 2 shillings. To Willm Blackwell six pounds. To Robt Blackwell 46 shillings 3 pence. To John Blackwell son of Nicholas Blackwell 30 shillings he doth owe unto Rich Wollison for two theales that made his table.

Will of William Blackwell, 27 Oct 1617
William Blackwell of Clapton. Sons Robert and Willm 50 shillings each at 11 years of age. Brother Richard Wollisons four daughters four shillings. Brother Nicholas two daughters two shillings. Sister Elizabeth her daughter 2 shillings. Robt Smith of Titchmarsh 2 shillings. William Dust? My bro in law to his four children 4 shillings. Church of Clapton 12 pence. Rest to wife Katherine. Wd 27 Oct 1617 wp 4 Nov 1617. Wit: Tho Gray, Nicholas Blackewell, Richard Wolisson

Will of Nicholas Blackwell, 29 Oct 1621
Nicholas Blackwell of Clapton. Son John Blackwell of Tichmarshe 16 pounds. Son Thomas Blackwell 20 pounds. Eldest dau Elizabeth Blackwell 20 marke in mony, second daughter Margerite 20 markes. Both daus to get their money at age 21 or marriage. To John Blackwell’s boys each of them a lambe hogge. Henry Grey one lamb. William Blackwell my sister Katherine’s sonne on lamb. Wife and son Robert Blackwell.  Wd 29 Oct 1621 wp 22 Nov 1621. Wit: Edward Dudley, Thomas Gray, Francis Brookes.

Will of Robert Blackwell, 10 Mar 1628   [first part in Latin]
Robert Blackwell, 10 Mar 1628, nuncupative will, Elizabeth Blackwell “matri’.  “The said Robert Blackwell being asked of some of his neighbours and friends that came to visit with him in his sickness whereof he dyed if god should call for him who he would make his executors, . . . he sayd my mother (Elizabeth) Blackwell, and being demanded who he would give his goods unto he the sayd Robert Blackwell answered and sayd to my mother... The said Robert Blackwell being demanded what he would doe for his two sisters, what he would give them, he answered and sayd to this effect, I will give it to my mother, let her dispose of it.”  Wp 15 May 1628.
[Name John Blackwell mentioned, could not tell what for. This Elizabeth widow of Nicholas Blackwell.]

Will of Thomas Goodliff, 9 May 1631 [abstract from will sent by Peter Rolfe. Proved in P.C.C. #717 St. John, 1631.]
Thomas Goodlyff of Greatton, husbandman, to be buried in Greatton. Eldest son Thomas Goodlyff sheep and yearling foal. Son Lawrence Goodlyff nine pounds when he is 21. John Goodlyff, third son, nine pounds when 21. Elizabeth Goodlyff, eldest daughter, nine pounds when she is 25, with a "provisor that if my sayd daughter shall laye claym & receve by lawe any moytye or p[ar]te of Dwellinge house in Greatton . . . shee shall have but Five shillings in money." Mary and Anne Goodlyff my youngest daughters nine pounds each when they are 21. If any children die then monies to be divided "amongst my children that I have by my second wife." He gives 4 shillings for repair of the Gretton church, and 5 shillings to "the poore Widdowes & the most needy poore people." Brother, Christopher Goodlyffe twelve pence and "my leather doublitt." To wife, Alice, all rest of goods. Brother in law John Hunt and a cousin, ??,  to be his supervisors. Witnesses: George Alleine, William Astley, and John Hunt.    [He names Alice as his second wife, yet the children are all quite young, so it may be that the oldest child[ren], Elizabeth in particular, may be from a first marriage. His mention of brother Christopher adds credence to the assumption that he is the son of Lion Goodliff.]

Will of Margaret Smith, 20 Aug 1631
Margaret Smith, Collyweston. To every one of my children an Edward shilling. Brother John Keywood an Edward shilling. Children of my children; son Williams children 40 shillings, son John's children 40 shillings, dau Whites children 40 shillings, dau Hills children 40 shillings, son Griffins three children ten shillings. Son William. Daughter Cant red rugg . Cosin Mary Quinsy pillowbeared. Son George White in Collyweston. Dau Margaret Hill, dau Constance Cant. Sons William and Marke. Son Thomas. Money due to Mrs. Mason. Questions to Mr. Massy Parson of Ayton?. Brother John Keywood and cosin William Smith supervisors. Wit: Thomas Hawes, Robert Wyles. Wd 20 Aug 1631 wp 13 Sep 1631

Will of William Larman, 23 Mar 1633
William Larman, to be buried in Benefield. To Elizabeth my eldest dau 20 "Nobles of money to be paid at age 21, five paire of sheets, best bordcloth, 4 pillowbeeres, one new boulster and a pillow, halfe a douzen of napkins, one towell the biggest brasse bottle in the house, one brasse pot, one skillet and a little bottle, three platters, one double salt and candlesticke a double hooke with a little hooke and a boslnig iron, and bedsted a paire of tonges and a single salt." To my daughter Rose, 20 Nobles of money at age 21. Five paire of sheets, halfe a douzen of napkins, four pillowberes and a towell, one bedsted, one boardcloth, a boulster and a pillow, the best little but one and two little bottles, two hooke and a tosbnig? Iron a five panne, three platters, one double salt and a single salt and double ____. Remainder to son William, sole executor. Wit Anthony Welles, Edward Taylour, _____, Lyon Peach [Peack?], John Blackwell.  Wp 25 Jun 1634.

Will of John Hunt, 4 Mar 1637 [abstract] names wife Jone, and grandchild Thomas Goodlye [Goodliffe] and son John Hunt.

Will of Banjamin [sic] Humphry, 1 Sep 1638
of Wilbarston, alehousekeeper, deceased. William Astell, clerk of Wilbarston called when he lay on his death bed. Wife Elizabeth. Debt due from Edward Griffin, Knight, of Stoke Albany. Son Robert Humphrey. Proved Dec 1638.

Will of Richard Butterwick(e), 28 Apr 1639
In the name of God, Amen. I Richard Butterwick of King's Cliffe in the county of Northton, currier, being sick in body but of good & p[er]fect remembrance, thanks be given to allmighty God doe make & appoint this my last will and testament in manner and forme following: Imprimis I give and bequeath my soule into the hands of Allmighy God my creator and redeemer and my body to be buried in the church yard of King's Cliffe and for those goods which God hath lent me I give and bequeath them as followeth. Item, I given and bequeath unto my sonne Robert Butterwick the some of forty shillings of lawfull English money to be paid by my executor when he shall accomplish the age of one and twenty years. Item, I doe give and bequeath unto Dorothy Butterwick, my daughter nine pounds of lawfull English money to be paid by my executrix when ye said Dorothy shall accomplish ye age of one and twenty years. Item, I doe give and bequeath unto Mary Butterwick my daughter the some of nine pounds of lawfull English money to be paid by my executrix unto my said daughter when she shall accomplish ye age [of 21, to son William three pounds when 21.] Edward my younger son, three pounds when 21. If any children die, their portion to be divided. To daughter Dorothy one bedstead, one red and white coverlet, one paire of sheetes, one pewter dish and my wife to have ye use of them until she shall accomplish the age of 21. Rest to Elizabeth Butterwicke my now wife and whom I doe make y full and sole executrix of this my last will and testament Provided that ye sayd Elizabeth my wife shall see that my sayd Children shal be well and sufficiently brought up untill they shall accomplish ye said ages. Item I doe make and appoint my loveing friends John Wildboro of Kings-Cliffe aforesd my supervisor of this my last will and testament and for his paines laboring therein I doe give unto him xii p [twelve pence] to be payd by my Executrix. In witness whereof to this my sayd last will and testament I hve hereunto set my hand and seale ye xxviii [28th] of aprill Anno Dno 1639. Richard Butterwicke /x/ his mark.
Witnesses: John Willow, Thomas Wardoy, John Cooke.
Proved 30 May 1639

Will of Thomas Blackwell, 29 Jun 1656
Thomas Blackwell of Clapton.  To be buried in Clapton. To Nicholas Blackwell of Clapton my brother John Blackwell’s son 1 pound ten shillings. To John Blackwell of Clapton my brothers son one pound ten shillings. To Thomas Blackwell of Benifeild [sic] three pounds. To Thomas Richards s/o of Henery the blacksmith ten shillings. William Blackwell of Clapton son of my aunt Katherine Goare 20 shillings. William Mariot of Kingsford 20 shillings.  To Aunt Goare tow [sic]  shillings 6 pence. Lands in Old Weston to next heires of me Thomas Blackwell after the decease of John Blott and Elizabeth my daughter if she deceasest without issue. I give my mayd sarvant a flock bed. All rest to son in law John Blot, sole executor. /x/ “t”  Wd 29 Jun 1656. Wit: John Blackwell, ... Green, ... Mayls.

Will of Thomas Daniel, 22 Nov 1661 [abstract]
Thomas Daniel of Great Gidding, Tailor. "Being sicke in body but of good and perfect memory." Eldest son, James Daniell "free land lyeing and beinge in the fields and bounds of Gidding." Second son Thomas Daniell, "shall enjoy the land" if James predeceased, Thomas, otherwise Thomas to get £8. Son John Daniell, £15 at 24 years old. Son Barth. Daniell £15 at 25 years old. Daughter Elizabeth 20 shillings. Daughter Ann £10 at 21 years old. James Daniell, son of Tho. Daniell, my grandchild, "1 cowe and lambe within two years after my Decease." Son James "all my moveable goods." Son-in-law Richard Richardson 1 shilling.
/x/ Thomas Daniell    Witnesses: /s/ James Turner     /x/ Lawrence Sanders
will proved Dec 1661 at Buckden

Will of John Blackwell, 25 Nov 1661
John Blackwell of Benefield, being sick in body but perfit in minde and memery do make my last will and testament in maner vz I do ... bequeath my soule into the hands of God my Creater and to Jesus Christ my most mercyfull Seavior hoping by his death & paition to be saved etearnally and I will my body to be beried in the Church yeard of Benefield and I bequeath my worl[dl]y goods as fowleth, first I give to my dagter Elizabeth five pounds and to my daughter Seara five pounds and to my daughter Mary five pounds and to my sonne Mathew five pounds and to my sonne Thomas seven pounds and three pounds which was given hime by his cozen Thomas Blackwell and in this my will.I make my wife and my son John joynt executors of all my goods an chatteles and my Same? house only my wife shall have the desposing of all my houshould goods only on[e] bed which my sonn John is to have I also will that the leggacis shall be payd att the age of on[e] and twenty by my excetors. /x/   Dated 25 Nov 1661. Wp 12 Dec 1661.  Witnesses: Henry Cornwell, Peter Baker, John Bell all /s/

Will of James Daniel, 24 Apr 1671 [abstract]
James Daniel of Great Gidding. Daughters Sarah, 1 shilling; Anne, ten pounds, Elizabeth ten pounds. Wife Sarah twenty pounds. Brother Thomas Daniell and brother [in-law?] Edward Hodgskin each five shillings for gloves. Remainder to daughters Anne and Elizabeth.
Will proved 26 Jun 1671.

Will of John Faulkner, 9 Dec 1673 [abstract]
of Morcotte, Rutland, yeoman. Son Henry Faulkner, Sons William and John /x/ seal. Witnesses: Willems Perant?, Benjamin Lyon, James Brightman. Proved 26 Nov 1674.

Will of Henry Faulkner, 20 Apr 1674 [abstract]
of Stanyon. Eldest brother William Faulkner of Morcoatt 20 pounds, Youngest frother John Faulkner of Morcoatt rest of goods. /s/ witnesses Thomas Pollard, Charles Staman. Wp 17 Jul 1674.    [Notice father's will, above, dated before son's, but son's will proved first.]

Will of Simon Tayleby, 11 Aug 1676 [abstract]
Of Gretton, son William and daughter Frances 3 pounds when 21; son Simon 5 pounds, daughters, ____, Margaret and Elizabeth 3 pounds each to be paid by son Thomas. Wife Frances.

Will of Edward Bright, 6 Feb 1678/9 [abstract]
Edward Bright of Steeple Gidding. Son[-in-law] Edward Hull of Gletton and Ursula his wife [Edward's daughter]. Son[-in-law] Martin Browne of Yaxley and Ellen his wife [Edward's daughter]. Twelve pence each to widow Coorton, widow Chafee, and Goody Barton. Thomas Gregory and Mary his wife 12 pence. James Warner 12 pence. Servants 12 pence each. Rest to son Richard Bright.
Will proved 28 Feb 1678

Will of Thomas Rowlat, 1 July 1679 [abstract]
Thomas Rowlat of Stanion, yeoman, sick in body, "and first being penitent and sorrie from ye bottom of my hart for my sins past, most humbly desiring forgiveness for ye same." To loving wife Mary 2 "tow [sic] cowes one being a ryed one ye other a browne cow." Third of my freehold in Stanion, if not allowed, then five pounds a year. If she is allowed a third of the freehold then she is to get only one shilling within three months of his decease. Son Thomas 30 pounds at age 21. Dau Hannah 30 pounds age 21. Son Sammuel 30 pounds at 21. Dau Jone Massey 20 shillings. Dau Elizabeth 20 shillings son[-in-law?] Christ. Massey's four children five shillings a peec when age 21. Son Richard rest of goods and executor. Wd 1 Jul 1679. [Buried 1 Oct 1679, youngest daughter Mary born in March.]

Will of Richard Bright, 15 Nov 1688 [abstract]
Richard Bright of Steeple Gidding. To Richard Carrier? Husband of my daughter Ellin 70 pounds. Daughter Anne Bright 60 pounds when she reaches 21. Daughter Elizabeth 60 pounds at age 21. Eldest son Edward 100 pounds at age 21. Son Richard Bright 100 pounds at age 21. Wife Ellinor Bright.
Will proved 4 Dec 1688
Witnesses included William Smith, John Selbe, Samuel Haddon

[Old family records show Boniface Bright as the son of this Richard Bright and his wife, Ellinor Smith. A christening date of 21 Mar 1667 in Steeple Gidding is given on these records. However, a christening was not found for him in any of the Giddings (Great, Little, or Steeple) or in Winwick.  Richard Bright's will does not list him as a son. Other English wills have been seen where the eldest son was not listed as he inherited the land automatically, however Edward Bright is named as the "eldest son" in Richard Bright's will. The lineage for Richard Bright goes back another two generations: Richard is son of Edward Bright (see will above) and Anne Pasheler, and Edward is the son of Arthur Bright and Ursula Howse.]

Will of Bartholomew Daniel, 22 Apr 1690 [abstract]
Bartholomew Daniel of Great Gidding, Hunt. Carpenter "being of perfect memorie and remembrance." Brother John Daniel 1 shilling. Cousin Ann Tombling £1. Cousin Elizabeth Richeson £1. Cousin Ann Richeson £1. Residue to wife Pennellopie Daniell, sole executor.
/x/ Bartholomew Daniel   Witnesses: /s/ William W. Parker, /x/ Kilham K. Jackson, /s/ John Smyth will proved 5 May 1690

Will of Laur. Vine, 1691 [abstract]
Mother Edith Vine, brother William, uncle Michael Laxton and aunt Alice, uncle Robert Laxton, kinsman Jane ______, brother John Vine.

Will of William Butterwick, 16 Jun 1691 [abstract]
William Butterwick of Kingscliff, labourer. To youngest son Edmond, one brass pot and all working tools. Daughter Marie a sett of Curtaines and valience and a suite of childbed linnen which are at my son Richards at Bot[t]lebridge [Orton, Hunts] and a seamed sheet and a pillowbeare which are also wtih my son Richard, also a bearing Blanket. Residue of goods to dau Marie, also named executrix. [There is an addition on the left side of the will, which is lost in the binding of the book, "Item I give and bequeath unto Richard . . ."] Witnesses [partially in binding]: . . . Martin and . . . Christopher.  Will proved 15 Jan 1695/6.

Will of John Larman, 13 Jan 1701 [abstract]
John Larman of Benefield, husbandman. son Edward £5 daughter Sarah £5 and a cow which she shall choose in the yard. Dau Mary £5 and unto my dau Martha £5, dau Elizabeth £5, dau Hanna £5 to be paid to each at age of 21. Wife Sarah £5 and son John £5 whom I apoint sole and joynt executors. John Arnsby Senr and Arthur Rowell overseers of will./x/ Wd 13 Jan 1701 wp 27 Apr 1703 [Arthur Rowell (see his will) was father of John Larman Jr.'s first wife, Elizabeth Rowell.]

Will of Thomas Blackwell, 28 Oct 1703  
Thomas Blackwell of Benefield, husbandman. Wife Alice 15 pounds to be paid within 3 years in six payments on Feast of St. Michael and 25 of March each year. Son John Blackwell 3 pounds, son Christopher Blackwell 1 shilling withing three years, Son Hen. Blackwell one pound. Son, Robert Blackwell 15 pounds to be paid within 5 years. Benjamin Story my son in law one shilling. Symon Peak my son in law one shilling. John Blackwell, Ralph Blackwell, Benjamin Blackwell, and Sarah Blackwell, sons and daughter of John Blackwell my son 10 shillings to be equally divided. Grandchildren Hen. Blackwell and Elizabeth and Mary Blackwell 2 shillings six pence each. Symon Peak, Anamaria Peak, Millicent Peak, Sarah Peak my grandchildren Wd 28 Oct 1703

Will of George Cave, 10 Oct 1708
Cave, George, of Warkton, Northampton. Sone [sic] George Cave 1 shilling to be paid within 2 years after my deceas[e]. Sone  William Cave 1 shilling to be paid 2 years after my deceas[e]. Sone Edward Cave 1 shilling to be paid 2 years after my deceas[e]. Daughter Elizabeth 1 shilling to be paid 2 years after deceas[e]. Daughter Dorothy 1 shilling to be paid 2 years after my deceas[e]. Sone John Cave 20 pounds and 10 pouds that is in his Brother Fanns hands that he owes me to be paid in 2 years after my deceas[e]. Daughter Mary 30 ounds and 20 pounds more that is in my sone William's ahnd that he owes me to be paid 2 years after my deceas[e]. To my wife if she cannot agree to live with my executor I do give her 5 pounds a year to be paid her ryearly as long as she lives. Rest to son Samuel, full and sole executor.  /x/ Wd 10 Oct 1708. Witnesses: Wm. Ward; John Bullivant, curate; John Hopper [husband of daughter Dorothy.]   

Will of Goodlad Vine, 7 Apr 1715 [abstract]
Goodlad Vine of Harringworth, land in Gretton to wife, Mary, then to son John, son William. Wood in Gretton to grandson John Vine, my sonne William Vine his sonne. Legacies to the six children of my son John. Residue to son William.
Will proved 16 May 1716.    /s/ Goodland Vine

Will of Mary Rowlatt, 18 Dec 1715 [abstract]
Mary Rowlatt , widow, of Stanion. Grandson Thomas son of son Thomas Rowlat £10, grandson Thomas Rowlatt son of son Samwell Rowlat £10. Grandaughter Mary Setchell dau of son and dau Richard & Hannah Setchell of Greton £10. Granddau Mary Wise, dau to my son and dau Thomas and Mary Wise of Stanion £10. Gdau Mary Setchell on [sic] "greatt box that is in ye old parlor and what I left in it and four pewter dishes that is on ye shelfe in ye howse." Gdau Mary Wise "seven pewter dishes & on[e] pewter tankerd ye Begest." Dau Mary Wise on[e] Beear Vesell, and a hogeshead. To loving son Samwell Rowlatt one Barell. Gdau Mary Setchell my bedstead in ye now parlor. Mary Wise my gdau my bedstead in ye old parlor. All my howseall goods whatsoever between gdaus Mary Setchell and Mary Wise. All rest to son Thomas Rowlatt and make him executor.    [see copy of signatures] /x/ wd 18 Dec 1715, wp 20 Oct 1716.
[This is the will that provided the link to Stanion for Hannah Rowlatt Satchell. Up until the discovery of this will in 1986 we did not know Hannah's last name. The marriage was later found in Brigstock for Richard Satchell and Hannah Rowlat. This was an exciting find! Her two sons-in-law, Richard Satchell and Thomas Wise were witnesses and both signed the will. Mary's mark is an "M" with possibly a crooked "R".]


Will of Arthur Rowell, 1719   [Arthur Rowell is the father of John Larman Jr.'s first wife, Elizabeth Rowell.]
Arthur Rowell, Glapthorne, yeoman. Eldest son John now dwelling at home, 20 pounds. Second son Edward Rowell of Warmington all stock he now enjoys. Third son Arther Rowell of Corby 1 shilling. Wife Sisla, land in Bourn, Lincolnshire, then to son John. Dau Sisla Cunnington of Lifding? One shilling. John Larman my son in law one shilling. Gdau Elizabeth Larman now dwelling at Benifeild [sic] thirty pounds at her marriage or age 21. Fourth and youngest son Richard Rowell all goods and him to be executor.  On back of will wife shall live with son Richard if they can agree and if not wife shall receive forty shillings a year of son Richard. "Them things wich i gave to my wife after her deces my grandarter Sara Rowell shall have the same." "Son John Rowell a bed and bedding wich hee lies in and two cheares." wp 1719

Will of Libbeus Humfrey, 28 Apr 1722 [abstract]
Libbeus Humfrey of Wilbarston, Gentleman, land in Wilbarston purchased of Henry Elliot now in possession of Edward Merrill to sons Robert Humfry of Medbourne, Leicester, and Benjamin Humfry of Wilbarston. These two shall pay son James the rents and profits of the land during his life. Son James five pounds per year from grandfather Humfry's will. Land in Brampton given in 1720 to son Benjamin and John Smith. Wife Alice all apparel and ten pounds a year. Grandchildren 20 pounds apiece. Elizabeth and Sarah, daughters of my wife by her former husband Odgen, 20 shillings. Five shillings a year for bread for the poor. Land in Desborough.
Will proved 25 Nov 1724. Inventory 4 Nov 1724 valued at 324-10-00.
Witnesses, Edward Blessoe, John Lamplugh, Henry Watts

Will of John Knighton, 16 Oct 1727
In the name of God Amen. The last will and Testament of John Knighton Sen. of Winwick in the County of Northampton or Huntingdon Yeoman being weak of body but of a sound and perfect memory blessed be God for it. First and Principally I commend my soul unto almighty God who gave it in hope of Pardon and forgiveness of all sins through Jesus Christ my Redeemer and as for my worldly goods which it hath pleased God to bestow upon me. I do give and bequeath as follows. Imp[rimi]s I give unto Ann my loving wife the sum of ten pounds of lawful money of Great Britain to be paid unto her by my Executor--hereinafter named, yearly and every Year during her natural life by four equall payments and also I give unto Ann my loving wife all my household goods and Shop goods whatsoever and wheresoever the same may or shall be found and at and to be wholly at her Disposall. Item I give unto my son John Knighton the sum of five shillings. Item I give unto Thomas Knighton my son the sum of five shillings. Item I give unto my Daughter Mary Lawford the sum of five shillings. Item I give unto my Daughter Sarah Luffthe sum of five shillings. Item I give unto Edward Knighton my son the sum of twenty one pounds of lawful money of Great Britain. Item I give unto my daughter Elizabeth Knighton the sum of four score pounds of like lawful money of Great Britain. Item I also give unto Hannah Knighton my daughter the sum of four score and ten pounds of lawful money of Great Britain and all which said Legacys are to be paid by my Executor within twelve months after my Decease. Item I give unto my Son Henry Knighton all that House I the said John Knighton now dwell in and also all those three score Acres of arable lands meadow and . . . grounds by the same more or less which I formerly purchased of William Thurlby and also all horses, Beast carts Waggons and all green that shall be there upon the aforesaid with all other of my goods moveable and unmoveable except before excepted the said Household Goods to be at Ann my beloved wife and at her Disposal. And Lastly I do hereby nominate and appoint Henry Knighton my Son Sole Executor of this my last will and testament for and to pay all my Legacys, Debts and funeral charges and lastly I the said John Knighton Sen. Do hereby call back all former Wills and Testaments by me heretofore made and do appoint this for to stand in force witness my hand this sixteenth Day of Oct. And first year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George King of Great Britain.
/x/ John Knighton        Will proved 10 Nov 1727
witnesses    Tholbroom [?] Shemek, Jr. Bucknel

Will of Christopher Rowlatt, 4 May 1731 [abstract]
Christopher Rowlatt of Stanion. Daughter Susanna six pounds nine years after my death. Daughter Alice six pounds 10 years after my death. Rest to wife Alice and son John.
/x/ Christopher Rowlatt
Will proved 21 Jun 1731, Inventory valued at £18-7-6
Witnesses: Thomas Brampton, Rebecca Bodyer

Will of Eleanor (Ellinor) Rowlatt, 20 Nov 1732 [abstract]  
Eleanor Rowlatt, of Corby, spinster. To kinsman Richard Shelton 1 shilling. Kinswoman Mary Wise 12 pounds. Kinswoman Mary Rowlatt wife of Samuel 12 pounds. Kinswoman Mary Rowlatt wife of John one pound. Bennit wife of John Noble 5 shillings. Hannah Wise 1 pewter dish. Ann Wise, Jane Wise. Mary Ames ju. Mary Bayly daughter of George Bayly largest pewter dish. Rest to kinsman John Rowlat of Corby.
Will proved 13 Mar 1733/4, Inventory £29-1-0
Witnesses John Taylor, Bennet Wise, Ann Bayly

Will of Robert Butterworth, 12 Jun 1735 [abstract]
Robert Butterworth, husbandman, of Gretton. Eldest son William, 1 shilling. Youngest son Martin 1 shilling. Daughter Elizabeth, wife of Robert Laxton 1 shilling. Daughter Bridgett wife of Henery Sison 1 shilling. To second son John the crop now growing in land owned by Lord Hatton. Son John sole executor. Will proved 7 May 1739. Inventory valued at £23-05-06. Includes "two old cows, one old horse and one old blind mare" also "one old Cart body and four old wheeles."
Witnesses: Rob. Boon, E. Fisher, and William Boon.

Admon of Robert Clark, 1737
Robert Clark, of Great Gidding, to widow Jane.

Will of Richard Satchell, 18 Oct 1737
Richard Satchell of Gretton. [buried 23 Oct 1737]
Will proved 7 May 1739. Inventory valued at £268-12-6.
being sick and weake in body but of sound perfect and dispossing mind and memory
eldest son Thomas Satchell, six acres of arable land, two acres and a half a rood of dole meadow, one close of pasture, several other parcels of land designated; one next to John Baker's close and barn, one adjoining land of Lord of the Manner [sic]. Land by William Pridmore, and Robert Laxton, William Petterell Gent., Gefery Johnson.
Land given to son Thomas on condition that he pay my two daughters, Elizabeth Satchell and Hannah the wife of Henry Taylor [buried 22 Oct 1737], full and just sum of 27 pounds 10 shillings; 10 pounds one year after decease and 17 pounds 10 shillings within two years after decease. If he does not pay them, they get some of the parcels of land.
Son Samuel Satchell messuage & house lately pruchased of John Williamson and some other parcels of land, one abutting against Thomas Goodliffe's land, also William Gray, William Baxter, John Haskett, Walter Freeman, Edwd Bullyvant.
Land given to Samuel on condition that he pay my two daughters, Elizabeth Satchell and Hannah Taylor, 10 pounds; 50 shillings to Elizabeth within two years of decease, 7 pounds 10 shillings to Hannah within two years. If he does not pay, they get part of land.
Son William Satchell land, some adjoining land of Edward Alger, William Broctor ?, Robert Laxton, Lord of the Manner, William Laxton, Robert Boon, Gefery Johnson.
Dau Mary, wife of John Watkinson 5 shillings
Son Richard Satchell [also buried 23 Oct 1737] parcels of land; land near Thomas Goodliffe, John Haskett, William Bullevant, William Prine, William Baynes, Richard Lambert, and Robert Laxton.
If he die without issue lands to be divided between son William and two daughters, Elizabeth and Hannah .
Son Richard the cottage where John Castor lives after my wife's decease, and other lands. If he die, then cottage and lands to son William and daughters, Elizabeth and Hannah. [Phrase about "if he die" might indicate he was also ill at this time.]
Wife Hannah Satchell land by wood, and two cows to take them where she will out of my stock. She to have all household goods to use or distribute as she sees fit.
All my horses and meeres both old and young to sons Samuel and William. Each of them also to have a wagon, Samuel to take the first, and William to take the next.
To Samuel and William each one cart and likewise all my gears and harnish belonging to my team to part them equally between them.
Son William Satchell two cows, dau Hannah Taylor one cow.
All rest to son Thomas Satchell, executor.
Rich. Satchell, wd 19 Oct 1737, wp 7 May 1739 [buried 23 Oct 1737]
Witnesses: Will Baynes, John Butterworth, E. Fisher.
Inventory taken 7 May 1739 by Tho. Wade, Robert Laxton and Edward Fisher, value £268-15-2.

Will of Robert Humfrey, Sr., 13 Jun 1739 [abstract]
Robert Humfrey Sr., of Wilbarston. To son Benjamin land that was late his mother's. Three acres. Son Robert rest of land and sole executor.
Will proved 24 Dec 1740, Inventory valued at 507-19-4
Witnesses, Elizabeth Dimbleby, William Watts and Hen. Marshall

Will of Joanna Satchell, 17 May 1733 [abstract]
Joanna Satchell, spinster, of Gretton. Cottage in Gretton in occupation of William Spener and Henry Spencer to cousin John Watkinson and Mary his wife. After their decease to Mary Watkinson, eldest dau of said John Watkinson. Cousin Arthur Watkinson 5 pounds; cousin Edmund Wise 1 guinea; cousin Joanna Lattimer wife of Francis Lattimer 10 shillings; Anne Barker wife of Thomas Barker 5 shilings; Frances Barker wife of John Barker, 10 shillings.[This surname could be Darker.]  Anne Watkinson and Elizabeth Watkinson, daus of John Watkinson 10 pounds each at age 21. Mary Watkinson dau of John Watkinson bed in parlour chamber, bedding and linen. Anne Watkinson bed in kitchin chamber, curtains, bedding. Elizabeth Watkinson bed in hall chamber, curtains, bedding. Cousin Mary Watkinson, wife of John Watkinson, large chest and all that is in it, dishes, pan, table, 2 coffers. Rest to John Watkinson, sole executor.
/x/, wd 17 May 1733, wp 17 Sep 1747
Witnesses: Richard Satchell, John Lenson, Thomas Meadows

Will of John Butterworth, 31 Dec 1740
In the name of God Amen I John Butterworth of Gretton in the County of Northampton yeoman being sick and weak in body butt of sound and perfect mind and memory praised be Almighty God do make and ordain this my Last will and Testament in Manner following that is to say first and principally I commend my soul into the hands of Almighty God hoping for Salvation through the Meritts and Mediation of my blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and my body I committ to the earth to be decently intered at the discretion of my executor herein after named and as for such worldly goods or personal estate which it hath pleased God to bless me with I give and dispose thereof as followeth. First I give and bequeath unto my son Robert Butterworth, the sum of tenn pounds to be paid by my executor one year after my decease. Item I give and bequeath unto my Son William Butterworth the sum of twenty pounds to be paid to him after he comes out of his aprentiship. Item I give to my youngest son Martin Butterworth the sum of twenty pounds one part of it to put him out to prentice and to find him clothing and if any left to have it after his time shall be out and malso a mare that was given him by his Unkle Martin Butterworth. Item I give to my Daughter Elizabeth Satchell the sum of tenn pounds to be paid her two years after my decease. All the rest of my personall estate as stock grain waggone carte plowe and all thing belonging As Husbander and all my houshould goods and Bill Bonds depts Redy money wheresoever I be or may be found after my funeral expenses paid I give betwixt my loving wife Edith Butterworth and my son John Butterworth provided they can agree to join together but if my wife shoold marry or go away from him then my will is that my Son John Butterworth shall have all my Personal Estate afore mentioned here except half the houshould goods which I give to my Loving wife Edith Butterworth paying all my Depts and Legacys and I do nominate constitute and assign my Loving wife Edith Butterworth and my Son John Butterworth joynt executors of this my Last will and testament revoaking all former wills by me at any time maid. In Witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and seal this thirty first day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand Seven hundred and forty.   /x/ his mark, John Butterworth
Witnesses: Willm. Butterworth, Ed. Baynes, Robt. Laxton.
Will proved 19 Nov 1742. Inventory valued at 246-05-06.
Inventory of John Butterworth included the following personal items: purs[e] and a parrott, 5 bras[s] panes, 2 bras potes, 11 puter [pewter] dishes, 20 puter plates, 1 warmin pan, 1 bras ladell, 2 dressers, 5 mares, 2 colts, 2 foles, 7 cowes, 3 heffers, 6 calves, 5 sheep, 9 piggs, 2 hoggs, 15 young piggs, and 4 small piggs. Valued at £102-06-00. Additional property valued at £144 included: 3 waggons, 2 cartes, 2 plowes, 1 hay stack (£15), 13 acckers of land redy to sow for barley. Appraisal by Robert Laxton, Will: Butterworth, and Tho: Wade.

Admon and inventory of William Clifton, 1741 [abstract]
Clifton, William, Admon, Grace Clifton, widow of Wm Clifton late of Oundle, carpenter, and John Cammach, sadler & William Eaton, grocer of Oundle, 25 Jan 1741. Signature of Grace Clifton (see below).  Inventory taken 22 Jan 1741/2, valued at £19-4-0. Inventory included: a bed, a couch, a chest of draws [sic], a glass, 2 chests & a table, 5 black cheers, boxes & pictures, window curtains, a chest, 3 boxes, a table, a chest & close stool, a flasket, linne, 3 tables, 12 chairs, a jack a spit & Stillards, a grate pocer shovel & tongs, candlesticks & gridiron & chaven dish, a pair of bellows & salt box, a bacon rack, dough cimble & table, 2 barrels, 2 old frying pans & 1 warming pan, a dresser & pewter case, 4 pewter Dishes & 7 plates, 1 Dozen of trenchers, 4 kettles & 1 pot, Earthen ware & other Lumber, a water pail & two sives, a pacel of tools (£1), a stock of board in ye Shop & yard (£4), a shovil & wheelbarrow, wareing apparel (£2), Debt book (£5).

Admon of Edith Butterworth, 1743 [abstract]
Edith Butterworth of Gretton, widow, and John Butterworth [1718], yeoman, Bond Robert Laxton glasier. Edith Butterworth daughter of Amey Vine late of Gretton, widow.   This was on the death of John Butterworth [1688]. An inventory for John Butterworth included 5 brass panes, 2 bras botes, 11 puter dishes, and 20 puter plates. Also 1 warmin [sic] pan and 2 dressers. Livestock included 5 mares and 2 colts, 2 foles, 7 cowes, 3 heffers, 6 calves, 5 sheep, 9 piggs, 4 hoggs, 15 young piggs, 4 small piggs, and others. The total of his estate was valued at £102-06-00.

Will of John Clark, 17 Jan 1747/8 [abstract]
John Clark, [of Great Gidding]. Daughter Mary, daughter Hannah, daughter Jane. Wife Hannah and unborn child.
Will proved 12 May 1749.
[See court record, son John died as an infant.]

Will of John Humfry, 12 Aug 1746 [abstract]
John Humfry, Yeoman, of Wilbarston. To John Green of Wilbarston, gentleman and Edward Hector of Middleton, cordwainer, all his land in Stoke Albany. To Wife Catherine, and three daughters, Catherine, Elizabeth, and Ann. Land in Wilbarston to wife.
Will proved 25 Sep 1749, Inventory valued at 97-16-6
Witnesses William Platt, John Platt, and Josiah Hodgson

Will of Edward Crawley, 1748 [abstract]
Edward Crawley of Great Gidding. To Thomas Crawley and Jane his wife. Robert Crawley, Sarah Crawley. Grandson James Males. Mary Males 1 sheep. Granddaughter Elizabeth Male. Grandsons Edward and Charles Crawley. Trustees Charles Golding of Alconbury Weston and Tho. Ferrar of Little Gidding.
Will proved 29 Oct 1748.
Inventory taken 7 Oct 1748 by John Larman [see signature below] and Robert Hatfield. Inventory valued at £118-4-10. Items included:  "In the Kitchen 3 Tables,  "In the Parlore a Bedd & Bedding, A Clock, a Table." "In the Chamber over ye Parlore 2 Beds & 5 Coffers & a Table & Glass." "In the Yard" Wheat, Barly, Beans & pease, and Hay.

Will of Benjamin Humfrey, 23 Dec 1749 [abstract]
Benjamin Humfrey the Elder, Yeoman of Wilbarston. To Eldest son Benjamin and his wife Catherine, land and house. Then to daughter Elizabeth Walton and four sons, Rice, Robert, William and John, when John reaches 21. Son in law Samuel Walton land given by my father, Benjamin Humfry.
Will proved 28 Dec 1751, Inventory valued at less than 40 pounds.
Witnesses: Wm Gutteridge, John Fox, Abrezir Cannam

Admon of Thomas Knighton, 21 Aug 1753 [abstract]
Thomas Knighton, Goods to Rebecca Knighton, relict. Bond Rebecah Knighton, John Beebe of Wastrone?, Lilford, Northants yeoman and John Bucknell of Winwick. 400 pounds.

Will of John Larman, 9 Jan 1758 [abstract]
John Larman of Great Gidding. Wife Annamaria. Daughter Elizabeth Perkins, daughter Mary Hopper. Son John.
Will proved 16 July 1759.  [Signature below from Inventory for Edward Crawley dated 7 October 1748, see will abstract, above.]

Will of John Folkes, 10 Mar 1758
In the Name of God I john Folkes of Oundle in the county of Northampton, yeoman, being Sick and weak in Body but of Sound and disposing Mind Memory and Understanding Do Make Publish and Declare this my last Will and Testament in manner following:
I Give and Bequeath unto my Son William Folkes the Sun of Ten pounds to be paid unto him within twelve months next after my death; Also I Give and Bequeath unto my Daughter Rebecca the Wife of Thomas Wade of Winwick in the county of Huntingdon the Sum of Ten pounds to be paid unto her within twelve months next after my death. Also I give unto my Son John Folkes the younger All my wearing apparell of what Nature or kind soever: The Rest Residue and Remainder of my Goods Chattles and personal Estate whatsoever or of what nature or kindsoever which I shall be any ways possessed of interested in or intitled to at the time of my death. After payment of my Debts Legacys funeral expences and the Charges of proving and executing this my will I Give unto my Brother in Law Edward Henson, of Oundle aforesaid his Executors Administrators and Assigns Nevertheless upon Trust that the said Edward Henson his executors and administrators shall and so soon after my death as conveniently may be put and place out the same at Interest upon Good and sufficient Security with full power for him or them at any time to call in remove & now place out the same in such manner as he or they shall think fit So as the best Annual Interest be made thereof as conveniently maybe without lessening the principal. And upon further Trust that the said Edward Henson his executors or administrators do and shall from time to time pay and apply the Interest and produce of the Monies to be placed out at Interest as aforesaid Unto my said Son John Folkes the Younger for and during the term of his Natural, to and for his use benefit and maintenance. And from & after the death of my said Son John Folkes I give and dispose of the said principal Monies and the Interest & produce thereof unto the said Edward Henson his executors administrators and assigns. I do hereby make constitute and appoint the said Edward Henson full & Sole Executor of this my last Will and Testament And to revoke and make void all former wills by me made. In Witness whereof I the said John Folkes the Testator have hereunto set my hand and seal this Tenth day of March in the year of our Lord One Thousand Seven hundred and fifty eight.
/x/ his mark, John Folkes
Witnessed by Thos. Ward and John Case

Will of Thomas Wade, 24 May 1758 [abstract]
Thomas Wade [of Winwick] Son John, daughter Elizabeth Jacob, daughter Mary, son John, son William.
Will proved 13 Jan 1759.

Will of Edward Henson, 8 Feb 1760 [punctuation added]
In the Name of God Amen, I Edward Henson of Oundle in the County of Northampton Yeoman being of sound and disposing mind Memory and understanding do make publish and declare this my last will and Testament in manner following: I give and bequeath unto Edward Law of Oakley in the County of Northampton Laborer the sum of one hundred pounds to be paid unto him within one year after the death of my Wife by my Niece Rebecca [Fowkes] Wade otherwise Ward the Wife of Thomas Wade otherwise Ward of Winwick in the County of Huntingdon and daughter of my Brother in Law John Folkes late of Oundle aforesaid deceased ^out of the copyhold Estates by me . . .  Also I give unto my Nephew William Folkes the sum of forty pounds to be paid unto him within one year after my Wifes Death by the said Rebecca Wade otherwise Ward out of the said Estates. And I do hereby ratify and confirm the Grant to or Settlement made upon my Dear Wife Mary for her life of all those several pieces and parcells of arable land ley Meadow and pasture Ground lying and being dispersed in the several fields of Oundle aforesaid containing by estimation fifty two acres and One Rood or thereabouts, be the same more or less, part of which are freehold and part copyhold and were lately purchased of Robert Adcock. And after the death of my said wife I give and devise the same unto the said Rebecca Wade otherwise Ward her heirs and assigns for ever. And I give and devise unto my said dear Wife Mary all that Copyhold Messuage or Tenement wherein I now dwell with the Homesteads yards Buildings and appurtenances thereunto belonging and all those several copyhold pieces and parcells of arable land Ley Meadow and pasture ground lying and being dispersed in the several fields of Oundle aforesaid containing by estimation fourscore acres or thereabouts be the same more or less lately by me purchased of Daniel Yorke Gentleman with the appurtenances to the same belonging to hold to her my said Wife for and during the Term of her natural life. And after her decease I give and devise the same unto the said Rebecca Wade otherwise Ward her heirs and assigns for ever Nevertheless Subject to [sentence not completed]. And I do hereby make both my said Estates chargeable with the payment of the said Sum of One hundred pounds to the said Edward Law and of the said sum of Forty pounds to the said William Folkes within one year next after the death of my said wife. And I give and devise all those my Freehold Messuages Cottages or Tenements close or orchard and other premises with their appurtenance situate and being in Oundle aforesaid now or late in the tenure or occupation of Benjamin Goode, Thomas White, and John Milbourn unto my said wife for the term of her natural life and after her decease I give and devise the same unto my Brother in Law John Richardson of Oundle aforesaid for and during the term of his natural life and after his decease I give and devise the same unto Thomas Greene Son of Thomas Greene of Ti[t]chmarsh in the said County of Northampton Shoemaker his heirs and assigns for ever. And I give unto my Nephew John Folkes of Oundle aforesaid the sum of Ten pounds to be paid unto him out of my personal Estate so soon as conveniently may be after my death. And I give unto Mary the Daughter of Richard Hipwell of Oundle aforesaid the Sum of Five pounds. And I do hereby desire that the said Rebecca Wade otherwise Ward may have my Wifes cloaths at her Death and I give my own cloaths unto the said William Folkes and John Folkes to be divided between them by my Executor as equally as he can. The rest residue and remainder of the goods chattles and personal estate whatsoever and wheresoever or of what nature or kindsoever which I shall be any way possessed of interested in or intitled unto at my Death after payment of my Debts Legacys and funeral expenses and the Charges of proving and executing this my Will. I give and bequeath unto my friend John Case of Oundle aforesaid Butcher his executors administrators and assigns upon this Special Trust that he or they do or shall by and out of such residue pay such Sums of Money as shall be requisite for the admission of my said Wife to such of the copyhold premises [end page 1] herein before given to her for her lifetime to which she has not been already admitted and also do and shall from time to time pay and apply unto or for my said wife such Sum and Sums of Money as she the said John Case his executors administrators or assigns shall in his or their discretion think proper for the better maintenance and support of my said Wife for her life. And also do and shall pay bear and discharge my wifes Funeral expenses and also upon this further trust that the said John Case his executors administrators or assigns Do and shall as soon as conveniently may be after the death of my said wife pay or cause to be paid unto the said residue of my said personal Estate as shall remain undisposed of for the purposes aforesaid; And my will is that the said John Case his executors administrators and assigns shall and may from time to time retain out of the said Trust Moneys all such costs charges and expenses which he or they shall be at or put unto in or about the execution of the trusts hereby in him and them reposed. Ant that he or they shall not be answerable to accountable with or for any more moneys than he or they shall actually receive or shall come to his or their hands by virtue of the trusts hereby in him and them reposed nor with or for the loss of any moneys which may happen in my Estate so as the same happen without his or their wilfull default or neglect. And I do hereby make constitute and appoint the said John Case full and sole Executor of this my last will and Testament And I give unto him the said John Case for the trouble he will have in the Execution of this my Will the Sum of twenty pounds and I do hereby desire that the said John Case will assist my Wife from time to time in letting her estates and managing her affairs. And I do hereby revoke and make void all former Wills by me made. In Witness whereof I the said Edward Henson have to this my last will and Testament contained in two sheets of paper set my hand and seal that is to say to the first sheet my hand and to this last sheet my hand and seal and also my Seal to the affixing the same together at the top this eighth day of February in the thirty third Year of the reign of his Majesty King George the second and in the yeare of our Lord One thousand seven hundred and sixty.
/x/ The mark of Edward Henson            Will proved 12 Nov 1760.
Witnesses: J. Bramston, Willm Hilton, Edmond Afford, F. Wells

Will of Henry Spencer, 9 Jan 1762 [abstract]
Son William Spencer, late of Gretton, deceased, to his three children, 1 son and 2 daughters, 2 shillings 6 pence; son Henry Spencer 20 pounds when age 21; all goods to Henry and daughter Elizabeth Spencer. Brother-in-law Thomas Satchell and John Holland.
Will proved in 1764.
Witnesses John Butterworth   Truth Biggler   and Edd Filler
[The signature on this will compares to the signature on the marriage record of John Butterworth and Elizabeth Green in Thrapston.]


Will of Henry Sisson, 1764 [abstract]
Henry Sisson, brother Thomas, bro-in-law Martin Butterworth 20 shillings per year. Kinsman Thomas Setchell, son of William Stechell, land given to him by wife Bridget Sisson, deceased. Sister Sarah now living in Long Clawston Leicestershire, kinswoman Eliz. Setchell, wife of Wm. Setchell and her son Thomas, brothers William Sisson and Joseph Sisson.
Wit. Edwd Newham, Boone. E. Filler

Admon of William Vine, 1767
William Vine, son of Mary Vine, late of Gretton, Will of Mary Vine named sons William, Conrad, dau Elizabeth, dau Mary Vine. "I Mary Vine the Poor of Gretton.

Will of Robert Humfrey, 15 Aug 1768 [abstract]
Robert Humfrey of Wilbarston, husbandman. To daughter Elizabeth, wife of Humphrey Walter five shillings. Daughter Hannah wife of John Watts. Daughters Sarah, Anne, Jane at age 25 or at marriage. Sons Rice, Benjamin 45 pounds each at age 21, and fifteen pounds for apprenticing. 20 shillings for bread to poor and widows. Residue to son Robert.
Will proved 19 Dec 1768

Will of Thomas Crawley, Sr., 9 Apr 1779 [abstract]
Thomas Crawley Sr, of Great Gidding, son Robert five shillings. Daughter Sarah wife of Simon Peak five shillings. Son Thomas Crawley five shillings. Son John Crawley and daughter Elizabeth wife of William Hopper, five shillings. Daughter Ann Crawley ten pounds. Son Edward Crawley ten pounds. Son David Clark Crawley ten pounds. Remainder to wife Jane Crawley.
Will proved 5 Jan 1780
Inventory of goods made 8 Oct 1779, valued at £334-19-0. Included [not a complete listing]: "Goods in the Parlour, 1 Bed & Bedding, Chest of Drawers & hanging press, the Corner Cupboard & things in it." Goods in the Kitching, Four Barrels & Thralls." "Goods in the Dairy, Three Iron Pots, The Star Mare, The Smyler Horse, The Sharper Horse & Ball Horse, the new Mare, Harness for six Horses, Ten three-shear Sheep, Eighteen Lambs, Twenty-five Sheashogs & Theives, Twenty-five Ewes, One Cow [£4], Another Cow [£2], An Old Cow [£1], Eight Store Hogs, One Sow & Gilt, Two Store Hogs, 2 two-year old Bests * 1 yearling, Two yearling Calves, One Waggon, One Carte, Another Carte, Two old Waggon Bodies." "Wheat in the Straw [£57], Barley in the Straw [£44-16-0], Peas & Beans in the Straw [£36], 41 acres of Silt Land [£41]."

Admon for John Butterworth, 19 Feb 1782 [abstract]
John Butterworth of Islip, baker. William Osborn of Stanion, miller, and Thos. Norton of Stanion, stonecutter and John Read of Islip, farmer. Estate not over 75 pounds. No indication of children.

Will of John Clifton, 29 Jan 1783 [abstract of very lengthy will, taken from "Oundle in the 18th Century" by Alice Osborn and david Parker]
John Clifton, of Oundle. To nephew William Goodliffe lands in Oundle. Sister Elizabeth Goodliff, widow, land in the Church Lane in Oundle, after her death to Samuel White and John Adson. Monies to nephews and nieces, the children of Elizabeth Goodliff. One house currently in occupation of Richard Mosely. Perpetual charity for the blind established. Sister Elizabeth Goodliff £15, nephew William Goodliff £15, Cousin Thomas Barnes £15, Nephew Thomas Goodliff £10, Niece Mary Goodliff £10, Niece Ann Truss £10, Cousin John Barnes £10, Cousin Oliver Barnes £10, Cousin Thomas Clifton £10, Cousin Elizabeth Goddard £10, Cousin Elizabeth White 5 guineas. A few other bequests.  Witnesses: J. Bramston, Thos Prentice, John Sands.
Codicil dated 24 Nov 1783.  Detailed list of household goods and books to go to Sister Elizabeth, Nephew William Goodliff (tools, lumber, books), Nephew Thomas Goodliff "Salmons Geographical Grammar and my gazeteer." Witnesses: John Ashley, John Peake, John March.

Will of Edmund Bright, 18 May 1827
In the Name of God Amen. I Edmund Bright of Luddington in the County of Northampton Farmer being tho weak in Body yet of sound and disposing mind and Memory (thanks be to God) Do make this my last Will and Testament in manner Following, that is to say First I Give to my Daughter Mary Butterworth wife of John Butterworth the Sum of Forty Pounds. Also I Give to my Son Edmund Bright of Middleton in the County of Northampton the Sum of Five Pounds. Also I Give to my Son Isaac Bright the Sum of Sixty Pounds and the greater part of my wearing apparrel. Also I Give to my Daughter Rebekah Baxter wife of John Baxter the Sun of Thirty [Fifty crossed out] Pounds. Also I Give to my Grandson William Bright, and Son of the now Sarah Evins the Sum of Ten Pounds. Also I Give to my Granddaughter Sarah Bright and daughter of the said Sarah Evins the Sum of Ten Pounds. Also I Give to my Grandson John Bright and Son of the said Sarah Evins the Sum of Ten Pounds the above said Legacies to be paid by my Executor hereafter named Twelve Months after my decease, except those of my Grandchildren that have not attained to the age of twenty one Years. My Will is that there [sic] Legacies not be paid them till they have come to that Age. Also All the Rest Residue and Remainder of my Goods Chatels and Effects whatsoever after my Just Debts are paid and Funeral expences defrayed I Give to my Son William Bright whom I do Also Constitute and Appoint sole Executor of this my last Will and Testament. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this eighteenth Day of May and in the Year of our Lord One thousand eight Hundred and Twenty Seven.
/s/ Edmund Bright
Will proved 10 Oct 1833
Witnesses: Luke Richards, Wm. Limer [?], Corns. Houford

Will of Thomas Knighton, 7 Apr 1829 [abstract]
Thomas Knighton of Oundle, yeoman, to John Knighton Bright son of my sister, Mary Bright, wife of Edmund Bright of Middleton, blacksmith. Also my nephew William Knighton who lives with me and my niece Esther Knighton each 25 pounds when they reach 25 years.
Will proved 30 Nov 1830.
[In 1839 John Knighton Bright, late of Oundle and now of Toulridge Terrace, New Kent Road, London, appeared in court.]