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Butterworth & Allied Families
Manor Court Abstracts and Miscellaneous Records
Northamptonshire & Huntingdonshire

To use these record abstracts, choose the particular page, or look for a surname using the Edit/Find (Ctrl + F) option in your browser. Use the find carefully, however, as the surnames do not always follow standard spellings.

Great Gidding Court Roll, mainly land transactions
Great Gidding Parish Council, Constable's Account,  Overseer's of the Poor accounts, Settlement Papers, Removal Order, Apprenticeship Indentures
Great Gidding Baptist Church Records
Gretton Court Roll
King's Cliffe Court Roll
Northamptonshire Quarter Session Records, Court records
Oundle Union Records
Winwick Land Records
Winwick Voting Lists
Apprenticeship Indexes
Marriage Licenses

Marriage Records - Copies of parish register pages
John Butterworth and Elizabeth Green , 8 Jan 1765
William Hopper and Elizabeth Crawley , 15 Dec 1767
Richard Abbott and Sarah Humphrey , 18 Oct 1769
Richard Abbott and Elizabeth Hopper , 6 May 1799

Monumental Inscriptions, various parishes
Northamptonshire Militia Lists, various parishes
Poll Tax Returns, various parishes
Protestation Returns, various parishes
Removal Orders, various parishes
Settlement Papers, various parishes
Bastardy Bonds, various parishes
Subsidy and Hearth Tax Rolls, various parishes

Great Gidding Court Roll and Court Books [Box 1795, Hunts Record Office, also Hamerton Survey Appendix WW; YY, Watson Papers (B43a); Appendix FFF Norris Material; Appx HHH (B43); Appx AAAA B62.]
1336 Pardon to John le hoppere (Coppere in margin) of Great Gidding for death of Robert Brows of Dodesthorpe at Fulbrigg by Wytherington, killed in self defense.
1384,90 John Clarke of Steeple Gidding
1436,37, 47, 67, Richard Clarke
1492 Robert Henson, Thomas Knighton
1513-46, John Clerke, Thos. Clerke, Robert Clerke, Robert Henson, William Henson
1547-1556 John Clerke, Thos. Clerke, Robert Clerke, Hensons
1557-79, Edward Abbott of Kimbolton, Thomas Clarke, John Clarke, Thomas Clarke, Richard Clarke, Margery Clarke, widow.
20 Mar 1558 sale by Anthony Knight of Winwick, husbandman and Alicia his wife d/o John Henson, for £5 to W. Luddington of Great Gidding, weaver, of a cottage in Great Gidding.
1568 Rental in Great Gidding of Edward Waton Esq.  Richard Clarke, Thomas Clarke.
3 Apr 1599 Copyholder, Thomas Clarke. Freeholder, Richard Clark, Hensons
1600 Thomas Daniel sold for three-fold to Lord Rockingham land he bought from Ralph Wells
1601, Edward Higby, vicar of Great Gidding.
1608 John Hopper overseer of the poor [Appx NNN]
1627 Thomas Daniel of Great Gidding, Tailor
1630 Robert Clarke
1633 Robert Clarke    ?brewing (Thomas Clements, Jane Higby)
1635 Jury included Thomas Clarke
1640 Thomas Daniel to James Daniel
1641 Thomas Clark and wife Anne
1642 Thomas Daniel
1645 Anna d/o Thomas Clarke
1648 Thomas to Ann Clarke
1649 Bartholomew Wilkinson and Edith to use of Thomas Daniel.
Year ? (before 1651) Joh's Mann & Thos. Daniell and Johes Mahewson jurors, Bart Wilkinson and Tho. Daniel
1650 Humphrey Clarke
1650 Thomas Daniel from Bartholomew Wilkinson
22 July 1652, Thos. Daniel did surrender two tenants etc. to the use and behoofe of Edith, wife of the sayd Thomas Daniell. T. Daniel on 1 July 1654 surrendered three acres to use and behalf of Bartholomew Martin.
1654 Thomas Daniel [deceased] moiety of cottage and homestead to Edith Daniel now Samuels, his wife
16 Apr 1657 John Hopper’s certificate [Appx NNN (B44a)]
1659, Thomas Daniel surrendered land to son Jacobi [James] Daniell
1660   Thomas Daniel to James Daniel.    James Daniel, juror.
166? Robert Daniel, renter in Buckworth [Appx M B57]
1665 James Daniel of Great Gidding, tailor and wife Sarai, 40 pounds, house, copyhold and 9 acres.
1667 James Daniel received land
1668, Jacobus Daniel and wife Sarah to Anne Daniell, daughter of Jacobi
1668 Bond, James Daniel, yeoman to Lord Rockingham.
1669   James Daniel died 1668. Property to James Daniel & Sarah his wife.
1670 James Turner
1675 William Turner
13 Apr 1676 Steeple Gidding, Richard Bright had 2 cows stolen
20 Jan 1676/7 John Boone surrendered land to George Turner of Great Gidding, land in Great Gidding.
1679 George Turner
1679 Edward Turner
1680 James Daniel to Anna Daniel
3 Aug 1680 Thomas Ladds to daughter-in law Mary Bramton [or Brawton] also James Daniel and Ann Daniel.
1690 George Turner and wife Jane received land from Silvester Martin and John Smith
1703 George Turner Sr. to George Turner Jr., son of George Turner. Jane Turner formerly wife of George Turner Sr.
Dec 1703 George Turner of Buckworth son of George Turner of Great Gidding, shepherd, received land of Antony Sherman.
Dec 1703 Jane Turner, wife of George Turner to George Turner son of George, he admitted tenant.
1705 Ludovic [Lewis] Adington to John Hopper, taylor, land currently occupied by Elizabeth Martin and Silvester Martin.
5 May 1708 John Hopper and Dorothy his wife admitted tenants, now occupying land formerly occupied by Ludovic Adington.
1708 John Hopper to John Hopper
1708 William Turner
1711 case involving Edward Crawley
1714 George Turner Sr. to Jane Clarke wife of Robert Clark, she admitted tenant
1717 Edward Crawley
Dec 1720   Robert Clark, cordwainer, Jane his wife from Mary Elsham, wife of Jacob Elsham of Leighton
1730? Thomas Knighton, woolcomber of Sawtry & Elizabeth his wife admitted tenants
1730 John Larman
1730 land to Robert Clark, cordwainer, from Maria Baker, one of three children of Anne Potts.
6 Jan 1737/8   Robert Clark, deceased, eldest son John did not come to court, did not receive tenancy. One messuage or tenement and a close containing 1 acre and 1 rod arable land.
13 Dec 1738 Ann, wife of late Edward Crawley, surrendered to son Edward Crawley, who in turn surrendered land to his wife, Mary. John Clark given tenancy of this land.
26 Oct 1743 Edward Crawley [2] the younger, Edward Crawley [3] infant, son and heir.
1740-50s? George Hopper only son and issue of John Hopper by Dorothy.
1747   Guardianship of Edward Crawley ae 10, Charles Crawley ae 7, grandsons of Edward Crawley, sons of Edward Crawley.
18 Jan 1747 John Clark, will, wife Hannah, wife pregnant at time of will, dau Jane. Wife delivered of a male child, John. John Clark infant died. Sisters Mary, Hannah, Jane.
27 Oct 1748 Edward Crawley died, infant son Edward admitted tenant, guardian Henry Ladds.
1748 Thos. Knighton, butcher, died, possessing cottage formerly belonging to Wm. Ayno. Thomas Knight, Jr., inherits by guardian Lewis Smith.
Abt 1748 George Hopper only son and issue of John Hopper by Dorothy
Abt 1754 Thomas Knighton son of Thomas Knighton, deceased, the home close of 3 acres of arable land. Jury included Thomas Crawley, John Larman Jr. and John Hopper.
1754, John Hopper, surrenders land now occupied by George Hopper to George his only son, son of John and Dorothy Hopper.
1754 homage - John Larman Jr. and Sr., Thomas Crawley, Samuel Knighton
7 Oct 1754 George Hopper, taylor, admitted tenant to land formerly Lewis Addington's. William Hopper, glover, eldest son
1768 Edward Crawley surrendered to James Males and William French, land formerly the estate of Edward Crawley, deceased, father of the aforesaid, and before that of Ann Daniel, his mother. One-half acre bequeathed by Edward Crawley 1st and before that Ann Daniel his mother. In occupation of Everett Pen. To James Cheney.
1770 Thos. Knighton, of Sawtry, customary tenant of Great Gidding manor, to Elizabeth Knighton of Sawtry, spinster.
1770 Jane Clarke, held 8 acres, died. Hannah, wife of William Martin, Mary wife of Richard Freemen, Jane wife of William Strickson are granddaughters and co-heirs of Robert Clarke, Jane's late husband.
1770 Edward Crawley [3] surrendered in 1768 ½ acre of land bequeathed by Edward Crawley [1] and before than Ann Daniel his mother, then occ by Everett Penn. To James Cheney for life then to Ann Cheney.
1773   Tho. Knighton late of Sawtry, now of Harlem in the Outward of the City of New York in North America, gentleman. Eliz. Knighton, spinster, power of attorney gave tenancy to John Wells.
1777 Elizabeth Knighton married Richard Bond of Knightland Farm Barnet, Middlesex, grazier.
27 May 1782 George Hopper surrendered land formerly the estate of Lewis Addington and since of John Hopper, father of said George Hopper.
1793 George Hopper died and left interest to William Hopper, glover, eldest son and heir.
1814, William Hopper died, to William Hopper, eldest son, breechesmaker.
22 Oct 1817 Will of William Hopper, glover, heir William Hopper, breeches maker, oldest son
1830 Jeffrey Heighton heir of of John Heighton

Great Gidding Parish Council , Constable's Accounts
1656 Thomas Daniel, churchwarden, James Turner
1664 James Turner
1677 money to Widow Daniel
1678 Sixpence to Widow Daniel
1679 Elizabeth Clark
1682 widow Clark
1682 John Daniel and Bart. Daniel
1683 William Clark
1703 John Hopper's certificate
1708 John Hopper, overseer of the poor
1731 John Larman

Overseers of the Poor accounts
Great Gidding Overseers Accounts 1780-1798, FHL Film # 1,040,990 (selected entries only for pedigree surnames)

Signatures (down)  First column: Robt Crawley, Edw Brampton, W. Bradshaw, Nathaniel Fortescue
John Lettice, John Crawley, James Cheney. Second column: David Crawley, Thos Hills, John Shawley
Thos Crawley, John Knighton, Wm Handson, John Mann.
These signatures at the beginning of the Account book for 1780-1798.

[Robert Crawley Churchwarden 1780-1]

10 Feb 1781 Hopper for Bell & Grave for John Colyar child 2/2
20 Mar 1781 Hopper for mending Marshals cloaths 1/-
29 May 1781 Robt Crawley’s journey to Huntington with others to answer to warrant for more relief 3/-
9 Oct 1781 Mary Hopper for nus?? 10/-
18 Jun 1781   Received from: Robert Crawley for Lord’s [Hatfield?] cottage 10½ pence, late Smiths Lord’s land 3/1 ½, late Frostlers Lord’s farm 5/10 ½ total 9/10 ½ ; Gog. Hopper 6 pence, John Crawley 12/6Jeffery Heighton 1/1½ ;John Goodwin 3 pence;
16 Jul 1781 Received from John Crawley, last year’s constable 1/7/9
7 Nov 1781 George Hopper for bell and grave for Eddin’s wife 2/2
8 Dec 1781 Received, same as Jun 1781
May 1782 Received, same as Jun 1781
Aug 26, 1782, Received, same
15 Apr 1783 to Robt Crawley for Beer at a meetingon ye town acct 2/10
15 Apr 1783 to Wm. Hopper for mending Marshal’s breeches 1/-
1 Apr 1783 Received, Thomas Crawley 18/8; Jeffery Heighton 2/2; Robt Crawley 13/2,; John Crawley 16/8, Geo Hopper /8, John Goodwin /4
15 Apr 1783 to Saml Goodwin for Marshal’s shoe mending /11
[Thomas Crawley churchwarden, Jno Crawley marshall for 2 weeks?]
13 Oct 1783 Received from Mr. Thos. Crawley for Lord’s Farm 2/16; Jeff: Heighton for tp of Vicarge 4/6; Robt Crawley 1/19/6; John Crawley for Lds Farm 2/10/-; Geo Hopper 2/-; John Goodwin 1/-
30 Jul 1783 Paid for Lodging, &c of John Goodwin at Grampton for 2 weeks at 10 sh[illings] week he having ye small pox.
10 Oct 1783 Thos Crawley Churchwarden and Oversear [sic] of the poor, also John Crawley
20 Oct 1783 Rec’d of Mr.John Crawley by Cash in hand for goods of late Charles Wright of Godmanchester 3/11/-.
20 Oct 1783 Rec’d by marshal: Thos Crawley 3 weeks at 1/6, 4/6; Robt Crawley 2 weeks 3/-.
6 Apr 1784 to Dorothy Hopper 4/-   [She continues to receive 2 shillings a week for some time. Not sure who this Dorothy Hopper is.]
6 Apr 1784 to Saml Goodwin for shoes for Marshal Fetynor 16/2
19 Nov 1783 to Geor Hopper for crying ye sale of Jas Males’s goods /6
20 Dec 1783 Received, included Mr. Luke Richards for late Robte Crawley’s Farm: viz for House Homstd & tythe 1/9; pt of Smyth’s Land 6/3; pt of Frostlers 11/9, total 19/9: also Mr. Care paid 15/9 for part of Larman’s Land.(also on previous lists, Larman’s farm)
Dec 1783 Received, Mr. Bradshaw for Goodwin’s Close 1/6; Jeffery Heighton 1/-; Wm. Hopper 1/-; Thos Crawley 1/8/-; John Goodwin /6,
Dec 1783 [Disbursements of Thomas Crawley]
15 Dec 1783 My journey to Catworth to sware ye said Mary Salsbury to Bastard Child. 4/-; Paid for Warrent & Examination 2/-; Eating and drinking for ye Women 1/6; My own expence & Horse 1/6; Expences of taking Wm Mills at Upton 4/-
16 Dec1783 Expences & Journey of myself to Huntingdon on ye said acct 4/-
17 Dec 1783 My journey to Huntingdon & two Horses & Expences 8/-; Paid for license & Oath 1/11/6;
21 Dec 1783 Mr. Fairchild for Marrying 10/-; George Hopper, Clerk 2/6;
22 Dec 1783 Pay’d Robt Crawley for eating and Drinking of the said Wm. Mills and Mary Salsbury as by acct. also for Beere at two meetings 11/3; to Wm Hopper for seeking for Parson to Marry ye above Mills and Salsbury 2/-.
10 Feb 1784 to Geo Hopper for mending Marshals Coate & Wasitcoate 1/7
8 Jun 1784 Hopper taken off payment list.
22 Mar 1785 to Saml Goodwin for Shoes for Marshal 6/2½ ; to Wm. Hopper for Breeches &c for Jno Marshal 14/10.
28 Mar 1785 to Jeffery Heighton for Eliz. Bellamy his apprentice 3/15/-; to Edward Crawley for Mary Bellamy his Apprentice 4/-/-.   [Churchwardens Robt Crawley, John Crawley]
23 Oct 1784 Dorothy Hopper back on list at 1 shilling per week.
Oct 1784 Disbursements of John Crawley, Overseer of the Poor.
2 Dec 1784 to Geo: Hopper for mending Marshals Cloaths 1/-
March 1785 Churchwardens, Robt Crawley, David Crawley
21 Apr 1786 Received: Mr. Handson (Larman’s and others) 2/4/3; Robt Crawley 1 /4/4 ½ ; David Crawley 19/6 (pt of Brothers); Edwd Crawley 1/6. Jeff Heighton 6/-; Wm Hopper 1/6; Thomas Crawley 1/7/9; Jno Crawley 2/-/6;
17 Apr 1785 Disbursements of John Knighton Overseer: to Dorothy Hopper 1/- for being with Willm Holloway at time of being ill; to William Hopper for going to Oundle for the Doctor 1/6; to Mary Hopper for attending John Fish at time of being ill; to George Hopper for bell and grave of John Fish
26 Dec 1785 Disbursements of John Knighton (cont.) Journey to Catworth ot sware Han. Hill to bastd child 2/6; paid for her oath 1/-; Expence for eating and drinking 2/-
1 Jan 1786 Journey of Self & Davd Crawley to Walton to take Robt Cave 5/-; Other expences for drink &c 1/ 2.
3 Jan 1786 Journey to Huntington for Licence 2/6, Victuals& drink 1/8, Licence & Oath 1/9/-, Mr. Fairchilds for Marrying 10/-, Duty /3; George Hopper 2/6, Eating for Robt Cave andJno Maynard whilst in hold 7/6; Beer for Do. 17/-;
26 Jan 1786 Journey of Self and Thos Crawley to Catworth to sware Jno Arber to his Settlemt & having him from thence to Thrapston 8/-; paid for an Order 12/-; eating and drink 6/-, 3 turnpikes /8, Wm Arber going with him 1/-, eating and drink at home before we went out & after we came home 2/2.
18 Apr 1786 Journey to Catworth of self & Horse to carry Eliz. Gorham to sware to Bastd child. 3/-; Eating and drink of Robt Crawley & Self 1/8; to Ed Crawley for coffin for Fish 10/6, setting Alloways goods 1/6, for Caves Childs coffin 2/6, for Freemans coffin 10/6 for total of 1/ 4/6. To Wm Hopper for breeches &c for Marshal 16/-
15 Nov 1791 pd Geo Hopper 4/-
26 Nov 1791 pd Eliz. Drake and Widow Holloway for laying out Mary Hopper & making affidavit 3/6 [bur 24 Nov, Mary Larman Hopper, wife of George Hopper]
26 Nov 1791 Mr. Bradshaw’s Bill on MaryHopper’s Acct 11/5½, coffin for Mary Hopper 10/6, total 1/1/11 ½ .
Payments received at 1 shilling in the pound rent: Mar 1792: Robt Crawley 1/12/6, David Crawley 1/6/-, Wm. Hopper 2/-, Jeff. Heighton 9/-, John Knighton 1/7/-, John Crawley 2/14/-, Mr. Knighton 1/14/-  
29 Nov 1791 pd George Hopper 2/-
27 Dec 1791 pd George Hopper 2/-
10 Jan 1792 pd George Hopper 2/-
12 Jan 1792 pd Wm. Wde by order of the parishoners 1/11/6
17 Jan 1792 pd Geo. Hopper 2/-
31 Jan 1792 pd George Hopper 2/-
10 Feb 1792 pd George Hopper for bell and grave for Williamson 2/2
6 Mar 1792 pd George Hopper 2/-
3 Apr 1792 pd George Hopper 2/-
10 Apr 1792 pd Mrs. Knighton for shirt cloth for marshall 8/3
1791 [sic]  Wm .Hopper’s bill for Marshal 11/5
17 Apr 1792 George Hopper 2/-
[“weekly collection” noted with total, not individual disbursements.]
Easter 1792 spent at Robert Crawley at Metting 4/6
Paid Wm. Hopper for 2 paire of Breeches for Thos. Arbour’s Boys 9/3
16 Oct 1792 Gg Hopper 2/-
15 Jan 1793 George Hopper 2/-
24 Jan 1793 Mr. Crawley for Lodging of Wm. Wade & Wife 3/0
24 Jan 1793 Spent at Mr. Knighton’s at 2 meetings 7/6
29 Jan 1793 Geo Hopper 2/
[remainder of Geo. Hopper’s weekly payments not abstracted.]
31 Mar 1793 Wm. Hopper bill for Marshal ¼/10
1793 Jno Knighton for Beer for Watkins and Shawley 1/-
1793 David Crawley for 1 years rent for Room for Poors Firing 14/-
18 Apr 1793 George Hopper for bell and grave (for Sanders’s child) 2/2
16 Aug 1793 Spent at meeting to settle Wm. Hoppers affairs 1/-
[last payment to George Hopper listed on 23 Jul 1793, “week collections” listed after that on 30 Jul, Aug 6, and 13. Not listed on list for 17 Sep 1793 (buried 17 Sep 1792).]
8 Jan 1794 Mr. Knighton for beer at Vestrey 3/-
[April 1793 after Jan 1794, payments listed to George Hopper]
21 May 1793 Paid Mr. Knightonfor board and lodging of Holloway’s children 9/7
21 May 1793 Wm. Hopper’s son going to Stanground to let Wm. Hitchbourn knowof Holloway’s Girls 1/-
5 Apr 1794 Paid for warrent for Thos. Weekly absconding form his family 2/-
9 Apr 1794 Traveling expenses of self [Mr. Blowfield] and David Crawley &c, 1/17/11
 ?Apr 1794 Journey of self [Mr. Blowfield] and David Crawley 2 days and horses going to seek Thos. Weekley 2/-/-
22 Apr 1794 Paid Robert Crawley for Beer at TownMeeting 3/-   [David Crawley churchwarden]
15 Apr 1794 Pd Davd Crawley for 1 year’s rent for Turf House 14/-
15 Apr 1794 pd Wm. Hopper’s bill for Marshal 17/10
15 Jun 1794 Cloath 4 yds at 15 p 5/0    [Interesting for prices !]
          lincey brown 3 ¼ yds at 14 p for coate
          Lincey blue 2 ½ yds at 16p for bedgown
          flannel 2 ½ ysds at 16p for coate
          handkerchief ½
          lincey striped 1 ¼ yd for apron 1/11 ½
          Two caps 1/-
           Bonnet 4 pence
          stockings, two pare 8 pence
          binding for coates &c 7 pence
12 Sep 1794 Doctor Sander’s wife & child he left her 1/6
2 Dec 1794 to Alderman, naile ½ lb to repair door 2 ½ pence
16 Dec 1794 cotton drab ½ yd 9 3/4 pence
          thread ¼ doz 3/4 pence
22 Dec 1794 Doctors Vice? & Mould for deliveryof Wm. Austin’s wife of a dead child 8/3/-
          funeral expences at the chop? 10/11
          Wm. Hopper the clarks fees 2/6
          Ed. Crawley for coffin 10/6
2 Jan 1795 Wm. Hopper for Marshals breeches 15/10; for Shawley’s breeches at Monks 3/6
10 Apr 1795 Dr. Vise curing Jn. Redhead of white swelling on the knee 5/2/2, and other fees, total 10/16/10.
10 Apr 1795 Edwd Crawley carpenters work at Weekley house 8/5
Easter 1795 Churchwardens, Richd Blowfield, John Crawley, David Crawley, Robt Crawley
Apr 1795 collection: Robt Crawley 16/3, Mr. David Crawley 13/-, Edwd Crawley 1/-, Wm Hopper 1/-, Mr. Heighton 4/6, Mr. Jno Crawley 1/7/-, Robt Crawley 17/- (for Glover’s Pasture, responsibility for this land changed frequently)
6 Oct 1795 expenses at vestrey at Robert Crawley 5/-
24 Nov 1795 bed tick 1 ½ yd at 12 p
          buttons 2 doz 6 pence
          thread 2 doz 6 ½ pence
12 Jan 1796 Wm. Hopper for bree4ches 5/-
22 Mar 1796 to Edwd Crawley for making 2 crutches for Wm. Arbor’s wife and for manding a reel &c., 3/9
28 Mar 1796 spent at Robt Crawley at Town Meeting 9/2
31 May 1796 My [Mr. Knighton] journey & Robt Crawley’s with Thos Goodwin to Magistrate 3/-; Eating and Drink 2/-;
     Wm. Hopper taking care of him while in hold /6
2 Jun 1796 ¼ Sr. Loaf and ½ oz of snuff to workhouse 11 ½ pence
          1 lb of sugar and ¼ lb of tea 1/6
          1 lb of butter and ¼ st of flour 1/5 ½
          1 lb of salt & ¼ lb of soap 4 ½ pence
          Bread baking 4 dz? candle ½ doz 4 ½ pence
          Ye[a]st 2 d. snuff 3 d 5 pence
4 Jun 1796 Pins ½ d. Tobacco ½ d. 1 pence.
          1 ½ yds of cloth for sheet 2/-
          1 lb of butter and 2 oz of tobacco 1/-
9 Jun 1796 Paid Thos. Goodwin’s family when he absconded 8/6
4 Oct 1796 Expenses of buying Thos. Weekley off from Soldiers 11/-
Oct 1796 [Halloway’s 2 daughters taken off weekly collection list]
          Mustard for Arbor’s wife, several weeks at 6 pence each week
3 Feb 1797 ½ pint kidney beans for Wm. Arbor’s wife 3 pence [listed several times]
15 Apr 1797 Wm. Hopper’s bill 12/9
15 Apr 1797 Edwd Crawley wood and work at Poore Houses & Workhouse 2/17/2
13 Jun 1797 paid to Jno Crawley for 1000 turf 10/8, carriage of same 6/-, loading and going on common 1/-
3 Apr 1797 Doctor Vice for attending the poor 1 year £8.

Next book to 1798-1803 179 pages.

Settlement papers  "Certificates received by this parish and kept in the till in the church."
[Settlement for Robert Clark 1718 listed in book, but not filmed with other original records]

7 Jan 1701 John Hopper from Tansor “certify that John Jopper Taylor is a legal inhabitant of our said Parrish of Tansor and the said John Hopper for the better convenience of Living being desirous to remove himself to the parrish of Great Gidding in the County of Huntingdon if therefore the said John Hopper shall at any time hereafter become chargable to the said Parish of Great Gidding we doe hereby promise to receive him back into our said parrish of Tansor and provide for him as the Law requires.”  Witnesses: Henry Richards, George Honott? Churchwardens John Denon? And John Plough, Overseers: Robt Bellamy /x/ and _rene Meadows /x/

18 May 1753 Mathew Abbot and Sarah his wife with children Mathew, Sarah, John and Ann, from Gt. Catworth.

1782, Jeffery Heighton his wife and family, legally setled in Aldwinkle All Saints.; attested by William Heighton and Jas. Bellamy.

Removal Order
14 Jun 1828 for Susannah Crawley, widow, to be sent to legal settlement parish of Alconbury. (Probably Susannah Peake, wife of David Clark Crawley, who was buried 13 Oct 1824 in Great Gidding. She was buried in Great Gidding 19 Apr 1840.)

Apprenticeship Indentures

29 Nov 1725 James Chapman and Edward Crawley, churchwardens, for Samuel Wellson apprentice to Henry Wise? of Great Gidding, taylor.
Dec 1725 James Chapman and Edward Crawley, churchwardens, for Sarah Fisher to Thomas Elstons, labourer of Great Gidding.
2 Jun 1738 Henry Ladds, yeoman, and Thomas Crawley, yeoman, churchwardens of Great Gidding, for Thomas Bardwell, s/o Robert Bardwell, deceased, age 11 to apprentice to John Archdeacon, taylor of Broughton.
18 Nov 1746 John Larman Jr. Signed as overseer of the poor on indenture.
1770 Thomas Sanders of age 8 years, to William Hopper of Great Gidding, glover. To dwell with him until age 24. William Hopper to receive £4 now and £4 in two years.
30 Oct 1786, Elizabeth Bellamy to Jeffrey Heighton of Great Gidding, until day of marriage or age 21.
30 Oct 1786, Mary Bellamy to Edward Crawley of Great Gidding, until day of marriage or age 21.

Great Gidding Baptist Church Records
[Appendix RR, Rev. Sutton’s Hamerton Survey]

1790 Notice to Protestant dissenters of chapel at GG to be used by baptists: Jeffrey Heighton, and Jonathan Clark.
? bill for stone carrying mentions Clark, Crawley, Henson
1816, Bill from Mr. Heighton
1817 to Mrs. Mary Knighton
Quarterly Subscriptions:
1781-1814 Jeffrey Heighton
1782 Ed. Crawley 3-1-4
1782-1791 Mr. Clarke 10-, 1-0-0 (1 pound, 0 shillings, 0 pence), 2-0-0, 2-0-0, 2-0-0, 3-3-0
1787 Mrs. Clark 10-
1803 Richard Abbott 1/6   (1 shilling, 6 pence)
1807-1815 Mary Knighton
1810 payments of Knighton, many for Heighton
1812   George Bright 6/-
1818 Abbott, Hopper
1819, Glover, Abbot, Fletcher
Donations to building: Mrs. Hopper 5-0, Mr. Hopper 5-0
Membership lists George Rose
1865 George Rose of Thurning proposed for baptism 30 Apr 1865
1886   Ordinance money, Hopper, Rose
1887, Collection, Rose, Hopper, Mr. Heighton went to Road

Headstones in Baptist Churchyard Great Gidding
8 Oct 1860 Wm. Crawley died ae 73. Also Lydia his wife died 17 Jan 1845 ae 45. Sarah Ann dau died 6 May 1740 ae 12, Elizabeth dau d 9 Sep 1742 ae 20.
Also Hopper, Priscilla, Ishmael s/o Charles, Eliz.

Gretton Court Roll [entries before 1619 in Latin and my Latin is not great so I may have missed some information.] Many thanks to Jacqueline Minchinton, Wellingborough, for additional abstracts from the very early entries. Early records, FH 1157, Northampton Record Office, not read through. Originals held at the Northamptonshire Record Office, Wootton Hall Park. Additional information from John Ward.

1 Oct 1553-8 Simon Tailby
30 Mar 1575 Simon Tayleby and Robert Blakesley
29 Mar 1592  Copyhold tenants included: William Rowlat, John Rowlat, John Hunt (infirm), Richard Slichell [sic], (note-dead), Arthur Sachell, and Lionel Goodlife. John Hunt, constable. Surveyors of fences, Richard Sachell, Arthur Sachell.
29 Mar 1592  William Rowlat land next to land of William Laxton on east to use of George Peache
29 Mar 1592  William Vine to use of William Vine and Alice his wife, and to Alice during her widowhood.
29 Mar 1592 Richard Sachell (deceased) land to Elinor
29 Mar 1592  Richard Sachell (deceased) held cottage in Gretton, surrendered to use of Elen Sachell, widow, formerly his wife, and Mary Sachell his daughter, age two years and more. Because no one came to seek admission to the premises they remain in the hands of the lord.
21 Sep 1592 Copyhold tenants include, Lionel Goodlife, William Rowlat, John Rowlat, Arthur Sachell. John Hunt, constable. Thomas Orton elected constable in place of John Hunte and takes oath. Surveyors of fences include Richard Sachell and Arthur Sachell. Grand inquiry includes John Hunt and William Rowlat, William Rowlat fined 6 pence.
21 Sep 1592  Henry Presgrave to Elenor Sachell, now wife of Simon Presgrave and after her death to Simon Presgrave. Cottage now in occupation of Benjamin Gulson.
21 Sep 1592  Thomas Tailby, land for his use, and after his decease to his son John Tailbye
21 Sep 1592 Arthur Sachell received land from Thomas Spier, next to Laurence Blaxley
Dec 1592 Simon Butterwick & Ana to Robert Butterwick of Gretton
30 Mar 1593  Copyhold tenants include: Lionel Goodlife, William Rowlat, John Rowlat, George Tailbie (note - dead), Arthur Sachell, Thomas Tailbie. Surveryors of fences includ Arthur Sachell and William Rowlat.
30 Mar 1593 Homage includes: Simon Tailby, John Hunt, William Rowlat
30 Mar 1593  George Taylbie, clerk, had died. land in tenure of Richard Cotes.
30 Mar 1593  Simon Tailbie and Elizabeth his wife, she being examined sole and secretly before the steward,surrendered land in tenure of Simon Tailbie to use of Martin Tailbie, son of the aforesaid Simon. Land surrendered back for use of Simon and Elizabeth during their lifetimes.
30 Mar 1593 George Tailbie to Henry Presgrave.
30 Mar 1593 George Tailbie land to use of Cecil[y Blaxley] Tailbie during her natural life, and after her death to use of George Tailbie.
27 Sep 1593 Surveyors of fences include Arthur Sachell and William Rowlat. Grand inquiry includes John Hunt, Simon Tailbie and William Rowlat. Homage includes John Hunte, Simon Tailbie, and William Rowlat.
27 Sep 1593  Lionel Goodleefe, several parcels of land to John Clypsam
27 Sep 1593  John Peatche alias Peach, land in occupation of Rowland Dytall to Martin Taylbie of Rockingham, yeoman.
27 Sep 1593  George Clypsam land next to Arthur Satchell to use of William Willyamson
27 Sep 1593 Thomas Sherman and wife Alice, land next to William Walker to William Williamson
27 Sep 1593  William Rowlatt land in tenure of Thomas Hoeman, land next to Robert Laxton, reserving to William Rowlatt half of the produce of the orchard and a house called le kylne and a cottage in tenure of Christopher Goodyer, to Thomas Hoeman for 11 years.
27 Sep 1593  Thomas Taylby had died, land to son John Taylby, age left blank. John Tabylbie seeks to be admitted.
27 Sep 1593, Simon Butterwicke and George Bafforde as assessors of bread and ale
27 Sep 1593, Wm. Butterwicke to son Robert Butterworth [Robert Butterwick or worth son of Wm Butterwicke]. Transfer one messuage and of half virgate of land in town and fields of Gretton, except one house recently built with the "gross lot" adjoining it.
27 Sep 1593, Grant of house listed above to William Butterwicke, possibly to leave the house to someone different than son Robert.
30 Mar 1595  on death of George Taylbie, clerk?, to George Allen
7 Sep 1595  Simon Tailbye, with Lawrence Blaxley and George Peach
16 Dec 1597 Homage includes William Rowlat and John Hunte
16 Dec 1597 William Rowlatt land in tenure of Robert Templar to Robert Templar for 6 years.
16 Dec 1597 Robert Templar close of 1 acre at Corbylydgate in fields of Gretton, land (of Nicholas or) Thomas Laxton to south, to use of William Rowlatt and his heirs.
16 Dec 1597 Lionel Goodleefe land next to William Laxton at Corby Lydgate, next land of Geore Sanforde on east, next land of William Drake on east, also land next to William Laxton and land next to Robert . . .   , other land next to Simon Presgrave on west, to use of John Clypsam for 12 years.
16 Dec 1597 John Peatche alias Peach land in occupation of Rowland Dytall to use of Martin Taylbie of Rockingham, yeoman.
16 Dec 1597 Rowland Dytall surrendered all rights to land surrendered by John Peache to use of Martin Tayleby of Rockingham, yeoman
16 Dec 1597  George Clypsam land next to Arthur Satchell on west to use of William Willyamson.
16 Dec 1597  Thomas Sherman and Alice his wife (Alice being examined separately) surrendered land next to land of William Walker to use of William Williamson, his heirs and assigns.
16 Dec 1597 William Rowlatt surrendered tenement in tenure of Thomas Hoeman next to land of Robert Laxton, reserving half to William Rowlatt, house in occupation of Christopher Goodyere, land to Thomas Hoeman for 11 years.
16 Dec 1597  Thomas Taylby, customary tenent, seised of one customary tenement of a coppiholde for his natural life, with remainder to John Taylby his son, by surrender of the same Thomas made diverse years ago has died since last court. John Taylby his son is of age of ___ years. The same John Taylbie being present seeks to be admitted.
11 Apr 1598 Cattle keeper, William Rowlatt; jury includes William Rowlatt and John Hunte.
11 Apr 1598  William Rowlatt land to George Presgrave and wife Agnes for 10 years
11 Apr 1598   George Presgrave land near Laurence Blaxley, to William Rowlatt and Alice his wife, then to their son George Rowlat.
11 Apr 1598, John Campe against William Taylbie debt of 15 shillings; William Shredd against William Taylbie debt of 2 shillings 8 pence; William Williamson against George Clynch debt of 13 shillings 4 pence.
11 Apr 1598, Martin Taylby for a composition give 40 shillings to the sister of John Peache.
11 Apr 1598 Simon Butterweeke [wife Ann?] to Robt Butterick, land transferred 29 Jan. 10 acres of land, meadow and pasture in Bridgeholm and Ragham and the pasture meadow in the west field, all in Gretton.
29 Sep 1598 Cattle keeper, William Rowlatt, surveyors of fences included William Rowlatt, jury includes William Rowlatt.
29 Sep 1598  John Campe seeks against William Taylbie a plea of debt of 15 shillings. William Shredd plea of debt against William Taylbie for 2 shillings 8 pence; William Williamson plea against George Clynch 13 shillings 4 pence.
29 Sep 1598  Martin Taylby give 40 shillings to sister of John Peache.
16 Dec 1598  William Rowlatt acknowledges a surrender made by him for 6 years to Robert Templer.
16 Dec 1598  Lionel Goodleefe to William Sherde; also to Thomas Sharman
13 Apr 1599  Martin Taylby surrendered land next to lord of manor on west and Robert Clynch on east, to use of Robert Clynche forever.
13 Apr 1599 Robert Clynche surrendered land to Martin Taylby.
13 Apr 1599  Martin Taylby land next to lord of the manor and Robert Clynch to Robert Clynche, Robert Clynche lands to Martin Taylby
13 Apr 1599  John Taylby to use of John Taylby his son, paying to Humfrey Taylby his brother £30-6-8 when Humfrey reaches age 24.
13 Apr 1599  John Taylbie to Gilbert Taylbye and Robert Backster for 14 years from 10 Dec last past (1598).
13 Apr 1599  Lionel Goodleif land next to Robert Templer, to use of son Thomas Goodleefe.
13 Apr  1599  Thomas Goodlief, house in which Elizabeth Castor lives, and land in East meadow to use of Lyonel Goodleef and Alice his wife.
29 Sep 1599 Jury includes John Hunte and William Rowlatt, cattle keeper William Rowlatt, surveyors of fences include William Rowlatt and Arthur Setchell.
29 Sep 1599  William Williamson against Lionel Goodlief debt of 11s 3d.
29 Sep 1599 John Hunte, William Rowlatt involved in case including Arthur Setchell and others
29 Sep 1599  Robert Berridge land to William Williamson
29 Sep 1599   Gilbert Taylby and Robert Baxter land to William Laxton for 13 years.
29 Sep 1599  Thomas Goodleif messuage with barn, stable, and close in tenure of Lionel Goodleif, to use of William Drake.
29 Sep 1599  Martin Taylbie land between house of Thomas Peach and Thomas Bosworth, formerly Christopher Peache deceased, to use of Gabriel Kimberlay.
29 Sep 1599  John Tayleby land to use of Gilbert Taylby and Robert Baxter for 14 years from 10 December.
29 Sep 1599 William Rowlatt out of court on 2 Jun land in which Thomas Hoeman used to live, and cottage lately built in which John Setchell lived, and other lands to use of George Checkley
                1600?  Thomas Orton to John Hunt
22 Sep 1601 John Hunte drew blood from Laurence Scotney, fined 4 pence. William Williamson action upon Lawrence Scotney, fined 2 shillings.
22 Sep 1601 Henry Presgrave to John Hunt
22 Sep 1601 Thomas Clenche land next to John Hunte, to William Rowlatt
22 Sep 1601  Martin Taylby land near Henry Presgrave and William Templer, to Henry Presgrave
22 Sep 1601  Martin Taylby land within a close of Christopher Laxton to use of Christopher Laxton.
22 Sep 1601  Martin Taylby land next to Robert Butterweeke, to use of Robert Butterwick
22 Sep 1602? Martin Tayleby to William Sherde
                  ?? George Tailbye and Cecilia his wife
30 Mar 1602  Martin Taylby land near Thomas Johnson and Robert Laxton and John Hunte, to John Checkley and Agnes his wife.
30 Mar 1602  Martin Taylby to Simon Taylby
7 Apr 1602  Thomas Octon?? to John Hunt
24 Sep 1606 Henry Presgrave to Robt Butterwick
              1606? Robert Templer and wife Margeria to William Rolatt & ___cisica
              1606? Robert Templer to Robert Butterwick
               1606? Robert Butterwick to William Drake; and William Drake to Robert Butterwick
24 Sep 1606  Robert Templar to John Hunt
              1607 Death of Lion Goodliffe to son Thomas
15 Apr 1607 Alice Goodliff to Thos. Goodliff
               1607  Robert Butterwick from? ___Laxton
              1607? Richard Setchell to Agnes Newbone, his sister, wife of Robert Newbone.
 22 Sep 1607 John Hunt to William Barton
12 Oct 1608 ?? to Thos. Goodliff
31 Mar 1608 Wm. Rowlett to Robt Butterwick
10 May 1619 John Hunt to Richard Setchell
26 Nov 1621 Robert Butterweeke to William Butterweeke
May 1622 John Hunt Sr. to John Hunt Jr. at marriage of John Hunt Jr. to Maria Laxton daughter of Robert Laxton Sr.
20 Sep 1622 Henry Preslou to Wm. Butterwick
4 Oct 1622 Robt Butterwick to Wm. Butterwick
2 Jun 1623 Robert Laxton to Richard Satchell
18 Jun 1623 John Hunt Sr. to Richard Satchell
1 Jul 1623 Simon Taileby to son Thomas
18 Feb 1623/4 John Hunt Sr. and Jr. to Thomas Goodliffe
2 Oct 1624 Johannes Hunt and Johis Tayleby to Thos. Goodliff
21 Jun 1625 Thomas Taileby to Lucy Taileby
8 Dec 1625 Henry Preston to Richard Satchell
11 Feb 1625/6 Richard Ward of Bulwick to William Butterwicke
5 Oct 1626 Richd Ward to Wm. Butterwick
Dec 1626 John Hunt to William Williamson Jr.
15 Jul 1627 John Hunt Sr. to Jacobe (James) Rowlatt
19 Jul 1627 John Hunt Sr. to Lucia Tayleby wife of Martin Tayleby and on her death to John Hunt, son of John Hunt.
4 Jan 1627/8 Richard Satchell to Maria Satchell
1 Oct 1628 John Hunt Sr. to John Hunt, son
1629 Robertus Clinch and Frances his wife to Martin Tayleby
1630 Thomas Goodliffe died, Thomas Goodliffe his son admitted tenant
Oct 1630  Arterurus Satchell to William Satchell for his life, if no heirs to Richard Satchell.
27 Oct 1632 Martin Tayleby to Lawr. Presgrave
6 Oct 1631 on death of Thos. Goodliff to Thos. Goodliff
Jun 1632 Alicia Goodliffe, widow of Thomas Goodliffe to Thomas Goodliffe, son of Alice
7 May 1633 Cicilia Smith to Richard Satchell
20 Apr 1635 Cecilia Smith and William Smith to Richard Satchell
1636-7? Richard Setchell to son Arthur
1636-7? Thomas Tailby deceased to son Simon
26 Sep 1636 Martin Tailbe to Joanne Dixcey wife of Thomas Dixcey
18 Apr 1640 William Butterweeke to daughter Dorothia Butterweeke; she shall pay her sister Mary £40, sister Katherine £40, sister Frances £40. reference to Edward Vine.
25 Sep 1640 Thomas Taylbie to Simon Taylbie
25 Sep 1640 Wm. Butterweck to Frances Butterwick, with reference to Edward Vine
25 Sep 1640 Wm. Butterweck to Cath. Butterwick
25 Sep 1640 Wm. Butterweck to Dorothy Butterwick
     Oct 1640 Arthur Satchell to William Satchell for his life, if no heirs to Richard Satchell
24 Nov 1640 Johannes Hunt to wife Luce, but if she marry to his son John when he is 21
1653 Simon Tailby to William Jones
1657 John Vixey to Arthur Satchell
19 Dec 1657 John Tailby to Mary Rowlatt of Corburn, widdow of William, after her to her second son William Rowlatt.
1658 Edward Vine, deceased, William Vine his oldest son,
 1658  William Vine to William Vine and wife Eleanor
1658 Henry Rowlatt and Margaret his wife to Thomas Rowlatt, their son of full age
20 Oct 1659 Simon Tayleby to Robt Butterworth
20 Oct 1659 Simon Tayleby and wife to Thomas Ratcliffe
20 Oct 1659 John Taylbie to John Taylbie
1669-70 William Vine and Elinor to Goodland Vine
1669-70 Edward Eland to Arthur Satchell
1669-70 William Williamson to Arthur Satchell and Thomas Satchell
1670 Richard Satchell, son of Arthur Satchell
Sep 1670 William Williamson to Richard Satchell and Hannah
Jan 1670/1 Martin Taylby to William Mason
11 May 1671 William Vine to Goodlad Vine
21 Apr 1673 Martin Taylbye to John Taylbie
Sep 1674 Martin Taileby to son Martin
Sep 1674  William Williamson to Richard Satchell and Hannah
Sep 1674 William Williamson to Arthur Satchell, also to Thomas Satchell
Sep 1674  Edward Eland to Arthur Satchell
          1677, Martin Taylby to William Mason
Nov 1677 William and Ann Mason to Thomas Satchell
13 May 1678 William Walker to Thomas Satchell and Bridgett his wife
25 Oct 1678 Simon Taylbie & wife to William Randall
23 Oct 1679 Simon Taylby to William Taylby
26 Oct 1680  Ed. Vine to Ed'd Vine and wife
9 Feb 1683 William Wade to Thomas Satchell and Bridgett his wife
13 Oct 1684 Simon Taylby to William Taylby
Oct 1686? William Randall to Frances Tayleby, William son of Frances Tayleby
Oct 1686 Thomas Satchell to Arthur Satchell
Oct 1686 Thomas and Rebecca Coxe and John and Elizabeth Rainsford to Thomas Satchell
26 Mar 1687   William Goodliffe of Gretton, cordwainer & wife Mary, lease & release of land in common field of Gretton, £19-0-0 [from Northants Surname Index]
24 Oct 1687  Willim Whitwell to Goodlad Vine and to John Vine, land next to Thomas Goodliffe
24 Oct 1687  Thomas Dobes to John Vine
24 Oct 1687 Wm. Whitwell to Robt Butterworth; also to Martin Taleby
24 Oct 1687 Thos. Goodliff to Thomas Goodliffe Jun. & Martha
16 Oct 1688 John Ward to John Vine of Kirby
Apr 1689 Thomas and Maria Dobbs to Johannes Vine
1689   Robert Butterworth Sen., to Robert Butterworth Jun., (p. 123)
25 Oct 1689 Robert Butterworth, land by Arthur Sachell, to Eliz. wife of said Robert.  (p. 124)
15 Nov 1689 Thomas Goodeliffe Jun to Robert Laxton alias Boone
May 1690 Margaret Frisby to William Goodliffe
?May 1690 William Goodliffe to William and Maria Goodliffe
23 Oct 1690 Thomas Buckworth to John Vine
23 Oct 1690 ?? to Wm. Goodliff
1691 William Whitwell to Richard Satchell
1691 William Whitwell to Elizabeth Butterick
14 Oct 1691 Richard Kimberly to Arthur Satchell, east part
Oct 1691 Edmund Francey to Johannes Vine
Oct 1691 Thomas Buckworth and Maria to Johannes Vine
15 Mar 1691/2 Elizabeth Whitwell widow of William Whitwell to John Vine of Kirby
18 May 1692 Frances Taylby, widow and William Tayleby her son to John Cunnington
27 Jan 1692/3 Richard Kimberley to Arthur Satchell
May 1692 Kenelmus Wise and Richard Wise to Richard Satchell
27 Oct 1692  William & Eliz. Whitwell to John Vine
Oct 1693 Richard Kimberley to Arthur Satchell
Oct 1693 Johannes Vine to Andrew and Maria Knott
Oct 1693 Thomas Bearly to Johannes Vine
Oct 1693? Richard and Hannah Satchell to Richard Satchell Junior
26 Oct 1693 Thomas Boarly to John Vine
26 Dec 1694 George Larrat to John Vine
21 Jan 1694/5 Richard Satchell to Richard Satchell Jun.
24 Oct 1695 George Larratt to John Vine
30 Nov 1695 Laurentius Blaxley to Martin Butterworth
1697? William Tayleby to Elizabeth Tayleby and Frances Bunch wife of Johannes Bunch "sunt soreres"
1697 Johannes Vine to Johannes Vine and Anna his wife
1697 Elizabeth Curtis to Richard Satchell.
1698 Goodlad Vine, land next to Arthur Satchell to William Vine
5 Oct 1698 William Whitwell of Oundle to Richard Satchell Jun.
24 Oct 1698 William Whitwell to Arthur Satchell, also Richard Satchell and Thomas Satchell, Johannes Vine and Goodlad Vine, and Martin Taleby
25 Oct 1698 [on death of??] William Vine to William Vine and Eliza his wife
25 Oct 1698  said William Vine to William Vine
25 Oct 1698 Goodlad Vine land next to Arthur Satchell to William Vine
25 Oct 1698 Thos Goodliffe senior, admitted to an acre of arable land scattered in the open fields, namely half an acre above the furlong called Bridge Close furlong in the northern fields, and two roods [sic] lying in the western field above the furlong called Bushey. Thomas Walker, John Stretehay, and Wm. Whitwell of Oundle. [Robert Butterworth was one of the jury.] [See also 14 May 1703]
25 Oct 1698 William Taylby to Elizabeth Taylby
29 Oct 1698 Johannes Bunch and wife Franca to Eliza. Taylby, Arthur Satchell is her attorney
3 Jan 1698/9 John Bunch to Elizabeth Taylby
3 Jan 1698/9 Wm Whitwell to Eliz. Butterick
23 Mar 1698/9 William Whitwell of Oundle to Richard Satchell
23 Mar 1698/9 and 20 Apr 1699 W. Whitwell to Arthur Sachell
28 Oct 1701  Martin Taylby to John Taylby
28 Oct 1701 John Taylby and William Carter to Robt Butterworth
1702 Thomas Satchell died, land to son Richard Satchell
1702 Bridgette Satchell and Thomas Spencer to Richard Satchell and wife Hanna
14 May 1703 Thomas Buckworth to Johannes Vine and also to Richard Satchell
14 May 1703, Thomas Goodliffe, rent 3d [pence] fine 3d.
14 May 1703 [Full extract by Northamptonshire Record Office.] To this court came Thomas Buckworth and Maria his wife and Sara Sly, widow, customary tenants of the aforesaid Manor, and in full court surrendered to the hands of the Lord of the Manor, through the hands of John Stretekay, Deputy Steward, at the same place (the aforesaid Maria Buckworth first alone and privately examined according to custom and by agreement thereto) one half acre of arable land lying above the furlong in the northern field of Gretton aforesaid commonly called Bridge Close furlong, the land of Arthur Satchell lying to the west, together with all common profits and appurtenances whatsoever allowed, pertaining or sought, and their full right, title, claim, interest and demands whatsoever with and in the same concessions: for the use and right of possession of Thomas Goodliffe, his heirs and assigns for ever, according to the custom of the Manor aforesaid. Which Thomas Goodliffe, present here in court, humbly petitions that he be admitted as tenant to the aforesaid concessions with the appurtenances, of which the Lord, through his aforesaid Steward, granted possession thereof by the verge [Steward's rod of office], holding to him, his heirs and assigns for ever from the Lord, with the consent of the Lord by the verge, in accordance with the custom of the aforesaid Manor through suit of court of fealthy, by rent of three pence per annum and other services therefrom previously owed and in accordance with law, and makes fealty by the sum given to the Lord in respect of the fine as shown in the margin and is thereof admitted tenant.
14 May 1703 Thomas Goodliffe by Guardian, rent 12s 10½d. Since the last court, Thomas Goodliff died seised of one customary messuate or tenement, twenty-and-three acres of arable land and ley, two acres of field, and one rood of field called pasture meadow, and one half part of virgate [virgate is about 30 acres] of grasslend, part of Lott grass in Brigholme and Rowholme with the appurtenances, all concessions lying scattered in three separate fields and meadows within the Manor aforesaid; and that Thomas Goodliffe is his natural son, his eldest and nearest heir, and is fifteen years of age or thereabouts. Which Thomas Goodliffe, present here in court and being thus under-age, humbly petitions that he be admitted to the aforesaid concessions with the appurtenances through his Guardian; of which the Lord through his aforesaid Steward and through Robert Worth [his mother's brother, of Belton, Rutland], yeoman, Guardian of the said Thomas admitted here in court, granted possession thereof, holding to him the said Thomas.
26 Oct 1703 Martha Goodliff rent 2s 5½ p, fine 2s 5½d. Thomas Goodliffe did outside the court on 25 Oct 1703 surrender two acres of arable lane and ley, two acres of dole meadow and one rood of pasture meadow lying scattered in three separate fields and meadows of Gretton aforesaid. [Detailed description of lands given. Interestingly the some of the various pieces of land abut land belonging to other pedigree ancestors or Layne Bryson, i.e. John Vine and Richard Rowlatt.]  for the use of Thomas Goodliffe and Martha lately his wife,. . . which Martha comes here and declares that the said Thomas Goodliffe (her husband) died before this. She petitions to be admitted tenant, by rent of two shillings and five pence and one halfpenny.
     Aug 1704 Godfredus Fox to Thomas Goodliffe. Marthius Goodliff "matir" and guardian? of said Thomas. Also land to Richard Satchell and Johannes Vine.
26 Oct 1704 Thos. Goodliffe, guardian Robert Worth, yeoman
26 Oct 1704 Thomas Goodliffe, land of Godfrey Fox and Wm. Whitwell. Thomas under 21, "and Martha mother and guardian of the aofresaid Thomas." [Note from NRO says this phrase "at the end appears to have been added afterwards and possibly written over something else, but it is not possible to see what this was."]
Nov 1710 William Wade to Richard Satchell and also to Arthur Satchell
23 Oct 1711 Thos Knott to Robt Butterworth
Sep 1712? Richard Satchell cordwayner died, land to son Thomas Satchell
9 Oct 1713 William Laxton by hand of Arthur Satchell to Richard Satchell
26 Oct 1713 Johannes Vine by hand of Arthur Satchell to William Vine.
6 Mar 1714 Johannes Whyman by hand of Arthur Satchell to Richard Satchell
6 May 1715 Thomas Satchell by hand of Arthur Satchell land to Richard Satchell
Nov 1715 Thomas Bates to Richard Satchell, laborer
Jul 1716  Johes Vine to Johis Butterworth and Editha Vine, wife, next heir, Johem Butterworth, legitimate child.
4 Oct 1716 Johannis Vine to John Butterworth and wife Edith, land next to Thomas Goodlife.
4 Oct 1716, on death of Elizabeth Butterwick, to John Maston
            1717 Robert Butterworth on jury
6 Oct 1722 Thomas Peach to William Vine
6 Oct 1722 John Vine to Ann Vine
6 Oct 1722 Johannis Vine to John Butterworth
10 Oct 1728   William Goodliffe, will made 9 Sep 1718 wife Mary, son John, son Robert £10, dau Mary wife of Wm. Sharpe £5, gr children William & John £1 each.
7 Oct 1729  Edmund Laxton, deceased, to Robert & Elizabeth Laxton
7 Oct 1729 Martin Butterworth land late in tenancy of Hannah Butterworth, widow, to wife Mary Butterworth and son Martin.
27 Apr 1731  on death of William Vine to son William Vine
27 Apr 1731 ?? to Martin Butterworth
27 Apr 1731 on death of Mary Goodliff to John Goodliff
3 Jun 1732   John Goodliffe surr. 1½ acres to Lawrence Rands, Lord of Manor of Gretton, Court Baron, Rhus Tox. Honorable William Lord Viscount Hatton [from Northants surname index]
1733  Robert Butterworth to Bridget Sisson, wife of Henry
1737 Richard Satchell died, left by his will the following: land to sons Thomas Satchell, Samuel Satchell, William Satchell, his two daughters Elizabeth and Hannah, son Richard Satchell is dead and has no issue. Hannah Satchell the younger now the widow of Henry Taylor. Wife Hannah.
3 Oct 1734 Robt Butterworth to son Wm Butterworth
9 Apr 1738  from William Satchel and Hannah Taylor, widow, to Elizabeth Setchell; Then from Hannah Taylor and Elizabeth Setchell to William Satchell.
            1739 John Butterworth on jury
1 Nov 1742  John Butterworth the elder, late of this manor, died siezed of land in south field of Gretton called Persmore Corner to eldest son John Butterworth who is of full age. [A John Butterworth on the jury.]
1 Nov 1742 Edith Butterworth to John Butterworth
            1742 Robert Laxton the younger and wife Sarah admitted tenants
11 Jul 1743 John Butterworth late customary tenant did surrender to Wm. Boon, gent, son of Robert Boon, gent.
Mar 1744 John Vine late customary tenant of manor did on 17 Apr 1696 give to John Vine and Amie his wife for their lives. John and Amie both dead. Edith Butterworth the wife of the late John Butterworth, is daughter of said Edith and is of full age.
1754 Martin Butterworth to Henry Sisson
1759 Hannah Taylor, late Hannah Spencer, died seized of land. John Taylor is her oldest son.
13 Oct 1763 on death of John Vine to John Butterworth. John Butterworth, deceased, was in his lifetime on the land, and that John Butterworth his only son and next hair according to custom of the manor and that he is of full age, being present in court.
1763 Some of the above land given to Thomas Satchell  
1 May 1765 John Butterworth did out of court surrender into the hands of the Lady of the Manor by Robert Boon, Gent., several pieces of land [appearing to be the remainder of the land received from John Vine] to William Lenton, slater. Also land to Robert Lenton, the younger, baker on same date.
         1767 Edward Newham, only son and heir of Edward Newham, deceased.
       1787 Wm. Satchell Jr; Wm. Satchell butcher; John Satchell

King's Cliffe Court Roll  (1715-1746, 1747-1795) Northampton Record Office.
1715 list of tenants, freehold and copyhold, has no Butterworth/Butterwick names
5 Apr 1763 John Henson of Kingscliffe, Farmer to John Butterworth, baker, of Kingscliffe, cottage, barn, stable, lately erected at lower end of yard belonging to John Henson, yard lately occupied by William Whyles
    Apr 1767 John Butterworth fined sixpence for breaking the Asize of bread. [He was making his bread too small!]
2 Nov 1767 John Butterworth did convey cottage now in occupation of John Butterworth to Thomas Gamble, miller.

Northamptonshire Quarter Session Records
9 Nov 1657, Robert Butterworth, of Gretton, husbandman, brought Thomas Goodliffe of Gretton, cordwainer, and Thomas Ratliffe to court, and the two were directed to keep peace towards Robert Butterworth.
1801, Sarah Abbott accused of wilfully setting fire to two houses in Old Weston. Remanded in custody. [From Hamerton Survey, might be Huntingdon Quarter Sessions.]
1804, Bastardy order, Sarah Abbott against Thomas Glover, ordered to pay 1 shilling per week. [Also from Hamerton Survey.]


Brudenell Cx 12a, 14
1 Apr 1651 Indenture between Sir Christhoper Hatton of Kirby and the Lady Elizabeth his wife, Thomas Gorstelow gent of Carlton, John Lee of Corby, yeoman, Thomas Peach & Robert Laxton als Boone of Gretton, yeoman, and Thomas Hopper of Tansor, blacksmith. For the sum of £183-17-0 to be payed to exaonerate and discharge the said Thomas Hopper from messauge with appurtenances in Deenethorpe now in occupancy of Henry Wade, 36 acres and 1 rood, in hamlet of Deenethorpe.

Brudenell Cx 14
31 Jan 1651 (/2)  Thomas Hopper of Deenethorpe, blacksmith, and Elinor his wife, and Robert Tailer of the same town, labourer, for £12, land in Deenethorpe, in Mill Field.

Brudenell E xix 17a & b, NRO;
27 Nov 1663  Thomas Hopper bond £420 on conveyance of land to William Stevenson and William Lynwood. [from Philip Hopper, Welwyn Garden City, Herts, not sure of location. Thomas Hopper's conveyence of his house and 34 acres 1r 3 p of land. Thomas Hopper of Tansover, Northampton, blacksmith, and Margerie his wife and William Stevenson and William Lynwood of Deene gent, of the other part. For £210 land from 1651 indenture to William Stevenson and William Lynwood.

Oundle Court, Union, and Land Records [Court, X5565 Northamptonshire Record Office; Smith of Oundle, NRO 510/3]
16 Jul 1730   Elizabeth d/o Thomas Henson late a customary tenant of the manor is wife of John Whitwell. Surrendered to Mary Francis dau of John Francis & Mary
         1733, tenants of manor   [nil Moseley, Goodlifee, Faulks, Henson, Haddon, Rowell]
1 Jun ____ Thos Ward, tenant of Copy and freehold; Rd. Mousley tenant to copyhold William Buszard.
9 May 1777 Land surrendered by Thomas Wade or Ward, yeoman of Winwick. William Wade or Ward eldest son and heir of Rebecca Wade or Ward, heir of Edward Henson. Land to Dr. Walcott. [1757 Hills to Adcock; 1758 Adcock to Edward Henson & wife Mary, some land late occupied by John Folkes; 5 Oct 1763 land to James Fortescue of Thurnint , Thomas & Rebecca Wade/Ward of Winwick, land late occupied by John Fowkes.]
1807   Thomas Knighton of Oundle, cordwainer.
1807-1814 many records for Thomas Knighton
7 Apr 1829, will of Thomas Knighton of Oundle, yeoman, to John Knighton Bright, son of his sister Mary Bright, wife of Edmund Bright, of Middleton, blacksmith. Also my nephew Wm. Knighton who lives with me & my niece Esther Knighton £25 when they reach 25 years. Wp 30 Nov 1830.
9 Oct 1830   Thomas Knighton, deceased, by his will heirs are children of his sister, Mary Bright, whose son is John Knighton Bright, admitted tenant.
1831 John Knighton Bright of Oundle.  
1839   John Knighton Bright late of Oundle, now of Toulridge Terrace, New Kent Rd., London. Thomas Knighton deceased. Thomas Bird also mentioned.
?? John K. Bright, wife Sarah Ann, of Pexley Field, Hill Field.

Oundle Union Records [Appendix SS, Rev. Sutton’s Hamerton Survey]
1841-6 Mary Clarke, Great Gidding, born 1794, granted out relief
1844-6 Elizabeth Clarke, Great Gidding, b. 1829 granted out relief
1841-5 Mary Hopper, Great Gidding, b. 1774, granted out relief
1841, ? Rose (John’s wife?), Winwick  b. 1781, out relief
1843-6 Eliz. Knighton, Winwick, b. 1810, granted out relief
1846 Thomas Crawley, Great Gidding, b. 1806 granted out relief
1866, 22 Mar, 4 Jul; Mary Crawley, Winwick, ablebodied & destitute admitted
1841-6 Elizabeth Heighton, Great Gidding, b. 1768, granted out relief
1849 John Rose, Winwick, b. 1784, out relief 1842, certified insane 27 Aug 1849
1874, George Hopper, Great Gidding, admitted ill to workhouse, “old man’s diet”, died 19 December 1874, ae 67.
1877, John Knighton, Winwick, destitute, died 22 July 1877 ae 73.
1893, Jane Rose, Winwick, out relief
1897, Fredrick Rose, Winwick, discharged 15 Apr 1897 at mother’s request, treatment for road accident.

Oundle Union, Guardian Minutes [Appendix RR, Rev. Sutton's Hamerton Survey]
1837, Overssers of Winwick to apprehend Wm. Knighton for leaving wife Ann
1859 Relief to John Knighton of Winwick
1865 Hannah Rose, Winwick, fever
17 Aug 1865 John Butterworth, Winwick, treated for kick from horse

Winwick Land Records
1738 Edmund Bright of Winwick purchased for 39 pounds 10 shillings for three rods in Abridge Furlong.
1738 Deeds of #7 Winwick Hill, also #8; Edmund Bright of Winwick, purchaser, £39-10 paid for 3 rods in Abridge Furlong; 1758 Edmund Bright bought more land. [see 1782, 1843
1758 Edmund Bright purchased additional land
1782 Mortgage for land (1738) to Edmund and Sarah Bright.
1843? William Wright of Thorpe to John Wadsworth of Hamerton, land at Winwick Hill in occupation of John Butterworth, about 3½ acres to the south of west Hamerton Rd., north and east of John Butterworth's land. Property now occupied by Thos. Bright. Cottage occupied by John Rose with 14 poles of garden. Formerly estate of Edmund Bright deceased, to William Wright by wife Rebecca formerly Bright. [Later sold to John Wadsworth of Hamerton. Row of cottages built in 1844 by John Wadsworth, earlier house probably demolished. 1903 conveyed to Richard Nichols. 1971 in possession of Mr. and Mrs. N. J. C. Walkley.]
[From polls list] 1845 John Butterworth, occupier of land near the church. He occupies land of Thomas Cave of Horton, John Cave of Pastor, Ge. Cave of Piddington and Edw. Hopkins of Llangallen.
1863 Conveyance of land. One acre called Bright's Close, plot in Langland field in Old Weston containing six acres 1-24 perch, bounded on the east by Winwick Rd and on the south by land of Samuel Cook. On the west by land of William Wood, north by parish of Winwick. Formerly estate of John Bichills or Kate possessed by John Butterworth.
Winwick Voting Lists
1705, 1730, 1748, John Knighton
1837, Thomas Bright, cottage occupied by widow Wade.
1845 John Butterworth, occupier of land near church. He occupies land of Thos Cave of Horton, John Cave of Paston, Geo. Cave of Piddington, Edw. Hopkins of Llangallen.
1853 John Rose
1864, John Butterworth, land of John Cave of Molesworth, house and land occ by John Butterworth
1871, John Butterworth, land of John Cave of Molesworth, house and land on Hamerton Road
1875, no John Butterworth
1891 Benjamin Rose, house

Miscellaneous Northamptonshire/Huntingdonshire records

Oundle Union (for care of the poor) from the Hamerton Survey, Hunts Record Office
Appendix SS - Oundle Union
John Rose of Winwick, born 1784, OR 1842, certified insane 27 Aug 1849.
? Rose [John's wife?] Winwick, b. 1781, OR 1842
Jane Rose, Winwick, OR 1893
Appendix TT, Oundle Union, Guardian Minutes
17 Aug 1865, John Butterworth of Winwick, treated for kick from horse

Apprenticeship Indexes
1711 Henry Abbott s/o Francis of Twywell, Northants, tiler to William Gardiner of Wellingborow, taylor
1712 William Haddon nephew of George Farey, Bedford, butcher to Richard Crafts of Bedford cordwainer
1715 Richard s/o Jacob Abbott of Oundle to William Gregory cit & cut?
Robert Abbot to John Bradway of Ramsey, glover
1724 John Abbott to Clem. Barrat of Whittlesay, Northants carpenter
1724 William Moseley to Richard Benton of Huntingdon, joiner
1737 Edward Crawley s/o Richard of Leighton Bussard carpenter to Thomas Smith of L.B. whitesmith
1738 Thomas Haddon s/o Thomas of Newport Pagnell to Thomas Davis of N.P. wheeler
1742 Martin Butterworth, son of Edith Butterworth to Hen. Sisson of Gretton, grocer
1747 Thomas s/o Richard Abbott to Wm. Bourn of Thrapston barb & C
1749 Robert s/o Francis Abbott to William Beesly of Northhampton blacksmith
1754 William Abbott to Gilbert Larrat of Twywell, cordwainer
1755 Edward Crawley to William Champion of Upwood, wheelwright? [whwl]
1757 William Abbott to Edward Boddington of Gt. Harrowden, butcher
1757 Thomas Haddon to John Knibbs, Oundle, stay [stationer?]
1760 John Haddon to Richard Tebbs of Lilborn, Northants, weaver
1761 Frances Abbott to Thos. Lockington of Thrapston, carpenter
1762 Jn Butterworth to Rob. Smart of Kingscliffe, baker [5 pounds, 5 shillings]
1767 John Rose to Saintury Alfrey of Warboys, Hunts, carpenter
1771 William Abbott to James Oliver of Ransey, Hunts, taylor

Marriage Licenses

[Diocese of Peterborough, lots of Setchells, none from Gretton or surrounding parishes.]

2 Nov 1601 [Peterborough] Elizabeth Goodyere of Tansor, maiden, and Robert Cole of Peterborough, at Peterborough.
4 Jun 1603 [Peterborough]  Robert Goodyere of Tansor and Unica Wells of Sipson [Sibson] at Wansford.
20 Feb 1609/10 [Peterborough] Eliz. Tailby of King’s Cliffe & Wm. Hilson alias Barron of Blatherwick
16 Jun 1610 [Peterborough] George Tailbye of Orton Waterville, Hunts and Anne Blackwell of Peterborough at Glenton
6 Dec 1610 [Peterborough] Unica Goodyere of Tansor, widow, and Henry Bellamy of Deenethorpe at Wadenhoe.
Sep 1613   [Peterborough] Martin Tailby of Rockingham & Mary Bowman of Medbourne, wid at Gt. Addington
27 Jun 1614 [Peterborough]   Thomas Rowlat of Corby & Mary Pickeringe of Gretton sp at Laxton
8 Mar 1617/8   William Seachell of Harringworth & Susanna Laxon of Harringworth, widow at Benefield
20 Nov 1621 [Peterborough] John Goodyeare junior of Polebrook and Alice Langley of Emneth, Norfolk, widow. to be married at Tansor, father of John made oath.
19 May 1623 [Peterborough] Hanna Goodyere of Tansor, maiden, and John Bellamy of Thorpe in the parish of Achurch, at Stanyere
9 Jan 1627 [Peterborough] Henry Rowlet, Corby & Margaret Laxton, Corby spinster
5 Oct 1629 [Peterborough] John Hunt of Gretton and Jane Cooper of Oundle, widow, at Stoke Doyle
1630 Bk iii 89 [Peterborough]   John Rowlett of Oakley Magna & Mary Iliff, Earnesby at St. Nicholas, Leicester
13 Oct 1630 [Peterborough] Martin Taylby of Medburne, Leic. And Mary Collin wid at Stoke Dry
Jun 1635 [Peterborough]   John Rowlatt of Oakley & Mary Satterthwaite, md at Rothwell (he md as Rowell)
4 Oct 1635  [Peterborough] Thomas Goodyer (Goodger) of Fotheringay and Margaret Gray of Tansor, to be married at Tansor
7 Nov 1639  [Peterborough]  Mary Rowlet, Corby, spinster & William Smith jr of Sutton at Corby
15 Sep 1641 Eliz. Butterwicke, Kingscliffe, widow, and Francie Ashley, at Wakerly
7 Jul 1642  [Peterborough]  Richard Rowlet of Weldon & Eliz Bever of Deene sp at Preston
6 Jun 1663 [Peterborough]   Henry Rowlat, Corby, husbandman & May Burnell, Corby, at Blaston
6 Apr 1665 Robert Butterwicke, Rockingham, sartor and Joyce Brush at Rockingham
26 Feb 1679/80 [Peterborough] Mary Rowlett, Stanion & Thomas White
18 Oct 1688 Martin Butterworth of Gretton, bachelor age 24+ and Mary Jennings of Brampton (Ash) nr Dingley at Gretton or Brampton. Bond Martin Butterworth and John Jennings. Marriage not at Gretton or Brampton but at Harrington.
12 Feb 1692/3 Penelope Daniel of Great Gidding and Jonathan Morton of Luddington
22 May 1698 William Vines of Gretton, husbandman and Elizabeth Garner of Brackley, spinster. Bond William Vines and Edmund Whitwell of Rockingham, tallow chandler, and John Partridge of Carlton, tailor. To be married at Carlton
22 May 1698 [Peterborough] William Vines of Gretton and Elizabeth Garner, married Carlton
17 Jun 1704 Robert Humfries of Wilbarston and Elizabeth Wells of Dingley, spinster, Bond Robert Humfries and John Wells of Dingley. To be married at Harrington or Dingley [married at neither]
3 Feb 1704/5 [Peterborough] Christopher Rowlatt, Cransley, woodman & Eliz. White sp at Woodford or Cransley
17 Sep 1713 [Peterborough] Martin Taylby of Rockingham and Mary Bowman of Medburne, widow at Addington Magne
16 Oct 1717 Lebbeus Humfrey of Wilbarston and Mary Smith of Loddington, bond Lebbeus Humfrey and John Smith of Loddington. To be married at Wilbarston or Loddington or Harrington
31 May 1724 James Humphreys of Wilbarston and Mary Jephs, bong James Humphreys and John Clarke, married Oxendon
7 Nov 1740 Benjamin Humfreys of Wilbarston, yeoman, and Bellars Lymell of Stoke Albany, bond for Benjamin Humfreys and Sarah Rowlett of Corby to be married at Stoke Albany
6 Jan 1740/1 Robert Humfreys of Wilbarston and Owen Walter of Great Oakley bond for marriage of Robert Humfreys and Hannah Walter of Wilbarston to be married in Stoke Albany.
17 May 1743 [complete bond] John Clark of Great Gidding in the County of Hunt. Cordwainer [shoemaker] & Tho. Crawley of G Gidding aforesd, Farmer, are held and firmly bound unto the Worshipful John Andrew Dr. of Laws . . . [in the amount] of two hundred pounds of good and lawful Money of Great-Britain; To be paid unto the said John Andrew . . . Dated the twenty third Day of May in the Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Third by the Grace of God of Great-Britain, France, and Ireland, King Defender of the Faith, and so forth: And in the Year of our Lord One thousand seven hundred and forty three.
The condition of the above-written Obligation is such, That if there shall not hereafter appear any lawful Let or Impediment, by reason of any Pre-Contract, Consanguinity, Affinity, or any other just Cause whatsoever; but that the above bound John Clark & Mary Clark spinster may lawfully marry together: . . . in the Face of the Parish Church of Great Gidding between the Hours of Eight and Twelve of the Clock of the Forenoon.     /s/ Edward Clark /s/ Thomas Crawley          /s/ Tho Neale [Vicar of Great Gidding] /s/ Eliz. Neale

[8 Apr 1748] Thomas Knighton of Winwick in the County of Northton Husbandman & Edward Henson of Oundle in the sd County Husbandman, bonded in the sum of Two hundred pounds, that the abovebounden Thomas Knighton singleman & Rebekah Fowkes of Oundle aforesaid spinster may lawfully Marry together; . . in the Face of the Parish Church of Oundle between the Hours of Eight and Twelve of the Clock in the Forenoon.

June 1750 John Larman the younger, age 31, bond with George Hopper, taylor to marry Elizabeth Stokes, spinster, age 21, at Great Gidding or Sawtry.
1752 Robert Humphrey of Wilbarston and Rice Sibley of Rushton All Saints bond for marriage of Robert Humphrey and Elizabeth Mould of Pipwell, to be married in Harrington

The 20th day of Apr ill 1783. On which day appeared personally Edward Rose (carpenter) of the Parish of Upwood in the County of Huntingdon & Diocese of Lincoln and being sworn upon the Holy Evangelists alleged and made Oath as follows, That he is of the age of Twenty one years and upwards and a Bachelor and intends to marry Eliz: Murden of the Parish of Upwood aged eighteen Years and upwards and a Singlewoman. Not knowing or believing any lawful Lett or Impediment by reason of any Pre-Contract Enterd into before the 25th day of March 1754. Consanguinity, Affinity or any other Cause whatsoever to hinder the said intended marriage & he prayed a Licence to solemnize the said Marriage in the Parish Church of Upwood aforesaid; in which said Parish or Upwood the said Edwd. Rose further made oath that the said Eliz: Murden hath had her usual Abode for the space of four weeks last past.   /s/ Edward Rose

Hunts Marriage Bonds [Hamerton Survey Appendix JJ]

10 Oct 1691 Anne Bright, Steeple Gidding, William Richards Steeple Gidding
2 Dec 1692 Penelope Daniel, Great Gidding & JonathanMorton, Luddington
21 Jan 1701 Elizabeth Clark, Old Weston & John Newman, Old Weston
26 Sep 1711 John Hopper, Great Gidding & Catherine Coral, Alconbury
2 Aug 1715, Robert Hopper, Upton & Ann Berridge, Upton
25 Jun 1729 Robert Clarke, wid, ag lab, Little Gidding, & Elizabeth Matterson, Great Gidding, to be married at Sawtry or Steeple Gidding
3 Feb 1730 Thomas Abbott, Sawtry & Lydia Brown, Thrapston
23 May 1743 Edward Clark, cordwainer, Great Gidding, Mary Clark, Great Gidding
6 Nov 1743 Ruth Clarke, Winwick & Henry Row, Winwick
27 Nov 1744 Lydia Abbott, 35, wid, Sawtry, and John Martin 37, Sawtry
20 Feb 1744  John Rowell of Benefield, cordwainer, widower age 25, and Prudence Chambers of Steeple Gidding, widow age 27, to be married in Steeple Gidding or Abbots Ripton.
17 Jun 1750 John Larman 31, Great Gidding, farmer, & Elizbeth Stokes Steeple Gidding
11 Dec 1753   Rebecca Knighton, [widow] Thurning & Thomas Ward, Winwick, at Thurning or Great Gidding   [married at Thurning 13 Dec 1753, md as Thomas Wade Jr., both of Winwick]
19 Jan 1755 Martha Larman, Great Gidding & Nicholas Man, Great Gidding
3 Dec 1764 Sarah Crawley, Great Gidding & John Conington, Edson, Rutland
24 Sep 1768 Thomas Crawley farmer of Great Gidding & Ann Dillingham wid, Old Weston, at Old Weston
6 Dec 1789 John Crawley, Great Gidding & Ann Drage, wid, Alconbury

Marriage Records

Marriage Record for John Butterworth and Elizabeth Green, Thrapston, Northants
Banns of Marriage between John Butterworth & Elizabeth Green both of this Parish were published ye 4th, 11th, & ye 18th of Novr 1765 by William Seer. John Butterworth of this Parish Baker and Elizabeth Green of ye same Parish Spinster. Married in this Church by Banns this 8thDay of January in the Year One Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty five by me John William Seer. This Marriage was solemnized between Us} John Butterworth /s/ Eliz: Green's Mark /x/  In the Presence of Henry Phillips /s/ and Wm. Vorley /s/.

Marriage Record for William Hopper and Elizabeth Crawley, Great Gidding, Hunts
Wm. Hopper & Eliz. ^Crawley^ both of this Parish were married in this Church (after Banns being published 3 Sundays according to act of Parliamt) this 15th day of Dec 1767:    By Me Tho Neale Vicar.
This marriage was solemnized by us}   William Hopper /s/ Elizabeth Crawley  /s/
In the presence of  Geo. Hopper /s/ Thomas Crawley  /s/

Marriage record of Richard Abbott and Sarah Humphrey, Wilbarston, Northants.
Richard Abbott of the Parish of Twywell in the County of Northampton and Sarah Humphrey of this Parish were married in this Church by Banns this 18th day of October in the Year One Thousand Seven Hundred and sixty nine by me J. [?] Betenson Curate. This Marriage was solemnized between Us Richard Abbut /s/ Sara Humfrey /s/ In the Presence of John Batts /s/  and John Barlow /s/   

Marriage record for Richard Abbot and Elizabeth Hopper, Great Gidding, Hunts.
Richard Abbot of this Parish Bachelor and Elizabeth Hopper of this Parish Spinster were married in this Church by banns this sixth day of May in the year of our Lord 1799 By me James Wilcock Curate. This marriage was solemnized between us} Richard Abbot /s/  Elisabeth Hopper /s/     In the presence of}  William Hopper Junr /s/ and Martha Hopper /s/

Monumental Inscriptions
Winwick Cemetery
John Butterworth, d. 11 Jun 1881 ae 84. Thou shalt come to thy grave in a full age like as a stalk of corn cometh in his season. Sarah, wife of John Butterworth d. 7 July 1868 ae 65. Her end was peace. [This is a rose colored stone standing about four feet high. It sits on the left side of the path past the entrance to the church about half way to the back end of the church. See photograph.]

Leighton Bromswold:
Robert Sisman d. 3 May 1923; wife Elizabeth d. 6 July 1923 ae 89

Robert Eaton Murphy d. 12 July 1934 ae 88; wife Catherine d. 17 Aug 1937 ae 93.

Northamptonshire 1777 Militia List
Jn Butterworth, baker, Islip
Rob Butterworth, laborer, Benefield
Saml Butterworth, cordwainer, Stoke Albany
Wm Butterworth, labourer, Deene, he has served
Poll Tax Return , 1694
Chris Rowlat and wife, 1 child, 2 servants
Rich. Rowlat, wife, 1 child
Rich. Rowlat
Thomas Rowlat and
John Rowlat, wife, 1 ch, 2 servants
Henry Rowlat and 1 child
Mary Rowlat, widdow
John Vine
Will. Goodliffe and wife
Will. Vine
Tho. Goodliffe and wife and 1 child
Widd. Satchell and her dau
Rich. Satchell Jun.
Arthur Satchell and his 2 children
Martin Butterworth and his wife
John Humphry and his wife and 1 child
Richard Satchell sen.
Goodlad Vine and wife and sonne
Will. Rowlatt and wife and sonne
Robert Butterworth and wife and child
Edw. Vine and wife
John Goodliffe
Francis Tealby
Widdow Buterwick
Rob. Sachell and wife
Tho. Satchell
John Satchell and wife
Simon Satchell and wife
Mary Satchell
Jos. Butterwick and wife
Christopher Rowlatt, laborer
Mary Rowlatt and 2 children
Thomas Wisse and 2 children
Eleanor Rowlatt, servant
[Stanion 1691/2
Mary Roulat
Tho. Wise and John Hoscutt
Mary Roulatt
Christopher Roulatt Jr
Christopher Roulat Sr.
John Roulatt for his shoppe]
[1694 continued]
Benjamin Humphy, yeoman, wife and 4 children
Lebeus Humphy, man and maid servant
Lebeus Humphy, wife and 4 children

Poll Tax Return, 1698,
Gretton, by Arthur Satchell and Edward Vine
Edw. Vine and Mary his wife
John Goodliffe
John Vine
Edmond Vine
Arth. Satchell
Tho. Goodliffe and Martha Goodliffe
Will. Vine and Elizabeth Vine
Rich: Satchell Jun
Arthur Satchell
Rich Satchell his sonne
John Vine and Amy Vine his wife
Will. Rowlatt
Robt Butterworth and Eliz: his wife
Mary Hunt widow
Mary Hunt Jun.
Elizabeth Hunt
William Goodliffe
Martin Butterworth
Christopher Rowlat, wife and 1 child
Rich. Rowlat wife and 1 child
Tho. Rowlat
John Rowlat
Henry Rowlat and 1 maidservant
Christopher Rowlatt (servant?)
Christopher Rowlatt Jun.
Mary Rowlatt and 2 children
Benj. Humph [sic] wife and 2 children
Libus Humphry wife and 2 children
Protestation Return , 1641
Steeple Gidding
Edward Bright, churchwarden; William Clarke, minister and pastour
Great Gidding
Thomas Clerke
William Clerke, John Clerke, Jr., John Clerke Sr.
Old Weston
Thomas Clearke, Robert Abbott, William Abbott, Thos. Abutt
Removal Orders
24 Apr 1713, Pauper Removal of Robert Clarke from Great Gidding to Leighton.
18 May 1753 Matthew Abbot, Sarah, and children, Sarah, John, Ann; Great Gidding to Gt. Catworth
4 Mar 1815 Mary Wade, Great Gidding to Oundle
??  Jeffrey Heighton wife and child Great Gidding to Aldwinkle

10 Jan 1829, John Rose. To the Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor of the Parish of Oundle in the said County [Northampton] and to the Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor of the Parish of Winwick in the County of Huntingdon and Northampton or one of them and to each and every of them the six churchwardens and overseers
Upon the complaint of the churchwardens and overseers of the poor of the parish of Oundle aforesaid, in the said county of Northampton unto us, whose names are hereunto set and seals affixed, being two of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace in and for the said county of Northampton and one us of the quorum, that John Rose and Ellen his wife and their seven children ^namely^ William aged about eighteen years, John aged about fifteen years, Edward aged about twelve years, Henry aged about ten years, Benjamin aged about eight years, George aged about six years and Mary aged about three years have come to inhabit in the said parish of Oundle not having gained a legal settlement there, nor produced any certificate, owning them to be settled elsewhere, and that the said John Rose and Ellen his wife and their said children have become chargeable to the said parish of Oundle. We the said Justices, upon due proof made thereof, as well upon the examination of the said John Rose upon oath, as otherwise, and likewise upon due consideration had of the premises, do adjudge the same to be true; and we do likewise adjudge that the lawful settlement to them the said John Rose and Ellen his wife and their said children is in the said parish of Winwick. We do therefore require you the said churchwardens and overseers of the poor of the said parish of Oundle or some or one of you, or any proper person or persons to be employed by you, to convey the said John Rose and Ellen his wife and their said children from and out of your said parish of Oundle to the said parish of Winwick and then to deliver to the churchwardens and overseers of the poor there, or to some or one of them, together with this our order, or a true copy thereof; and we do also hereby require you the said churchwardens and overseers of the poor of the said parish of Winwick to receive and provide for them as inhabitants of your parish. Given under our hands and seals the tenth day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty nine.

Settlement Papers
17 Jan 1701/2, Settlement or Pauper Transfer of John Hopper, tailor, from Tansor to Great Gidding.
24 Apr 1713 Robert Clark from Leighton to Great Gidding
22 Jan 1782 Jeffery Heighton from Aldwinkle All Saints to Great Gidding
26 Apr 1708 Wm Rowell of Benefield settled in Oundle, Lyon Rowell one of the overseers.
1716 Edward Vine of Gretton to Deanthorpe.

16 June 1737, Goodliffe, Gretton to Oundle
We Robert Laxton, Glazier; Robert Laxton, Farmer, and William Rowell, Churchwardens and Overseers of the poor of ye Parish of Gretton in the County of Northampton aforesaid do hereby own and acknowledge Thomas Goodliffe with Alice his wife and three children, Robert, and Thomas his sons and Edith his Daughter to be our Inhabitants Legally Settled in our said Parish of Gretton in witness whereof we have hereunto sett our hands and Seals this sixteenth Day of June in the Eleventh year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Second by the Grace of God of Greate Britain, France and Ireland King Defender of the Faith and so forth and in the year of our Lord Christ one Thousand Seven hundred and thirty seven.    [When this settlement paper was originally found in a box of parish records at the Northamptonshire Record Office at Delapre Abbey, it was in very poor condition, the fold down the vertical center of the paper had disintegrated, leaving two pieces. The two pieces had been pinned with straight pins to another piece of paper--see copy showing the pins! Later I discovered that the document had been restored, and while it was a very nice job, I love my copy with the pins in it!!]

16 Jan 1746 William Rose, papermaker of Southwick, to Oundle
      1808, Ann West of Gretton, with child, singlewoman, to Oundle

2 Nov 1767 John Butterworth, settlement to Kings Cliff . 180p/376    Thomas Boughton, farmer, and William Wootton, churchwardens, and John Henson and Samuel Gorham, overseers of the poor of Kings Cliffe, to acknowledge John Butterworth, his wife, and Family to be our inhabitants, legally settled in the parish of Kings Cliffe aforesaid.  Dated 2 Nov 1767.  To Parish of Islip. Witnesses Thos. Blake and Thomas Nicholds. Justices Rowd Hunt and D. O’Brien [There would have been a removal order after John’s death and his wife’s death sending at least the 3 younger girls back to Kings Cliffe.]

Bastardy Bonds
1717, Henry Spenser in Gretton.  Ann Martiall of Gretton, singlewoman, delivered of a female bastard child in Gretton which she said Henry Spenser stands charged according to law to be the reputed father. Bond to Henry Spenser and John Martiall. Mark of Henry Spenser (looks like slanted 8), mark of John Marstiall, (looks like a W), witnesses Hen. ___ and John Butterworth. On 8 pence quire paper.   [chr 5 Apr 1717, Elizabeth d/o Ann Marshal. There is a burial on 20 May 1718 for an Elizabeth Marshall, no indication of children at that time.]

Subsidy and Hearth Tax Rolls
Leighton Bromswold
1666 William Bright
Steeple Gidding list of levies 1652-3, Appx AA
1654 James Warner
1655 Edward Bright
17??  Estate of Henry Ferrar at Little Gidding, tenants Edmund Bright 12 acres, Robert Clarke & son 131 acres.

Steeple Gidding
1666 Richard Bright
1667 Edward Bright
1666 Edmund Bright
Great Gidding
1523 Robert Clarke, Thomas Clarke, John Clark
1542 Roger Clark, Robert Clark, two other Clarks
1545,47, 58, 67 Thomas Clarke
1623 Edward Clarke
1666 Thomas Daniel, Frank Clark
1666 Eliz. Clark, widow, Bart. Daniel
1667 James Daniel
1327 ? Clarke

1688, Benjamin Humfrey, 1688, of Wilbarston, cloath worker ZA 1523   26 Jun 1688; John Lawrence to Benjamin Humfrey of Wilbastron, cloathworker; for £30, lease and release of a messuage and homestead in Wilbarston subject to mortgage proviso. Witnesses, William Barker, John Lamplugh, John Aldwinckle.
1 Feb 1702 Benjamin Humfrey, of Wilbarston, gent. Post nuptial settlement of his dau Ann Platt. 1 Feb 1st year of Lady Ann;  Edward Platt of Kirby and Ann his wife, heretofore called Ann Humfry, daughter of Benjamin Humfry, of Wilbarston, gentleman, and Lebeus Humfry of Wilbarston gentleman of the second part. For £100 land late occupied by Thomas Platt.
1691  Lebbeus Humfrey, of Wilbarston, yeoman, feoffment of lands in Wilbarston, 1691, M(TM) 694 and 695 and 696 and 697                                        
20 Aug 1691 #694 (NRO); Lebbeus Humphrey;  Humphrey Templar and others to Lebbeus Humphrey, feoffment, “Benj Lole” also written on front cover.  For £300, land from Humphrey Templar, Thomas Templar, and Frances his wife. To Lebbeus Humphrey.
15 Sep 1549, #695 (NRO). Lebbeus Humfrey; Settlement on his son’s marriage with Mrs. Mary Tailby. Indenture dated 15 Sep 1749, between Lebbeus Humfrey of Wilbarston yeoman and Robert Humfrey of Wilbarston yeoman of the one part, and Benjamin Humfrey of Brampton gentleman, and George Tailby of Slawston Leicester, Grasier. For consideration of 10 shillings, Lebbeus Humfrey and Robert Humfrey have bargained to sell to Benjamin Humfrey and George Tailby messuage, tenement, or house in Wilbarston. (There was attached a  pedigree. Lebbeus Humfrey 1st seized. 3 sons, 2 died without issue. Son Lebbeus Humfrey married Mary Smith; Children were  Elizabeth married William Ashby [md 1744];, father of William Ashby; son Robert Humfrey, married Mary Tailby [md abt 1749]. She married second mr. Ellis, living at time this pedigree made out. Children of Robt Humfrey and Mary Tailby; Lebbeus, died as an infant; Jane, married to Thos. Lole also claimant in right of Jane his wife. Children: Humfrey Lole, Mary Lole, Elizabeth Lole.) [did not see a date on the following document, but was after 1806] “The marriage between said Robert Humfrey and Mary Tailby took efffect and he died many years since leaving his wife and one Daughter by her him surviving, his wife afterwds intermarried with Matthew Ellis and the Daughter married one Thomas Lole and is now living.” 17-17 Sep 1749. Elizabeth Humfrey sister of the Above named Robert, married Wm. Ashby of Farndon and it is presumed she took an estate in fee in the premises at Wilbarston after the decease of Robert Humfrey and Mary his wife and her son Wm. Ashby has enjoyed those premises about 14 years. “The only doubt that can arise in this case is, whether the Fine levied by Robert Humfrey is sufficient to Bar the Estate Tail created by the words Heirs of the Body in the above mentioned Indenture of Release and that doubt it is apprehended must be done away by the statute of Henry the 7th which declares that all Fines levied by Tenants in Tail shall Bar all persons claiming under them and as it is apprehended the uses of the fine levied by Robert Humfrey were by some deed or deeds sufficiently declared by virtue of which his sister, Mrs. Ashby claimed title to the premises in question, there is no ground on which Mr. Lole can support his claim. If it should be discovered that the Fine levied Robert Humfry is defective or the uses thereof not sufficiently declared, it may be proper for Mr. Lole to assert his claim and in either of those cases he will certainly be intitled to recover the estate.” “Jane Lole on deaths of her father and mother became entitled as heir in Special Tail, on her death the property descended to her son. He having gone abroad many years ago & not having been heard of will be presumed to be dead & the property vests in his only surviving sister. But it seems that Jane Lole after the death of her husband early in 1806 allowed the Ashbys to continue in possession of the land retaining only a cottage in which she lived of about £2 a year in value. The lapse of 20 years appears to me to be a bar to recovering the land by ejectment. The deed 1774 does not appear to me to help the case not having Fearne of any other Book by me to refer to I can only state my first impression of its effect I apprehend that on the death of Thos. Lole the contingent remainder to the survivor became a vested one and merged in the remainder to the heirs of the body rendering Jane Lole tenant in tail and causing her daughter therefore to claim under her. Neither is there any evidence of a find having been levied at the execution of this deed.”
10 Oct 1753 #696, (NRO); Robert Humfrey yeoman of Wilbarston only son of Lebbeus Humfrey of Wilbarston, and Benjamin Humfrey, gentleman, of Brampton nr Dingley; Lebbeus Humfrey son of Lebbeus Humfrey. The said Robert Humfry, his grandfather Lebbeus Humfrey or his father Lebbeus Humfrey.
16 May 1766 #697 (NRO); Mr. Lebbeus Humfrey to Mr. Thos. Hurst, assignment of Mr. Robt Humfrey’s mortgage; between Lebbeus Humfrey of Ribworth Hazcourt, Leicester, gentleman, only son and sole executor named in last will and testament of Benjamin Humfrey late of Brampton near Dingley, deceased, and Thomas Hurst of Great Pratling, Leicester, grazier, indenture dated 17 Oct 1753 between Robert Humfarey of Wilbarston, only son of Lebbeus Humfrey of Wilbarston, yeoman, aforesaid, house in Wilbarston for £250 from Robert to Benjamin. House to Lebbeus Humfrey in 28 Aug 1691 by Humphrey Templer of Wilbarston yeoman, and Thomas Templar the elder and Frances his wife. Term of 1000 years, yearly rent of 1 pepper corn. Interest of £4 per £100. Money not paid. For £150 land given to Thomas Hurst.
1711 Lebbeus Humfrey; of Wilbarston, 1711   YZ4992 (NRO)  2 Dec 1711; deed Joseph Janell of Wilbarston and Mary his wife, to Susannah Charlett of Sutton Bassett widow late wife of Francis Charlett of Brampton (possibly Drampton) and Lebeus Humfrey of Wilbarston and Henry Ayre of Stoke Park