Northants Wills
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Northamptonshire & Huntingdonshire Wills

Alphabetical by surname, then listed chronologically.

There are over 200 will abstracts on this page. These were searched 1977-80, 1983-86 while living in England, and since at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. They were searched for members of the extended family of the Butterworth family, see Genealogy page, above. The Gr and Bl reference numbers refer to the page number in my handwritten abstract notebooks. The other references (i.e., 2-112, W 112, etc.) refer to the book and page number in the Peterborough & Rutland Will books. Wills that refer particularly to ancestral families can be found on the Butterworth Wills page. Some wills from the peculiar of Gretton are also included.  I will search my database of all the Gretton Wills (Peculiar of Gretton and Duddington, 1657-1832).  E-mail me with inquiries. See also page with early wills from the Great Gidding/Alconbury area parishes.

Surnames: Abbott, Bing/Binx/Binks, Blackwell, Boone, Bowlie, Bright, Butterworth/Butterwick, Cave, Charter, Clifton, Cook(e), Faulkner, Faulks/Fowkes, Goodliffe, Goodyear, Green, Haddon, Henson, Hodgskin, Humphrey, Hunt, Hyde, Knight, Knighton, Larman, Laxton, Maversley, Mos(e)ley, Newham, Peake, Phillip, Rose, Rowell, Rowlatt, Sculthorpe, Setchell/Satchell, Sisson, Smith, Spencer,  Swan, Tayleby, Vine, Walter, Ward, Williamson, Wise, and Worth.

Gr 102
Abat, Henry, Titchmarsh. Sons Richard, William dau Jane. Wife Ann. Bro William. Wd 2 Jun 1616, wp 23 Oct 1616.

Gr 104, 108, 111
Abbott, William, Titchmarsh, laborer. Dau Elizabeth second dau Annis, third dau Eady, goods at their marriage, wife Ellen, son William to be cared for by wife. John Asten Sr. to be superviser. Wit: Henry Wmson, John Austen Sr., Tho Booth. Wd ... wp 14 Jun 1626

Gr 115, 101
Abbott, Elizabeth, Twywell (admon). Wm. King of Thrapston, butcher. John Carley, Thrapston, wheeler. Eliz widow of Wm Abbott Twywell, carpenter. 9 Mar 1782.

Bl 78
Abbott, William, Brigstock. Son William, daus Ann, w/o Wm Curtis, Sarah w/o Jos. Neale, Elizabeth Sargeant widow, Mary w/o Robert Wade.  7 Sep 1814.

Gr 101
Abbott, William, the elder, Titchmarsh. Son William, baker. Wife Elizabeth. Daus Mary Letch w/o Thomas Letch, Catherine Cooke, Ann Abbott. Died on or about 25 Jun 1852, estate not over £450. Wd 28 Jan 1852, wp 21 Dec 1852.

Ashton, Thomas, Brigstocke. Brother Richard Ashton and unto his two children Richarde & Aane [sic] 10 shillings. Poor of Brigstocke 3 shillings 4 pence. Rest to father in lawe Henrie Taylor . Wd 14 Sep 1602, wp 7 Oct 1602. Wit: Richard Baldocke, Thomas Guwill??

Ashton, Anthony, clarke parson of Blatherwicke. To the church 3 shillings 4 pence. To pooor of same towne 6 shillings 8 pence. Each of my godchildren 12 pence. Poore of Laxton 3 shillings 4 pence. Poor of Bulwicke 3 shillings 4 pence. Rest fo Anne my wife. Wd 30 Mar 1614 wp 20 Apr 1614. Wit: John Robins, Francis Baxter, Humfrey Waide.

Ashton, Richard, of Brigstocke, “about three of foure dayes next before his death, declared before witnesses of good credit his will & minde to this effect:” Sister Anne Ashton all his goods. Wp 13 Jan 1622.  Wit: Mathew Law, John Billing, Robert Hariot, Thomas Fatcher.

Ashton, William, of Glapthorne, lately deceased. Son Roger Ashton 20 shillings. Dau Elizabeth 1 bullocke and one sheepe. Son John all shope tooles. Rest to wife Ellen Ashton.   Wp 26 Jan 1630    Wit: widow Corham, Mildred Reeming.  

Ashton, William, of Folkworth, Hunts, yeoman. Wife Philip Ashton, 20 pounds. Son William Ashton lands in Folkworth and Calcoake als Caldcoke, Hunts. Kinswoman, Anne Ashton, dau of Thomas Ashton 35 pounds. All my own brothers and own sisters children 5 shillings apiece. Cousin Thomas Ashton that now dwells with me 5 pounds. 20 shillings to poor of Folkworth. Rest to son William. Wd 8 Dec 1655.  Wit: Thomas Wyrese?, Robt Richardson, of Warmington. Copy of will by Robert Rowell, Esq.

Ashton, Hugh, Sr., of Oakeham, Rutland, cordwainer, wife Isbell all household goods, and shop and goods, son Hugh Ashton, full executor. /x/ “HA” wd 25 Sep 1668 wp 10 Jul 1669.

Ashton, Anne, of Islip. Body to be buried at discretion of Francis Williamson of Chelson, sole executor. Five pounds to Sarah wife of Samll Lane. Martha Collet of White Cross street London 20 pounds and the same sum given in my husband s will, being unpaid.  To two children of said Martha Collet five pounds each. Eleanor relict of Tho Ponder of Oundle 20 pounds and the 10 pounds given by my husband. Eleanor, dau of Eleanor Ponder 40 pounds and “the beding and furniture in the room in my house called the little chamber.”  John, son of John Henson of March 20 pounds. And to the two sisters of the said John Henson 50 shillings apiece, plus money from husband’s will. Servant Matthew Smith five pounds. 40 shillings to the poor of Islip. 10 shillings to ten poor widows in Thrapston. Joseph, son of Thomas Ponder of Oundle five pounds. John son of Tho Ponder five pounds, to Mary Ashton, widow of William Ashton two pounds. /x/ “A” wd 4 Jul 1706, wp 12 Jun 1707.  Wit. Ben Halfin, John Garrat, Rob. Heminton

Ashton, William, of Islip, husbandman. Land in Fenny Stanton, Hunts to wife Ann Ashton, then to cozen Sarah Ashton, provided she payes to John Lucus of Opher, Cambridgeshire, labourer 40 pounds. Cozen Christopher Ashton land if he pays five pounds apeice to his two sisters and five pounds to his brother John. To Frances Williamson of Chelson 20 pounds. Mary Lane wife of Amll Lane of Thrapston 10 pounds. Martha Collett 20 pounds. Tho. Ponder of Oundle 10 pounds. John Henson’s two daughters of March 50 shillings each. Wm. Crow of Eansbury by St. Noates 40 shillings. Cozen Mentill of Oundle 40 shillings. Cozen Rooden of Upton, Hunts 40 shillings. Wife Ann executrix.   [bottom part of will torn off]

Ashton, Peter, of Oundle, bond to Jeremiah Ashton of Oundle, grocer, and James Jee of Oundle, barber, bond 1 May 1735   no relationship given, no will

26 Nov 1736  
Ashton, William, of Hemmington, yeoman, niece Sarah Jellis daughter to my Sister Pulley one pair of good sheets. Niece Elizabeth Childs of St. Ives on silver porringer. Niece Sarah wife of Francis Noble of Clapton five pair of sheets whereof the Holland Sheet lately bought is to be one. To last mentioned Sarah half the table linnen, and two silver spoons and one silver salt holder and also the best bed with the curtains blanketts and all the appurtenances also my wifes trunk and the little old chest of drawers.  Appoint nephew William Ashton, son of my brother Thomas Ashton, deceased, sole executor. /s/  Wit. Ann Pulley /x/, Ann Williamott /x/ Tho Stirrup /s/  Wd 26 Nov 1736 wp 26 Mar 1737.

M2 [right side of will missing]
Bing, Boniface of Oundle, baker. To loving wife Hellyn Bing son John Bing, sons Boniface and Edward. To my other . . . Swithing & Thomas Bing also to two daughters?  I give to infant said wife now [carrying] [Henry, from P.R.]    Wd 21 Feb 163?, wp 1632? Wit Alice Bing /x/

W 171
Bing, John of Peterborough, wife Elizabeth, /mark/ seal wit: John Parsons, John Peake, William Alsbrey. Wd 5 Feb 1715, wp 27 Feb 1715

8-55 [Peterborough Book B folio 125]
Blackwell, Joane, widow, Clapton.  Son Nicholas Blackwell my eldest son 12 pence. Robert Blackwell second son Edwarde Blackwell third son. To Willm Blackwell 12 pence. Elizabeth Smith my dau 12 pence. Second dau Cretion?? [Christian(a)] Dawson 12 pence. Dau Margery Smith 12 pence. Agnes Wollison dau 12 pence. To John Blackwell s/o Nicholas Blackwell 3 bushells of barley. To Nicholas Blackwell his other five children five shillings. Dau Elizabeth Smith her five children 5 shillings. Margery her three children . Dau Agnes her two children 2 shillings. John Blackwell son of John Blackwell great pan. Agnes Wollison her two daughters two lambs. Nicholas Blackwell his two daughters two lambs. John Dawson 12 pence, Elizabeth Dawson 12 pence. Agnes Lynfeilt Agnes Canon? For Shelton Elizabeth Bo?? Ellin Hicholas Elizth Prisly, the widow Rinter: and the woodwife Cyme to each of those 4 pence. Kathern Smale of Pine? 12 pence. Son John Blackwell executor. Wd 10 Dec 1609, wp 17 Jan 1609/10. Wit: Nich. Blackwell, Richard Wollison.

Blackwell, John, of Clapton. Son John Blackwell 40 pounds, dau Elizabeth 40 pounds. Son Robt Blackwell 40 pounds. Sons when age 20, dau when age 14. Mr. Edward Dudley of Clapton executor. /x/ Wd 2 Nov 1616 wp 28 Nov 1616. Wit: Edward Dudley, Thomas Gray, Nicholas Blackwell, Rich Wollison.  To Nicholas Blackwell 10 pounds. To Ed. Blackwell 4 pounds 2 shillings. To Willm Blackwell six pounds. To Robt Blackwell 46 shillings 3 pence. To John Blackwell son of Nicholas Blackwell 30 shillings he doth owe unto Rich Wollison for two theales that made his table.

Blackwell, Willm, of Clapton. Sons Robert and Willm 50 shillings each at 11 years of age. Brother Richard Wollisons four daughters four shillings. Brother Nicholas two daughters two shillings. Sister Elizabeth her daughter 2 shillings. Robt Smith of Titchmarsh 2 shillings. William Dust? My bro in law to his four children 4 shillings. Church of Clapton 12 pence. Rest to wife Katherine. Wd 27 Oct 1617 wp 4 Nov 1617. Wit: Tho Gray, Nicholas Blackewell, Richard Wolisson

Blackwell, Nicholas, of Clapton. Son John Blackwell of Tichmarshe 16 pounds. Son Thomas Blackwell 20 pounds. Eldest dau Elizabeth Blackwell 20 marke in mony, second daughter Margerite 20 markes. Both daus to get their money at age 21 or marriage. To John Blackwell’s boys each of them a lambe hogge. Henry Grey one lamb. William Blackwell my sister Katherine’s sonne on lamb. Wife and son Robert Blackwell.  Wd 29 Oct 1621 wp 22 Nov 1621. Wit: Edward Dudley, Thomas Gray, Francis Brookes.

11-104  [first part in Latin]
Blackwell, Robert, 10 Mar 1628, nuncupative will, Elizabeth Blackwell “matri’.  “The said Robert Blackwell being asked of some of his neighbours and friends that came to visit with him in his sickness whereof he dyed if god should call for him who he would make his executors, . . . he sayd my mother (Elizabeth) Blackwell, and being demanded who he would give his goods unto he the sayd Robert Blackwell answered and sayd to my mother... The said Robert Blackwell being demanded what he would doe for his two sisters, what he would give them, he answered and sayd to this effect, I will give it to my mother, let her dispose of it.”  Wp 15 May 1628. [Name John Blackwell mentioned, could not tell what for. This Elizabeth widow of Nicholas Blackwell.]

14-90 [Peterborough Book G p 177]
Blackwell, Nicholas, of Thorpe Achurch, laborer. Land in Thorpe to Elizabeth West my kniswoman [sic] wife of Zachery West of Wadenhoe, miller. Elizabeth’s first husband Thomas North. Wife Prudence. Joane Brigstocke kniswoman [sic] land in Ringsted. John Blackwell of Peterborough, gardner, my kinsman, 3 pounds. An Blackwell wife of John 40 shillings. John Blackwell the younger son of sd John the elder, 5 pounds. Silvester Green of Achurch in Northton debt forgiven. Kinsman Thomas Gilbert by marriage of Wadenhoe. Mary Greeced?? Widow, forgive part of debt. Francis Quincey of Achurst.  Wingfrede Gilby dau of Elizabeth West. Thomas Gilbert. /s/ wd 19 Feb 1641 wp 24 Mar 1641.  Wit: Roger Tuttill Robt Tayler

K 324
Blackwell, Thomas of Clapton.  To be buried in Clapton. To Nicholas Blackwell of Clapton my brother John Blackwell’s son 1 pound ten shillings. To John Blackwell of Clapton my brothers son one pound ten shillings. To Thomas Blackwell of Benifeild [sic] three pounds. To Thomas Richards s/o of Henery the blacksmith ten shillings. William Blackwell of Clapton son of my aunt Katherine Goare 20 shillings. William Mariot of Kingsford 20 shillings.  To Aunt Goare tow [sic]  shillings 6 pence. Lands in Old Weston to next heires of me Thomas Blackwell after the decease of John Blott and Elizabeth my daughter if she deceasest without issue. I give my mayd sarvant a flock bed. All rest to son in law John Blot, sole executor. /x/ “t”  Wd 29 Jun 1656. Wit: John Blackwell, ... Green, ... Mayls.

N 174
Blackwell, John of Benefield, being sick in body but perfit in minde and memery do make my last will and testament in maner viz I do ... bequeath my soule into the hands of God my Creater and to Jesus Christ my most mercyfull Seavior hoping by his death & paition to be saved etearnally and I will my body to be beried in the Church yeard of Benefield and I bequeath my worl[dl]y goods as fowleth, first I give to my daughter Elizabeth five pounds and to my daughter Seara five pounds and to my daughter Mary five pounds and to my sonne Mathew five pounds and to my sonne Thomas seven pounds and three pounds which was given hime by his cozen Thomas Blackwell and in this my will.I make my wife and my son John joynt executors of all my goods an chatteles and my Same? house only my wife shall have the desposing of all my houshould goods only on[e] bed which my sonn John is to have I also will that the leggacies shall be payd att the age of on[e] and twenty by my executors. /x/   Dated 25 Nov 1661. Wp 12 Dec 1661.  Witnesses: Henry Cornwell, Peter Baker, John Bell all /s/

T 305  
Blackwell, Thomas, of Benefield, husbandman. Wife Alice 15 pounds to be paid within 3 years in six payments on Feast of St. Michael and 25 of March each year. Son John Blackwell 3 pounds, son Christopher Blackwell 1 shilling withing three years, Son Hen. Blackwell one pound. Son, Robert Blackwell 15 pounds to be paid within 5 years. Benjamin Story my son in law one shilling. Symon Peak my son in law one shilling. John Blackwell, Ralph Blackwell, Benjamin Blackwell, and Sarah Blackwell, sons and daughter of John Blackwell my son 10 shillings to be equally divided. Grandchildren Hen. Blackwell and Elizabeth and Mary Blackwell 2 shillings six pence each. Symon Peak, Anamaria Peak, Millicent Peak, Sarah Peak my grandchildren Wd 28 Oct 1703

Boon, John, of Gretton, Farmer
daughter Elizabeth, wife of William Satchell all freehold and copyhold messuages, cottages, closes, lands, tenements, and hereditaments in Gretton. Subject to payment of 12 pounds a year to wife Elizabeth Boon and daughter Mary Boon during their natural lives.
Land rented from George Finch Hatton, Esquire.  Wife and daughter given use of two rooms and furniture for them. Son-in-law to provide 40 hundred of good Pitt coal for them. Mary, wife of Robert Burbage sum of 6 guineas.  Rest to wife and daughter Mary.
Son in law William Satchell sole executor.
/x/, wd 4 Feb 1779, wp 27 June 1781
Witnesses: Danl Brown, Robt Laxton, Dennis Taylor

Boon, William, Gretton, gentleman. wife Mary Boon all real and personal estate.  After her decease to Rebecca now residing with me, furniture, plate, linen, and 200 pounds.
Nephews Christopher and Robert William Boon Herbert [sic] the 500 pounds each at respective ages of 24 years with interest at rate of 4 pounds per hundred per annum. Neices Elizabeth Herbert and Sarah the wife of William Looms of Bozworth, Leicester, 300 pounds each, grazier. Nephew Richard Herbert, brother of the said George Cowxall Herbert all real and personal estate. He also to take care of his mother, Ann Herbert, Nephew Richard Herbert and William Satchell of Gretton, Butcher, joint executors
Annuity of 15 pounds a year to George Cowxall Herbert late of Sibertoft, Leicester.
/s/ Wd 18 Dec 1826, 28 Dec 1827, under £1000
Witnesses: Chas Hall, Joseph Pretty, Eliza Freeman

C 2   [small writing, hard to read]
Bowley, David, of Stamford Baron, Northants.  Son William Bowley and his wife Kathern, their son David Bowley. . John Chisome? Gent of Stamford Baron. If son and grandchild die, then to John Sturley, my sister Ann’s daughter Elizabeth, her sonne. Children of kinswoman Elizabeth Clyloye?? of West Langton fyve shillings amongst them. Children of John Franke of Puorcett?? Towe shillings. Brother William Bowley 12 pence. Poor of Stamford . Mr. Richard Cratt? Civare of St. Martine 13 shillings 4 pence to preache at my funeral. Abraham Coall sone of Leonard Coall 12 pence. /x/ “O” wd 23 Oct 1519. Wit: William Cole, Thomas Wallet, Leonard Cole

Bl 17, 92
Bright, James, Thrapston. Wife Susanna, son Edward when 21 to be held by Wm Leete and Benj Halford. Wd 14 Nov 1721 Inv 74-17-0

Bl 17
Bright, Edward, late of Oundle, joiner. Elizabeth Bright widow, Oundle, John Crafts, Innholder of Oundle, Daniel Cutherns, taylor of Oundle. 28 Mar 1751.

Bl 92
Bright, John, Uppingham, Rutland. Brother Edward, sis Eliz w/o John Spereen. Niece Eliz Bright dau of late brother Henry.

Gr 107
Butt, (Bull?), Lt. Oakley, grandchild Myrriatt Butt, son John Butt, wd 30 Oct 1631.

Gr 97
Butterick, Robert, Brampton next Dingley, wife Katherne. Wd Mar 1605. Wp 20 Mar 1605.

Gr 97
Butterick, Katherine, Brampton next Dingley. Forgive Edward Tilliwesthe, son in law, 10 shillings for a loom given to him by husband Robert. Also to him one yew and lamb "being the worste of the thre[e] copples" A yearling bullock and the second yew and lamb to Ralph Barnes. Twelve pence to church of Brampton. Rest to Jane Gilles and Raulphe Barnes. John Bosworth, William Ellis, and Thomas Swan to be supervisors, to receive 6 pence each.  Wit:Andrew Broughton & son [?], Ralphe Barnes /x/, John Bosworthe, William Ellis, Thomas Swan /x/.   Wd 28 May1606, wp 6 Jul 1606. Executors names spelled Jane Gyles and Radulphe Barnes at probate.

Gr 96 8-126
Butterwick, Richard, Kingscliffe, Currier. Son Robert Butterwick 40 shillings, when 21. Dau Dorothy Butterwick, 9 pounds when 21. Dau Mary Butterwick 9 pounds when 21. Son William three pounds when 21, Edward my younger son three pounds when 21. Dau Dorothy one bedstead, one red & white coverlet, one paire of sheetes, one pewter dish. My wife to have the use of them until she is 21. Rest to Elizabeth Butterwick my now wife and whom I make sole executrix. Friend John Wildbore of King’s Cliffe. /x/   Wit: John Wilbore, Thomas Wardey, John Cooke   Wd 28 Apr 1639

Bl 92, T266
Butterwick, William, King’s Cliffe. Youngest son Edmond, brass pot and all working tools. Dau Marie, son Richard at Bottlebridge [Orton, Hunts] 16 Jun 1691.

Gr 93
Butterworth, Robert, Gretton. Eldest son William, 1 shilling. Youngest son Martin 1 shilling. Dau Elizabeth wife of Robert Laxton 1 shilling. Dau Bridgett wif eof Henry Sisson 1 shilling. Second son John srop now growing, land owned by Lord Hatton. John sole executor. Wd 12 Jun 1735. Wp 7 May 1739. Inv. 23-5-6.

Gr 93
Butterworth, John, Gretton, wd 31 Dec 1740. Son Robert ten pounds, son William 20 pounds, youngest son Martin 20 pounds to be given by uncle Martin Butterworth. Dau Elizabeth Satchell 10 pounds. Rest between wife Edith and son John. Wp 19 Nov 1742. Inventory 246-05-06.

Gr 91
Butterworth, Edith (Admon 1743) Gretton, widow. And John Butterworth, yeoman, Robt Laxton, glasier. Edith dau of Amey Vine late of Gretton, widow.  Wit John Butterworth, Robt. Laxton

Bl 17
Butterworth, John, Islip, baker. (Admon) William Osborn of Stanion, miller. Thos Norton of Stanion stonecutter. John Read of Islip, farmer. Estate not over 75 pounds.

NRO 262/1-2
Cave, George, of Warkton, Northampton. Sone [sic] George Cave 1 shilling to be paid within 2 years after my deceas[e]. Sone  William Cave 1 shilling to be paid 2 years after my deceas[e]. Sone Edward Cave 1 shilling to be paid 2 years after my deceas[e]. Daughter Elizabeth 1 shilling to be paid 2 years after deceas[e]. Daughter Dorothy 1 shilling to be paid 2 years after my deceas[e]. Sone John Cave 20 pounds and 10 pounds that is in his Brother Fanns hands that he owes me to be paid in 2 years after my deceas[e]. Daughter Mary 30 pounds and 20 pounds more that is in my sone William's hand that he owes me to be paid 2 years after my deceas[e]. To my wife if she cannot agree to live with my executor I do give her 5 pounds a year to be paid her yearly as long as she lives. Rest to son Samuel, full and sole executor.  /x/ Wd 10 Oct 1708. Witnesses: Wm. Ward; John Bullivant, curate; John Hopper [husband of daughter Dorothy.]   

C 1
Charter, John, of Branston, Rutland, husbandman. Son Thomas Charler seaven pounds and 10 shillings. Son John Charter five pounds. Dau Ann Charter seaen pounds 10 shillings. Son Willyam Charter all goods. Son Thomas Charter bedsted, sheets, etc. /x/ “9" son William’s mark “D”  wd 21 Nov 161_ (8?). Wit: Thomas Willbarees, Thomas Hinman,

Charter, John, of Branston, Rutland, husbandman. Son Thomas Charter 7 pounds. Son John Charter 5 pounds. Dau Anne Charter 7 pounds. Son Willm Charter all goods. /x/ wd 20 Nov 1618 wp 19 Oct 1619. Wit: Tho Wilcocks, Tho Hinman, Willm Charter, John Charter

7 221
Clifton, John, of Corby, husbandman, son Simon Clifton 4 pence. Johane Clifton one hive of bees. Dau in law Luce Clifton one sorrell bay filley. Johan Josua one cowe at the daye of her marriage. Suzanna Clifton my wife. Dau Marie Josua one bushell of wheate and one bushell of barly. Son Nicholas Clifton five pounds 13 shillings, 4 pence. Son George Clifton five horses & mares and other items. Son Grey for consideration of all the things before bequeathed shall keep finde & maintaine my wife during her natural life. Son George shall bound to son Nicholas. Church of Corbye 12 pence. For repayringe of the towne bridge 2 shillings 11 pence. Rest to son George, son Nicholas supervisor. Wd 14 Aug 1602 wp 20 Sep 1602. Wit Lawrence Rife?, Christofer Rowlatte, John Tansley.

Clifton, Henry, of Clipsham, Rutland, smith.  Eldest son Henry Clifton 20 shillings. Son Francis Clifton all tools, Son John Clifton 20 shillings when he comes out of prenticeshipe. Son Robert Clifton 20 shillings when 21. Eldest daughter Elizabeth Clifton 20 shillings the day of her marriage. Younger dau Jane Clifton 40 shillings on day of her marriage. John Gibson parson of Clipsham supervisor. /s/ wd 9 Oct 16?? wp 20 May 1609.

Clifton, Symon, of Corby, husbandman, wife Annys Clifton. John Clifton, indenture to Symon Clifton and Robert Cave. Dau Isabell Harrison, rest to John Clifton my son, sole executor. /s/ wd 19 Dec 1613, wp 12 Jan 1613/4. Wit: John Henstocke? The elder and John Ames.

Clifton, Henry of Warmington, carpenter. To eldest son John Clifton 5 pounds when 21. Youngest son Thomas Clifton 5 pounds when 21. Rest to wife Joane.  Wd ? Wp 12 Sep 1618 Wit: Nic. Taylor Robt Sunnington?

Clifton, Henry, of Ashton, Rutland, gentleman. Son Garvis Clifton the elder 20 shillings. Son Thoms Clifton 20 shillings. Dau Mary Clifton 20 shillings. Dau Anne Clifton 20 shillings. Dau Dorothy Clifton 20 shillings. Dau Margaret Clifton 20 shillings. Wife Christian all rest of goods. /s/ Wd 1 Dec 1623 wp Sep 1624. Wit: Edward Harris, Thomas Barnard, Jeffery Harris.

Clifton, Thomas of Laxton. Dau Elizabeth Clifton , all rest to wife Mary and dau Issabell. /x/ wd 4 ??? 1641. Wp 25 Oct 1641. Wit: John Mason

X 124
Clifton, William, Sr., of Ashley, mason. Sons, John Clifton, William Clifton, and Samuel Clifton one shilling a piece. Daughter Sarah Perkins one shilling. Bond of 20 pounds due from son John Clifton made with him and wife Joane. This 20 pounds to go to son Edward Clifton to be paid him within six months after “mine and my wifes decease.” All goods to loving wife Joane. Sone Edward sole executor. /x/ [backwards C] wd 13 Sep 1703. Wit: Will Butler and Banjamin Timson, John Ericke

X 328
Clifton, Francis, of Corby, baker, five pounds to be divided betwixt all my godchildren and Hanah Painter. Wife Elizabeth one cow and all the moveables in the house.  Daniel White and Suanah his wife.[sic] John Lee, husbandman, 2 pounds. “Ned Andrew, a lad, coulered great coat and a lettle coate and waste coate and too shirts.” Four pounds ten shillings to John Lee, Willm Lummis, Christo. Rowlatt, John Lummis, Willm Watts & Thos. Bell “the rest to be disposed of by my executor and the remaining part of ye money to be laid out in a dinner and drinke allso my executor shall give away three and ten dusen of cakes and fourty dusen of white bread and if Danell [sic] White does not think fit to hold my Lords land, I give the lease unto John Lee for his son Samwell Lee.” Rest of goods to Danell White. /x/ “O” wd 9 Dec 1714, wp 20 Dec 1714.  Wit: John Lee, Hannah Newman, Elizabeth Johnson

Y 263
Clifton, William, of Luddington, husbandman. Dau Elizabeth Clifton 10 pounds when age 21, and “one bedstead, one featherbed, one feather boulster, two feather pillows & pillowbeers, one pair of flaxen sheets, two blanketts, and one coverlet, one trunk, one hanging press and my bigest brass kettle, two of my bigest peuter platters, two leather chaires, and two flagbottom’d chairs, one brass pottage pott, & one little cubbard, four peuter plates, six round trenchers, one chaire table & one paire of wearing sheets.” Sister Ann Clifton five pounds. And other items. If sister die, then to kinswoman Judith, daughter of Edward Greene. Godson William Clifton of Thurning. Rest to wife Elizabeth Clifton. /x/ wd 31 Mar 1705, wp. 26 Jun 1705. Wit: John Hill, Edward Me?len? Benj Roffe.

Clifton, William, Admon, Grace Clifton, widow of Wm Clifton late of Oundle, carpenter, and John Cammach, sadler & William Eaton, grocer of Oundle, 25 Jan 1741.

John Clifton, 29 Jan 1783 [Abstract of very lengthy will, taken from "Oundle in the 18th Century" by Alice Osborn and David Parker.]
John Clifton, of Oundle. To nephew William Goodliffe lands in Oundle. Sister Elizabeth Goodliff, widow, land in the Church Lane in Oundle, after her death to Samuel White and John Adson. Monies to nephews and nieces, the children of Elizabeth Goodliff. One house currently in occupation of Richard Mosely. Perpetual charity for the blind established. Sister Elizabeth Goodliff £15, nephew William Goodliff £15, Cousin Thomas Barnes £15, Nephew Thomas Goodliff £10, Niece Mary Goodliff £10, Niece Ann Truss £10, Cousin John Barnes £10, Cousin Oliver Barnes £10, Cousin Thomas Clifton £10, Cousin Elizabeth Goddard £10, Cousin Elizabeth White 5 guineas. A few other bequests.  Witnesses: J. Bramston, Thos Prentice, John Sands.
Codicil dated 24 Nov 1783.  Detailed list of household goods and books to go to Sister Elizabeth, Nephew William Goodliff (tools, lumber, books), Nephew Thomas Goodliff "Salmons Geographical Grammar and my gazeteer." Witnesses: John Ashley, John Peake, John March.

D 55
Cooke, John, Tansor, ploughwright, to be buried in Tansor. Wife Mary two cowes y one being a read one with a whit backe and ye other a blacke one to gether with 3 pair of sheets besides ye lining which she brought wth 2 bedspreads and her owne beding with a materis & a blanket. Give unto her halle my corner of this yeares crop and hereafter to have her threeds both of hey, corne, and grasse, paying ye charges thereof with fireing freely. Two pillow and a pillabed. I give unto son Robert Cooke 20 shillings, son John Cooke 12 pance and 12 pence a peece to his children, and son Francis Cooke 12 pence and hils childnre 12 pence apeece. Wife Mary ye hogg and two long bords and a garner. Rest to sonne William Cooke being sole executor. Thomas Trusse and son John Cooke supervisors. /seal/ wit George Rogersonn, Thomas ??, John Cook, John Sheapheard. Wd ? Wp 26 Nov 1622.

M 118
Cooke, Mary, Cotterstock, widow. Roger Cooke of Minting, Lincs, gent, my husband deceased will dated 4 May 1626, sons John and Jeromye. John Norton of Cotterstock take charge of sons. Mary Norton, wife of John Norton. /s/ Wit: John Moore, Edmond Spmekes, James Thodie?. We [in binding] wp we jul 1638.

R 74
Cooke, William, Tansor.  To son John a bond, wherin Tobyas Shirkton? stands ingaged? To me and one greene coat. Wife Ann, seaven pounds, and one cow is she pleaseth to choose one out of my flocke or if not acceptimg of a cow then my will is that shee have it made up tenn pounds to be pays within three months after my decease. Also give unto her too coffers one bedstead, and all the bedding brass pewter and all other goods that shee can lay clame to which shee brought with her at mariage and allsoe my will is that shee shall have a beddroome and a roome at the fyre dureing the tyme shee shall thinke good to abide therein and all the fyre woode that lyes in the shopp. Dau Xneka? A great kettle and allsoe £5 if enough money.  Grandchild Elizabeth Ward 20 shillings when 21. Dau Hannah 20 shillings twelve months after my decease. Son William all goods and chattels. Wd 5 Jan 1673 wp 28 Jan 1674

Faulkner, Remidge, Whissendine. Eight of his brethren and sisters children 40 shillings every one. William Worthy his youngest sonne. Brother Michaell. Sister Agnes , brother Thomas, brother Graham, poore of Presson? 20 shilloings. Langham ten shillings, Whissendine 10 shillings. Sister Dorothy, Elizabeth Loweth, Willm Wortheis sheephered three shillings. Sarah Gilborne?  Willm Fawklner, Wilm Worthy. Brother Thomas Falkener. Willm Holts? Of Staton. Anthony Bennet of Seaton, Rober Briles of Seaton, Willm Holts of Seaton. Abraham Fawlkner , Roger Brills of Seaton, Anthony Bermes of Seaton, William Cogson of Langsonne? [very confusing] Wp 1611

Faulkner, William, Fotheringhay, labourer. Dau Elizbaeth Knot, wife Margaret wit: John Wolby, James Farsie?   Wd 20 Aug 1638 wp 15 Sep 1638

M 269
Falkener, Everard, Uppingham, Rutland, gentleman. Wife Elizabeth. Poor of Uppingham to have milk. Friend and kinsman William Askewe of Burton Dogles?, Lincs. Clerke and Edward Sheffeldyne of Uoston , Somerset, gent, supervisors. Eldest son Lyon Falkener when 21. Younger children. Wd 22 Jun 1663 wp 1663 [three page will, younger children not named]

O 42
Falkener, Lyonel, Uppingham, Rutland, gent.  “Memorandum. That at or upon the two and twentiet day of August last past Lyonel Falkener of Uppingham in the county of Rutland gent decd, declared this to bee his last will and testament nuncupative in the presence of us whose names are underwritten; viz:, that hee left his wife Esther Falkener sole executrix of all the goods, and chattels that hee should dy posses’d of, and all his children to her care and education. And to make the best improvement of his estate for the benefit of his younger shilcren. Witnesse our hands this one and twentieth day of November in the year of Our Lord 1676. Richard Elliott, Robert Barriffe. Wp 21 Nov 1676.

Q 28
Falkner, John, Oundle, Carrier. Wife, Margaret 5 shillings. Son John Falkner 12 pence. Son in law Clement Austin 12 pence. Sonnes Griffin and Peter Falkner each 12 pence. Rest to daughter Mary, executrix. /m/ seal. Wit: John Andrew, ... Dowse, Andrew Day. Wd 19 Mar 1664 wp ? Bef 1668 “This will I found in the bundle of libells & other things belonging to the cort & whether the same is prv? Or not I cannot tell.”

R 85
Faulkner, Henry, Stanyon. Eldest brother William Faulkner of Morcoatt 20 pounds. Youngest brother John Faulkner of Morcoatt rest of goods. /s/ Wit: Thomas Pollard, Charles Staman. Wd 20 Apr 1674, wp 17 Jul 1674.

R 195
Faulkner, John,  Morcotte, Rutland, yoeman. Son Henry Faulkner. Sons William and John. /x/ seal. Wit; Willems Perant? Benjamin Lyon, James Brightman. Wd 9 Dec 1673 wp 26 Nov 1674

T 127
Fawkner, Everard, of Clipsham, Rutland, wife Mary. /m/ seal. Wit: Magdalen Dunmoe, Henry Dawson, Dorothy Dawson. Wd 20 Jun 1694, wp 11 Oct 1697. [Maria Fawkener]

R 340  
Faulks, Kenelm, Brawnson, Rutlend. The will nuncupative of Kenelm Faulks deceased. Son Kenelme, daughter Alice, Elizabeth my wife. No signautre. Wit: Richard Canim, Edward Cleaypole, John Barnard.  Wd 8 Oct 1684 Wp 15 Oct 1684.

S 237
Foukes, John, no place given. Son Edward Foukes Bible, “God give grace on it to looke.”  Wife An, and Edward my son. John Foukes eldest sone 1 shilling. Thomas Foukes second son 1 shilling, James Foukes third son 1 shillings. William Foukes youngest son 1 shilling. An Ffoukes my kinswoman 20 shillings, John Cooke my Crethera Ferbie ?? /s/ seal. Wit: Thomas Cooke, Robert Snodin, George Snodin. Wd 10 Dec 1682 wp 3 Jan 1682/3.

Bl 92
Fowkes, Edward, Whisondine. Wife Elizabeth eldest son John. 8 Jun 1700

T 205
Fowkes, Edward, Whissondine. Wife Elizabeth, eldest son John. Other children not named. /m/ Wit: Thomas Fowkes, Anne Jenkeson. Wd 8 Jun 1700. Wp 20 Jun 1700.

V 237, Bl 92
Fauks, John, Easton, labr. Brother Thomas 1 shilling. Brother Joseph 1 shilling. Wife Mary. /x/ seal. Wit: Luke Browne, Wm Blake, John Shirley. Wd [in binding] 1703 wp 17 May 1703

V 21    [also W95]
Faulks, Kenelme of Branston, Rutland, yeoman. Son Myrell Faulkes 10 pounds. Wife Sarah, son William Faulkes 10 pounds. Dau Elizabeth Faulks 10 pounds, dau Mary Faulks 10 ounds, dau Jane Faulks 10 pounds, Land to wife then to eldest son Kenelme Faux [spelled later Faulkes]. /s/ seal Wit: William Cooke, Will Raullins, Richard Gautin wd 26 May 1704 wp 27 Apr 1706.

X 166
Faulkes, John, Whissondine, carpenter, Lands in Whissondine purchased of Thomas Pepper to oldest son John Faulkes. Land purchased of William Lun ato dau Elizabeth Faulkes. Son Thomas Faulkes five pounds, son Robert four pounds, son Jospeh four pounds, dau Jane, wife of Thomas Marshall five pounds, Elizabeth all goods, and sole executrix. Brother William Livit, and my cozen John Clarke supervisors. /s/ seal wit: Joseph Green Sr. Stephen A. Green Jr., Saml Adcocke   Wd 12 May 1711 wp 16 Jun 1711

W 95
Faulks, Kenelme, of Branston, Rutland, weaver. Mother two pounds a year. Brother Merill Faulks. Sister Elizabeth Cole, wife of John Cole ten shillings. Sister Mary Gibins wife of James Gibins 15 shillings. Sister Jane Paine one pound tenn chillings owing to me from her hsuband Michaell Paine. Brother Merill Faulks house, barn, etc. /s/ seal Wit: Willm Tampyon, Willm Hill, Elizabeth Hill.  wd 25 Apr 1718 wp 12 Jul 1718.

Bl 91
Foulks, Thomas, Braunston. Joseph Foulks Whitsondine, deceased John Foulks of Shitsodine. 1722

Bl 92
Fauks, Joseph, Whisondine. Brother Thomas, sis Mary. Mary Dunance. Brother Robert house which I purchased from John Bollonds, Robert being a great distance from me. 6 Dec 1732.

Bl 91
Fauks, Thomas, Collyweston. Wife Isabell all freehold cottage. Son tHomas. Dau Mary Piersall, gdu Mary Law. 3 Jul 1751.

Bl 78
Faulks, Merr[ill] Braunston. Son Kenelme (wife Jane) son James, son William Rovee? (Wife Mary) gdau Sarah Rovce, John Faulks. 24 Feb 1761

Bl 78
Faulks, Ken[elme] Langham, brother John, son John. 2 Apr 1796  [A Kenelm and Jane Faulks have children christened in Belton, Rutland in the 1780s.]

[From John Ward]
Goodlyff, Thomas, Gretton [Greatton], Northampton, husbandman. Eldest son Thomas Goodlyff, all my sheep and a yearling foal. To Lawrence Goodlyff my son £9 at age 21. To third son John Goodlyff, £9 at age 21. To eldest daughter, Elizabeth Goodlyff £9 at age 25, but if she claims any part of dwelling in Gretton, she shall have but 5 shillings. Youngest daughters Mary and Anne, £9 each at age 21. To brother Christopher Goodlyff 12 pence and my leather doublet. To wife Alice, rest of goods. Supervisors, brother-in-law John Hunt and cousin Asheley. /x/. wd 9 May 1631, wp PCC 25 Jun 1631 to Alice Goodlyffe, relict. Witnesses: George Alleine, William Astley, John Hunte.

Gr 93
Goodliffe, Mary, Gretton. Sons John, Robert, son-in-law, William Sharpe. 2 June 1730. Inv 14-5-0.

[From John Ward]
Goodliffe, William, Belton, Rutland; to eldest daughter, Jane £10. To four sons: William, John, Tho., and Richard, my half yardland in Belton field. To William, John, Thomas, Richard, Sarah, and Elisabeth all household goods excepting half to wife Elisabeth. Turstees Tho Goodlefe and Will Attin. Executors wife Elisabeth and son William. /s/ wd 27 Oct 1738, wp 4 May 1739. Note: The script, spelling and construction of all except the last paragraph (appointing the executors) suggest that the will was not written by a professional scribe (for example, there are variable spellings of the name “Goodliffe”). Buried three days later, William was clearly on his deathbed and it is likely that his wishes were dictated in an emergency to the nearest person who could write. The final paragraph was on a separate page in a different script and was apparently later added by a scribe or solicitor.

[From John Ward]
Goodliffe, Thomas, Lamley Lodge, Forest of Leighfield, Rutland, grazier. Land recently obtained through will of Daniel Curtis, late of Lyddington, Rutland, flax-dresser, [1767] in Manor of Lyddington and Caldecott, to Thomas and wife Ann, since also deceased. "The same would, according to the custom of the Manor of Lyddington with Caldecott aforesaid, descend unto my youngest son William Goodliffe as heir of both me and my said wife. But as my said sone possessed but a slender understaning and is of weak capacity, I am desirous of limiting the said premises as well as other estates in Lyddington . . . in such as way as may prevent my said son become a dupe to designing people." Therefore all land to go to son William Goodliffe, and at his decease to his children. In default of such issue the same to go to my son Thomas Goodliffe and his heirs. Appoint son Thomas and friend James Tiptaft of Braunston, Rutland, Esquire, guardians of son William, to look after him and to act for him in every respect in regard to his person and property. Son William and daughter Elizabeth to live in part of house at Leighfield Forst until they marry or choose to leave the same without paying any rent. To daughter Elizabeth £200. Daughter Ann, wife of William Curtis of Harringworth, £100. To daughter Saray, wife of George Royce of Oakham, Rutland, farmer, £100. Other lands to son Thomas. Linens to 3 daughers. Other household goods to Thomas, William, and Elizabeth to be equally divided. Rest of estate to son Thomas. Executors, son Thomas and James Tiptaft. Wd 18 Sep 1800, wp at London 3 Dec 1810. /s/ Witnesses I A. Palmer, John Booth, Eliz Rett.    [Daniel Curtis was the father of Thomas's wife Ann.]

[From John Ward]
Goodliffe, Mary,  Belton, Rutland, widow. Daughter Elizabeth wife of Joseph Ward, £50, daughter Frances wife of William Jelly £50. Granddaughter Mary Ann Goodliffe, daughter of my son John Goodliffe, £100. Grandson Godfrey Goodliffe son of the said John Goodliffe, £50. Rest of goods to daughter Elizabeth, daughter Frances, and granddaughter Mary Ann to be divided equally between them. Exectuors Joseph Ward and William Jelly. /s/ Wit: Hannah Bains, Tho Brown. wd 20 Sep 1841, wp 4 Jun 1845. (Sub £300).

[From David Goodyear, England, Feb 2008; also verified from FHL film187,583]
Goodyere, John, the younger, of Tansor. To mother church of Peterborough iiij d [four pence]. To high aulter of Tansor xij d [12 pence]. For repayre and mayntenance of the church 4 pence. To wife Jone, all household goods and all wood "lying on our hovyll not the hovyll itself," also rye, barley and peas. Wife to have dovecot house and all commodities. To wife 10 shearhoggs [rams that have been sheared] and theaves [unbred ewes] together, so 5 shearhoggs and 5 theaves. Various bequests to the following:  Daughter Dorythe, daughter Jone, Sons Hugh Goodyere and John. Son William Goodyere, 10 pounds (?) when he reaches age 20. To son John the farm I doe dwell and house called White House. Brother [sic] Hugh Hyx to be overseer and to receive 6/8d. Witnesses William Pollard, clarke; and Edward ____, gent. Hugh Hix, John Norton, yeoman, Willm Henson. wd 5 April 1557. proved 26 Jan 1557/8. Sale of some goods also detailed. [A complete transcript of this will detailing all the bequests is available. E-mail me for details.]

Goodyear: Robert, Tansor (174,849) To repaire of church of Tansor 20 shillings. To sonne John Goodyeare, 25 pounds. To daughter Anna Goodyeare 35 pounds. To sonne Robart Goodyeare 25 pounds. To the childe now being in the wombe of my wife 25 pounds. To brother, Hugh’s 3 sons a lambe hogg. To my sister Margerie Gillat and her daughter a lambe hotte. To my brother Worth’s (?) three sonnes a lambe hogg. To Robart Goodyeare sonne of John Goodyeare one ewe. To Adam Hicks younger the sonne of Edward Hicks, one ewe lambe hogg. To Elizabeth Hicks d/o Jane Hicks a lambe hogg. To my maid Ann Henson a lambe hogge. To Oliver Pollard 12 pence. To Joane Trusse 12 pence. To Robart Alford 12 pence. To Robert Peake 12 pence. To Catharine Sheppheard 12 pence. Rest to my wife, Eunica, sole executrix. I do ordaine “my father* John Wells” of Gibson and my brother John Goodyeare of Tansor my overseers to whome I give 12 pence for their paines. Wit: John Goodyeare, Thomas Trusse, John Wells. Wp 13 Mar 1609 wd 20 Feb 1609.  *This is actually his father-in-law, marriage license Peterborough 4 Jun 1604 for Robert Goodyere of Tansor and Unica Wells of Sipson [sic - likely Sibson]. Also marriage license 7 Dec 1610 for Unica Goodyere of Tansor, widow and Henry Bellamy of Deenethorpe. to be married at Wadenhoe.

Goodyear Hugonis (Hugh), Tansor (174,849) wd 6 Mar 1613. Hugh Goodyear of Tansor, Towards the repair of the church of Tansor 3-4. To the poore of Tansor to everie one a peecke of Barlie. To sone Hugh Godyear 10 shillings. Son John Goodyear 10 shillings. To daughter Jone Hickes 10 shillings. To daughter Ellin Northe 10 shillings. Daughter Elizabeth Cole* 10 shillings. To daughter Margerie Gillat 3 pence?. Residue to wife Elizabeth and son Adam Goodyear, executors. Son John overseer. Wit: Richard Dickons, Robert Wise, wp 17 Feb 1614. /x/ (like top right hand corner of a square)
*marriage license dated 2 Nov 1601 for Elizabeth Goodyere of Tansor and Robert Cole of Peterborough, to be married at Peterborough.

E 35
Goodgier Hugonie (Hugh),  (Film 174,846)  Tansor, nuncupative. 1631 A few lines only - to son John Goodyear, xls, to sone Hugh Goodyear, xxiiijs, which he hath alreadie The rest of my goods I give to my sonne William Goodyear whom I make my executor. Spoken in the presence of us, Robert Wise and William Broughton

G 14
Goodyear, Thomae, Fotheringay, Sr. Hubn 1638 (174,848) wd 8 Feb 1637(/8) to John Goodyeare my sonne 12 pence. To Oliver or Cloner? Goodyere my sonne 3 pounds to be payd at age of 24. To Robert Goodyear my sonne, 30 shillings towards his bringing up and binding of him to be an apprentice so soone as he can ___ be placed. To Alice Goodyeare, my daughter, 4 pounds at age 25. To Elizabeth Goodyear, my daughter, 5 pounds. Thomas Goodyeare my son executrix, Robert Hooke brother in law, supervisor. Wp 5 Jul 1638.

Goodyear, Thomae, husb Fotheringay    Wife Margat and brother Robert executors. Brother John 1-10; sister Alce 3-0, sister Elizabeth 5-0 to be paid at age 26, sister Elizabeth 5-0 at 25 years of age. Rest to wife Margat /x/ (like a capital G), wit? William Rosse, Jhon Manton. Wp 12 Jul 1642.  Marriage license 4 Oct 1635, Thomas Goodyer/Goodger of Fotheringay and Margaret Gray of Tansor to be married in Tansor.

Goodiere, Susanna, widow, Tansor 1638 (174,853)   Wd 19 Aug 1638; To daughter Susan now wife of John Williamson 20 shillings, one ___ one pettycoate and one white apron. To Clement, son of John Austin (Dufkin?) 20 shillings. To John Goodyeare son of Robert Goodyear 20 shillings. Elizabeth d/o Jonathan ____ a clock and 20 shillings. To Edward Goodyeare one bullocke of three years old. Rest to Robert Godyere [sic] whome I make sole executor. /x/ (looks like a capital M). Wit: Thomas Goodyeare, Tho. Locke? wp 4 Dec 1638.

Gr 109
Green, Henry, Thrapston. Wife Catherine, dau Wade, dau in law Mary Wells, Prudence Wells. Gdau Mary Wade five pounds. Three children of dau in law Mary Wells, 5 children of dau in law Prudence Wells. Wd 14 Sep 1705 wp 15 Oct 1705

Gr 101
Green, Robert, Titchmarsh. Land to nephew Robert Green son of Bro Edward Green. Bro in law James Hailes. Wd 23 Jul 1779, wp 3 Sep 1779, not over 300 pounds.

Bl 78
Green, Robert, Titchmarsh. Neph Robert, son of Brother Edward, bro in law James Hailes. 3 Sep 1779.

R 253
Haddon, Joseph, Braunson, Rutland. Wife Ingle Haddon. Cousine Thomas Burgine of Attercliffe, Yorks, three score and five pounds. Cousen Athalouke of London 40 pounds. Couson Richard Naylor of iglie of Canterburie , Kent, 100 pounds. Cousin Katherine Traydon of Chillum , Kent 5 pounds. Cousin Nicholas who married my god-dau Elizabeth Haddon 40 pounds. Poore of Traunson 10 shillings. William Sherwood of Braunson overseer. No signature. Wit: Abraham Hackett, Elizabeth Sherrard, Mary Cantin. Wd 15 Mar 1683, wp Jul 1684

V 231
Haddon, Deborah, Easondine, Rutland, widdow, to Elizabeth and Deborah Haddon daughters of Marget Haddon 5 pounds apeese. Elizabeth Durham 5 pounds. Deborah Haddon 20 pounds. Ruth Haddon 20 pounds. Mary Dolby 1 shilling. Rest to William Haddon the Elder, executor. /s/ seal. Wit: John Cole, Charles Haddon. Wd 22 Feb 1702/3 wp 18 Dec 1703

Bl 17
Haddon, Elizabeth, widow of Easondine. Brother Thomas gilbert of Uffington, Lincs. Neph Matthew Brumhead, William Brumhead of Uffington. Niece Elizabeth Berridge of St. Martins Northants. All 1 shilling. Rest to nephew Richard Brumhead of Bellmansthorpe, Ryhall, Rutland.

Bl 92
Henson, Robert, Polebrook. Gdau Susanna Prior d/o Thomas Prior and Elizabeth his dau 20 pounds when she reaches 24. Wife Susanna, dau Susanna Kingston, w/o Henry Kingston of Aldwinkle St. Andrew. 1619

Bl 92
Henson, Susanna. Dau Susanna w/o Henry Wood, gch Robert, Mary, Henry, Susanna.

S 239 [see T 34]
Henson, Robert, Polebrooke, yeoman. Susanna Prior dau of Thomas Prior and Elizabeth his wife (who was my daughter) 20 pounds when ae 24. Thomas Prior my sone in law 5 shillings. All rest to wife Susanna, and dau Susanna Kingston now wife of Henery Kingston of Allwinkle St. Andrews. /s/ seal. Wit. Joseph Johnston, Thomas Browther, Richard Bodger. Wd 11 Aug 1690 wp 29 Oct 1690.

T 34
Henson, Susanna, Polebrook, widow. Robert Wood, son of Henery Wood by my dau Susanna 40 punds. Henery Wood his brother 5 pounds, Mary and Susanna Wood his sisters 5 pounds. Susanna Prior dau of Thomas Prior by my dau Elizabeth . Thomas Tyre of Elmington, yeoman, and Thomas Prior of Polebrooke Yeoman supervisors. /m/ seal, Wit: Josphe Johnston, Christopher Cowper, Thomas Pryor.Wd 4 May 1692, wp Mar 1694

Y 180
Henson, Henry, Wigsthorpe, grazier. To brother John Henson of Barnwell 1 shilling. Brother Edward Henson one shilling. Brother William Henson one shilling. To Henry, Elizabeth, Alice, and Rebeccah son and daus of brother John Henson each one shilling. To William son of my said brother Edward one shilling. To Willia, Elizabeth son and dau of brother William sum one shilling apiece. Robert, Hannah, John, Elizabeth & Rebecah sons and daus of my sister Anne Warner one shilling apiece. Rest to wife Anne, sole executrix. Wit. Charles Hon, Ben. Rosse, John Coles /s/      Wd 31 Oct 1700 wp 14 Nov 1704

X 156
Henson, Ann, Wigsthorpe, widdow. Gdau Ann Coles 30 pounds at age 19. Grandson John Coles 20 pounds at 19. Ann Coles all household goods. All rest to son in law John Coles, father of my said granchildren. /x/ wit Richard Roberts, Edm. Bramston, ? Bramston  Wd 13 Jul 1706 wp 1710

Bl 78
Henson, Thomas, Warmington. Wife Sarah. 21 Mar 1757.

Gr 120
Hodgskin, Edward, Weldon. Estate t Grimstone, Leics with all rights to sister Elizabeth Rowlat of Braigstock, widow and sister Sarah Nevison of Thorpe Bywater, Rutland, widow. Land to be sold and profits shared equally. Wd 16 Apr 1750, wp 2 Mar 1750, Inv 558-14-0

Film 174,832, Book 1, p 137 Diocese of Peterborough
Humfrey, Thomas, of Sulgrave. Wife Agnes, son John. Her lands in Weeden Beck. Children of son John Humfrey 5 pounds. Children of son Edward Humfrey 5 pounds. To every of my children's children one sheep. To daughter Alys one "shippe kowe." Son John 4 silver spoons, spit, cupboard, querne, pans. Son Edward all purchased lands, one cow, my best cold. Thomas Humfrey son unto John Humfrey 16 s in money. Thomas Humfrey son of Edward Humfrey my russet "cotte". Son Edward one bay mare. My brother's daughter 6s 8d. to Agnes Lovell one sheep. Thomas Lovell one sheep. John Lovell 23s 4d, Margaret Lovell 23s 4d, Alys Lovell 23s 4d, Elizabeth Symmys one sheep, each godchild 4d, Alys Humfrey my daughter in law 2 sheep, Agnes Humfrey my daughter in law 2 sheep. To every household in Sulgrave that hath no plough going 4d. To poor people of Sulgrave one quarter of malt to be bestowed where most need is. Reside to wife Agnes and son John Humfrey.  Several other bequests to parishes of Culworth, Helmdon, Weston, and Morton. Son John sole executor. Overseers Richard Ardern, gent. Rafe Grenehall, clerk, Edward Humfrey and Thomas Dove, each to have 3s 4d. Witnesses Thomas Symmys, Robert Huchens, William Rawlens, "with divers others." To my son John one odd sheep. wd 1 Feb 1550/1; wp 30 Apr 1551

4-38  [very difficult writing]  Film 174,833, Book 4, p 38 Diocese of Peterborough
Humfrey, John, Sulgrave, yeoman. Daughers, Anne [or Amie], Alice and Elizabeth, two younger daughters when they are 21 or married. House bought of Thomas Dove the younger in Sulgrave to William Humfrey my youngest son. Son in law William Garner of Cotton. My son Thomas Humfrey's 2 children, Edward and Anne, 5 pounds. To Agnes Garner my daughter, wife to William Garner of Cotton 40 shillings. Wife Alice half of household stuff unbequeather. Wife Alice and eldest son Anthony to occupy rest of lands in Sulgrave. Younger daughters Amye, Alice, and Elizabeth each a cow. To my shepherd Gefferie a good ewe sheep. To Thomas Humfrey my second son 6 good ewes with their lambs.  To Marie Billing, daughter of John Billin 3 pounds 12 shillings when she is 26.  To Joan Riton, daughter of William Riton 43s 4d. Son Anthony sole executor. Overseers Robert Washington, brother Edward Humfrey, son Thomas Humfrey and son in law William Garner, each of the for their pains 4s 4d.  Witnesses: Lawrence Washington, Edward Humfrey and others.  Wd 13 May 1570. Wp ____   Inventory 95 shillings, 4 pence.

Gr 110
Humphrey, Lebbeus, Wilbarston, lab. Son Simon “nowe prentice in London” 40 shillings. Son Robert 40 shillings and land. Dau Agnes, various household goods. Dau Brigit 40 shillings. Children James, Elizabeth Lebbeus 40 shillings when age 21 or at mg. Wife Agnes. Wit: William Astill vicar, Rd. Parker the elder. Wd 25 Feb 1613, wp 14 Mar 1613.

Humphry, Banjamin [sic] , Wilbarston, alehousekeeper, deceased. William Astell, clerke of Wilbarston called when he lay on his death bed. Wife Elizabeth. Debt due from Edward Griffin, Knight,  of Stoke Albany. Son Robert Humphrey. Wd 1 Sep 1638, wp Dec 1638.

Gr 116
Humfry, Robert, Wilbarston, Waddman. Son Benjamin land purchased of Tobiah Nicholls on condition he pay 5 pounds to grandchild Robert Humphrey. Son Lebbeus Humfrey, wadd and barley at Stanton, meadow in Middleton west meadow to gch John Humfrey second son of Benj H. gch James H. second son of Lebbeus. Gch Elizabeth du of John 1 acres in Middleton west meadow. Gch Ann 5 pounds, same to gch Elizabeth and Benjamin H, Rice H. gch Robert son of Lebbeous H. gch Thomas son of John H. gch Ellenor H. Son Joseph H 20 pounds for use during his life to be paid by sons Benjamin, John, Lebbeus. Gch Elizabeth dau of Joseph. Wife Margrett 3 pounds per year. Goods after wife’s death to gch Elizabeth H. dau of John. Maie Ellen Vinis 5 shillings. Wd 20 Sep 1684, wp 1 Oct 1684.

Gr 115
Humfry, Rice, Wilbarston, yeoman. Mother Elizbaeth land in Stoke Albany. After her decease to brother John, to brother Benjamin. Nephews Thomas Platt, Benjamin Platt, wit: Lebbeus Humfrey, John Smith, Ben. Brown. Wd 1 Mar 1713, wp 31 May 1714.

Gr 117
Humfry, Benjamin, Wilbarston, Yeoman. Son Robert H. land in Wilbarston was Wm. Smith’s. Son rice land in Stoke Albany, money due from Erasmus Rowich?. Wife Elizabeth. Son Benjamin land in Wilbarston that was Lattimus. Gsons Benjamin Platt, Thomas Platt. Dau Ann Platt, dau Erliz Wells. Sons Benjamin & Rice. Wit: Ben Brown, Tho Marston, Edward Morrill.  Wd 27 Oct 1713, wp 21 Nov 1713.

Gr 115
Humfry, Elizabeth, Wilbarston, widow. Son John rents from tenants, Benj Humph Jr., son of my son Benjamin ten pounds. Wd 25 May 1716, wp 7 Sep 1725 Inv 70-12-0.

Gr 105
Humfrey, Libbeus, Wilbarston, Gentl. Land in Wilbarston purchased of Henry Elliot now in poss of Edard Merrill to sons Robert Humfry, of Medbourne, Leics, Benjamin Humfry of Wilbarston. These two shall pay son James the rents and profits during his lifetime. Son James 5 pounds per year grandfather Humfry’s will. Land in Brampton given in 1720 to son Benjamin & John Smith. Wife Alice. Grandchildren twenty pounds apiece. Elizabeth & Sarah daus of my wife by her former husband, Ogden, 20 shillings. 5 shilings a year for bread for the poor. Land in Desborough. Wit: Edward Blessoe, John Lamplugh, Henry Watts. Wd 28 Apr 1722. Wp 25 Nov 1724, Inv 324-10-00 4 Nov 1724,

Gr 110
Humfrey, Robert Sr., Wilbarston. Son Benjamin land that was late his mother’s three acres. Son Robert rest of land. Wit: Eliz Dimbleby, Wm Watts, Hen. Marshall. Inv 507-19-4. Wd 13 Jun 1739, wp 24 Dec 1740

Gr 110
Humfry, John,  yeoman, Wilbarston. To John Green of Wilbarston, gent. And Edward Hector of Middleton, cordwainer, all his land in Stoke Albany. Wife Catherine, three daus, Catherine, Elizabeth, Ann. Land in Wilbarston to wife. Wit: Wm Platt, John Platt, Josiah Hodgson, Inv 97-16-1, wd 12 Aug 1746 wp 25 Sep 1749

Gr 110
Humfrey, Benj the elder, yeoman. Eldest son Benjamin land and house and his wife Catherine. Then to dau Elizabeth Walton and four sons, Rice, Robert, William and John (at 21). Son in law Samuel Walton land given by my fasther Benjamin Humfry. Wit: Wm. Gutteridge, John Fox, Abiezer Cannam. Wd 23 Dec 1749, wp 28 Dec 1751, less than 40 pounds.

Gr 104
Humfrey, Robt, Wilbarston, (Admon) 25 May 1757. Widow Mary, Christopher Scott of Wilbarston, fellmonger. George Tailby of Hanston, Leics.

Gr 113
Humfrey, Lebbeus, Wilbarston, yeoman. Gdau Jane of Wilbarston, spinster, if I die during her minority apoint cousin Mr. Banjamin Humfrey as guardian. Wit: Robt Boon, Christ. Scott. Wd 12 Sep 1765, wp 25 Feb 1767.

Gr 113
Humfrey, Robert, Wilbarston, husbandman. Dau Elizabeth wf of Humphrey Walter 5 shillings, dau Hannah w/o John Watts. Daus Sarah Anne, Jane at ae 25 or marriage. Son Rice, Benjamin 45 pounds each at ae 21. 15 pounds for apprenticing. 20 shillings for bread to poor and widows. Residue to son Robert.

Gr 116, 118
Humphreys, Benjamin, butcher, Wilbarston. Land in Wilbarston in occupation of Thomas Noles to wife Elizabeth, brother Lebbeus Humphrey. Wd 17 Feb 1790 wp 29 Apr 1790 less than 20 pounds.

Gr 118
Humfrey, Sarah, Gt Weldon, widow. Land in Wilbarston now in tenure of Benjamin Humfrey. Dau Joanna Shelton w/o Wm. Shelton of Gt Weldon. Son Benjamin H. 1 guinea. Effects of late Mistress Joanna Chapman of Spilsby, Lincoln to dau Joanna.

Gr 118
Humphrey, Robert Sr., Middleton, farmer. Dau Elizabeth w/o Thomas Smith 50 pounds, gdau Ann Northen and Elizabeth Northen 1 shillings each. Gson Wm Aldwinkle 1 shilling. Son Robert Humphrey. Wd 31 Jul 1795, wp 24 Dec 1796. Under 1000 pounds

Gr 116
Humphrey, Robert Sen., late of Middleton, farmer. Dau Elizabeth w/o Thomas Smith 50 pounds. Gdaus Ann Northen and Elizabeth Northen 1 shilling. Gdson Wm Aldwinlke 1 shilling. Son Robert land in Middleton. Wit: John Riddell, Timothy Langley, Mary Smith. Wd 31 Jul 1795, wp 24 Dec 1796.

Gr 117
Humphrey, Robert, Middleton, farmer. Wife Jane, Eldest son Robert, under 21, son John, son William, son Bryan, (all under 14), a lot of land given. Wd 2 Nov 1806. Second wd 3 Nov 1806, wp 23 Apr 1807, under 800 pounds. To William Ward of Drayton and Bryan Ward of Caldecott 200 pounds in trust.

Gr 118
Humphreys, Sarah, Thrapston, widow of John Humphreys, watchmaker. . Samuel Beal of Thrapston, draper, Wm Marsh of Thrapston, innkeeper. Admon? 20 Jul 1808.

Gr 117
Humfry, Benjamin, Wilbarston, farmer. Dau Sarah Nichols w/o Thomas Nichols,Dau Martha Humfrey. Died 8 Apr 1816. Jn Watts surrogate. Wd 2 Apr 1816, wp 11 Jun 1816, less than 1500 pounds.

Hunt, Zachary, of Collyweston, clarke, to be buried in chancell of Collyweston. To church of Collyweston for repaire 13 shillings 4 pence. To poore 13 shillings 4 pence. To Nathaniel Hunt and to Bartholomew Hunt my youngest son 20 poundes betwixt them. Each of my four sones, Abraham, Joseph, Nathaniell, and Bartholomew 10 shillings a piece to buy them a ringe to remember me, likewise to Joseph’s wife and Nathaniels’ wife. To Zachary Cliffe and Theodosia Cliffe my grandchilren. John Parsons and Willm Smyth my grandchildren. John Parsons my grandchild  when 21. Bond to Robert Smyth of Bourne. John Parson . . .? trouble against the said Robert Smyth, Willm Smyth of Bourne, or Margaret Smyth of Collyweston for any of the goods of Robert Parsons, father of the said John Parsons or for a legacy bequeathed to the said Parsons by his father in law [stepfather] Griffin Smyth. [John Parsons age 6 at time of that will.] Wife Elizabeth Hunt. Dau Mary Hunt, Nathaniel’s wife shall have a cowe, six ewes and lambes. Wd 19 Dec 1615, wp 20 Apr 1616. Wit:

12- 257
Hunt, John, “A note or inventory made by John Hunt in his life tiem concerning what he gives unto his children this made ye fourth day of March 1637 Ffirst I give unto Jone my wife all my moveable goods both wthin dores and without making her my full executor of all excepting alll my expell? wch I give unto my grandchild Thomas Goodly one cloake one ferkine and a paire of briches Item I give unto my sonne John Hunt my best suite one paire of new bootes and spurrs and one booke of comyn prayer called a servies booke here f being in pfect memorie doe sette my hand this 4th of March John Hunt” witnesses Clement Harrison William Mariott. Wd 4 Mar 1637, wp 31 Mar 1637

Hide, Thomas, Corby, husbandman. Cozen Elizabeth Rowlat dau unto John Rowlat of Corby 25 pounds when 21. Joan Rowlat du of said John Rowlat 25 pounds when 21. Henry Rowlat son (or gwoone, gson?) Of John Rowlat . Henry Rowlat son (or gson?) Or Richard Rowlat of Little Weldon . Ann Rowlat dau unto Richard Rowlat. Kinsman Thomas Rowlat five pounds to be ... of Thomas Laxton hands. Kinsman Henry rowlatte . Kinsman Tho. Rowlat kinsman Richard Rowlat of Little Weldon one shilling. Bills and bonds to kinsmen John Rowlat Snr and Henry Rowlat. /m/ seal Wit: Robt Greenwood, Ruth Cook, John White, William Sabry?? Wd 1662 [date in binding] wp 1663

Gr 112
Knight, James, Oundle. Oldest dau Mary K., 1 shilling, dau Jane banfield, 1 shilling, dau Alice rest of goods and chattels. Wit: Peter Ashton, Geo Segal. Wd 7 May 1731, wp 18 May 1731.

Gr 112
Knight, Mary, Oundle, spinster. Not in perfect health. Catherine & Elizabeth Bamfield 1 shilling. Rest to sister Alice Sculthorpe. /s/ wd 15 Mar 1744, wp 15 May 1745.

Gr 110
Knighton, Henry, Luddington. All land and tenements to son Thomas. Son Samuel 200 punds when 21, wife Sarah all residue. Wd 3 Jun 1730, wp 27 June 1730.

Bl 78
Knighton, Henry, Brigstock. Wife Maria, sister Alice Redhead, brother Isaac. Four children of sister Mary Pridmore, late of Welson. Land inh from Thomas Gamble. 19 Jul 1811

12- 189 [ also M15]
Larman, William, to be buried in Benefield. To Elizabeth my eldest dau 20 “Nobles of money to be paid at age 21, five paire of sheets, best bordcloth, 4 pillowbeeres, one new boulster and a pillow, halfe a douzen of napkins, one towell the biggest brasse bottle in the house, one brasse pot, one skillet and a little bottle, three platters, one double salt and candlesticke a double hooke with a little hooke and a boslnig iron, and bedsted a paire of tonges and a single salt.” To my daughter Rose, 20 Nobles of money at age 21. Five paire of sheets, halfe a douzen of napkins, four pillowberes and a towell, one bedsted, one boardcloth, a boulster and a pillow, the best little but one and two little bottles, two hooke and a tosbnig? Iron a five panne, three platters, one double salt and a single salt and double ____. Remainder to son William, sole executor. Wit Anthony Welles, Edward Taylour, _____, Lyon Peach [Peack?], John Blackwell.  wd 23 Mar 1633 wp 25 Jun 1634.

X 87
Larman, John, of Benefield, husbandman, son Edward £5 daughter Sarah £5 and a cow which she shall choose in the yard. Dau Mary £5 and unto my dau Martha £5, dau Elizabeth £5, dau Hanna £5 to be paid to each at age of 21. Wife Sarah £5 and son John £5 whom I apoint sole and joynt executors. John Arnsby Senr and Arthur Rowell overseers of will./x/ Wd 13 Jan 1701 wp 27 Apr 1703 [Arthur Rowell (see his will) was father of his first wife, Elizabeth Rowell.]

Gr 92
Laxton, Henry, Gretton, wd 20 Nov 1741. Brother Thomas and his two children Thomas & Martha. Kinsman Wm. Laxton eldest son of my brother Robert. Thomas Laxton youngest osn of bro Robert. Robert’s three daus, Ann, Eliz, Mary. Land to kinswoman Frances Harryson, kinsman Robert Harryson and Mary Harryson. Wit: John Cooper, Will. Butterworth, Edwd Filler

Gr 92
Laxton, Eliz, Gretton. (Admon) Eliz Laxton, John Billidge, Robert Laxton, glasier & Plumber. Eliz wid of Robert Laxton, yeoman. Inventory 113-2-0.

Gr 104
Maversley, Eliza, Titchmarsh. William Maversley of Titchmarsh, shoemaker. John Maversley of Titchmarsh. William Maversley son of Elizabeth Tarry of Titchmarsh.

Bl 78
Mowsley, Charles, Dogsthorp. Wife Elizabeth all children under 21, Ann, Mary, Jane, William, Charles. 10 Apr 1757.

Gr 115
Mosley, Ann, Thrapston, spinster. Sister Mary Compton. Uncle Wililam Wilds of Keystone, Hunts. Bro James Mosley, sis Rebecca Mosley when 24. Wd 15 Apr 1826, wp 10 Mar 1827.
Gr 116

Mosley, Samuel, Thrapston, yeoman. Land in Thrapston, Denford & Titchmarsh. Wife Mary, Thomas Porter Sanderson of Thrapson, grocer, and Thomas Allestree of Thrapston, wheelright. Dau Mary ann Mosely, under 21. Dau Mary, wodow of Joseph Compton. Son James. Wd 21 Feb 1840.

Gr 92
Newham, Edd, Gretton, 1802. Wife Mary. Sons Edward, Thomas, Samuel, dau Mary w/o Wm Woodward, son John.

Peake, Mabell, of Thorpe Achurch, widowe. To be buried at the end of the chancell in the Churchyarde by my firste husbande Edward Hunte. Son Bony Peake 5 shillings for poor in Thorpe and Achurch. Godchildren 12 pence each. Mabell Thorpe of Yarwell my god daughter beset gowne. To Elizabeth Clarke of Achurch my best reade petticoate. Rest to son Boniface Peake’s disposinge. To Allice Thorpe my niece of Yarwell one ewe and a lambe. To Elizabeth Hunte my son Hunts daughter a cow bullocke when 12 years of age and 2 paire of sheepe.  Son John Hunt five shillings and to his wife edgel 12 pence to servants 12 pence a piece. Rest to Boniface Peake. Sole executor. Wd 2 Jan 1593 wp 6 Jul 1598. Wit: Robert Browne, Willm Peake, Thomas Hodsons

Peake, Boniface, Thorpe Achurch, husbandman. Son Gilbt Peake at age 21. James Peake at age 21. Robt Peake son at age 21. Son Willm , son Christopher, son Phillip, son Oliver. Dau Mabell Peake on day of marriage, dau Anne, Bridget dau, wife Joane. William Baulfen? Of Tichmarsh and Edward Wells of Stoke Doyle supervisors. Wit: William Baulston. Edward Wells    Wd 15 Dec 1612 wp. 4 Jul 1620 [change to will dated 25 Jun 1620]

Peake, Thomas, Middleton. Son Thomas Peake when 21. Payed by William Peake by eldest son. Wife Anne. Thomas Peake my brothers son, Dr. Beale, William Bannam, William Cannam, and John Peake overseers. Wit: Robert Morgan, John Peake, William Cannan Sen. William Cannam Jr. wd 14 Apr    Wp 5 May 1631

John Peake, Cottingham. Joane, my wife, Thomas son, dau Elizabeth dau Annes wife of Richard Setchell ten shillings. Isabell and Elizabeth my grandchildren the daughters of aforesaid Annes ten shillings. Son Thomas Peake. /s/ Wit. William Weldon, Rhese Hughes? Wp 5 Jan 1639.

Peake, Oliver, Glapthorne. Wife Rebecka Peacke half of household goods. Poore of Glapthorne 20 shillings. To be paid into hand of Francis Hodgese Math Gorham. Rest to Obadiah Peacke my son. /m/ [O] Wit: Francis Hodges Mathew Gorham wd 4 Aug 1665 wp 29 Oct 1667

O 20
Peake, Daniell, Rockingham. Sons Daniell and John money held in bond by John Salibury of Bringhurst, Leics. To be paid at age 16. Wife Unne [sic] Brothers Samuel Peake of Rockingham and John Peake of Rushton overseers. /s/ seal Wit: Rd Jones, Samuell Peake, Thomas Dalton. Wd 5 May 1676, wp 30 Aug 1676.

P 155
Peake, Margaret, Thornehough. Sister Refflay? Browne. Margaret died Jan 1680/1. Wit: Arthe Senhouse, Mary Senhouse, Mary Wallatt. Wp 31 Jan 1680/1.

R 99
Peake, Thomas, Cottingham. To my son & sonnes one acre of meadow upon age of 21. Wife Mary, sister Elizabeth. /m/ [T] seal. Wit Thomas Cannam, Susanna ?yritt, Jonathan Holled, Francis Kilburn, Wm. Eayle.? Wd 31 Mar 1674, wp 8 May 1674.

S 107
Peake, Thomas, Cottingham, husbandman. Wife Elizabeth. Eldest son Thomas Peake five woods of land in Cottingham. One shilling each to children: Elizabeth, Thomas, Mary, Jone, Ann, John, Hanna. /s/ seal. Wit; Henry bUnckley, William Juman, Thomas Oliver. Wd 13 Feb 1690, wp 20 May 1691

S 261
Peake, Jane, Liddington, Rutland, widow. Son William 1 shilling. Son John 1 shilling. Dau Hanna Ward 1 shiling. Son Moses Peake 20 shillings. Rest to daughter[s] Barborah Peake & Elizabeth Peake. No signature. Wit: Wm Jordan, Elizabeth Murwike?, Henry Sewell?. Wd 1 Apr 1693, wp 9 Oct 1693.

T 26
Peake, William, Cottingham, labourer. Wife Mary. /x/ seal. Wit. Thomas Coley, Thos. Aldwinkle, Wm. Cannam. Wd 16 Feb 1694/5, wp 1696.

T 144
Peake, Elizabeth, Cottingham, widdow. Elizabeth Winsell 1 shilling. Mary Hite one shilling. Thomas Peake the brown buck mare. Ann Chapman A Cow. John Peake three maires and horse and geare and the waggon cart plows and harrows. Jane Peake and Hannah Peake all household goods. Jane, John, and Hannah Peake to share house. /m/ seal. Wit: William Ajerman? Thomas Sculthrop, Bartholomew Bunckley. Wd 30 Jan 1698 wp 2 May 1699

T 252
Peake, Mary, Middleton in Cottingham, widdow. John Wimonte of Haringworth 1 shilling. Will. Wimonte his brother 1 shilling. Will. Wimonte the son of Will Wimonte 1 shilling. Ann Cobly of Haringworth beste choath pelt y coate. Mary Cobly her sister next bests petty coate. Son Thomas Wimonte of Brigstocke 1 shilling. All else to Elizabeth Wimonte my gdau. /m/ seal. Wit. Wm Cannam, Tho Aldwinkel, Tho. Coley. Wd 13 Jan 1698/9 wp 30 Nov 1701

W 207
Peake, Matthew, Okeham, Rutland. Loving mother Mrs. Jane Peake 40 pounds. Mrs. Mary Warbuton dau of Revd Mr. John Warburton 20 pounds. Brother James Peake 10 pounds. Sister Susan Margaret wife of Mr. Thomas Freeman 15 pounds. Unto my Master Mr. Thomas Healy 10 pounds. To sd Thomas Freeman my new suite of cloaths. Rest to mother Jane Peake /s/ seal. Wit: Elizabeth Spencer, Elizabeth Jordane, J. Hampans? Wd 29 Jun 1719 wp 1719

Phillippe, Anne, Longethorpe, widow. Ann Lamkine my dau. Debt Henry Tinkerton of Peterboro oweth me. Adam Robinson of Longethorpe my good friend. Margaret Lamkind dau of Ann. Margarett Phillipp my son’s wife. Thomas Phillip my son, Christopher Phillips eldest son. Walter Phillip his brother. Christopher Phillipp. Ann Phillip my son Christopher’s dau and Margaret her sister. Jane Phillipp, Maria Phillip, Elizabeth Phillipp. Goddaughter, Ann Allen, Rest to son Stephen Phillipp.       Wd 21 Dec wp 10 Jun 1599.

Phillippe, John, Walmesforde, yeoman. Lots of money to poor in parishes. Jane Phillippe 20 pounds. William Addisonne £5-13-4. Brother Steven Phillipp’s children three pounds apeice. John Hamlins children thre pounds. Thomas Pillinge’s wife ten pounds and to his daughter Marjorie three pounds, and to John his son fourtie shillings. Robert Peerye ten pounds. Robert Martyns children ten shillings each. Ould Thomas Carington forty shillings. Robert Bearston twenty shillings. Anthonye Carington son called Philippe five pounds. Richard Lader 20 shillings. Ould Cithles? Wis?8 pence. Ales Robinson fourty shillings to Ellen Robinson 20 shillings. Henry Andirke, John Edwardes, Edward Withie, and Dorotie Willson 20 shillings each. Richard Smithe and his wife 20 shilings. William Cheres, Thomas Fullys, Margaret Hide ten shillings each. All godchildren two shillings. Wife Margerie. Robert Smith supervisor with Steven Phillippe. Wp 19 Sep 1601

Phillippe, Margerie, Walmesforde, widow. All tenants one halfe yeares rent. Thomas Pillinge and An his wife house which Emfrey Warde doese nowe dwell. John & Margerie children of said Thomas Philinge five pounds. An Pillinge one fetherbed which is the George chamber as to Margerie her daughtrer after her decease. Robert Podie shall have house whre Carington now dwelles. Jane Philip best bed in the George chamber. Ellen Robinson . Alec Robinson , Richard Ladler, Nicholas Stiles, Steven Philipps children. Margaret his daughter. My sister Phillip. Thomas Carington’s wife, Robert Beardslye, Richard Smithe’s wife. Brother Steven Philippe. Anthonye Carrington, Robt Smithe of Stibbington, gentleman. And Emmire? His wife. Children of said Robert Smith viz/ Ales, Margeret, Thomas, Beniamin. Will. Addison my kinsman. Robert Smith of Stibbington & Thomas Thurgood supervisors. Wp 26 Apr 1602

Phillippe, John, Little Weldon, laborer.  I John Phillipp [no "e"] of Little Weldon, laborer,  to be buried in churchyarde of Weldon. To "the pishe churche of Weldon thre [sic] shillings foure pence." To the mother church of Peterborough 4 pence. To the Children of Arther Sechell "twenty shillings amongst them  and to evrye one of them a sheepe."  [This surname originally not clear, as there is some bleedthrough of the ink. But the first letter match the capital S in Saviour earlier in the will and is definitely Sechell.]. To the children of Richard Wells twenty shillings and to other of them a sheepe. To  Margerye Wells a brindled cowe. To Agnes Diccons dau of Richard Diccons twenty shillings and a sheepe. To Mary Phillippe a redd cowe, a sheepe, and a brasse pott. To evrye one of my godchildren 4 pence. To every poore widowe in the towne 4 pence. All the rest of my goodes, chattells, whatsoever unbequeathed I give to my sonne Gyles Phillipp. whome I make my full executor. /x/  William Cheekley and James Cooke supervisors.  Wd 31 Oct 1605 wp 17 Jan 1605/6.

Phillips, Richard, Brigstocke, sheepheard. Son Robert. After death of Ellin Phillips my wife. Francis Parker my daughter. /x/ Wit: Daniell Wormlaughton, Francis Goosie?     Wd 27 May 1622 wp 14 Jun 1622.

Rose, Gabriel, Warboys, wd 13 Feb 1670. To each of my children a lambe. Rest to Joan Roase my wife whom I make sole executrix. Witnesses Henry Anderson, John Shakeley, ___ Hudson. wp 1671 Joanna Rose.

Bl 17
Rose, Robert, (admon) signed by William Rose of Oundle, John Rose of Aldgate, 1763.

Bl 98
Rose, Gabriel, Ramsey, yeoman. Son John Rose, Gabriel Rose, wife Mary. Wd 15 Jul 1767, wp 2 Aug 1770

Bl 98
Rose, John, Gt. Staughton, farmer. Nephew John Rose house now in occ of Mary, wife of my brother Samuel. Sister Frances w/o John Alsop. Nine nephews and nieces, Jane, John, Thomas, Frances, Lewis, Sarah, Mary, Elizabeth, and Dina Alsop, children of sis Frances. Wp 1 Nov 1794.

Bl 98
Rose, Henry, Ramsey, grazier. Son Thomas Rose freehold and dwelling in High Street, Ramsey. Son Henry all pices of fen and marsh within parish of Ramsey called Loadsend late Poultons and other land called the Hollow and £40. Dau Sarah Rose, spinster,  £100. She also to have "alll my stock of Hardware of which I shall be possessed at the time of my decease." Also a bed, bedstead, and hangings, 6 chairs, a chest of drawers. Remainder to son Thomas, he also executor.   12 May 1798. Witnesses Daniel Ruff, ______, _______

Bl 98
Rose, Thomas, Ramsey, cooper. To Sister Sarah all freehold, messuage, and tenement standing in the High Street in Ramsey and £40. Brother Henry. £100 bequest named in will of my late father, Henry Rose, Wd 17 Feb 1799 wp 24 Jul 1799  Witnesses William Throssell, Ben Prior, and W. Glover?

Bl 98
Rose, Elizabeth, Wansford, widow of Thomas. Brother John Pitts of Stilton, gent. Eldest son Philip. Brother Breadfield Pitts, of Stilton, baker. Youngest son Thomas, dau Sarah and son Thomas under 21. Wp 10 Oct 1799.

Bl 98
Rose, John, Ramsey, gardner. Wife Elizabeth all freehold in Ramsey, son Henry, son William 7 Dec 1806

Bl 98
Rose, William, Ramsey, victualler. Wife Mary land, then to John Rose of Ramsey farmer and John Durnello Child of Warboys, auctioneer. Three children, Edward, John, Samuel; Da Ann Rose, Elizabeth son William, Henry, Thomas. Wp 26 Oct 1814.

Bl 98
Rose, Henry, Ramsey, wife Mary Ann and children 26 Mar 1833.

Rowell, Christopher, Benefield, husbandman.  Son Richard best cout, my best peare of ?. son Robert. Son Willim. Dau Elizabeth, dau Agnes. Dau Eme, Joha? My daughter. Wife Alys.    Wd 10 Sep 1557.  Wp 16 Dec 1557.

Rowell, John, the elder, of Weldon, husbandman. Son John Rowell. Dau in law Mary. Dau Johane Frear. Brother Richard’s dau Johane Rowell. Son John. Dau Elizabeth I give for all the land that Edward Ffrear have of mine, she to have it at the next follows. Son John. My cottage that widow Bellamy dwells in. Two landes that Harye Frear had of mine. Edward Frear and Harry Frear supervisors. Wp 13 Mar 1599.

Rowell, Robert, Bullwick. Angnis, wife. Eldest son John Rowell, Henrie Rowell, son. Youngest son William. Anthonie Archer my daughter’s son. Dau Marjorie. Dau Elizabeth, dau MarieSon Thomas Nicholas Rowell my son. Brother Thomas Rowell and Fabyan Andrewes, gentleman, supervisors and overseers. Wp 5 Jul 1599

Rowell, John, Benefield. Son Richard. Daus Barbara and Mary. Son John resideu to Cicelye my wife. Wp 19 Dec 1599.

Rowell, Thomas, Bulwicke, yeoman. Wife Alce dau Francis [sic] . Debt John Bodyly oweth me. Son John Rowell younger. Tenement in Bulwicke. Son William. Son Thomas. Forgive Willm Heydon my son in law all the money and debt wch he now oeth me. Forgive John Smith my son in law all the debte that he oweth me. Hellen Smith mu dau, Agnes Smith her dau. Rest to son John Rowell my sonne the elder and to John Rowell my sonne the younger.    Wd 20 Apr 1604.  Wp 19 Apr 1604.

Rowell, Richard, Welton. Joane Weldon, my dau. Rest amongst rest of children by William Weldon my full executor and George Tailor. Wit: Willm Kingston, George Ladson, John Pernell.  Wp 14 May 1609.

Rowell, Thomas, Great Weldon, husbandman. Did pass away and give unto eldest son Edward Rowell at the day of his marriage all goods and chattels. Sons, Thomas Rowell and Henry Rowell. Wit: Pernell, Robt Ridgway.  Wp 8 Apr 1616

Rowell, Lyon, Benefield,. Son Thomas, son Robert, son Nicholas, son John, son Edward, dau Mary. Wife Margery. John Tayler & Richard Tilor supervisors. /x/  Wit: John Grant, Robt Desboroughbe     Wd 18 Jan 1618 wp 27 Jan 1618.

Rowell, Gilbert, Cottingham.  Dau Margaret , at marriage or 21. Dau Lucy at marriage or 21. Son Richard. Wife Issabell. /x/ Wit: John Houghton, Vincent Ahometh?     Wd 7 Jun 1621 wp 5 Jul 1621

Rowell, Margery, Benefield, widow. Son Robert , son Nicholas, son John, son Edward, dau Mary, son John. Brother Richard Taylor supervisor. Wit: Thomas Chambers, Thomas Broughton, Richard Taylor.    Wd 20 May 1624 wp 1 Jun 1624.

12- 171
Rowell, Andrew, Wilbarston, husbandman.  Thomas Folkes who hath married dau Agnes, eldest dau. Three acres of Barley. [later says he is married to dau Elizabeth] dau Alice Rowell. Dau Audrey when 24. Margaret youngeset dau when 24 George Rowell youngest son when 25. Rest to Margaret my wife. Wit: William Astell, Clarke, Walter Dimltet? Henry Wearshall      Wd 27 May 1633 wp 24 Nov 1634.

Rowell, William, Middleton, yeoman. Son George Rowell 10 shillings. Dorothy Royle eldest dau five shillings. Mary Palmer dau five shillings. Anne None dau five shillings. Elizabeth Peake dau five shillings. John Rowell son ten shillings. Mary Rowell, wife, all household grandchildren ten shillings. Robert Rowell, son, executor. Wd 2 Jan 1636, wp 12 Nov 1638.

Rowell, John the elder of Great Weldon, husbandman and John Rowell the younger. Articles of agreement. Land in Great Weldon of Sir Christoffer Hatton, Knight. Other children of John Rowell (the elder?) Thomas Rowell and Agnes Rowell. Mary wife of John the elder.

Rowell, John, Brigstock, sheppard. Son Thomas Rowell. John Man son in law ten shillings and to his six children two shillings. Sone Andrew . John Rowell grandchild. Rest to wife Alice. Wit: Robert Ward, John Webster Wd 21 Sep 1639 wp 16 Nov 1639.

N 152
Rowell, Henry, Great Weldon, husbandman. Dau Alice Rowell 10 pounds, at 21. My now loving and loyall wife Alice. “Now wife Alice” /m/ Wit Edward Hodgskin, ..., William Dake. Wd 20 Sep 1656 wp 1663.

N 228
Rowell, Joane, Newark, Peterborough, widow. Eldest son John Rowell land in Newark. Robert Rowell second son 23 pounds. Youngest son William 23 pounds. Dau Elizabeth Rowell 23 pounds. /m/ [R] seal Wit: Walter Slye, Alice Hennit? Frances Strenar. Wd 29 Jul 1667, wp 21 Oct 1667.

N 257
Rowell, Robert, Benefield, yeoman. Two daughters all moovable goods in the house. Two sonnes William and John all houses in Benefield. /x/ seal Wit: Simon Rands, Thomas Bell (Bett?) Wd 12 Jan 1668 wp1669

O 93
Rowell, John, Benefield, yeoman. Dau Mary Rowell 20 pounds, her mother’s bed with all the furniture thereto belonging, halfe the pewter, halfe the brasse and halfe the linen. All rest fo son Loyon Rowel, sole executor. /m/ seal. Wit. Marke Lewis, Thomas Blackwell. Wd 31 Jan 1676/7, wp 17 May 1677.

O 166
Rowell, John, Bullwicke, yeamon.  Cozen Anthony Welles 30 pounds when 21. [this bequest put out by order of John Rowell] Cozen Mary Welles 10 pounds one year after my decease [”and this also” put out]. Cozen Anthony Welles and Mary Welles his sister five pounds apeiece after decease of wife. Wife Mary, /m/ seal. Wit: Walter Eaton, Elizabeth Eaton.  Wd 30 sep 1678 wp 1678.

R 101
Rowell, John, Little Casterton, Rutland.  Son William Rowell 10 shillings to buy him a ring and son William Rowell ten shillings to buy him a ring. Daughters, Mary Sismee, Anne Sismee, and Sarah Cordett 10 shillings each to buy a ring. Son [in law?] Thomas Cordett, Godfrey his son. Wife Ann. John Gann and Henery Coles supervisors. /s/ seal. Wit: James Bottomley, John Coles. Wd 28 Feb 1665, wp 13 ?? 1674.

R 290
Rowell, Nicholas, Benefield, yowman. Son Richard Rowell 21 pounds and my dau Elizabeth 20 pounds when thy are 21. Wife, Mary Rowell. Father Richard Rowell. Brother John Rowell. Brother Richard and John Stanon executors. /m/ seal. Wit. Wm Oakeley, Elizabeth Oakley. Wd 29 Sep 1670 wp 26 Jan 1671.

S 216
Rowell, Susannah of Ashley, widow. Brother Will. Abbott [brother later listed as Wm. Rowell] one shilling. His son Thomas Abbott 20 shillings. Cozen Mary ymden? Cozen Joanna Abbott. William Allen.  Will. Ymden? S/o William Ymden 1 shilling. Susannah Craine d/o Hannah Craine 1 shilling. Cozen John Abbott, ten pounds which will be due from brother William rowell. /m/ seal Wit: Edw Maydwell, John Maydwel, Thomas True?. Wd 23 May 1682, wp 15  Jun 1682 [John Abbott].

S 346
Rowell, Mary of Deenthorp, widow. Son John Fowler having already been helpful to him for his settlement in ye world 20 shillings, and to his four children, John, Robert, Mary and Elizabeth 10 pounds, 50 shillings apiece. Two daus of my youngest son Robert Fowler, Elizabeth & Mary 5 pounds apiece when 21. Dau in law [step dau?] Mary Rowel “out of the houshold goods to mee bilongng one bible and a trunk in wch I have ordered all ye linen bequathed her by her father my late husband to bee locked up.” Rest to four gch, Mary Elizabeth daus of John Fowler and Elizbeth & Mary daus of Robt Fowler. Youngest son Robert Fowler executor. /m/ seal Wit: Thom. Arnold, John Tomlinson, Margaret Jacklin. Wd 2 Aug 1686 wp 27 Oct 1688.

S 363
Rowell, Thomas, Deenethorpe, husbandman. Dau Mary Rowell 44 pounds, best bedstead , feather ed and bolsters, blanketts, ten payre of sheets, the table and cubberd and six buffett stooles in the house which was her mothers and six of the best pewter dishes in the house and the great flaggon and also two of the best and biggest pannes. If she dies to Thomas Chapman son of John Chapman late deceased, All rest to wife Mary.     Wd 8 Mar 1683/4

X 199
Rowell, Andrew, Wilbarston, laborer. Wife Elizabeth Rowell, house in Wilbarston. The old building now in possession of Martha Rowell and Margaret Rowell after their decease to wife Elizabeth. Sister Martha Rowell one shilling, sister Margaret Rowell one shilling. Rest to wife Elizabeth . /x/ seal wit Samuel Butlen?, John Riddenton, ... Riddinton wd 2 Apr 1695 wp 1702

X 204
Rowell, Mary, Ashton, widow. Estate to child of Jane. Father Joseph Warner of Ashton to be trustee for such child until 21. Brother in law Robert Rowell. Brother and sister Cope of Sawtry, Hunts two shillings six pence. Father rest of goods and executor. /x/ wit Penelope Pain, Lucy Ross wd 18 Feb 1711 wp 1713

W 167
Rowell, Arther, Glapthorn, Yeoman.  Eldest son John now dwelling at home, 20 pounds. Second son Edward Rowell of Warmington all stock he now enjoys. Third son Arther Rowell of Corby 1 shilling. Wife Sisla, land in Bourn, Lincolnshire, then to son John. Dau Sisla Cunnington of Lifding? One shilling. John Larman my son in law one shilling. Gdau Elizabeth Larman now dwelling at Benifeild [sic] thirty pounds at her marriage or age 21. Fourth and youngest son Richard Rowell all goods and him to be executor.  On back of will wife shall live with son Richard if they can agree and if not wife shall receive forty shillings a year of son Richard. “Them things wich i gave to my wife after her deces my grandarter Sara Rowell shall have the same.” “Son John Rowell a bed and bedding wich hee lies in and two cheares.” wp 1719

Bl 17  
Rowell, Lyon, Benefield, yeoman. Lyon Taylor. Grandchildren Mary Taylor, Say Rowill, Cinell? Roweil, Mary Rowill dau of son John Rowell. Son John executor. Wp 26 Dec 1724, Inv 178-13-00

Gr 115
Rowell, Arthur, Corby, dau Rose White 1 shilling. Rest to wife Elizabeth. Inv witnesses Wm. White and John Taylor. Wp 8 Oct 1728 16-3-0

Gr 93
Rowell, Charles, Gretton, son William 1731

Gr 93
Rowell, Wm. Sr., Gretton. Wife Mary, son William. Land of Thomas Goodliff and William Wade mentioned. Wd 11 Sep 1760, wp 19 Oct 1763.

Bl 17
Rowell, Thomas, yeoman, Benefield. Son Thomas 1 shilling, William 40 pounds 5 years after death. Rest to wife Lidia and son Robert. Wd 21 Feb 1765. Wp 9 may 1767.

Bl 78
Rowell, Thomas, Benefield wife Lydia, sons Robert, William. 9 May 1767

Bl 17, 78
Rowell, Ant[hon]y, Oundle, (admon) wife Mary, Richard Rowell of Glapthorn. 8 May 1773

Bl 78
Rowell, John, Polebrook. Dau Lucy w/o William Bellamy of Arnston, dau Ann w/o Robert Collier of Folkesworth, gs William Collier, gs John Ballamy. Dau Mary w/o James Wilson. 29 Mar 1788

Bl 78
Rowell, John, Polebrook sons William John, wife Ann 31 Dec 1778

Bl 78
Rowell, John, Glapthorn, wife Ann 29 May 1783

Gr 114  [Peterborough G155]
Rowlate, Thomas, Oakley Magna, husbandman. Second son Gyles Rowlatte 10 pounds when 23, youngest son Thomas 10 pounds when 18, eldest dau Elizabeth 10 pounds when md, youngest dau Dorothy Rowlate 10 pounds. To Libeas ?? my ?? servant a lamb. To Margaret ..huir my maide servant. Wife Marie, and John Rowlate, eldest son.  Wd 21 Jul 1588. Wp 7 Oct 1588.

Gr 114, 7-278
Rowlette, Marie, Oakley Magna, widow. To Dorothy Walton, featherbed, her husband, Edward Walton. To Bridgit Walton. To Thomas Rowlet son of my son John Rowlet, Mary Rowlette dau of Giles Rowlett when 18, son Thomas remainder and executor. Wd 18 Sep 1603, wp 14 Oct 1603.

Gr 103, 114
Rowlate, Richard, Corby, son Henry 40 pounds within 2 years of my decease. Son John 40 pounds, 20 for apprenticeship, 20 pounds 1 year later. Son William 16 pounds at ae 24. Dau Elizabeth’s four sons; and to her 2 daughters 2 pieces of pewter. Dau Anne, £5-13-4 5 days after mother’s decease or 3 days after mg. Dau Mary 40 shillings to be divided between her 5 daughters. John Ames son of John Ames my son in law. Son Thomas. Wife Jone. Wit: John Ames, David Tannesley. Wd 10 May 1610, wp 1610.

Gr 104 B383
Rowlat, Jone, Corby, widow. Buried by Husband, Richard. Daus Elizabeth, Marie, Agnes. To Eliz.’s children, Elizabeth, Mary, Jone. Eliz’s four sons, Thomas, John, Vincent, Richard. Dau Mary’s 6 daughters. Elin? Elizabeth, Jone, Marie, Agnes, Margerie. Gch John. Vincent Chapman, gch Richard Chapman, son John, son Thomas. Son Henri, dau Agnes. Brothers Edward and Henry Frier. Wd 4 Jul 1612, wp 1 Jul 1612.

9-107, Gr 103
Rowlett, Christopher, Corby.  Jone Bayliffe [could be Baylisse] grandchild, Agnes Bayliffe grandchild, Wm Bayliffe grandchild. Wm White son in law, his two children. Robt Rowlat son of Richard Rowlet my sonne. William Rowlat gchild. James Ingram, grandchild, Katherine Ingram. Edward Baker grandchild. All godchildren four pence. Give to maintenance of bells 12 pence. To Widdow Curtis of Gretton four pence. Wife Agnes son James other half. Wit: Joh. Ames, wife of John Hemsforte? Sen. Thomas arne.    Wd 13 Aug 1615 wp 25 Sep 1615

Gr 107, 12-188 [Peterborough F157]
Rowlet, John, Great Oakley, 10 shillings to church, Sir Thomas Brooke 20 shillings, Lady Brook 20 shillings, wife Mary 40 pounds (also beds, pillows, etc.), son Richard 30 pounds, son John 5 pounds and lease of house son Thomas dwells in, son Thomas sole executor. Dau Marget 60 pounds when 21. Son Jonathan, dau Bridget the younger 60 pounds when 21, 20 shillings to grandchildren. Son William, dau Bridget the elder, 12 pence 12 pence. Dau Mary, dau Agnes, Under 21, Marget, Jonathan, Bridget younger.  Son Thomas Rowlat executor. Wd 3 Jan 1635.

Gr 107 [Peterborough F188]
Rowlat, Richard, Weldon Parva, labourer, eldest son Wm, younger son Robert, dau Ann, wife Bathsheba Wit: James Rowlat, Wm. Baylie, Rob Ridgway wd 13 Feb 1639

Gr 105
Rowlett, John. Eldest son John Rowlett when he is 18, second son Nathaniel when 18, youngest son Thomas when 18, dau Marie when 16. Alice my now wife. Brother Richard Roulett bro in law John Donygrane? My sister Joan his now wife. Gabriel Hasseldyine one of my sister’s sons. Wife Alice , Richard Alvey her father and Richard Creswell her bro in law. Wd 23 Oct 1630 wp May 1640.

Gr 106
Rowlat, Thomas, Corby. Dau Elizabeth, wife Mary, son Christopher, son John. Thomas Alouath, Brother William White whom I owe 22 shillings to be paid from next crop in Cottingham meadow. Wit. Wm Rowlatt, Tobie Whitge, John Risbee wd 28 Dec 1637 wp 14 Nov 1642

N 253
Rowlat,Thomas, Corby, felmonger. Cozen Elizabeth and cozen Joane daughters of my brother John 50 shillings. Henry Rowlat son of my brother John five pounds. Sister Alce, brother Richard’s children 12 pence apiece. Rest to Henry Rowlat my natural brother. /x/ Wit; John Lee, Elizabeth Rowlat. Wd 13 Apr 1669wp 1669

Gr 106
Rowlat, Thomas, Corby, felmonger. Cousin Elizabeth, cousin Joane daus of brother John. Henry Rowlat son of my brother John five pounds, sister Alice, brother Richard’s children, Henry Rowlat my natural brother. Wit: John Lee, Elizabeth Rowlat. Wd 13 Apr 1669.

P 60, Gr 106 [Peterborough Wills Book P folio 60]
Rowlat, Thomas, Stanion, yeoman.  Wife Mary “tow [sic] cowes one being a ryed one ye other a browne cow.” Third of my freehold in Stanion, if not allowed, then five pounds a year. If she is allowed a third of the freehold then she is to get only one shilling within three months of his decease. Son Thomas 30 pounds at age 21. Dau Hannah 30 pounds age 21. Son Sammuel 30 pounds at 21. Dau Jone Massey 20 shillings. Dau Elizabeth 20 shillings son Christ. Massey’s four children five shillings a peec when age 21. Son Richard rest of goods and executor. Wd 1 Jul 1679. [Buried 1 Oct 1679, youngest dau Mary born in March.]    [Corby Parish Register starts in 1684]

Gr 108
Rowlett, William, Oakham, Rutland, Butcher. Wife Hannah, son John executor. Eldest son William, dau Mary Grummett, gch John Choyce?, gch Will. Rowlatt, gch Edward Grummett. Wit: Tho Meakins, Hen Abbott. Wd 22 Aug 1689

Gr 109
Rowlet, Edward, Warrington. Eldest son Moeses, youngest son Edward, my mother Jone Brockewell, brother Moses Brockewell. Wp 16 Apr 1692.

Gr 108
Rowlat, Jane, Geddington, widow. Son Jonathan 20 shillings, three daus, Elizabeth, Mary, Dorothy White. Son Jonathan’s three oldest sons, son John’s son, John White’s son John. Wd 9 Sep 1696 wp 28 Apr 1701.

V 239, Gr 109
Rowlett, Richard, Corby, yeoman. Son James Row[l]ett three shillings four pence. Dau Eliz. Clyfton 3 shillings 4 pence. Dau Hannah Alwinkle 3 shillings 4 pence. Son John Rowlett 3 shillings 4 pence. Dau Mary Gipson same. Rest to son Christopher Rowlett, also executor. /x/ seal. Wit: John Spriggs Sr. John Spriggs Jr. William Risbee. Wd 25 Apr 1707, wp 1707

V 68
Rowlat, Christopher, Senior, Stanion, labourer. Wife Elizabeth house, on condition “shee shall not remove any inward doores or glasse of the windowes during her naturall life.” Son Christopher Rowlatt house after wife’s decease “on condition that he shall not sell nor mortgage or cause to be sould or morgaged but shall goe from heir to heir forever.” Gson Thomas Rowlatt 20 shillings, paid by brother John. Son Christopher. Thomas Allins sons children, that is to say Thomas Samuel An Mary 20 shillings a peice. Daughter Elizabeth Allin 12 pence.  Rest to Eliza my espoused wife. Son Christopher and Son John after her decease. /x/ seal Wit. Hannah Tendell, Richard Parker, Elisha Rowlatt. Wd 3 Jul 1707 wp 17 Jul 1707.

W 140, Gr 102, copy for mark of Mary Rowlatt, signatures of Richard Satchell and Thomas Wise
Rowlatt, Mary, of Stanion widow buried in Stanion, grandson Thomas son of son Thomas Rowlat £10, grandson Thomas Rowlatt son of son Samwell Rowlat £10. Grandaughter Mary Setchell dau of son and dau Richard & Hannah Setchell of Greton £10. Granddau Mary Wise, dau to my son and dau Thomas and Mary Wise of Stanion £10. Gdau Mary Setchell on [sic] greatt box that is in ye old parlor and what I left in it and four pewter dishes that is on ye shelfe in ye howse. Gdau Mary Wise seven pewter dishes & on pewter tankerd ye Begest. Dau Mary Wife on Beear Vesell , a hogeshead. One loving son Samwell Rowlatt on Barell. Gdau Mary Setchell my bestead in ye now parlor. Mary Wise my gdau my bedstead in ye old parlor. All my howseall goods whatsoever between gdaus Mary Setchell and Mary Wise. All rest to son Thomas Rowlatt and make him executor.    [see copy of signatures] /x/ wd 18 Dec 1715, wp 20 Oct 1716.

Gr 113
Rowlatt, Christopher, Corby, yeoman. Son Richard 50 pounds. Son John “the copper” dau Mary White 25 pounds. Three g ch Wm, Elizabeth, and Mary White, 15 pounds. Dau Susannah Rowlett 80 pounds. Wd 9 Oct 1723, wp 24 Apr 1725, Inv 556.-0-0.

Gr 119
Rowlett, Tho, Brigstock, by Elizabeth Rowlett and John Hodskin of Weldon Parva, admon 21 Jun 1727, Inv 864-0-0.

Gr 113
Rowlatt,Thomas Corby, yoeman. Wife Elizabeth. Dau Mary 80 pounds in 12 months, dau Sarah 80 pounds when 24, dau Joan 80 pounds when 21, son Thomas 10 pounds when 21, son william 80 pounds when 21. Last legacie paid will be to Joan. Brother Jonah Chapman of Corby, mercer sole executor. Wit: jOhn Taylor, John Chapman, Alces Chapman. /s/ wd wp 8 Oct 1728, Inv 390-10-0 by Richard Rowlatt.

Gr 116
Rowlatt, Thomas. Guardianship. Age 15 son of Thomas Rowlatt, late of Brigstock, Henry Butdett, uncle and guardian, of Broughton. 2 Nov 1728.

Gr 112
Rowlatt, Christopher, Stanion. Dau Susanna six pounds 9 years after my death. Dau Alce six pounds 10 years after death. Wife Alce, son John. Wit: Saml Brampton, Tho Brampton, Rebecca Bodyer.  Wd 4 May 1731, wp 21 Jun 1731 Inv 18-7-6.

Gr 112
Rowlatt, Ellinor, Corby, spinster. Kinsman Richard Shelton 1 shilling. Kinswoman Mary Wise 12 pounds. Kinswoman Mary Rowlatt wife of Samuel 12 pounds. Kinswmn Mary Towlatt wife of John 1 pound. Bennit wife of John Noble 5 shillings. Hannah Wise 1 pewter dish, Ann Wise Jane Wise, Mary Ames Jr. Mary Bayle dau of George Bayly largest pewter dish. Rest to Kinsman John Rowlat of Corby. Wit John Taylor, Bennet Wise, Ann Bayly. Wd 20 Nov 1732, wp 13 Mar 1733 Inv 29-1-0.

Gr 120
Rowlett, Martha, Brigstock. Sister Sarah Mansfield 10 pounds, neph Samuel and George Pepper each 5 punds. Mary Stanion that now lives with me 20 pounds. Elizabeth Bryan 1 guinea. Mrs. Ann White widow of Geddington 1 guinea. Elizabeth Bland widow of Brigstock, ½ guinea. Mary Muce of Bristock 5 shillings. All rest to braother John Rowlett.

Sculthorpe, George, Thorpe Achurch. Son Edmund Skulthorpe dau Anne Connington’s son called Adam Connington. Dau Katherine. Wive’s son called William Kinge ten shillings. Dau Katherine Christopher’s three children, Jane, Phillipp, Robart. Dau Anne her two other children, Luce and Ellen Connington. Jane Christopher, being my daughter Katherine’s eldest dau. Bond to William Peake to be payed May Day next. Anthonie Baker. Goodman Alloman. Son William Connington.   Wd 13 Mar 1598 wp 5 May 1598

Sculthorpe, Thomas, Langham, Rutland, singleman. To Robert Sculthorpe, father a bond from George Sculthorpe. Divide same amongst his bretheren and sisters. Wp 30 Jul 1599.

Sculthrope, Robert, Laxton, husbandman. Dau Agnes, her youngest son Robert Ferman, her son Thomas Bover? (Boxer?) Who was by her first husband .  To son Thomas eight pounds and quarter of barlye which Richarde Bover? Sweth? Unto me. Wit John Baker, Thomas Sculthrope. Wd 30 Mar 1601 wp 6 Aug 1601.

Sculthorpe, Robert, Langham, Rutland, husbandman. Son William. Dau Helen. Every one of my daughter’s children. Dau Elizabeth, dau Jane, servante Richarde Riddell. Wife Alice. Every one of my duaghters who are married. Son William, executor. Brother Jesper Sculthorpe and my son in law Thomas Sharpe supervisors.   Wd 17 May 1603wp 9 Jun 1603.

Sculthorpe, Alice, Langham, Rutland, widow. Son Joseph Barker and his wife. Dau Barker my best red peticote. Joane Morris. Alice Morrice dau of said Joane Morris, . Mary Crofte? My dau. Alice Emlin my dau. Judith Emlin dau of said Alice.  Ellen Nix my dau, Jane Nix her dau. Isabell Nix sister of Jane. Children of my dau Sharp, deceased. Brothers Edmond Angell and George Angell. Son Wm. Sculthorpe [Smith crossed out] Wit/ Thomas Grey, Peter Blackley.  Wd 15 Jan 1510[sic]  Wp 17 Jul 1616.

Sculthorpe, Thomas, Laxton Engaine.  Nrall son Robt Sculthorpe freehold in Haringworth. Son Thomas lease and tenement of Laxton. Wife Agnes. Dau Agnes when md or 24. Rest to wife Agnes. Richard Weason & Willm Weason by brethren by lawe supervisors.  Wit: Thomas Nobbes, Richard Mason   Wd 14 Sep 1619 wp 1 Oct 1619.

Sculthrop, Anne, Laxton.  Son Robert Sculthrop. Son Thomas of Laxton,. Wit: Richard Mason and William Sculthrop wd2 Aug 1630.  Wp 3 Dec 1630

Sculthorpe, Laxton, Yeoman late deceased.  Son Thomas, and his two children.. Son John. Dau Elizabeth. Dau Frances. Daughters under 21 and not married. Wife Katherine and youngest son Anthony. /x/ Wit: Jo. Johnson, William Sculthorpe, Rich. Scult., Robert Sculthorpe.   Wd 11 Apr 1630 wp 21 Apr 1630.

12- 52
Sculthorpe, Thomas, Seaton, Rutland, tanner. Anthonie Sculthorpe my youngest son, house where I now dwell. Eldest son Thomas. Wife Mary. Eldest dau Elizabeth, second dau Mary, Anne, youngest dau. John Randall, Mary Randall, Katherine Randall, and Elizaeth Randall, son and daus of John Randall of Seaton, yeoman. Grandson Thomas Sculthorpe. John Norrige, gchild. Wd 10 Jun 1629 wp 13 Oct 1632.

Sculthorp, Thomas, the elder,  Wakerly. Son Robert dau Katherine. Son Thomas dau Bridget Russell, dau Mary Pryer, dau Elizabeth Bull. Dau Alice Sherman grandchild Robert Symth two sheepe. Wife, executrix, not named. Wit Edward Luffe, Thomas Sculthorpe, Francis Watson   Wd 27 Sep 1629 wp 19 Oct 1639.

Gr 97
Sechell, Walter, Deenethorpe in Deene, husbandman. Son Walter inherit all land. Daus Marie and Margaret each 30 pounds when 25. Wife Alec Sechell have land until son comes of age. 29 Jan 1601.

Gr 100
Sachell, Nicholas, Glaston, Eldest dau Alice, son Simon when 16, dau Elizabeth. To Martha Stevenson to Anson? Morepot? Wife Alice. Wd 13 Mar 1611 wd 28 Apr 1612.

10-267, Gr 98 [abstracted as 1624]
Setchell, John, Middleton, Cottingham. Son Simon Stechell at age 21. Mother Agnes Setchell and Richard Setchell my brother. Children, Symon and Mary. Brother Richard. Mary 50 pounds at age 15. Elizabeth Setchell, youngest dau. 15 pounds. Wife Margaret. Brother Hugh Setchell. Brother Willm Setchell. Brother Thoms Setchell. Issabell Holcote my sister. Rest of goods to mother and brother Richard. /x/ Wit: Gilbert Calmon, Thomas Spriggs, Henry Holcote. Wp vicessimo tercio Mar 1614.

Gr 97
Satchell, Simon, Middleton. Son Thomas 20 pounds. Son Hugh, son Richard, son John, son William, Mary dau of said Wm., dau Isabell, wife Agnes. Wit: Wm Poole, Tho Peake. Wp 27 May 1619.

Satchell, Simon, Middleton. Son Thomas, son Hugh, son Richard, son John, son Willm. Mary dau of said William, Isabell my daughter. Wife Agnes.   /s/ Wit: William Poole, Thomas Peake. Wd 13 Dec 1616 wp 27 May 1619

Gr 99, 107
Setchell, Agnes, Cottingham. Son Richard, Dorothy dau of son Hugh, son Thomas 10 shillings upon marriage. Wit: Robt Morgan, Ellis Boyd. Wd 26 Oct 1632 wp 9 Jan 1633

Gr 99
Setchell, Hugh, Wilbarston, shoemaker. Wife Bridget, seven children. Wd 17 Apr 1635.

12- 210, Gr 99
Setchell, William, Harringworth, tanner. Made known to Thomas Hayward and Mr. Bodley dau Alice 100 pounds. Wife shall have house and lands at Morcott, til son John comes to age of 21. Wife Susan(na). Dau Alice. Frances Laxton younger, son of aforesaid wife with her had by William Laxton her former husband. William Laxton John Leigh of Corby ye younger his sone and dau who he hath by Elizabeth his now wife. Son son John Setchell dau Alice.  If land goes to either Laxton, money to go to Margaret Bennington of Benifield, his mother, if shee be then living. If she is dead money to his brethern and sisters and their children. Children of Mary Hall of Eston in Wolland now deceased, children of Martha Emarton? Of Benefeild, now also deceased. Tho. Heywood and Knightly Dodley overseers. Wd 11 Sep 1635 Wp 1636

Gr 9
Satchell, Joanna, spinster, Gretton, land to William Spencer, and Henry Spencer; cousin John Watkinson and his wife Mary, cotttage, eldest dau Mary Watkinson, cousin Arthur Watkinson, cousin Joanna Lattimer w/o Francis Lattimer; Anne Barker w/o Thomas Barker, Frances Barker w/o John Barker. [This name might be Darker.]  
/x/, wd 17 May 1733, wp 17 Sep 1747
Witnesses: Richard Satchell, John Lenson, Thomas Meadows
[Marriages not found in IGI.] See more complete abstract on Butterworth wills page.

Gretton #81
Satchell, Richard, Gretton, yeoman
Cousin John Watkinson of Gretton, husbandman, lane; Arthur Watkinson 10 pounds, Edmund Wise 10 pounds, Joanna wife of Francis Lattimer 5 pounds. Anne wife of Thomas Barker 5 pounds, Frances wife of John Barker 5 pounds, Richard Satchell and Samuel Satchell sons of my cousin Richd Satchell 1 guinea each. Richard Barker son of John Barker 1 guinea. Richard Satchell labourer half a guinea. To the poor of Gretton 20 shillings at my funeral. Residue to John Watkinson, executor.
/s/, wd 17 May 1733, wp 13 Feb 1741
Witnesses: Richard Satchell (the second), John Lenton, Thomas Meadows

Gr 9
Satchell, Richard, 1737, Gretton,
being sick and weake in body but of sound perfect and dispossing mind and memory
eldest son Thomas Satchell, six acres of arable land, two acres and a half a rood of dole meadow, one close of pasture, several other parcels of land designated; one next to John Baker=s close and barn, one adjoining land of Lord of the Manner [sic]. Land by William Pridmore, and Robert Laxton, William Petterell Gent., Gefery Johnson.
Land given to son Thomas on condition that he pay my two daughters, Elizabeth Satchell and Hannah the wife of Henry Taylor, full and just sum of 27 pounds 10 shillings; 10 pounds one year after decease and 17 pounds 10 shillings within two years after decease. If he does not pay them, they get some of the parcels of land.
Son Samuel Satchell messuage & house lately pruchased of John Williamson and some other parcels of land, one abutting against Thomas Goodliffes land, also William Gray, William Baxter, John Haskett, Walter Freeman, Edwd Bullyvant.
Land given to Samuel on condition that he pay my two daughters, Elizabeth Satchell and Hannah Taylor, 10 pounds; 50 shillings to Elizabeth within two years of decease, 7 pounds 10 shillings to Hannah within two years. If he does not pay, they get part of land.
Son William Satchell land, some adjoining land of Edward Alger, William Broctor ?, Robert Laxton, Lord of the Manner, William Laxton, Robert Boon, Gefery Johnson.
Dau Mary, wife of John Watkinson 5 shillings
Son Richard Satchell [also buried 23 Oct 1737] parcels of land; land near Thomas Goodliffe, John Haskett, William Bullevant, William Prine, William Baynes, Richard Lambert, and Robert Laxton.
If he die without issue lands to be divided between son William and two daughters, Elizabeth and Hannah .
Son Richard the cottage where John Castor lives after my wife's decease, and other lands. If he die, then cottage and lands to son William and daughters, Elizabeth and Hannah.
Wife Hannah Satchell land by wood, and two cows to take them where she will out of my stock. She to have all household goods to use or distribute as she sees fit.
All my horses and meeres both old and young to sons Samuel and William. Each of them also to have a wagon, Samuel to take the first, and William to take the next.
To Samuel and William each one cart and likewise all my gears and harnish belonging to my team to part them equally between them.
Son William Satchell two cows, dau Hannah Taylor one cow.
All rest to son Thomas Satchell, executor.
Rich. Satchell, wd 19 Oct 1737, wp 7 May 1739 [buried 23 Oct 1737]
Witnesses: Will Baynes, John Butterworth, E. Fisher.

Gretton #83
Satchell, Thomas, farmer, Gretton
Wife Ann messuage and cottage, after her decease to son Thomas. Son William land. Daughter Ann, wife of William Rowell, five acres of land. Rest to son Thomas. Wife Ann all household goods and furniture. Rest to son Thomas, he to pay his brother Richard Satchell 10 pounds within 12 months of decease. Son Thomas executor.
/s/ wd 17 Nov 1778, wp 27 Jun 1781, value under £300.
Witnesses: Sam Wells ?, Samuel Stchel [sic], Dennis Taylor

Gretton #84
Satchell, Thomas, the elder, farmer, Gretton
Son Thomas all freehold and copyhold. Friends William Boon, gentleman (son of Robert Boon) and William Boon, gentleman (son of William Boon) all goods and monies upon trust that they sell and dispose of it for the best price and invest it for my children; Elizabeth, Mary, Ann, Thomas, Sarah, and Hannah until they attain age of 24. [No commas, could be Mary Ann.] Dau Elizabeth to have £60 when 24; Daus Mary, Ann, Sarah, and Hannah 50 pounds when 24. Wife Mary annuity of 10 pounds. Brothers Richard and William Satchell to have lands I rent from them. William Boon and William Boon executors.
/s/ wd 8 May 1785, wp 26 Oct 1787, value under £600.
witnesses: Robt Laxton, Wm Rowell, Dennis Taylor

Gr 92
Satchell, Eliz, Gretton (admon), 1785. Wid of Wm. Satchell late of Gretton, John Satchell farmer and Thomas Satchell, schoolmaster.

Gr 92
Setchell, Eliz, widow, Gretton. Son John, gch Thomas Spencer, Eliz Baumford, David Spencer, Ann Spencer, Wm Spencer, John Spencer.
Son John executor.
/x/ wd 7 /Apr 1793, wp 12 Apr 1793
Witnesses: Wm. Boon, Jno Fletcher
John Satchell declared property did not amount to £300 pounds, immediately after he recollected that to be the inventory of his late father's effects, a third part only of which was his mother's. [On 18 Aug 1793 he showed inventory of his father's effects and an account of the testratrix's effect certified under the hands of Msrs. Boon and Spencer of Gretton, not to amount to the sum of £100.]

Gretton #85
Satchell, Thomas, yeoman, Gretton
Wife Mary all land, after her decease to dau Elizabeth. Wife Mary executrix.
/s/ "Thos Satchell" [very shaky], wd 10 Apr 1797, wp 3 Jul 1797, value under £20
witnesses: Robt Graham, Peter Goldstone, Abrham [sic] Gray

Gretton #82
Satchell, Richard, farmer, Gretton
Friend William Boon of Gretton farmer, all goods. William Boon to sell everything and divide monies equally between my wife and two children, Sarah and Mary for their maintenance until they are married or age 21.
/x/ wd 3 May 1802, wp 29 Dec 1802, estate less than £300
Witnesses: Robt Graham, Ann Tee

Gretton #86
Satchell, William, Gretton, farmer and grazier
Son William land, and copyhold purchased of my nephew Thomas Satchell. Also 3 and a half acres that came to me through my father's will. Also acre and a half purchaed of nephew Thomas Satchell. Son William to pay son Robert £40, and dau Rebecca £10. Son William all book debts that are due to me, he having formerly carried on business of a butcher. Son Richard £5, son John £300, son Robert further £400, dau Ann £10, dau Mary £10. Dau Rebecca a bed and bedding, she to have first choice. Rest to son Thomas, with annual payment of 40 shillings to apprentice children of the poor of Gretton. Remains of personal property to son Thomas, executor.
/s/, wd 11 Feb 1817, wp 2 Jun 1820, value under £1500
Witnesses: William Forster, rector of Ayston, William Bryan, farmar [sic], William Setchell, malster.

Gr 91
Sisson, Henry, Gretton, 1764. Brother Thomas, bro-i-law Martin Butterworth, kinsman Thomas Setchell so of Wm. Setchell land given him by Bridget Sisson, dec’s. Sister Sarah now living in Long Clawston, Leicstersh. Kinswoman Eliz. Setchell wife of Wm Setchell and her son Thomas. Brother Wm. Sisson and Joseph Sisson. Wit. Edward Newham, Boone, E. Fisher.

1-222 [last of will missing, last in book]
Smith, Grefyn, Collyweston. Sons William and Robert. To Alec and Rubecca daughters. Rose Jase and Elizabeth Towell? Goddaughters. My ? Fears? Willam Smyth & Robarte Pensom?  Wd 10 May 1551

Smith, William, of Colliweston, to Church of Collyweston three shillings foure pence; poore of Collyweston three sihlings foure pence; poore of Kings Cliffe five shillings eight pence; to Wm. Smith my brother Griffine’s son a silver cup; Constance Smith my eldest dau £26-13-4. Elizabeth second dau £26-13-4. To Margaret my third dau £26-13-4. Alice Smith youngest dau £26-13-04. William Smith my second son foure bullocks fit for draught, one maire and a shod maire of the best sort to be delivered the day of his marriage. To John Smith my third son holdings in Spaldinge, mother to receive rents until he is 21. Robert Smith my fourth son £18 to be paid at 21 years. Thomas Smith my fifth son £18 at age 21. Marke Smith youngest sonne, £24 and ___ at age 21. Wife Margaret. To all godchildren 12 pence. Every household servant 12 pence. Supervisors, my trustie and welbeloved brethren Robt Smith and John Hunt Wm Cayworth and John Cayworth. To every one of them 20 shillings. Wife and eldest son Griffin Smith executors.      Wd 1 Nov 1607 wp 10 Dec 1607

Smith, Griffin, of Easton [on the Hill] by Stamford, Northton, Clerke. Well beloved brethren, Willm Smith of Colliweston, Robt Smith of Furne, and nephew Willm Smithe of the same towne. Guardian of son William Smythe, now in his meere infancie. To be in custody of brother William Smith of Colliweston. John Traidwell and Wm Hewettt. To churches in Colliweston, Ketton, and Easton. To Thomas Thomas Thorpe of Cleffe and his wife Wiborowe 20 shillings. Eldest brother Willm Smith . Griffin, eldest son of the sd Willm Smithe, one dishe. Robt Smith my brother six pounds. 13 shillings four pence to buy ring for his wife. Sister Barker 10 shillings, brother Hunt 10 shillings. Father and mother Hunt ten shillings a peece. John Persons 2 bonds of Richard Tremells and Henrie Tremmells. Nephew William Lovedaie of Dover 10 shillings. If son dies, then 90 pounds more to John Persons. Eldest brother Willm Smith and his children remainder of goods. Wd 15 Aug 1606 wp 12 Apr 1607. Wit: Hapke? Hemlocke, Willm Knowles, Edward Walker.

Smith, Margaret, Collyweston. To every one of my children an Edward shilling. Brother John Keywood an Edward shilling. Children of my children names my son Williams children 40 shillings, son John’s children 40 shillings, dau Whites children 40 shillings, dau Hills children 40 shillings, son Griffins three children ten shillings. Son William. Daughter Cant red rugg . Cosin Mary Quinsy pillowbeared. Son George White in Collyweston. Dau Margaret Hill, dau Constance Cant. Sons William and Marke. Son Thomas. Money due to Mrs. Mason. Questions to Mr. Massy Parson of Ayton?. Brother John Keywood and cosin William Smith supervisors.  Wit: Thomas Hawes, Robert Wyles. Wd 20 Aug 1631 wp 13 Sep 1631

Gr 91
Spencer, Henry, 1764, Gretton, wd 9 Jan 1762 son William, late of Gretton (deceased) to his three children , 1 son and 2 daus, 2 shillings 6 pence; son Henry Spencer 20 pounds when 21. All goods to Henry and dau Elizabeth Spencer. Bro-in-law Thomas Satchell, John Holland? Wit John Butterworth, Truth? Biggler? Edd Filler

Gr 91
Spencer, John, Gretton, son Henry, wife Elizabeth son William, dau Alis, gson David Spencer 1787

Gr 91
Spencer, Tho, Gretton, carpenter. 1785. Wife Elizabeth, wife’s brother William Satchell, own bro Wm. Spencer.

Gr 91
Spencer, Wm, Gretton, 1798. Eldest son William, sons John, Henry, wife Elizabeth

G 300
Swan, Richard, weaver, Wilbarston 1640 (film 174,848) weaver, to  Robert Swan my younger son all my tables belonging to my trade and Salling, as looms and geeves and whatsoever also thereunto belonging.  To siad Robert Swan my younger son my best bedsted, my best table, and my best chest, to William Swan, my oldest son, one chaire which I bought with my house, and my house that I now live in after the decease o fmy wife his mother.. All rest to Jane Swan my wife, if she remain a widow, but if she marry, all to Robert Swan when he is 21. Wife executrix. /x/ wit: William Astell, Humfry Lippard. Wp 26 May 1640. Wd 13 May 1640.

Gr 99, Gr 112
Taylby, Thomas, Morcott, Rutland. Son John upon decease of wife Agnes. Son Rowland, John’s wife Ellen, Son Rowland’s dau Elizabeth, his wife Dorothy, dau of Rowland Agnes, Rowland’s dau Katherine. Rowland’s son Thomas born after will written. Wd 25 Nov 1608 wp 23 Mar 1608/9.

10-1, Gr 98
Taylby, Nicholas, Morcott, taylor. To be buried near Thomas Rudkin? lately deceased. Sons of my son Lawrence, Nicholas and Henry. Richard Angell son of Willm Angell. Dorothy Angell dau to aforesaid Nicholas [?] . Sons of Nicholas Burton os Halleiton. Elizabeth Taylor d/o Robt Taylor of Deenethorpe. Elizabeth Angell d/o aforesaid. Children of Robt Sherman of Wakerly. Lawrance Taylby my son . Dorothy Angell my dau. Wife Annis all freehold lands in Morcott, Luffenham, Barradon, after her decease to son Lawrence. /x/ wd 19 Apr 1611 wp 12 Apr 1620.

Gr 98
Tealby, Agnes. To Richard and Edward Burton sons of Richard Burton of Hallaston. Wm Angell son in law. Richard Angell his son, Eliz his dau. Robert Taylor & John Taylor sons of Robert Taylor of Deenethorpoe, Eliz Taylor dau of sd Robt. Alice Marchem, Anne her dau. Anne wife of Robert Sherman of Wakerly and his three sons. Bridget Sherman dau of Nicholas. Henry & John sons of my son Lawrence, and Agnes his dau. Rest to son Lawrence. 26 Jun 1620

Gr 99
Tayleby, John, Morcott, abt 16 Sep 1636 left all to Catherine Tayleby, niece.

Gr 91
Tayleby, Simon, Gretton, 11 Aug 1676 son William, dau Frances, 3 pounds when 21, son Simon five pounds, daus, _____, Margaret, Elizabeth three pounds to be pad by son Thomas. Wife Francis.

8-186 [see also Gr 100]
Vine, Roland, Helpsham, husbandman. Wife Annis (Agnes). John Betittaine? And Humfrey Beittaine sons of Agnes. Son Rowland Vine son John Barker, son Burton, son Ralph Ridley (Pidley?). Daniell my son and Godfrey my sonne, infants, to be brought up in charge of William Vine , William Weldon. Son Thomas Vine Rest of goods to son William Vine. William Weldon supervisor. Wit: Richard Basset, Willm Wekom, John Wmber,    Wd 6 Aug 1611 wp 4 Dec 1611.

Vine, Charles. To be buried in Peterborough Cathedral churchyard Oct 14. Elizabeth Ripener. Dau Ann Vine. Wife Sarah. Son Charles. Wit: Anthony Fisher. Willm Stutte, Thom Deane, wp 25 Oct 1617 (green book says wp 25 Nov)

Gr 98
Vine, Thomas, Glaston, Rutland, yeoman. Son John all tenement in Bisbrooke, Rutland. Thomas & Edward Willcocks. Dau Jane Vine messuage in Glaston, she under 20. Wife Dorothy. Wp 27 Dec 1626

Gr 99
Vine (ffyn), Robert, 13 Oct 1630, week since defunct. Did verbally leave all to wife Agnes. Witnesses John Smith and John Vine.

Gr 92
Vine, Laur, Gretton, 1691. Mother Edith personal estate and goods during her life. Brother William £30. Uncle Michael Laxton and aunt Alec, his sister 10 shillings each. Uncle Robert Laxton 20 shillings, kinswoman Jane Peach 20 shillings.  Brother John Vine, executor.

Gr 103
Vine, John or Wine, of Bisbrook, Rutland. Son Thomas. Daus Elizabeth, Katherine. Children John & Beely? Wife Anne. Land in manor of Liddington in Caldecot, land in Glaston. Wit: Clement Betty. Wd 9 Jun 1700.

Gr 102 W 272
Vine, John, Helpston. Sons Thomas, Samuel, Henery, John. Daus Jane, Rachell, Elizabeth. Wife Elizabeth. Wd 22 Jun 1710

Gr 102 W 158
Vine, Goodlad, Harringworth. Land in Gretton to wife Mary, then to son John. Son William wood in Gretton. Grandson “John Vine, my son William Vine his sonne.” six children of my son John. Residue to son William. Wd 7 Apr 1715 wp 17 may 1716.

Gr 91
Vine, William Admon 1767, Wm Vine, son of Mary Vine late of Gretton, Will of Mary Vine named sons William Conrad, dau Elizabeth, dau Mary Vine “I Mary Vine the Poor of Gretton.” wit. Agnes Carter, E. Filler

Gr 109
Vine, William, Pilton. Rent of land at Ellington (Ellton) Hunts in occ of John Blowwrite and Rd Barton to wife then to son John. Daus Mary, Eddey, Bridget. Eddey and Bridget 100 pounds when 21. Dau Mary Flint ten pounds, her child Mary. Three shillings to godchilren to buy Bibles.

Q 200
Walter, Robert, Wakerly, yeoman. Son William Walter 12 pence. Son in law John Giltert 12 pence. Dau Rebecca wife of John Gilbert 5 pounds. Dau Margarett wife of Edmund Fawkner 5 shillings. Robert Walter son of William Walter 10 pounds. John Walter son of William Walter 5 pounds. Ann Walter dau of William 5 pounds. Joane Walter dau of William 5 pounds. Robert Tailbey son of John Tailby 5 pounds. Elizabeth Tailbey dau of John Tailbey 10 pounds. Robert Walter son of Daniell Walter 5 pounds. Thomas Walter son of Daniel Walter 5 pounds. Daniel Walter son of Daniel 5 pounds. Mary Walter dau of Danile 5 pounds. Lawrence Gilbert s/o John Gilbert 7 pounds 8 shillings. Mary Gilbert dau of John Gilbert 5 pounds. Rebecca Gilbert d/o John gilbert 5 pounds. Elizabeth Gilbert d/o John 5 pounds. Katherine Cooper d/o William Cooper 10 pounds. Son William Walter. Son John Walter. Robert Walter son of John Walter 10 pounds. Ann Walter dau of John Walter 10 pounds. Bridgett Walter dau of John Walter 5 pounds., John Fawkner son of Edmund Fawkner 5 pounds. All legacies to be paid at age 21. Son John Walter executor. /x/ seal. Wit: ...d Fawkner [”E”] Thomas Cobley, Francis Watson, Bridgett Walter Senr. Wd 21 Aug 1687 wp 9 Dec 1687.

V 99
Walter, Mary, Lyndon, Rutland, widow. Son George Walter 20 shillings and ye coffer standing in ye parlor. Son Zchary Walter 5 pounds. Son James Walter . Dau Mary Walter 30 pounds. Son William Walter tenancy of farme, Wm. Walter executor. /x/ seal Wit: Humr=frey Clayton, . ..Da... Wm. Clayton wd 15 Jul 1703 wp 10 Sep 1706

W 111 ???
Walter, Owen, of Pipwell, parish of Wilbarston, labor[er]. Eldest son William five pounds, son John Walter five pounds, son Owen Walter four pounds, Owen’s dau Hannah 20 shillings. Son Edward Walter ten pounds. Wife Sarah. /x/ seal. Wit: John Tirrell, Philip Tirrell Jr.  Wd 8 Dec 1717, wp 1717.

Bl 78
Ward, Thomas, Oundle. Farmer, wife Ann. 17 May 1776

Williamson, Thomas, Cottingham, butcher. Eldest son Thomas shall pay to my children nine pounds. Son Vincent, son Gilbert, son Willm, son Anthony, dau Ann, dau Margarett, Margery , Alice. Wife Elizabeth. Vincent Chapman and Thomas Alwinkle the elder supervisors.  Wit; Leonard Smith and Jefferyre Burlie.    Wd 15 Feb wp 8 Jan 1600.

Williamson, Jone, Corby, widow.  Dau Agnes Bullivant. dau Mary Williamson. Marie, dau. Richard Bullivant my sonne. Thomas Bullivant my sonne. Wililam Bullivant my sonne. John son of William Bullivant five shillings. Agnes dau of Thomas my sonne. Mary dau of sonne William. Elizabeth Kilborne. Rest to Elizabeth Bullivant, daughter. Brother John Collier and sonne William Bullivant supervisors. /s/ Wit: Jone Collier senior, Thoms Cox    Wd 22 Oct 1630 wp 9 Feb 1630/1.

Gr 119
Wise, Thomas, Stanion. Wife Mary estate at Bythorn, Hunts. Allrest to wife Mary Wise for bringing up children. Wit: John Rowlat and Thomas Ofse? Wd 19 Jul 1725, wp 15 Oct 1725, Inv 487-10-0 plus cash 255-0-0. Inv. Tho. Rowlatt, Robert Yalyan?

Gr 119
Wise, Thomas, Stanion. Dau Mary wife of John Potterill, bedstead, pillow, 2 chairs. Gch of Mary. Rest to Thomas Wise. Wd 16 Aug 1707, wp 26 Oct 1721. Inv 16-12-0 by Wm Rowlatt and Reber? Julyann.

Gr 119
Wise, Mary, Stanion. Son Samuel land in Stanion after his decease to his son Thomas. Son Thomas of Tansworth. Son John, son Francis, dau Elizabeth White, dau Hannah Kirk, dau Ann Miller, dau Jane Cave, gdau Mary White.

[Worth Wills from John Ward, tying them to the Gretton Goodliffes.]

Worth, William, Belton [Admon] 24 Nov 1697. To George Worth, of Belton, Rutland, Baker; and Richard Worth of Uppingham, Rutland, Apothecary to administer estate of William Worth of Belton, lately deceased.

Worth, George, Belton, Rutland, Baker, wd 24 May 1705. To Mary Worth my eldest daughter £25 when she comes to age of 25. To son John Worth, £30 when he reaches 25. To daughter Rebekah Worth £20 [25 crossed out] when she reaches 25. To Elizabeth Worth £20 [25 crossed out]. All rest to wife Mary and Samuel Worth my son, who I make joint executors. Witnesses Robert Worth, Jeremiah Willson, Laur. Cleypole, Edw. Cleypole.

Worth, Robert, Belton, Rutland, Yeoman. To nephew Thomas Goodliffe, land in Belton and 1 acres in Forest of Leighfield, Rutland, also 2 closes in same place. Thomas Goodliffe to pay to brother John Worth and sister Jane Worth, annuity or yearly rent of £7. [There are detailed instructions concerning the various dispositions of the land.] To brother John Worth half of yardland, etc. in Belton which I heretofore purchased of Mary Worth, widow, and Samuel Worth her son, now in the occupation of my nephew William Goodliffe. After death of John Worth, this land to nephew William Goodliffe. All household goods and implements to sister Jane Worth. To nephews Thomas Goodliffe and William Goodliffe £200 due and owing me from William Collin now of Seaton, Rutland, Esquire, upon mortgage, and interest for the same to be equally divided betwixt them. To Robert Goodliffe, one of the sons of my said nephew William Goodliffe, £20. To William Goodliffe, another son of my said nephew William Goodliffe, £10, both being under age, legacies to be paid to their father, whose acquittance shall be sufficient discharge to my executors for the same. Executors sister Jane Worth and nephew Thomas Goodliffe. wd 28 May 1720, wp 25 Sep 1723, estate valued above £40 (not including land). Witnesses: Ann Cleypole, John Cleypole, Hen. Palmer.